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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The calm before the storm


I shouldn't be leery of a good thing, but it seems like the VA is becoming less controversial even though the subjects have not changed that much. I didn’t get any negative responses to my last blog. I don't know if the posters think I'm too hard- headed and not worth their time or maybe they are saving their bullets for now.

There have been some interesting threads lately because the young staff at the Advocate are picking some unusual topics to discuss. Of course, I like having more political blogs, because I like reading the different opinions but the comment section threads have also been enjoyable. I enjoyed reading the responses from the “flashing lights" thread because the comments were pretty interesting and thought provoking. That thread reminding me of a “Seinfeld" episode where an insignificant subject turned into a pretty interesting discussion with varying opinions.

I spent a good portion of my morning trying to decide if I really wanted to pull the trigger and join Facebook. I examined the VA Facebook, but I think you have to join before you can see who the members are. I did get some excellent help, but I'm still weighing my options. I certainly don't want a family page interfering with my on -line friends. I know that I can be as private as I want to be, but doesn't that defeat the purpose?...I'm confusing myself but since I already have a twitter account, a personal blog, should I go for a trifecta and open a Facebook account? How will it benefit me?

I had a difficult night because, when I got home, my satellite system was messed up, and Dish Network was not taking any calls. I did the usual, rebooting, resetting, and patiently waiting for a screen to come up. I received about 50% of my channels but after 5 hours of a busy signal; I gave up trying to reach them. This morning the HD channels were back but my locals weren't. I've tried some more things until a blue error message filled the screen with this message " we are aware of the problem, please refrain from calling, and we hope to have this problem resolved as soon as possible." I hate being at their mercy.

Between phone calls and waiting for the reboot, I decided to log on the VA, but now I wish I hadn't. I don't usually get upset over comments made by a poster but I had a low blood sugar episode, so I was already irritable. It was one of those comments that I've heard repeated over and over but this time I felt a need to respond. Holein1's comment about Americans taking care of Americans and leaving out the government is one of those “lollipops and unicorn" answers that never seems to materialize. It's like “if I was a millionaire, or if I win the lottery" statement. It's nothing to do with Holein1 because he probably believes that. When an American helps out another American it usually makes the breaking use segment. I'm glad he didn't respond because we might have done an all- nighter because, as it is, I posted three consecutive long posts.


Mike said...

Michelle Bachmann said a lady told her the HPV vaccine caused her daughter's mental retardation..Huh?I think a normal person would have checked it out before going public.Especially with her reputation for gaffes. 

Legion said...

Ok, now I don't have to post on your last blog about what my point was about Somalia.

The point I was trying to make had to do with people taking care of less fortunate people. A bad comparison? Probably.

You have Somalia with a corrupt government and warlords whose soldiers steal from their citizens, a bunch of pirates making tons of money,and yet the people starve or leave the country.

"Somali pirates have received what is believed to be a record ransom of $9.5m..."

"...A ransom of nearly $2.8m is reported to have been paid."

"Somali pirates currently hold 28 vessels, with more than 494 hostages, Mr Mwangura said."

Mike said...

Yeah,they don't spread the wealth in that country...That loot could provide health care,food,tv,housing for all forever.

Legion said...

lol, spread the wealth wasn't my point. The subject was those that have will help out medically those that don't have.

True Somalia is a extreme case of the haves and the have nots and I don't know the population of Somalia.

ABC was reporting on a measles outbreak, cost of a vaccination $.24 according to the UN. The measles $2.8 million ransom would pay for over 11 and a half million vaccinations.

Mike said...

The Palin book should be your cup of tea..GOP_lovechild just left me a link on my VA blog.

Legion said...

And I tried to look up the total Somalia pirates have received, I couldn't find one. I wasn't going to add up everyone since 2005, the only info listed.

In a hell hole like Somalia, where the average income is $2 a month, the well off could care less about their fellow citizens.

Human nature I guess, to suggest funds will flow from the haves for medical care to the have nots in America goes against that human nature.

Compassionate, to a limit, you know?

Legion said...

I tell ya, not one of the front runners, or yet to announce, impresses me in the GOP field.

Huntsman seems to be the best of the bunch, but he doesn't stand a chance of winning the primary.

If I was betting on the general election, with the candidates the GOP have and are leading the polls?

No question, a re election for President Obama.

Edith Ann said...

One reason to join Facebook--you could be 'friends' with me and Legion and Lyle and Rebecca and BigJ and all of us who are friends there! 8^)

I'll go look at the Palin link. How's the Cheney book coming?

Edith Ann said...

Oh, wait--yes, Michelle Bachmann needs to just keep talking. It helps folks get to know the real Michelle. I say the clip where she said that, and my first thought was one doesn't get mental retardation; one is born that way. One can get brain damage, bit I don't think mental retardation is contagious.

Unless you are Michelle Bachmann...

Sugar Magnolia said...

