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Monday, September 12, 2011

What Unity?


If we want unity, we sure have a poor way of showing it. It was great to see all the enthusiasm and work that was done for yesterday's 9/11 ceremonial event, but it took us 10 years to get where we are, because of politics, cost overruns, and bureaucracy.

It all starts with us, because we use words that are taken out a context to make a point, and then we're supporting a lie. When the question of disrespecting the current president of the United States came up; a poster answered by saying that Michael Moore, and the Dixie Chicks disrespected President George W. Bush. Are you kidding me? Is this the best you got? Michael Moore is a successful filmmaker and a liberal political activist who has also criticized President Obama. I believe the Dixie Chicks were overseas when they said that they were ashamed of President Bush because he was also from Texas. Entertainers are entitled to their opinions but disrespecting a president goes a lot further than that. It started with protesting President Obama's speech to our schoolchildren, a congressman shouting " you lie" at the State of the Union and being the first president who had to publicly display his birth certificate to prove he was a United States citizen.

BOstinks has the audacity to say, "How can there be unity in a country that has its most divisive citizen in the White House? BO tells the Republican Party to get in the back seat; his VP calls the Tea Party terrorists. He refers to his Anglo grandmother as a "typical white person," he claims policemen tactics were "stupid'" before there was an investigation, has drunken labor union leaders threaten opposition, attends a church that claims the U.S. deserved 9/11. Let me go through his two paragraphs of misinformation.

1. The most decisive citizen in the White House? By whose standards?
2. He uses BO instead of Barack or Obama so his disrespect is revealing.
3. President Obama jokingly said that the Republicans cannot have keys to the car anymore since they drove it into the ditch.... He hates to be told that the president inherited the recession.
4. There is not any proof that the vice president called the Tea party-terrorist.
5. He said his grandmother was a “typical white person" which is a matter -of- fact statement... He meant no disrespect to the white race or his grandmother.
6. He said the police overreacted in arresting his professor friend from Harvard... While it was foolish for him to get involved; he was vindicated.
7. The president has no control over unions any more than Republicans have control over the NRA on and United States Chamber Commerce.
8. He uses attend a church that claims the U.S. disserved 9/11... He uses it in the present tense, but it has been three years, since he attended and besides he doesn't know what a thing about black sermons that is heavy in rhetoric.

Then came the genius, jasonborne, saying “have you noticed how much love everyone is showing Governor Perry. No they aren't calling him a, non-citizen, or terrorist. They aren't exactly showering him with accolades though. Do you get angry when they say bad things about our Governor? He is a white guy so it probably doesn't matter as much, right??? "............................... He quickly threw in the race card, as if we're supposed to shower politicians with accolades. He doesn't know that criticizing a politician comes with the territory. Let me know if we protest when President Perry (that sounds awful) wants to talk to the schoolchildren on their first day back to school, or a Democrat calls him a liar at the State of the Union. We'll take it for granted that he's a United States citizen.

I had been watching this closely because I don't want to accuse the Republican Party of trying to make it difficult for this president to pass economic bills that might improve our economy. I have seen bills that republicans have supported in the past, but now they no longer support them because the president supports it.

I see where Governor Perry finally got the word and is now trying to backtrack his Social Security statement. He is no longer calling it a "Ponzi scheme" or "monstrous lie" but that may be because Michelle Bachmann is planning to use that against him. Michelle Bachmann has dropped six points in the polls. She is down to 4% trailing the Governor Perry by 26 points. I thought Romney's performance in the last debate would make up some ground, but it didn't. Romney is still a Mormon and behind by 12 points.

Wasn't it great that the ceremony wasn't interrupted by a car bomb? Knock on wood. I did get to watch a conspiracy show about 9/11. I should have turned it off in the first 2 or 3 minutes because the man behind the conspiracy was Alex Jones. Everything was explained except WTC 7, but engineers don't have any evidence of planted explosive devices. The Truthers must not have read the FBI and engineering report because even though the airliner vaporized after it hit the Pentagon; investigators found pieces from the airliner and bodies. The question about the small hole the downed airliner made in Pennsylvania was answered by the county coroner.

Where was all this opposition to the FDA, EPA, and other government agencies prior to January 2009? I mean besides the libertarians who want complete freedom from the government.

The last 8 minutes of this face off between Joe Scarborough and Tavis Smily typifies  where we are today.


Mike said...

I was falling asleep watching GOP debates..

Edith Ann said...

Wake up! It's getting good! Michelle Bachmann finally turned on Rick Perry! She is swinging for the fence now! This is good!

Mike said...

Ron Paul should have used the Merck card in the last debate but Michelle hit Perry square in the eyes with that and then doubled it with the executive order. ..Perry is either confused or steaming mad. 

