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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The War of Words


The "war of words" has officially begun in Victoria and throughout the nation. I was digging around for nonpolitical material for my VA blog but when I came back from lunch, I saw the challenge from BOstinks and I decided to put it in a blog instead of answering directly. It seems this poster gets irritated because I label his posts" talking points." That's exactly what they are because he can't back them up. He thinks tort reform, corporate tax cuts are ways to jump start our economy, but he can't prove it. He heard that somewhere,I guess. He justifies "voter ID laws" keeping illegal aliens from voting, but I have not seen any documented proof, of a large-scale voter fraud. That's right there with making Sharia Law illegal in the United States. Those people need to read the constitution.

I saw an old CNN documentary titled "Unwelcome: The Muslim next door" this weekend. I didn't know someone could go through law school and still be ignorant. This small town in Tennessee brought a suit against a Muslim congregation that wanted to build a mosque in their town. The lawyer for the plaintiffs asked a witness if he thought Islam was a religion. What kind of question is that? We're not much better, because a subscriber to our local paper got upset because the Advocate featured two young Muslim girls playing with their cell phones outside their mosque, during Ramadan. How can rational human beings equated those two young girls with Islamic terrorists?

The first shot was fired long time ago but in the spirit of a new political season Jimmy Hoffa, head of the Teamsters Union, got it going this Labor Day by calling the tea party " son of bitches"and one of the Koch brothers compared President Obama with Saddam Hussein and a tea party activists, Tony Katz, said, "Obama is Kenyan for Rodney Dangerfield." We mustn't forget that Maxine Waters said, "the tea party can go to hell." Looks like the democrats are going after the tea party, and the republicans will respond with "he's not one of us." This is the Congress's first day back; I'll guess I'll have to tune in to see what they said on the house floor today. We can take that short period of peace after Congresswoman Gabriel Gifford's tragic shooting and frame it, because it's just a memory now.

Yesterday, Joe Scarborough was hunting through the newspapers looking for some sort of anguish or condemnation for Hoffa's words. Really, Mr. Hoffa's words are just that, what the Wisconsin and Ohio governors did to collective bargaining is much worse What some GOP governors did to prevent people from voting is much worse Thank goodness allow those laws will be overturned by the courts. Joe Scarborough's co- host Mika Brzezinski is no better, because she pretends to be a goody two shoes. She thinks the two parties should hold hands and sing "Kumbaya." Today was no different because the cross hairs Sarah Palin used in a political commercial or even the raffle of a glock pistol in Tucson, Arizona should not be held up political weapons to use against the other side. Joe Scarborough and Michael Steele said they will keep copies of Hoffa's words to use next time the democrats complain about republicans.That copy will worn out before the year is out. I've never been to a union gathering, but I think it's safe to say that harsh rhetoric is the norm.Mr. Hoffa was talking to his union people and using language they understood. Now, when Mitt Romney says that President Obama is using a “pay phone that is not connected" economic system, and he will use a 'smart phone system" that's something that is confusing but comical at the same time. I think Mitt Romney will only catch Rick Perry if he stops trying to be a comedian, a member of the tea party, or anything else that he thinks is popular. He has enough credentials as Mitt Romney to give President Obama a good run for his money.Every time I have been asked for advise I've always said "just be yourself"because people can see through the smoke screen.

I will close (starting with this one) each blog with something that I read in Dick Cheney's new book.

People complained about the money wasted when President Obama took Michelle to New York City in a presidential helicopter. Dick Cheney told a story of him calling Don Rumsfeld, who was on vacation in Vail, Colorado informing him of some pressing matters. Mr. Rumsfeld asked him to fly from Washington to Colorado, so they could discuss the matter on the way back to Washington. He then asked Mr. Cheney if he could take a detour and deliver a package to H.R. Halderman, who was vacationing in a neighboring state. When he arrived at the location where H.R.Halderman was, he was stopped by some MP and asked to open the package. The contents turned out to be, Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report magazines.