Mike - totally off the political bent here, but I implore you to switch to DirecTV. NEVER have I called them and they haven't responded within minutes, either helping me troubleshoot over the phone or set up an appointment for service. They have been fabulous for the many years I have been a customer, and their satellite channels, including HD, are second to none. I am VERY happy with DirecTV, and there are not many companies I can say that about anymore (Don't ask me about Hughesnet....)

Just a word to the wise. I once had DishNetwork, and have not for one second regretted switching. SOOOOOO much better.

Edith Ann said...

Wow! Dude on Anderson Cooper is talking about my girl Michelle! Says she is difficult to manage, won't stay on script, doesn't fact check and is making too many mistakes. Then refusing to own her mistakes is not helping.

The comment on the vaccine is really killer here according to these guys.

She is going to self-destruct faster, and more certainly than Sarah Palin could ever hope to!

"A history of under-perfoming."

Mike said...


Don't think that that didn't cross my mind because if I could have reached them( line is still busy) that's exactly th what I would have done.

My daughter has DirectTV and loves it, except she can't get local channels out in the country. We had to record an interview my grandson had with Don Brubaker, but they love their free football package. She has been telling me to switch for years but I need my local TV channels.

My wife and I are discussing the pros and cons right now and if Dish Network ever answers their phone, we will make that determination. I like the new DISH DVR and if I make that switch, I don't know how compatible it will be with DirectTV(smart card) but I will keep your advice in mind.

In the meantime I will call DirectTV.

Mike said...


The election will be very close because of the economy but I still think the established GOP will convince Chris Christie or someone like Jeb Bush unless Mitt Romney starts to gain on Rick Perry.. Anybody's guess ..:-)

Mike said...

That certainly is five good reasons for joining Facebook... Rebecca did a helluva job in explaining the in and outs of Facebook, to a paranoid dunce like me. It takes me awhile to pull the trigger.

I'm on page 250 of the Cheney book but the last 50 pages were pretty boring because he goes on and on about how great he is and everyone else is stupid. When he left as secretary defense in 1992, he drove his U-Haul back to Wyoming with his brand new son-in-law. The best thing he liked about his son-in-law was his silence. Dick Cheney despises small talk, so he said it was a wonderful trip without much talking. What a warmhearted soul. I think he's fished in every river and stream in America, mostly on the taxpayers' dime. Did you hear about his statement lately “he said he was ashamed when our credit was downgraded." lol, are you kidding me. That's like my wife going on a $100,000 spending spree and then being ashamed because we can't pay our bills.

Michelle Bachmann's former campaign manager,Ed Rollins, is making the rounds, tactfully saying that she should just shut up and move on. Chris Matthews asked Ed Rollins he was comfortable with Michelle Bachmann having access to our nuclear weapons. Smiling, Ed Rollins said as commander in chief she would have that access. He never did say if he was comfortable, so that alone speaks volumes. Ed Rollins has always been a straight shooter.

The democrats are going after that vaccine issue but it will be more of a Merck contribution issue. Rick Perry said that he could not be bought for $5000 and he was offended. He can say that with a straight face because the going price to see Governor Perry is $200,000. One of my favorite investigating journalists is Michael Isikoff. Mr.Isikoff said Merck contribution in a roundabout way was more than $400,000. The pharmaceutical company gave Rick Perry's gubernatorial campaign $28,000 in when Perry was chairman of the Republican Governors Association and their treasury they contributed another $377,000. Merck probably contributed to democratic governors but they wanted a conservative state like Texas to be the first state to offer the vaccine. That would have opened the doors to the south.

Edith Ann said...

Lyle? Who in the hell is Lyle? I meant KYLE! Facebook can be a time waster if you let it. One of the things I do like are the 'pages'. I can interact with my dem friends and can make political statements all the time.

I bet it was Ed Rollins I was watching regarding Michelle Bachmann. Honestly, knowing that Michelle Bachmann could have her fingerr on the button is scarier than Sarah Palin's finger on it! Dang, someone in another country could piss her off, and she go, "Well! I'll show you!" KaBoom!

On the Merck deal, are they even talking about Perry's connection to the lobbyist at all? The contributions are important, but the personal friends thing is bothersome.

Okay, so regarding Cheney--are you reading anything that makes you say to yourself, "Gee, I had Cheney all wrong?" I didn't think so!

Mike said...

It sounds like you're a strong advocate of Facebook and and you're glad you joined.There's more democrats out there?

I don't know about the republicans, but I don't think they want to open up a can of worms. Remember that $1 million contribution Romney got from an unknown LLC and then a few days later they found out it was a buddy of his. If Governor Perry beats Romney, I guarantee the DNC will tie up the loose ends and use it. There's still Bob Perry (no relation) GOP financier and home builder who contributed $2.5 million to curtail lawsuits against faulty homes. Then there is the $1.5 million contribution by Harold Simmons, owner of an industrial nuclear waste company in exchange for a permit to store his nuclear waste.

