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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A year later and I'm still loving it


The ads for the new Apple iPad never caught my attention before last Father's Day. I convinced myself that I already had a Blackberry, desktop, and laptop for all the things the iPad could do, so why should I shell out the $600 or more for a gadget that duplicates what I already have. It seemed like every TV talk show host had an iPad but I wasn't convinced that I needed one. What was I thinking?

I know it sounds corny but the details of how I acquired my iPad are much more valuable to me than the unit itself. This story started as another Sunday afternoon that's called Father's Day of 2010. I can expect to get calls from my children and grandchildren and despite the fact I'm not my wife's father; she wishes me happy father's day and vice versa when it's her day. Everything was ready for the barbecue when my wife said that my children would be arriving a little late, so would I mind putting off diner until later in the evening. I started asking questions, receiving different excuses, so I immediately thought everyone was going to be busy that day. Little did I know the real reason dinner was being put off. They started the conspiracy about a week before Father's Day, after; I assume asking the usual questions "What do you think dad wants for Father's Day?" I remember us asking my mother that same question every year. I thought it was rhetorical. This time, after the children heard my wife say that I always told her about the interesting things that Joe Scarborough and his guest said about their iPad; I assume it became a done deal. A couple of my children drove to Sugar Land's Best Buy early Sunday morning because they were sure that big store would have one (that's the way they did their term paper that was due the next day). They asked the manager to inquire about the iPad availability in the surrounding area; only to find out, Corpus Christi had the only one, and they would only hold it for 3 hours. Being the great children they are, they headed to Corpus Christi and told their mom to tell me a whopper about moving dinner to 5:00. When they finally arrived, they all gathered in a circle, with that "cat that ate the canary-look,"(it brought back memories of when they were in trouble) and they were getting impatient as I read their lovely cards. Finally, my youngest daughter retrieved the package she was hiding behind her back and handed it to me. There it was, in big bold letters written on the box "Apple iPad." Clearly, everyone was starving but as I ate, I could hardly keep my eyes off that box.

The iPad has become an invaluable tool because it's where I keep my personal pertinent information such as contacts, helpful applications, blog material, needless information and the Internet is always at the ready by my recliner. Recently, I downloaded a free application that allows me to watch DISH TV on my iPad from anywhere I can get a 3G or a WIFI signal. Now that I'm more acquainted with my iPad; I'm wondering why do I need a Blackberry or the small portable HD television that only picks up local stations? I don't even need the portable satellite radio I own ,because I have a Sirrus app and Pandora for music. I'll have to think about that one but for now they will serve as a backup.I hope you don't ask about service because luckily I have needed them.

When you get to be my age it really is about the "thought "so, if your father is still living give him a great big bear hug because even if you not completely dependant on him anymore; he still likes to be appreciated.


Kyle said...

My wife just purchased an iPad 2 for me today. Can't wait to get home and try it out!

Mike said...

I know the feeling ,enjoy.