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Friday, September 30, 2011

So Much Anger

Tell em Lawrence

They're is just so much anger out there and for good reason, but things seem to be coming to a boiling point. I don't know if  New York is a good metric, but I've seen protesters lining up outside of Wall Street for about a week now. At first the protests didn't get any media attention because they really didn't have a common cause, leader, or  not that many people were participating. MSNBC tried to give it a little bit of coverage to it but it was only because they weren't given coverage by anyone else. The protesters were mingling with the policmen and having a good time, until the merchants got tired of it and complained. I really don't blame the merchants, because they do have to make a living but I don't think that they expected the New York supervisors to do what they did. They started by trying to corral the people like cattle, using plastic barriers, but things were still in control, until the supervisors saw the video cameras and cell phone cameras recording the actions of the police. The first night went OK. as far as police were concerned because the police chief had plausible deniability that everything was going according to a procedure. According to Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC, the only reason internal affairs got involved was that celebrities like Michael Moore gave it coverage and Lawrence did a scathing piece on police brutality regarding the New York protest. They showed a clip of New York City police Deputy Inspector, Anthony Bologna, pepper spraying a woman that was behind the police barricade and then showed him where he just started spraying into the crowd.

I didn't see what the protesters were actually doing to provoke the police supervisors; if anything but I think it does need investigating, instead of sweeping it under the rug. I'll be keeping up with this incident, but I think it's going to spread  because people are angry, unemployed, and without answers. I just hope it's not as bad as the Arab Spring or the European riots.

It's even getting bad on the forum where I thought it was appropriate to write something about our CIA and Special Forces killing the person responsible for the last planned attacks made on our country. This American born terrorist was not going to stop. I didn't praise the president's part, because I didn't want to make it political or partisan. Along comes BOstinks and ruins everything with just regurgitated talking points, just to start trouble. That irritated me and I told him so. He kept coming back, so I warned him but that just excited him more. He kept posting so I just deleted him but he kept free posting for total of 44 times. That irritated me to no end, so I called the Advocate to report this nuisance but they told me that the lady in charge of that would be in later. I left my phone number and went  back to my blog to delete his posts. That is the third person ,who just won't take no for an answer. I expected that from Roy Mark, but the other night a poster by the name of neighbor kept re-posting and now this BOstinks is doing the same thing.He has been doing this for the last two hours but the joke is on him because I think VA automatically deletes after so many deletions.  They have to be related because what rational person thinks this his comment is so important that it must not be deleted? These posters always say that I will not allow a contradictory remark but I know that's not true and I have about 500 blogs to prove it. I do not want to host a blog, even it if it's a public one, for trolls. As a poster said the other day, I do this for free.


Mike said...

I didn't really expect to get upset today ,but I guess it goes with the territory...At least I'll get a break when I cam cord my grandson's football game tonight.

Edith Ann said...

I personally, am really rather disturbed by the anger I am seeing spewed, not just on the Advocate, but lots of places.

But this is what you have when folks are unhappy. They feed off of each other, especially when someone they look to for guidance tells them this is what they should do. It's really no different that a mob mentality, They jusr believe they are right, again, becasue someone told them they are be usurped in some way.

I still am excited about the election season, but it's going to be tough to tolerate some factions.

Well, soldier on with your trolls!

Mike said...

I agree and what gets me is that they think they are right.

It's upsetting to writing a blog about health care and it turns into one of Welfare...I would never write a blog about welfare because it just turns into a bashing blog. The next day I am happy because we got rid of a person who was promoting propaganda to entice Muslim-American to kill Americans and then BAM it becomes one of race,Maxine Waters,ACLU etc. it's as if the poster has to spew all of his talking points or he gets charged a fee on his right-wing card.

One of these days I am going to give up on my idea that 80% of us can have a civil discussion without resorting to talk radio trash,name calling, and disagree or agree on the issues.....EA,when I first stared posting,we had a lot of detailed,informative discussions where people didn't take an opposing opinion as an act of war. 

I too am excited for the election season but I wish Chris Christi would get into the race because he would bring in some sanity...I don't agree or like Christie but he is not dumb or crazy....I know you like the entertainment..:-) but Juanita provides a lot of that. How does she do it?...Too bad,Michelle is running out of money and looks like Sarah Palin is fighting with Fox and the GOP..She's got 27 days to put up or shut up.