Edith Ann said...

This is what I have been waiting for! They are fighting, and tonight Newt (Gag Me!) Gingrich didn't try to stop them.

Michelle must have received my mental telepathy message about wearing a bright color!

How about confused AND mad!

BIGJ said...

Bostinks and jasonbourne can take a leap dive to hell. Yes I said it. These people are the reason, I sign my real name on VICAD. I bet they wouldn’t say that to me or any other black person in person. Speaking about Rick Perry, it is a downright shame that there was no impeachment charges filed against Rick Perry for the wrongful death of Cameron Todd Willingham.

On a lighter note, there was a sign of hope for unity over this weekend. A few conservative persons tracked me down (via VICAD and Facebook) and asked if I were interested in putting my political ideas to practice in 2012.

Edith Ann said...

Way to go BigJ! What did you tell them?

Sugar Magnolia said...

BigJ, those posters aren't worth your time or your energy. Don't waste it on them. If you are serious about getting into the political arena, then that's where you need to direct your focus.

So many posters on the VicAd I wouldn't even waste my breath on.

Good luck BigJ.

Mike said...


You called that home run shot a couple weeks ago... She went to a juggler and did not let go.
Hate to sound sexist, but I never noticed what she was wearing or its relevance...:-)

You're right Perry was angry and confused.The man is an empty suit or he's saving it for later.

Mike Murphy, highly acclaimed republican strategist tweeted this.

"Watching Perry talk about policy issues is like watching a monkey playing with a locked suitcase."......

Mike said...

I know you think signing your own name gives you the heads up but did you feel the same when you weren't using your own name? Were you less credible when you weren't using your own name?

There is a reason I mention BOstinks and jasonbourne in my personal blog and not at the VA.
In my person a blog I can state my opinion and move on, instead of engaging in the back and fourth nonsense with people that don't know the first thing about political issues. They are about sound bites and their opinions.

I try and stay off the comments section.

It's not rollingstone's fault that he doesn't comment on my blog. I have him on permanent delete because he just wants to change the issue and contradict every little word. When credible people like EA pushed him, he immediately changed the subject to " going to hell" which was never discussed. I allow BOstinks to make his remarks on my blog because it's rare, inconsequential, and I don't have to reply. I've never had a discussion with Jasonbourne, nor do I want to.

That's what it's all about ,people with different opinions coming together to discuss them. I'm glad you found a venue to do that. Good luck ,if you decide to pursue your political ambitions in 2012.

Mike said...

I'm just wondering why the Victoria Advocate Editorial Board did not make their viewpoints favoring the Obama Jobs Plan, available for an online discussion?

Mike said...

My sides are still hurting from laughing so much after reading Juanita's blog summarizing last night's debate... You can get the link from Edith Ann blog; it's worth the time.

Mike said...

I knew Wolf Blizer's question of that 30 year old without insurance would strike a nerve by those that like to justify their selfishness or their hate of government....As you can see,people will choose cost over a person's life. ...Yes,people die because they can't afford proper care,much less insurance but people have these dreams that churches or some nonprofit will pick up the slack.

This issue makes my blood boil.

Mike said...

Somilia?one day I hope you can explain that to me.

Edith Ann said...

Just a few random thoughts during this exciting campaign season--

1. It was a no-brainer on Bachmann/Perry for me. She's clawing her way to the top, no matter what. She has to take out the top.

2. Romney can't get elected because he's a Mormon? I seem to recall Kennedy couldn't get elected because he was Catholic, and the Church in Rome would run our country. PLEASE--google New Apostolic Movement and Dominionism. This is the bulk of the tea party, and they were behind Perry Prayer-a-palooza.

3. Romney can't get elected because he's a Mormon? I seem to recall that we'd never elect a black man.

4. Obama divisive? Remember the "I'm a uniter, not a divider" from the Divider-in-chief?

5. rollingstone did what all good unarmed republicans do--he changed the subject.

6. The discussion about the 30 year old sick person the other night? Wasn't this the same party that got in the middle of the Terri Schiavo business? Didn't they fight like hell to keep her alive?

Republican confuse me.

Juanita Jean is a hoot. Try the Stonekettle Station blog--it's good, too.

Edith Ann said...

Just saw this:

Mike said...

Good points but Dems and Ind. don't have a litmus test.

Can Romney win a GOP primary? The Tea Pary and evangelicals dominate the GOP primaries and now North Carolina has put gay-marriage not 2012 ballot.

I've got to admit you know Bachmann.

Thanks for the info....That's the same thing that happened to the libertarian goddess,Ayn rand.

Mike said...

How right you are..Stonekettle Station was hilarious.