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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let’s air it out BigJ



I chose not to air out our differences in a public forum because I have more respect for you than that. Other posters would delight in seeing us go back and forth.I answered on your July 18th blog but you never responded. I admire your passion and tenaciousness, but I'm not normally in lockstep with your solutions and opinions, but we used to have this “we will just have to agree to disagree" understanding. We should probably go back to that because it's 485 days. 11 hours, 51 minutes and 55 seconds to the 2012 election. It's a marathon not a sprint.

OK, let’s begin.

Please don't involve me in your squabble with other posters. While we're on that subject, I think Pilot is 10 times the blogger that I am, and no question he is an intelligent poster who likes to "tell it like it is" in his own words. Just because I don't agree with every word doesn't mean he's wrong, or that I fully understand what he's trying to convey. His old blogs, we're a must read for me, so I've been a fan of his  for years. Believe me, he's an equal-opportunity bomb thrower, when he wants to be. Don't think for one minute, that Pilot is intimidated by you.

I don't like an amateur hour show when I discuss politics or economics. I can have fun as well as the next person but if we are going to get serious, then we should deal with reality not a wish list. We shouldn't make suggestions that are unconstitutional or unrealistic.

Trust is a personal matter, and I can't fault your opinion of Timothy Geithner. It is ironic that a person with tax problems was put in command of the treasury. Anyway, I give Tim Geithner credit for his expertise and what for what he did to avert a depression. Larry Summers is an arrogant SOB, but he knows economics. While anything can be helpful; I don't believe working in the private sector is a must.We live in the days of the internet,email,smart phones,and nuzzling up to those in the private sector for answers, is not that hard.

You have this hang up with Ivy League schools and the makeup of the Supreme Court. You want diversity. President Obama appointed two women, and one minority, to the bench. I don't really care if they're from Mississippi State, Texas A&M or Harvard. We need to know the positions of a Supreme Court nominee, not the school they attended. Harvard is a prestigious law school, if you make it to the top there, your ticket to success will be much easier.

The national debt will not be paid off in our lifetime, but that doesn't mean we can't have a credible plan to start a downward trend in 10 years or so. The health-care bill is already law. We need to invest in American and put people back to work without hurting our environment. I like the president's new deficit-reduction plan, because it's balanced and makes good economic sense. The worse seniors can look forward to in 2017 is $35 co -pays.

President Obama's downward trend was because of a weak jobless economy that he inherited, but healthcare was successfully demonized by the opposition party, and it certainly was a factor. The healthcare bill had to be passed within the first two years because the Democrats had both houses (votes) and as I've said they thought that the stimulus package was a short-term solution to the job's problem. It's tough calculating DEMAND solutions.

Why was Nancy Pelosi challenged as most speakers are? That's easy, the challengers thought she was vulnerable and they had to satisfy their ambition.

There you go. This is where I have an issue with you. You call the Pro-Israeli lobby treasonous, but they have not committed an act of deliberate betrayal. The constitution says special-interest groups or lobbyist have a right to petition the government.It’s that simple without caveats. Our soldiers in Iraq have already died for ancient religious disputes like the conflicts between the Shia and the Shiite. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney's harsh rhetoric yesterday before the president's U.N. speech, did more to harm our foreign policy than the Pro-Israeli Group. Again, only Congress has the power to commit troops to war, unless it falls into the scope of limited action, then it's up to the commander- in-chief, not the Pro-Israeli Group. You must not have much faith in President Obama.

The president is tactfully going after the opposition party to show the contrasts between the two parties. Again, you should never speak down to your opponent because it elevates show hosts are obviously below the president of the United States. Come on, even Bill O'Reilly admitted that he was more important than anyone except the president of the United States…Smile

Now, on a personal issue. You take a righteous position because you now sign your name, but those of us who have been here  for awhile, knew you when you didn't take that position; in fact, quite an opposite one. Go through the list, the posters and you will see that most of the credible posters do not use their full name. You may be using that as a sparring tactic, but you don’t distinguish that.


Mike said...