Dick Cheney takes pride in that he was to go- to man when someone needed to be fired or demoted. He said that he didn't skirt around the issue ,he just gave it to 'em straight. He's such a heartwarming man.

Tonight's campaign prediction:

 I have said that tonight's debate will be a tame one but I'm going to change my prediction.  I don't know what Michelle Bachmann will do since she lost her veteran campaign manager.  She might go back to the unpredictable, shoot from the hip, rogue candidate.  Have you seen the lame campaign ad put out by Ron Paul saying Rick Perry was Al Gore's cheerleader?

I think you will hear Ronald Reagan brought up more than " middle class" and tax cuts will be raining from the roofs like confetti.  Republicans don't mind deficits if it will put more money into their corporate donors pockets.


Mike said...

I wrote my first two personal blogs on March the 12th and 19th of 2010 and just gave up. My second attempt at writing personal blogs came on November 15,2010 and continued that way for a week or so until Rebecca found me; I assume she told Kyle and I started noticing my counter moving. About a couple weeks later,Edith Ann found the site, advertised it on her humongous blog and 296 days from that blog on November 15,2010 I finally reached 20,000 with special thanks to those folks I mentioned... Not that I'm counting but that's 67.56 hits a day or 2040 a month and on pace to get 25,000 before the year is out...:-)

Thank you readers

Rebecca said...

I like personal blogs. =D

Mike said...


I thought you dropped out of existence.:-)

You need to rework your lessons plans,so you have enough time to straighten out some posters.

Come on I know you like to let loose and go after the extremist..:-)

Have a good one

Rebecca said...

I'm keeping up with the threads, just haven't felt like commenting. I'm secretly looking for an opportunity to sound smart and the opportunity isn't presenting itself. D=

Mike said...

That's a good plan...I understand.

Rebecca said...

Actually, the only thing I know about right now is - showing Arabians and NOT sending your kids to school. That doesn't allow for much opportunity for dialogue. D=

Edith Ann said...

Are there a whole lot of illegal aliens trying to vote? Do we have a number on this?

Terrorists--some foks can only think in black and white. It's all or nothing.

Hoffa's language was very strong, but I can't say I disagree.

Morning Joe is wearing thin for me. I'll watch once in a while, but she does get on my nerves.

Romney, et al: I am watching the debate right now. I alternate between screaming at the TV and laughing my butt off! Newt is killing me. Perry is such a liar! Bachmann's voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

Re Cheney: "Do as I say, not do as I do."

Did you catch the tribute to Nancy Reagan? Yes, Michelle Bachmann cannot mention Reagan enough!

As to your blog--I've been watching the numbers climb and I offer my congrats on the 20K! It was my pleasure to direct folks to your blog. You're doing about 68 pageloads a day? Not far behind me, I'm averaging 500 every 4-5 days. You'll be there before you know it!

Rebecca--I know you are busy, but you need to be writing for us! We miss you!

Mike said...

Thanks for the congrats.
Republicans always put on a good debate show because they don't believe in science and spend a lot of time justifying it. We need a bottle up that "job machine" Romney has then why didn't Rick Perry answer questions about being dead last in Health Care... Rick Perry wants block grants from the Federal government; he will use those block grants to balance his budget.

The Michelle Bachmann is down there with the single digit people now; it's a two man race between Romney and Perry.

Mike said...

Showing Arabians;now this an interesting topic for a blog...They are beautiful animals....Enjoy

BIGJ said...

BoStinks can go to hell.

Mike said...

I agree he is basically saying if our country didn't have the minorities,we would be ok...He is trying to credit for the ~125 ethnicities that make up the white race.

Mike said...

You've been around the block ,so I'm sure you won't believe all that malarkey rollingstone is putting out. It's basically you should take care "the Man" meaning big business, and you shouldn't be for anything that might lead to decent wages and those nasty regulations are not not necessary, because we will provide you a breathing mask or for a small nominal fee, will we will provide you with one that has more protection.

It's typical right wing corporations and the free market will take care of everything talk and if you're good and we make an extra billion in profits, we might raise your hourly rate by 25¢.