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Monday, June 27, 2011

Watershed Moments


I've heard some pretty ridiculous comments come from the mouth of Representative Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota, but I was still surprised when Chris Wallace asked her if she was a flake because of her previous statements. Michelle Bachmann said that she would be offended if anyone called, her a flake and then immediately went into her monologue listing her accomplishments. Chris Wallace has since apologized for asking her that question, so does this inoculate her being asked that question again? Is Fox being too cute by half because Michelle Bachman was a legitimate guest after all , a recent Iowa poll had her in second place, next to Mitt Romney with 22% of the caucus vote? A liberal journalist said Chris Wallace would not have asked a male candidate that question. I know Michelle Bachmann is a United States congresswoman, and that she has a doctorate in Federal law from William and Mary, but I'm not convinced that she's a serious candidate because of her previous statements. She doesn't vet her talking points ,like the one she tried to spread about the president  spending $200 million a day, on his trip to India. Her campaign Manager, Ed Rollins, can iron out the wrinkles, but he can't do anything when she goes rogue. Will the interview with Chris Wallace be her watershed moment?

As usual, Maureen Dowd wrote a scathing piece for the New York Times but this time her target was President Barack Obama, She said “he is Bi, not bisexual, not even bipartisan, and just binary. Our president likes to be on both sides at once. Ms. Dowd was referring to the president's foreign policy and his decision not to endorse gay marriage. I think Maureen Dowd is describing Obama as someone in the mushy middle. I think he is a pragmatic politician who knows he will take criticism today, but in the long run, his decision will make sense. That's a risky move that may have cost him several seats in the house and senate in the mid terms. I don't know if the president's decisions will make liberals stay home like they did in the midterms, but his watershed moment may be the deal the makes with his republican counterparts, on increasing the debt ceiling.

Our country's watershed moment will be the day they vote (yes or no) on increasing the debt ceiling.

The debt ceiling is a promise to pay the debts we have already incurred. It's not a permission slip to keep up the reckless spending. If we don't pass the debt ceiling we will have a double dip recession which will cause a domino effect across the world. Yesterday, Mitch McConnell said that, even if the senate agreed on tax revenues, it would not pass the more raucous House of Representatives. That really angers me, we're going to ask the veterans, the elderly, the poor, and the middle class to make sacrifices, but we won't touch the tax subsidies for corporate jets.


Edith Ann said...

I love how Michelle Bachmann trashes President Obama, but just let someone insinuate that she not brilliant, and she's insulted!

Bachmann is ever bit as annoying as Sarah Palin. Did you see where Bristol is pusing a book? Like mother, like daughter!

What was that other goofy one--the witch?

Mike said...

You got it EA,she wants a free ride besides she made the dumb statements.

Christine O'Donnell  is the goofy one..:-)

Edith Ann said...

Ah, Christine O'Donnell

The Three Stoogies!

Mike said...

Michelle's first day was another gaffe......She said her home town of Waterloo,IA was the birthplace of John Wayne...The movie star was born a few hours away but Waterloo was the birthplace of serial killerJohn Wayne

We are not politicians but most of us know our home town heroes....The people on her staff should at least know how to use Google.

Edith Ann said...

I love it!!!

I'm sitting here listening with one ear to HLN, (waiting tot switch it to Rachel Maddow in a bit), and they have been talking about Bristol Palin's book.

Nice try at sanitizing the Palin family life which we know is whacky! She's saying Levi Johnson 'stole' her virginity. She made it clear the she was not accusing him of date rape or rape, but "looking back with adult eyes, I see tht was a foolish mistake." Her mistake? But blame it on Levi? Of course.

But the best line in the interview--talking about the day Levi told her about the other woman and her pregnancy--Palin says, "He came home,,,,uh,,,he came to my condo..." I have no problem with them living together, but I have a problem with them rewriting the facts, whatever they are!

Anyway--enough of my rant on the Palins! Sorry...

Mike said...

Oops,that's John Wayne Gacy not Casey

I gather you won't buy the book even if I throw in the auto bio of Tim Hudson.

Edith Ann said...

Actually, I would view Bristol's book as a resource book for the campaign of her mother. Don't you know there are just a ton of talking points there!

OK--more exciting this morning--did you just watch Michelle Bachmann on Good Morning America? If you didn't, go online and find it and look at it.

George did a great job of asking the questions, and she did a terrible job of answering them.

G: You want to take back America. From Who?

B: I want to take my voice to the people of America...


G: You say the Founding Fathers ended slavery. Many of the Founding Fathers were slave holders...

B: Well, John Quincey Adams helped end slavery.

G: John Quincey Adams was DECADES after the fact. And Yes, he was a President...

B: Well, when he was just a young boy he wanted people to be free...

Or some such crap as that.

She also crawfished on her statement that minimum wage was responsible for the unemployment rate!

She a piece of work. Will become adept at the non-answer.

I knew you meant JW Gacy!

Edith Ann said...

I didn't see a video posted, but here is the written transcript--