I did write this blog to settle some differences BigJ and I have but others can chime in on the subject matter or to tell me if I'm wrong or being too harsh . Or completely change the topic because if BigJ responds,I'm sure it won't interfere.

Mike said...

Pretty boring GOP debate tonight.
Is Perry using Botox? His smile is frozen or he is constipated.

Edith Ann said...

Michelle must have taken a tranquilizer. Newt was off. Perry is constipated AND uses botox. Romney was itching for a fight, and barely got one.

Dull. Maybe they need to lay off the debates for a bit. What have we had--three in two weeks or so?

They booed the gay soldier. How sad from the folks who get all over anyone they think is not supporting the troops (They're over there fighting for YOUR rights!!!). The problem is, from republicanland, they are only fighting to preserve certain rights.

God Bless America! Only here can you co-exist with folks of every ilk and still be allowed to mostly express your opinion!

Having dedicated more than one blog to BigJ, I appreciate your efforts to 'co-exist' with him! His enthusiasm is to be admired, but as I have told him many times, sometimes his message gets lost in the noise.

Mike said...


I'm glad MSNBC signed senior campaign strategis, Steven Schmidt and advisor to the 2008 presidential campaign of John McCain for political analysis. Mr. Schmidt said Bachmann has a good issue to use against Perry but she must put some substance behind it... I guess he meant actual numbers like $28,000 campaign donation from Merck. Every time they factcheck her, it ends up hurting her....I also heard that the reason it took so long for Perry to get into the race was his lack of debating skills. He went through his laundry list of flip- flopping ,in attacking Romney, but he was reading them from his notes. As they say in Texas,Perry is not much on book learning. Perry is more of a bomb thrower.

That's three consecutive blogs where the GOP has either applauded executions, a man dying for lack of health insurance and now booing a true patriot ,just because of his sexual orientation. That's not a way to influence independents. I never did get Santorum's answer it seem like he was backpedaling, trying to be resolute, and be sensible all at the same time. That's supposed to be his area of expertise, since he is a ultra conservative Catholic, but the soldier's question stumped him. He didn't know whether to stand up for the soldier or pander to the crowd....IMO

I've been a challenged to a debate on four different occasions and I have declined on every one of them mainly because the requestor's intention was suspect. I thought the challengers just wanted to put on a show, rather than debate the issues...When you were taking me to school over some City Council issue, you asked if I watched any meetings, because that would influence your line of questioning. I borrowed that line of thinking,when I decided to dedicate this blog to BigJ. I want to continue my discussions with BigJ, but I don't want to be called out for not answering and I don't want to continue to argue about the same old things, as if we're going to get a different outcome. Then we become a different version of Tasin and Gary.

Rebecca said...

I don't understand how people can feel you owe them an answer or an explanation. Are you on trial? Did you break a law? Are they judge? How, in the course of a discussion, does someone come to a place where they imagine themselves interrogator and you as their interrogatee? (Is that a word?)

Mike said...


The forum has some rules of their own, usually made up....
Sometimes they will ask a loaded question to get the answer they want.

What really irritates me is that a certain poster, practically calls me a liar, so in my response, I include a link but then I don't hear from them again until I write another blog. There I was being put on trial, supported my answer, yet I never got the verdict of guilty or not guilty or at least not enough evidence to overturn the initial charge..:-)

I've heard that civics is no longer taught in public schools. It sure would help a lot if it was reinstated because there are some people that call others: dictators, fascist, socialist, or other names that don't apply.

Edith Ann said...

I'm feeling a little left out--BigJ ahs never challenged me to a debate. In fact, I can't ever recall anyone challenging me to a debate now that I think about it.

Mike said...

BigJ ,never challenged me to a debate,he credited me for responding as opposed to Pilot.

People don't challenge those they cannot compete with. Consider that a compliment.That's why you are not challenged.

BIGJ said...
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BIGJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BIGJ said...


