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Friday, June 3, 2011

Texas GOP targets Ron Paul?


After treating the Texas democrats like redheaded stepchildren; the Texas legislators may have thrown the democrats a bone.
According to the Texas Tribune, the new congressional map proposed Thursday night by senator Ken Siliger, a republican from Amarillo, is tailored made for a democrat. The Redistricting Committee cut the percentage of Anglo voters in District 14 from 61% to 57% and increased black and Hispanic voters from 35% to 39%. This was no coincidence according to Jeff Crosby, a democratic consultant. It goes to prove that the republicans, local, state, and Federal are vindictive. It's either play ball or suffer the consequences. For example, many republicans will fall on their sword because they had to vote for the Ryan budget plan, which would privatize Medicare.
Ron Paul has been a congressman since the 1970s; it'll be interesting how he does in a district that's more favorable for a democrat. Ron Paul has never been liked by the establishment Republican Party, and the sentiments are vice versa. I wouldn't get too excited because this is just a proposal because" state Rep. Burt Solomons, R-Carrollton, assured lawmakers earlier in the day that an originally proposed map — which included a controversial horseshoe-shaped district that stretches from Houston to the Louisiana border — would undergo changes. "It’s a proposal, people," Solomons said."
It is going to be interesting because a lot of Victoria voters are not really republicans, but they will pull that straight- line party if Ron Paul is on the ticket. I wonder if they will vote for a republican that might not win the 14th district. I guess we'll have to wait.

Added Friday bonus...Would you want this woman to teach your kids?


Mike said...

Update, 3:45 p.m.: We've heard back from Ron Paul's spokesman. Jesse Benton said the longtime congressman takes no offense at the redistricting proposal, which would lower the GOP performance of the district considerably.

"Dr. Paul does not feel targeted, and his home county of Brazoria remains the cornerstone of the District," Benton said. "If anything, this is a compliment. The GOP knows Dr. Paul will win anywhere he runs, and that his electoral fortitude allows them to strengthen other districts and have no problems holding the 14th

Texas spin or denial?

Edith Ann said...


That woman is a freaking idiot! I just don't understand how rational, thinking folks can be taken in by her! I don't care what political persuasion you are, you have to see she's a moron!

Ethan Allen said...

As seen on Facebook:

The idiots are coming! The idiots are coming!

(the Ethan Allen is to stay in theme)

Mike said...

lol...It was a simple question and she sounded like the cat that ate the canary...She just keeps rambling and pulling up words to make people want to say" just complete your sentence;already...I think we would have have said Paul Revere was the man who warned the people that the British were coming and left it at that.

Edith Ann said...

She couldn't say that becasue she didn't know that. She has no 'pause' button as in, 'let me formulate my thoughts so I can make an intelligent answer'. She believes more is beeter. She just vamps until she walks aways from you, ans you're supposed to be awe stuck at her brilliance!

If she keeps talking, she's going to make the last Bush look like genius!

Anonymous said...

Just like Obama's alligators in the Rio Bravo comment!!!!

BIGJ said...

I do not know Black and hispanic voters would vote in big numbers next year.

Mike said...

Sure they will because it is a presidential election but the young might not....New dems likely because of the actions of Wisconsin,Ohio, and Michigan governors....Unions will come out strong.