Edith Ann said...

I miss a lot of the old posters, too. The ones you could have DISCUSSIONS with. That's the difference. Ever notice how those morons posting on the Advocate just name call for the most part. I don't mind disagreement at all, I'd just like the person I'm disagreeing with to have at least the intelligence of a 7th grader.

Instead, we have 3rd grade bullies who don't know when to quit. (okay, I have a problem with that, too.) They just beat something to death with the same tired talking points and haven't figured out that they are not making one bit of progress!

'Stupid schmucks' is the only thing that comes to mind.

Chris Christie--The middle cartoon of Juanita's Friday 'Toons is hilarious! And you know it is true. Christie is mean. David Letterman was hard on him, I agree, but it was funny. Christie would make friends every where!

Have you ever seen such a collection of misfits vying for the office of President?

One last thought on welfare--'they' insist on talking about food stamps and TANIF funds, but woe be the person who wants to talk about corporate welfare, deals for friends (would that be acquaintance welfare?), and political welfare (campaign contributions)! Just how do you think all those rich, white republicans got to be rich and white? Okay, they were born white, but you know how many of them got to be rich...

I am tired of them wanting to punish needy people for being needy.

Mike said...


And now they defending each other...GetSmart(lol) Ed Post,whoever; reads this blog as if it is written in secret. I could be  using him to spread my He is so guliabe he is trying to get RS to come and read my blog. Now,Digalitidper is taking up for BOstinks because I was too mean to him...Mr. digal is now telling me to take all comments even from those that want to turn into a talk radio trash talk site because I list "politics plus" in my profile. Have you noticed that they overuse the word "WE" as if they represent the VA?

Chris Christie is a bully but I want Obama to beat their best not the current crop.

Bill Maher had a good skit last night saying Jesus would lose in the GOP debate because they would have accused him of class warfare for taking up for the poor...Anti-business because the threw over the tables of the money changers,was he a union carpenter?Then he born in Nazareth,he's a foreigner.  

Mike said...

Now I get it
The killing of the two terrorist was a good thing for most of us but for those that hate Obama, it meant the country will praise him too..That's why they keep bringing up Bush as if we would have criticized him for doing the same thing....I bet they will get angry if the economy turns around...that's why the sudden anger for welfare and today a couple of posters blamed Obama for the $5 fee BOA monthly  charge for debit card purchases,as if the GOP would bring it to a screeching

It might take me a while but I usually get

When I wrote that blog yesterday,it angered them because they didn't want others to know before Fox News or the right wing blogs put out their version.All the other stuff is just smoke screens.  Come to think of it that's why I always get immediate push back.

I guess I have to give in...NOT!

Legion said...

You know my position Mike, but geez, the positions some republicans take on the VicAd blogs make me shake my head too.

Maybe there really isn't any middle ground anymore.

I'm not happy with some things the Pres. has done, but I'm happy with others. MOST of the Rep. candidates seem to side on the far right side, I'm not comfortable with that.

At this time, I would say I am undecided. And probable will be until I walk into the voting booth.

Legion said...

Oh yeah, I wonder what the person that put up the homemade "Never,Ever Hillary" sign on the loop thinks. They did get their wish.

Mike said...


I not just saying this just because you responded but in a blog a long time ago,I said if more conservative (moderates) Legion357, maryann,arlewill, and a few others that talk politics, would be the standard, what a wonderful forum we would have....We don't always agree but if when we were wrong, we have admitted it and no hard feelings....I know whenever you disagree with me,you have done your homework,so I go back and reread my post before I respond. People like you keep me honest and on the path I want to be on.
Sometimes I envy your coolness and the way you let slide like when you corrected the poster about the WTC 7 with evidence he couldn't refute ,so he tried to mock you but you ignored it.

I'm not afraid to tell you all the mistakes Obama has made because it's just an issue,fact,or story not an indictment on my part...You know that,you are well read and know of which you discuss....I may take a different position but that's all it is.

Legion said...

The BOA fee, like you said, people are free to change banks, the rules allows them to charge the fee no matter who was President when congress passed the bill.

Heck, the Fair Debt Collection Act, passed in 1978, gets violated tens of thousands of times a day by third party debt collection agencies.

Less government, then bitch when government rules are ignored... you know like welfare fraud.


