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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Complete I-69


After reading this morning's article about the Interstate 69 (I-69) project, it reminded me of 1964, when as a summer help; I saw stacks of I-69 signs lined up against the wall. Here we are about 50 years later, and we still haven't completed the project. We don't have any funding right now, but materials and interest rates are pretty low right now. It would be wonderful jobs project. We have to keep in mind that highway traffic will not decrease, and future business locations will consider the completion of, I- 69. One only has to look at our bordering states like Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, to see what a neglected highway looks like.

I was disappointed reading arlewill's comment about not starting the project until the borders are secure. Will we use that logic to ignore our airports and seaports? I can only imagine what born2Bme's link to a Jerome Corsi web site had to say. I kind of expected a reference to the NAFTA superhighway rumor about Mexico, Canada, and the USA creating a currency named "Amero." I don't think those are serious concerns, and they won't be a factor, one way or the other.

Governor Perry's land grabs and a questionable partnership with a Spanish company gave the Trans Texas Corridor a bad name. I would like to see a system (corridor) that centralizes the controls to our utilities, provides a bypass around our city for trucks carrying hazardous materials, and widens our highways for safer and faster traveling.

Victoria has a roadblock because every time a project is mentioned the same old" who is benefiting” and “not with my tax dollars you don't" prop up. I'm not saying those issues are not legitimate or shouldn't be addressed, but it shouldn't take up all the oxygen in the room. Gabe wrote an excellent article about the facilities at the Port of Victoria, and its room for growth, so we have a strong building block along with a first-class workforce for growth. I'm not worried about Victoria's growth; it's the roadblocks that keep Victoria from growing at a faster pace that concerns me.

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