If Perry loses the other candidates will want some of his super PAC money.

BTW You missed your calling,you would have made a great beat reporter(I mean that)I wasn't that interested in the story but you spruced it up and got my attention.Great job.

Mike said...

As for Cheney I've always been interested in what makes a leader tick. I never thought much of George W. Bush.I think by the good graces of Karl Rowe, he became president but was never curious and Cheney,Bob Gates,Colin Powell have confirmed that for me...I think less of Cheney if that's possible. Have you noticed he constantly takes out the battery of his heart contraption just to get a reaction?

Edith Ann said...

Some of the ‘pages’ I have on FB are Texans Against Perry, Kick Butt Liberals (a friend signed me up for that), The Other 98%, Democrats, The Texas Tribune, Texas Democrats, Southern Progressives Revolution. I didn’t realize I had so many Democrat pages! I like FB, and I certainly probably spend way too much time there. As to the Dem pages, several of those are from the north—it is kind of interesting to see their viewpoint. It been fun to see them hammer down on Perry and then get all excited when I tell them I’m in Texas. They have been very concerned about our wildfires. And they have the best parodies and videos and comments posted!

You know—there is a butt-load of money floating around in politics, isn’t there?

Spruced up the story…about the Twilight Rapist? I did edit my high school newspaper and worked on the yearbook forever, as well as edit my college newspaper, but it never occurred to me to be a journalist. I don’t know if I would like being ‘conventional’. But I thank you for the nice words! You are retired--you need to motor over to Edna on Monday--the 'expert' who is going to explain to the jury why the dog did it will be on the stand Monday morning. This ought to be good!

I knew Cheney had a heart device, but does he really take the battery out? What happens if he croaks just seconds before he was to put it back in? Hmmm…

Sugar Magnolia said...

Mike - we get the network channels from San Antone. We tried to get Houston, but where we are at, it is San Antonio only. When I lived in Hallettsville, we got Houston. Must be a line in between the 17 miles that divides Houston and San Antonio markets.

If you're talking Victoria stations, I don't know about that, you would have to check with DirecTV. If they couldn't supply them, you could maybe always do the antenna/rabbit ears thing if need be.

Good luck, and hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction.

Edith Ann said...

Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station has a new blog up, and he is writing about taking care of each other. It is a very good one. Check it out.

Mike said...

Thanks Sugar

Before I finished my first cup of coffee my blood pressure started to rise, because my channel started going out. Rain as a caluse was the last thing on my mind. That little rain knocked out my reception for about 10 minutes.

I do have an off air antenna that a plugs into my DVR to get Victoria channels.

I've decided to give DirecTV a call tomorrow because I'm still getting a busy signal even though my channels are back... I'll weigh my options and thanks again

Mike said...

Thanks for the heads up, that was a great article... I'm jealous, you have a great knack for finding good material.

It's safe for you to go back to the VA comment section, because the last couple days I've been designated as a right wing whipping boy. They don't even address the topic just me. It's hilarious how itisi thinks he's the gatekeeper of the truth and the model of superiority. Does he really believe what he posts?

To explain how you spruced up the story..... I'm usually not that interested In a case like that ,where the man is obviously guilty. You mentioned a lot of things that kept me interested.

I can't believe how naive Alton is, our pretends to be. All my conservative friends know that the voter ID is just to make it harder for democrats to vote. They give me their little smile and say" we want to stop voter fraud." -And that's after I show them where in a particular year, we only had 50 cases of voter fraud in Texas (all democrats) and more than half of them were thrown out because lack of evidence. It wasn't voters that weren't eligible to vote voting, it was technical issues like an official helping someone fill out a mail in ballot or soliciting votes in an illegal area. Anyway, Texas is a huge state and 50 cases does not warrant a complete makeover.

Rebecca said...

Mike, our cat has a Facebook page. =D

Rebecca said...

(He is friends with another cat in the neighborhood.)

Mike said...


Leave it to you the brighten my day; good post.

Speaking of cats, our older female cat was dragging her butt on the carpet last night. We got on the Internet to get some solutions. Some said it was worms and that she should be taken to a vet ASAP. She only did it one time, but we called the vet this morning and of course he said we should bring her in . Yikes $100 and it's probably nothing.

Rebecca said...

Oh! Our cat did that one time when he wasn't very tidy after using his litter box. He was using the carpet as his ... toilet paper. If you followed him on Facebook, you would know this. (kidding)

You could always ease in to Facebook slowly by allowing your cat to create an account. ;) ;)

Mike said...

You may be on to something..:-)

Will it give an edge to my enemies?

I heard you can now separate groups,one to see some things but not others...Oh,this is so confusing.

I believe that Calico cat had was lost in NY had a Facebook page and a Ir chip...That was a hi tech cat.