Legion said...

Facts do not matter to some people, oh well, nothing they hear will change their minds.

Legion said...

On another subject, I know how you like personal accounts...

My Dad voted republican since Eisenhower ran for President. Anyway...

In about 1966 or so, my dad and one of his friends leased a hunting ranch from a Laredo dentist, about 5 miles west of Laredo.

My Dad and I, when we stayed there use to go to the bullfights in Nuevo Laredo. We were walking thru NL, and there was a old blind lady begging for money and a young boy with no legs doing the same, yeah they were reaching out with their little tin cups.

I asked my dad, "Why are those people doing that?, I've never seen anyone at home doing that"

He said " Son in America we have Social Security so people like that don't have to beg on the street."

That has always stuck with me.

Mike said...


lol...That reminds me of the Tea Party,mostly old people on SS and old vets,sporting signs that read "keep the government hands off my Medicare"....I remember crossing all those border bridges watching the poor beg for pennies but I'll probably win't see that again;not that brave.

I thought everyone knew the lobbyist have a lot to say when it comes to those banking bills. I bet the other banks will wait a little while to see how it goes and then follow suit or be like Southwest (our bags ride free) and make commercials like we don't charge $5 debit fees.

Mike said...

I've had it! I pulled my last VA blog because I WILL NOT host a blog for the ignorant local right wing racist who are trying to turn every thread to one of Obama,welfare,illegals and all the other Tea Party junk.....Should I just pull up stakes and let them win? I am going to take a few days to mull that over.What will they win?

RE: GetSmart,you know who you are(Jett) but go ahead and live your lie but I know you read this blog,so take this message back to your cronies. I was going to ignore you but you are not smart enough to take the hint.

Number one,you should apologize to EA because your PHONY award won't cut it ,she is a long time credible poster and has nothing to do with what I say or do...

Come on here and I will give all the space you want to have this out and then we can go our separate ways....Yes,I delete posters who just want to post their garbage because one of the first rules is to stay on subject and be respectful.Don't piggyback your trash on the blog that took hours to prepare...I've lost on line friends because of people like you. I get emails saying that they don't want to be part of the circus but I don't expect to understand.

I know you aren't much on facts but my comment history is a permanent record.

You say I'm consumed in a hit counter,yet I always discourage the trolls,I know how to keep the counter going,a small child can do that. All I have to do is pay attention to people like you and have an afternoon of back and forth gibberish and the counter will roll past its numeric capacity...That's not what I want,if I talk baseball with someone I expect that person to know the balk rule..In politics,I expect them to know way above the right wing talk radio level..i.e. You say I am a know-it-all  on foreign policy but that's just a mask to cover up your lack of knowledge...I can't help it if your Blogspot attempt didn't work out.

I know my limitations,so I know if I argue religion Kyle and maryann will hand my head to me,and if I argue local politics,Edith Ann will do the same. They do their homework and have earned the respect of all.

I am not putting on a show for the VA but the reason I rarely post on right wing blogs because I respect their right to post what they want with interference from me. I can post whatever I want on this blog but as you know Blogspot gives you the same opportunity. We had a birthed who put up several blogs but he eventually left.

You are just one of the 4 or 5 reasons I want to make my exit because you just take NO for an answer. I don't like you or care to see your posts and you should give me the same space. i'm not posting on other blogs anything about you...I use this venue..If the VA wants to be dominated by the ignorant,I have better things to do.

You have a chance to reply right here but you probably won't because it doesn't suit your self promoting style...You see if I devoted a Blogspot hit on the VA,editor, and the staff,I wouldn't sneak  in back because that's part of being a man and standing for something. 
It doesn't take much to be a racist right winger, just hang a tea sack from your hat and turn all the treads to your agenda .

This is also an explanation to those that have read my blogs....Sometimes it's just not worth it.

Edith Ann said...

You know, Mike, I guess since you write a politically themed blog, some folks think you only discuss politics and that you always discuss politics! How foolish. Also speaks to the fact that they are not really reading for content. Dang, I'm sounding like Kenneth here!

Pesty folks will always be pesty. They are the ones who are jumping up and down, arm stretched to the heavens repeating over and over'pick me! pick me!' They can't take a hint because they certainly can't conceive of the notion you might be ignoring them. They keep at it, missing the cues all along the way. They begin to up the ante, and before you know it--you're winning awards!

