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Monday, June 20, 2011

Jon Stewart slams Chris Wallace

A shellacking

I have been trying to debunk the media bias falsehood that has been taken to be true by right wing conservatives for several years. Jon Stewart explains my position in less than 15 minutes. Politicians on the right will make the mainstream media the enemy and those on the left will use Fox News as their enemy. That's where the line stops, because you don't see as many democrats hosting TV shows.

It's healthy for conservatives to have a network that's in line with their views, but they continuously misinform their viewers by omitting pertinent facts and it's no secret that Fox News will tout the republican line. I always hear mainstream republicans say" and that's not coming from Fox news." It is true that MSNBC has tried to be the alternate of Fox, with little success but it's competing with CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS, and NBC as far as actual news goes. MSNBC does tout the liberal/ progressive view but it doesn't have the viewers necessary to make democrats cater to them. The hosts of MSNBC tried their very best to get the public option, Dream Act, and other liberal agendas passed but the White House pushed back by calling them the “professional left."

Chris Wallace should've prepared more because you don't go after Jon Stewart with sound bites or try to catch him off guard with "gotcha" clips. Jon took Rachel Maddow to school when she tried those tactics, and yesterday he did the same thing with Chris Wallace. You can’t stump people with heartfelt opinions. I think conservatives need to get a sense of humor. Chris Wallace looked stupid trying to say a commercial that had several people picking up the lines on others, was comparing Sarah Palin to herpes. I still can't figure out why Wallace put out that Diane Sawyer clip where she made a mistake in covering the immigration law in Arizona. Liberals are not saying that everything on the network news comes out correct each and every time, but I don't think Diane Sawyer was trying to manipulate her audience. Therein lies a difference; watch the clip and tell me what you think.

Jon Stewart didn’t explain credibility  in this clip, but he has on the past. I've been criticized for quoting Jon Stewart and Bill Maher in the past, but they are knowledgeable individuals that know a lot about politics, national and world events. The fact that they are professional comedians doesn't make any difference. It doesn't matter if you are a history teacher, politician, blogger, telephone man or the person in the street; intelligence always comes to the forefront.

Case in point,VISDMOM and Edith Ann are correct it's all about control and a single point of view..Why fight it?You cannot win against a locked- in  fundamentalist with an agenda.What difference does it make,the GOP pushed this bill through? It should make the Dems and others mad enough to elect those who will repeal this intrusive bill or at least take it to court. How can a MAN (with certainty)know what is intrusive to a woman? The thread on PRO & CON of the Sonogram is  just another attention getter that ends as a platform for the Pro-Life agenda. The traffic has been slow;time to perk it up.I won't be a party to the nonsense of republicans ,not only pushing their agenda, but  not be satisfied until they make you like it.


Mike said...

Sorry, I assumed everyone had the latest flash player when I posted that clip but evidently not according to an old friend..:-)

Here is the link

Kyle said...


You are right about the pro/con abortion article. It has been argued to the point of silliness - the VicAd could do much better here.

Edith Ann said...

Well, as MaryAnn said--OLD NEWS. The VA was dead this weekend--they needed something that would generate traffic.

But I do believe it is a bit interesting that folks are honing in the "abortion" aspect of the story (keeping with the context of the VA story). They don't want to discuss the intrusiveness of the legislation. But just let me or you or Kyle breathe a word about taking away their guns, and we've awakened a sleeping monster!

They just don't get it, do they? They want their cake and to eat it, too.

Mike said...

Exactly, EA and Kyle

It's as if they are reading off a script, and they will not waver. When they finally do answer the sonogram question; it's a doozy, comparing it to drug test and DNA samples. There is your criminal connection.

Is it just my imagination or do I detect a lack of understanding and sympathy for the mother? She is part of the equation.

It's my opinion that this is just the, the tip of the iceberg, for “life begins at conception" laws, which will make it illegal to have an abortion. They can’t wait to jail the first doctor who performs an abortion.

Just keeping guns off college campuses will infringe on the second amendment and liberty but intrusion on a woman's rights; it’s just another day at the office..... I may be exaggerating a little bit, but I'm right on target when it comes to some of those right wing conservatives.

ViCad subjects

1. Monday--Abortion until it plays itself out,
then Same Sex Marriage,guns, followed by illegal immigration and Muslims when it becomes an issue....How about jobs,education,or stuff that matters? "

Kyle said...

Exactly Mike, and it's more fool men for being a sucker and rising to the VicAds bait to join in on these things!

Rebecca said...

I think Gary expressed it best when he said,

"Maybe the women should realise that when they chose to live a sexualy, irresponsible & permiscues life style they then must accept the fact that they have already excercised there rights & choices & must now submit to other authorities because other life forms are now in harms way due to the bad decisions of both the father & mother.

Again whats the ansere??? A WEDDING RING"

Mike said...

Gary, is always loose with the facts but he's what we used to call a " bible thumper" in the old days because he gets all is answers from a bible. And it doesn't matter if it's out of context or adheres to the current situation.... It's a one size fits all philosophy.

Mike said...

I love the way the pundits described the face-off between Chris Wallace and Jon Stewart.... One pundit said “Chris Wallace does not have the credentials to go after the modern day Will Rodgers."... Chris Wallace lost what little credibility he had when he said that the mainstream media presents their liberal view, and we present the other view. He compounded that mistake by comparing Fox News to Comedy Central. ... I think when Chris Wallace (news anchor for in major network) had to quote an unknown journalist from a Baltimore newspaper; it showed laziness on his part.

Edith Ann said...

I was rather disappointed at the exchange because I 'sort of' liked Chris Wallace. I always felt like he was the most non-republican of the network, he would ask tough questions, and he was a nice compliment to that creep, Brit Hume!

Mike said...

Chris Wallace is a nice complement to Brit Hume but if he's going to take on someone ;he has to bring his "A" game. Chris tried the same tactics with Bill Clinton but he went too far and couldn't back it up..... I've heard CNN's Wolf Blitzer say that they have the best political team,and Joe Scarbourough say that his morning show is straight down the middle but it's all talk. Chris Wallace is no different, after while he tends to believe his own rhetoric.... I think Fox News wanted to bring Jon Stewart down a notch or two and failed.
That's the reason I didn't like the White House going after Fox News. In this gave Chris Wallace a platform; in calling the White House" a bunch of cry babies."