First of all, I already know I am not intimidating anyone. As for Pilot, (which I may risk another personal war with him) I am using his comments, as a prime example of the problems of society. Nothing personal with Pilot, but his “telling it like it is” comments is a misnomer. People who make cat calls, name calls, and cast conspiracy theories, but yet refuse to offer up any ideas are a problem. I go by the old school line, “if you are not apart of the solution, then you are apart of the problem.” Grown men are suppose to act like and be grown up. Saying “Obammy, B.O. President Biden, Onuma, or One-Big-Mistake-America doesn’t solve the problem. This is why I respect people like John Lara with his blog. I rather align myself with those (manly those in my age group) who seek answers. This is why certain posters have asked me, much to my surprise, to be involved in 2012. Which I said it isn’t possible.

Moving on to important matters, You said that Larry Summers know economics. Ok, when was the last time, he was broke? When was the last Summers was in the inner city or in the” hood” so to speak? You said that I have a hang up about Ivy League schools. I am only speaking the truth here. Ok, A student from Texas A&M and a student from UT have two different set of values. If you have a governing body, that is dominated by a one or three universities then that body doesn’t have diversity in the terms of education and region. I would like to see a Supreme Court that isn’t about ideology, but about maintaining justice.

Speaking about reducing the National Debt, if the debt is reduced. The value of the dollar would climb. It makes no sense for a President and a Congress elected based on economics and war would waste two years on Health Care. Nancy Pelosi deserved to be challenged especially with her comments about passing the bill before reading it. I firmly believe my own idea of cutting 15% would saved 1 trillion dollars in 2011 budget is better than those in Washington. The Democrats and the GOP/Tea Party are not making fair judgments but play polities for the next election.

You have problems with me over the Israeli issue. The Prime Minister spot being held by Benjamin Netyrahau is the prime example that British form of government is not the best. You told me that the harsh rhetoric from Mitt Romney and Rick Perry did more harm than the Pro-Israel lobby. How can you say that when elements of the lobby supports these two men? Maybe you should dig deeper in the topic. Rev John Hagee (Cornerstone Church, San Antonio) is a apart of the “lobby” and he backs Rick Perry.

I realized that you noticed I didn’t take the position of using real names. But there comes to a point that the people should held to account for their stupidity. I put my name on there to back my statements without being a coward. Anyone, who talk such craziness like Bo.Stinks; Rollinstone, and not back up should be treated as cowards . I am not a especially after Chris Clobber banned me and the VICAD support for State Rep Genaie Morrison’s Education Commission and the UH/A&M switch. I want my name, my voice to be counted.

Mike said...


Thank you for responding ,so let's get to the meat and potatoes.

Larry Summers has degrees in economics hanging on his walls,he's advised the WH on economics,he has been been the Treasury Secretary,president of Harvard, and has taught economics...Being broke,visiting the inner cities,does not have anything to do with being an economic adviser...An expert in inner city economics might not know a thing about world economics or how a federal budget works.

The Supreme Court will always be about ideology because nominees bring in a preconceived opinion but normally the intent of the law overrides that...Those judges have been in place for years and are in there for life. I'm saying when the time comes to replace them,qualifications and needs should be a determining factor ;not schools.

BigJ,you need to learn the basics about economics because then you would know that the $14 trillion debt cannot be eliminated in our lifetime. We take in $6 billion a month and spend $10 billion. The strong dollar is not desirable in a recession especially when US consumers are not spending. A strong dollar makes our exports more expensive...When the economy stabilizes then we can work to strengthen the dollar. Right now ,we are in survival mode.I don't really care what you believe because CBO is more credible. That's the gage republicans and democrats use..Besides show me how cutting spending promotes growth since that option alone will lead to more layoffs..Learn economics and you will make a better case.

You listen to too talk radio causing you to pick up their buzz words...Nancy Pelosi and everyone that was interested read the health care bill because it was on line.She was challenged and she won.

I do agree both parties are playing politics.

The harsh rhetoric was made as the president walks a thin line in discouraging the Palestinians from applying for statehood through the UN. We must hold a unified position of a two state solution. Perry and Romney sided with Israel at all costs ,so that position will be seen as showing favoritism in our Middle East dealings and make it next to impossible to bring Palestine to the table. The Rev Hagee doe snot command our troops,does not have any influence with the state department or pentagon so he is irrelevant.

Were you a coward when you attacked posters using BigJ or Writein with no mention of your real name?