I just have to giggle at some of their antics. Any of them would be welcomed to come over here and discuss--intelligently, if possible--any point, but I do not see that happening. I'm not sure what their insecurity is in venturing off the Advocate, but it does seem to keep them over there, doesn't it?

Well, take a break. There will be plenty to discuss before the next election. We'll have a chance to do just that.

Mike said...

I keep trying to bring back the environment ,I started with with posters who knew what they were posting about. On some days I just sat back and absorbed the knowledge.

A lot of today's posters can turn any subject to Obama,illegals,Muslims etc...We used to be able to have a resonable discussions but as the election becomes closer it's going to get worse.

They won't come in here and take part in a no bs discussion because name calling and sarcasm will not help them.

Edith Ann said...

Well, at least you are not dealing with--yet--southtexas! I'm waiting to see her show up on the VA again. She was beside herself with the thought that Obama might win! She was a Palin girl and Suzy and I had too much fun with her over the tiara! Remember that?

Well, get the trolls out of the way, and those who can actually hold a conversation will still be there. It will be good.

Anonymous said...

You are just one of the 4 or 5 reasons I want to make my exit because you just take NO for an answer. I don't like you or care to see your posts and you should give me the same space. i'm not posting on other blogs anything about you...I use this venue..If the VA wants to be dominated by the ignorant,I have better things to do.

I don't post on other blogs about you, integrity wise, I would say that's a faslehood.

Wanns have lunch, my treat.

I'm really not as stupid, or as racists, as you think, he said nicely. I admire Reagan, you admire Pelosi, I really think that's more of an issue here.

Your buddy.

80% 4/5

Dick Tracey said...

I'll quit posting at the Advocate if you do.

And I'll except the blame.

I'll bet you a hundred dollars you won't do it. Give me a P.O. box to send it too.

$4/5 reasons let me be the fifth. You said you'd give me space to have it out. Arbitrarily speaking, you're not apt to take no either.

I don't want to have it out.

We can celibrate both of us leaving the Advocate forum.

You can devout your time to your blog and I'll get back to my writing high adventure fiction.

But talk's cheap, you wouldn't quit blogging on the Advocate as you mentioned, and you certainly should'nt quit on the left in Victoria, so which is it.


"You have a chance to reply right here but you probably won't because it doesn't suit your self promoting style."

Well here I am, we can both quit blogging at the Advocate.

How bout it, talk's cheap, we will both quit blogging completely at the Advocate, or commenting. I have no problem with it, and it's not worth me making you as miserablre, as you say.

Talk to me. You need the advocate, admit it, or make me the fifth reason to devote yourself to your blogspot.

4 out of 5 is strong words.

I'm listening buddy!

Dick Tracey said...

You removed the post about not posting at the advocate, d.Tracey.


Rebecca said...

Mike, the good thing about your blog is YOUR BLOG. They bad thing is that it's open to comments. =D

It's your blog. If someone wants to share their knowledge or opinions, they have the right to start their own blog!

I understand that you don't want to host an internet brawl. It's sad that many people get on the internet for that purpose. That's their character.

Rebecca said...

Sorry for my typos.

I hope the "audience" that you write to doesn't change or get redefined in your mind. The people who read and are not on the internet just to fight -do not comment. Look at your ticker and look at the comments. Hundreds read and two or three fight. The silent majority is your audience. Continue to write to them. =D

Edith Ann said...

Well said, Rebecca!

Rebecca said...

Oh. They don't comment because they read your blog and go live their lives - they have lives.

That's a testimony of the character of your audience.

(sorry for commenting so much. I'm putting-off doing a work-out. See how it works?)

Mike said...

GetSmart or man of many names; first off, I'll give you the proper credit for responding.

You always shoot from the hip, always assuming and never asking questions before responding. I never post before 9:00AM Monday-Sunday to my personal blog, then because of the problems I had with Roy Mark, all anonymous posts go to my spam filter for me to accept or delete. I check the spam filter once a week, that was 10 minutes ago, when I read your post and accepted it.

Your bets don't impress me because it's just a way for you to take a soapbox stance. I never called for you to leave the Advocate; that's your prerogative.

