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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I’ve Found Myself


Isn't it amazing when you discover something about yourself?Especially since I'm already 65 years old, but I'm relatively new to blogging. I now know what drives me. My drive is a passion for the counter argument in an environment where I hold the minority view. Yesterday, I learned if you really believe in your cause or position, your brain and your heart will send a message to your fingers in unison, so you can type and let others know how you feel. I used to struggle with why am I'm even blogging in the first place, and why do I submit myself to all the abuse, but now I know. I hate the thought of knowing that only one side of the issue is being represented. I may not be the right messenger and I may botch it a few times, but I’m going to try to be that other voice.Some might ask what's different now, since I've always posted an opposing view. I will focus like a laser beam on the subject,try to stay away from those who want to argue but don't want to add to the subject. I've already strayed from that position because I allowed a poster to change the subject of my blog to what he wanted to discuss. He did leave me some tempting openings that I couldn't resist;I've got to stay away from the low hanging fruit...:-)

I've pretty much stayed out of the comment section, but yesterday I found an opening because the subject was a no- brainer. I don't know how anyone can justify booing a veteran for asking questions about his future status. I even gave them the benefit of doubt because I said, " for argument's sake let's say the booing was aimed at the DADT policy" but that still doesn't excuse the right of the veteran asking a civil question without the rain of boos. I was motivated by what I thought was an act that was indefensible. Usually, I dismiss whatever Gary White posts but his two comments in the "Gay Soldier Booed" thread really irritated me. How can a person hide behind religion to say such vile things about a soldier, he doesn't know anything about? That soldier might be on his third or fourth tour, yet, Gary pretty much said he was subhuman. The thread was closed for comments, or I would have made an angry response.

I spoke too soon when I talked about the calm before the storm because I see it coming in bits and pieces such as blogs about the Obama Administration and here comes the stories about welfare Queens getting their groceries with a Lone Star card and putting whatever latest, most expensive, vehicle is. What are the odds? According to a blog, Alton Easton wrote off the VA site, there are 1,649 stories of why he believes Obama is dangerous for this country.I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of them It’s from an experience project/

I'm getting a chance to break down old talking points used by those that hate the prospects of people getting some kind of preferential treatment from the government. They say it's easy to make proposals using other people's money. They set up this barrier of "never" so no one can see through their selfishness. They are afraid that their taxes might go up 1¢. Yesterday, I made a matter-of-fact statement that there might be some pluses in offering college students-free bus rides. Off the top of my head, I thought about less traffic congestion and reducing the carbon footprint. I was told to spend my own money, spearhead a committee, or write a blog on how we could do that. That goes with along with the thinking of one poster who said, “let's not start the cycle of getting something for nothing." Now I know why my younger coworkers used to criticize me for not listening to their new ideas because all I would say is “if it was feasible, someone would have thought of it by now."Why did let myself get into that Neanderthal mindset?

Politics is anything but boring because every day, there's a new story that's got me saying," I can't believe they said that." For one, the media is leading with “Will Governor Christie run?" everyday. It's starting to take effect because the GOP money is being held back, in fact, Rick Perry had a political fundraiser but few wallets were opened. Rick Perry’s GOP opponents are trying to paint him as a liberal. That's rich...Then there is Michelle Bachmann, who has dropped to the bottom of the pack, so she's going to say outrageous things to get herself back in the hunt. Bachmann said we shouldn't trade with Cuba because the country is supporting Hezbollah, who wants to set up missiles in Cuba. She got that story from a little known newspaper in Italy, but their story said that Hezbollah wanted to set up some training sites in Cuba to go after some Israeli camps in South America. It's just me, but I would verify a story with the State Dept. before spreading it.

If you get a chance to view the last Jon Stewart show that featured Ron Paul; check it out.

Ron Paul is a nice man so it's hard to say bad things about him but Jon Stewart said it all ,when he asked him if his economic philosophy, (where the market has all the answers) has ever worked anywhere.  Mr. Stewart also told  Ron Paul that he didn't care what the states did, he just didn't want the Federal government to do the same thing. That pretty well sums it up, it sounds good but it depends on everyone toeing  the line, because there's no safety net for those that fail or stumble.  It's a pretty much winner take all philosophy.


Edith Ann said...

Blogging is a way to express ourselves, and it is doable whether anyone reads us or not. I only wish I had started sooner!

What,really of anything, is there left to discuss about most republicans? They are, if nothing else, MEAN! They are. Most of what comes out of their mouths confirms that lack compassion and care for the welfare of their fellow man. I just don't get it, and I have quit trying to.

But they do know how to regurgitate talking points and bitch! Those two numbnuts, rollingstone and Getsmart/EdPost are really full of it today!

They have made it perfectly clear that they only want to complain. They are not really interested in stopping the problem, just complaining. I think they need to just shut up myself.

But when I called them out on it, it only took a couple of comments for them to do what they do best--attack my and my blog. I'm done with them. As I told Getsmart, he's had some good stuff, but I won't be interested!

Let's talk about Chris Christi! This guy is a joke! It would be like having Don Rickles for president! He switches from being a boob to being just downright mean! rant for the day.

Edith Ann said...

**proofreading** FAIL!

Mike said...

Got a headache? Welcome to my world.

This is one blog where you never have to worry about proofreading but I'm probably the world's worst; even with my trifocals. I'm used to making a lot of mistakes so on our read through them; no matter who makes them.

Rollinstone has a habit of using obscure websites as a source and specializes in twisting the truth. The IBM offering free service to combat Medicare fraud is his latest proof of Obama being the reason for welfare fraud.. Then as alwaya without checking,GetSmart takes info Rollingstone provides as the whole truth and nothing but. I've Googled Rollinstone's info but I was not able to verify with ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN, Washington Post or the New York Times. It was verified by Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. The story was debunked by There's not enough there, there to go on. but GetSmart(how ironic) did not notice that Rollingstone used Medicare fraud and not welfare fraud ,but he inserted his own opinion, that IBM would do welfare fraud just as well. I would have to believe that IBM or any other corporation is willing to do something for free, unless you discount a future no-bid government contract. It could have happened but what are the odds?

You're dealing with some people who will never admit they're wrong and thinks substantiated data is just a liberal talking point.:-)

Anyway, I posted the welfare queen syndrome but they won't look at it and if they do they will ignore it because it's easy to make up stories that fit their preconceived notions. If we're dealing with hypotheticals or observations, I haven't seen many monster trucks, Range Rovers, Hummers or the like, driven by the poor. They could be owned by minority drug dealers( who are not on food stamps) who just happen to take their mom to the grocery store. The point: observations are not necessarily facts, any one can use assumptions but more likely it's hyperbole.

Mike said...

There is only one way to make them commit to an answer because they will just skim your post...You have to ask them a direct question because they always want to skirt the issue.