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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can a wingnut become president?


I see a panicking nation that just might elect a wing nut to be the next president of the United States. Our nation has always voted with their wallets. If our growth remains under 2% and unemployment remains around 9%; I can see the taxpayer bailing out on this administration, anxious to try something else. Anything, as long as it is opposite of what we're doing. In all fairness that's what happened in 2008.

I don't think the republicans will choose Mitt Romney because right now they want in-your-face, candidate instead of a rational, flip flopping, businessman they don't trust....Tim Pawlenty can do an adequate job of attacking the president and his policies, but he won't go for the jugular. The other former governor, Jon Huntsman, is a believer in global warming, civil unions, and a mandate for Health Care, so we know where that leaves him. He knows that, that's why he's bypassing Iowa. Those three former governors would ordinarily give president Obama a run for his money but they probably won’t get the chance. The GOP keeps telling us that other candidates will enter the race sometime this fall but isn't that a message of no confidence in the current bunch?

Ed Rollins is old republican strategists who will be serving as the campaign manager for Michelle Bachmann. ...Mr. Rollins knows how to win primaries by destroying the competition. Barely, on the payroll, Ed Rollins immediately went after Sarah Palin's reputation as being a lightweight, just to let her know what it's going to be like if she decides to throw her hat in the ring. There's no room for two Tea Party Christian conservatives in the Iowa primary. Sure, Rick Santorum and Pawlenty fare well with the Christian conservatives in Iowa but Michelle Bachmann is a native who will get more air time and if she listens to Ed Rollins, she will gain some credibility.

The wing nuts will get their air time because we like to be entertained. If you don’t believe me,flip on CNN this coming Monday night and sit there and watch the 2012 GOP debates….Herman Cain has already  said as president, he would not sign a bill that's longer than three pages.Today,he said that was an exaggeration. Huh? He also said that a Muslim on his staff would have to pass a loyalty test. At least that's better than his first position of saying that a Muslim could not work for him. Herman Cain also said that homosexuality is a sin and a choice. I believe that he will agree with Rick Santorum, who will lobby for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Newt Gingrich yesterday signed a pledge from the grassroots organization Strong America Now, which encourages businesses to apply a business model that is supposed to increase efficiency. He signed it “in anticipation of the group’s deficit protest and information event ‘Deficit Free America Summit’ on June 18th in Des Moines, Iowa, the Nashua Telegraph reports. I wonder what would have been said if candidate Obama would have signed a pledge with might be a moot point because just about all of Newt Gingrich's top aides have abandoned the ship.I don't know why they ever got on board.

All you have to do is look at the year 2000, when we got George W. Bush... It's all about the Electoral College. The right has everyone convinced that the mainstream media (lame stream media to the conservatives) is on the side of the democrats but that's a myth. Pick up a TV Guide and count of how many democrats in contrast to republicans that are on the talk shows. Another example is the Anthony Wiener scandal. I just saw a poll put up by none other than MSNBC, asking if Congressman Anthony Wiener should resign. I think that he should resign because, if nothing else, what he did is unbecoming of a United States congressman. He's a distraction. The republican leadership is proving once again to be hypocrites because, when senators Vitter and Ensign had their scandals, the democrats were not asking the GOP to give back their political contributions they received from senator’s Vitter and Ensign. I didn't hear democratic leadership asking for their resignation. House majority leader Eric Cantor is asking for Weiner's resignation but when he and was asked the same question about Ensign and Vitter, he said it was up to their constituents. You don't get any brownie points, if you are a democrat, and you condemn the actions of congressman Weiner. Nancy Pelosi asked for an immediate investigation by the ethics committee and Harry Reid said he could not defend Anthony Wiener but the media wants to put more emphasis on republicans calling for his resignation. That’s politics and media sensationalism, but the democrats’ better wake up and smell the coffee because no one ever asks “how did you win?" The question is always “did you win?" It's an inpatient electorate that's not interested in the details; just the sound bites...It's a long time away but democrats need to come out of the gate controlling the message. Pick one congressman off at a time; we have a vulnerable candidate in our new district.

If intelligence, competence, and likeability were the only traits needed to win the presidency; then president Obama would win hands down. This president has a lot of stumbling blocks in the way right now, like a struggling economy, high unemployment, an opposition party without a conscience, high gasoline prices, and a media that would rather cover the outrageous than matters of substance.

BTW... I don't know when maryann's letter took a turn for the worse, but the thread is in free fall because it's obvious that the asylum has been taken over by the outrageous.


Edith Ann said...

Congrats on the 13K. I'm 15 or so away from 50K! Who'd of thought?

Okay, Newtie's peeps walked.

Somewhere I read, and I wish I could find it again, 'advice to Ricky Perry--"Folks whose parents you're trying to deport will not vote for you."

I saw Sarah Palin's tour referred to as 'The Tragical Myysery Tour'.

We might get that skirt chasing Blake 'I love my duckie jammies' Farenthold as out Congressman.

I'm beginning to think, Mike, this could be fun.

You need to check out The Perils of Palins blog link ony blog. Funny stuff.

And the current count on Mary Ann's letter is 266. And, it's still not settled. I hope none of those posters are mediation lawyers...

Mike said...

Thanks on the 13K. ....Wow, horns and balloons ,high fives all around for 50,000 plus hits,congratulations.

Blake barely squeaked it out over Solomon Ortiz in a republican landslide year. I've seen Blake on " The Last Word" a couple times. Lawrence O'Donnell took him to school. I don't see him as a skirt chaser because of his appearance. He appeared on the "The Last Word" in a wrinkled suit struggling to answer questions. He's not a spit and polished politician.

As for maryann's thread, I thought that Jared and geek took all the steam out of the debate when they decided to have a civil debate. True, the issue was left unsettled but remember about two and three years ago; the homophobes dominated, causing the moderators to shut down the thread..... This time,maryann's letter stated her case in a respectful way; Jared,Kyle and the geek followed suit. The homophobes were pretty much ignored and Gary just provided the halftime entertainment...;-)... That's my take.