Declining your bet just means I'm not motivated by money or faux. I don't care if you stay forever, I have options: like ignoring you. I am curious as to why you want me to voluntarily leave, as if I need a paltry $100. Some of the blogs I write take me about three hours that includes researching, formatting, and making sure SOME subjects are as nonpartisan as possible. You sound like a mafia lawyer, where you throw a little money out there to make things go way.

One of your first missions before you got removed was to try to goat me into a debate about President Obama's books; you even offered to pay for it by leaving a copy at Hastings. I guess you assumed I didn't have the book, couldn’t afford it, or you wanted to show that you went the extra mile .You got upset because I didn't play your child -like game. Whenever new poster comments on my blog, I look up their comment history before I proceed. I figured out early on, that you would never be worth my time.

"I don't post on other blogs about you, integrity wise; I would say that's a falsehood."... You did on Rollinstone's blog, and you even gave him directions on how to find his blog.... Falsehood? Not.

This is where it all started. My blog was about Health Care, but you tried to turn it into one of welfare. Others followed your lead and the blog changed directions, which discouraged other posters from talking about the subject of the blog. You tried to minimize it, by saying you only wrote one paragraph. I've tried to discourage you by laughing it off but that just set you off. Edith Ann on a separate blog stated her feelings, and you tried to tie the both of us, as if we were working as a team. You thought better of it, so you made up this fake award, to get back on EA's good side. Yesterday, you tried to make an outrageous connection between the killings of two Al qaida operatives to invading Mexico. Etc.... When I read that, I knew that was what the blog was going to be about, so I pulled it. If you want to talk about your specific subjects; write your own blog.

Mike said...

Thanks Rebecca your words meant a lot.
Thanks again ,EA

Anonymous said...

If you read your blog from the bottom, you will see you just couldn't stop talking about welfare, you hijacked your own blog, read the comments from the bottom up, you didn't set me off, you'll notice I didn't return to keep talking on it. you did.

The 4 or 5 reasons to not blog, and I assume you meant at the advocate, not on the left. mafia lawyer, c'mon now, i'll quit commenting at the advocate, and like I said no big deal, you mentioned you were fed up. I was just betting and calling you're hand that you were talking out both sides of your mouth.

Your blogging at the advocate is an extended version of twister.

Quit complaining and stick to the left, codependency suits you best there.

You pulled your blog because you couldn't answer the question posed to you.

I didn't advocate anything just asked your opinion.

The reason you have difficulty at the Advocate is your condescending comments that you upset people with, I mean look at your history there, I'm a drop in the bucket, but if I'm the fifth reason for you to pack up and stay at on the left, that would be great.

Mike said...

I wrote the comments, so obviously I knew what I was doing. I was adding more information from reliable sources. I think it's literally impossible for me to hijack my own blog but you did return for a couple comments; in fact, once again this morning.
The readers of this blog know that I had made similar statements in the past and you have no idea what the 4 or 5 reasons are, so in that respect you are right... You assumed... A low life like you would never make me leave. The reasons are way above your head.
"You pulled your blog because you couldn't answer the question posed to you."
lol, you don't have enough between the ears to ask me a question about foreign or domestic policy that I can't answer.. Let me remind you, I pulled the blog and I stated my reason. After all the blogs I have written at the VA, and comments and questions asked of me, are you really that naive to think your question was that difficult to answer?
I have difficulty with your ilk, but then again a lot of people do. You are just another vain right winger that thinks your opinion is that of the other posters. Think of it this way, you and your other Obama haters are not the reason for me leaving but if the VA forum becomes a meeting place for your ilk, and then it is not the place where I and others will post. We went through a similar situation during the 2007-08 election season, but democrats came out of the woodwork, banded together in the battle was on. It's still 13 months to go.
Now, you said the differences between us was that you liked Ronald Reagan in I liked Nancy Pelosi. Like the rest of your analogies, this one doesn't make any sense; you're comparing following a dead president and the minority speaker the house. For one, Ronald Reagan would not win the GOP debates today because actually gave amnesty and raised taxes 11 times. I have often acknowledged the hard work Pelosi put in the become the first female speaker the house. Her hard work and fundraising for the democrats was also acknowledged but I don't really pay attention to her, one way or the other. I'm not into hero worship anyway. If you're analogy meant left and right; that would be so but I could break it down further than that.
A political blog will always be contentious, as well as religious ones, but your evaluation doesn't mean a thing to me or others. That's simply your viewpoint. Just because you can string of few other right wingers doesn't mean it represents the voice of the forum.
If you want a solution here it is, don't post on my blog and I certainly don't want to post on yours (or even read it), I’ll ignore your comments in the comment section and everything will be peachy. No $100, no meals, or anything else. A simple solution for a simple person and simple problem. I hope this finishes the minor squabble and it's above your pay grade as to whether I continue blogging on the VA. You're powerless to stop me.
Let's resume our day... Problem solved.

Mike said...

One more thing:
Readers will see that I will ignore SmartOnes's comments in the future but that does not mean that he stumped me. I remember when I used to delete his comments when he tried to post Obama jokes and other anti-Obama junk on my blog..This troll has a history;there was a reason for his removal...It wasn't because of what happened this weekend,I'm a forgiving person but he has a history. Saying sorry or changing his ways is not in his nature.

Anonymous said...

Oh you'll keep blogging at the VA, you cannot help yourself, I mean really, the flippant above your paygrade jokes, c'mon. keep throwing the pickles really, now.

See you back at the Advocate, real soon.


Mike said...

This what I actually posted and the rest is from your vivid imagination.

"Should I just pull up stakes and let them win? I am going to take a few days to mull that over.What will they win?"

They were rhetorical questions, but you went to town with making $100 bets and tit- for- tat surrender agreement, where you will take the .. That was awful big of you to take the blame for what? You thought you found the opportunity. That sounds like the thing we would do if we won the lottery, but we never play.

I've been blogging for close to six years and for yhr past 10 months, it has been my intention to make the transition, but perhaps I'm waiting for one more election. I obviously enjoy blogging or I wouldn't be doing it. I'm retired, I don't have to do things I don't want to anymore, nor do I have to explain my actions. You're an amateur, you can't bait me.

Now move along- go outside and play and remember I'll ignore you and a decent person would extend the same courtesy.

Joe Smith said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike said...

And now Roy Mark signing in as Joe Smith...What's wrong with these people? Didn't they learn any manners, like stay out when you are not wanted...Start your blog and woo people over to yours.

This is just a tiny site where I can post my views,not hurting anyone and I wouldn't go where I am not wanted.

Rebecca said...

Keep deleting. It's your blog. You have that right. If someone has an opinion, they can express it in their own blog. When commenters get frustrated that you won't come and "fight" it's proof that they only want a FIGHT.

I say don't ever respond or comment on a hecklers blog. You have more class than that. That's frustrating to people who want to play.

Sounds like you are being attacked by an internet bully!

Mike said...

Thanks Rebecca
I've had 4 blogs devoted to little old me and several that implicated me in a suddle way but I just ignore them,letting them have their fun but they don't return the courtesy...It's not about left and right ,it's about arrogance. They don't like it,ifothers don't want to play....Let me guess,all the usual suspects signed in to

Edith Ann said...

Yes, you are quite the popular guy over on the VA! And regular as clockwork, every fifteen minutes they started commenting.

I concur with Rebecca.

Mike said...

My curiosity got the best of me,so I took a peak at Todd Jett's is very similar to the one's  itisi,Roy Mark and I believe  Observer wrote,words may be out order here and there but it comes from the same playbook.

Makes liberals out to be

There is still 13 months to go.

Mike said...

You know Eagleford just signed in today but sure knows a lot about what I am supposed to be doing...Could it be ,again?mmm

Mike said...

They are unanimous in their hate of me --and I welcome their hatred.

Rebecca said...

I was about to comment that the va shouldn't allow posts that are about a fellow blogger or a local person. That's abusing our local forum.

I think the blog was removed.

Anonymous said...

For outing a va user using his name, as one of several friends of said person it's a pleasure to chip in, calling them moron and idiot, a blog is presently being created with your full name, address, telephone numbers and other assorted info. Thank you so much for your class and understanding. Also for other reasons all comments have been copied for the record, for reasons pertaining to character defamation

stay tuned. There are so many people chomping at the bit for. this.

Anonymous said...

I was about to comment that the va shouldn't allow posts that are about a fellow blogger or a local person. That's abusing our local forum.

I think the blog was removed.

Unfortunately the hypocrasy of this statement, further's the aforemention impending information release. Sorry.