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Monday, June 13, 2011

Public Education Is An Entitlement?


State Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston) thinks that public education is an "entitlement." I shouldn't be too surprised because he doesn't think a pre-abortion sonogram is a government intrusion. I always thought that Article 7, Section of the Texas Constitution requires legislation to make a suitable provision for an" efficient system of public free schools." The $4 billion slash includes  $1.4 billion for full day pre-kindergarten. Maybe that he's talking about.

It doesn't matter what you call it because it's the worst public education budget in 27 years. This is just another plan to shrink government, even if it takes down public education with it. It doesn't matter that most Texans value public schools and don't support the budget cuts being inflicted upon them. Governor Rick Perry will take advantage of the fact that Texans despite tax increases; even if it's to support public education. I wonder how many legislators sit on the boards of private, charter and religious schools. It's a simple "follow the money."

A few Texans are quick to raise a white flag of surrender blaming illegal aliens or school lunches as the problem. Without facts to support their claim, they go onto say that we are building brand new schools and hiring more Spanish teachers because of illegal aliens, as the main reasons our school budgets need cutting. I wonder if they ever look that the salaries of the administrators vs. the teachers? Nah, that would take some research. Those people are just a little above those that think if we would just go back to disciplining our children and feeding them peanut butter sandwiches;it would go a long way in solving our problem. The superintendents and the school board are no better, because they just asked for “flexibility" to see them through this latest crisis. They didn't even convene a hearing. We continue to be our own worst enemy.

The majority republican legislators were eager to accommodate, even if it meant repealing the 22-1 class size for kindergarten through fourth grade. The legislation still has billions of dollars in the "Rainy Day Fund" but those who want those funds will have to fight tooth and nail for every nickel. The property owners and businesses will keep their low taxes, and those that cut the education budget will be reelected. We will see the outcome of being near the bottom in education and Health Care, but by then it will take too much money and generations ; just for us to keep up. We are enjoying prosperity now, but how long will it last?


Edith Ann said...

A few thoughts, random at best...

Rick Perry is a putz. He is not a public servant. He is self-serving.

Texas ranks at the bottom of the states in education.

Football coaches, at least in Victoria, make wayyyyyy more than classroom teachers.

For someone who is always yaking about money, how much have we spent on him out of the Governor's Mansion? The repairs are taking longer than the original build.

I know that Bob Moore is in the high upper end of salaries in the state. I also heard the East and West did not do well on thesting, and neither received a good rating. I broached that on the Advocate, but if it is true, I bet we won't see that story.

Education should be a priority. Period. But another way to look at it is that is not just Texas. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is screwing the children over on their educations.

Mike said...

That's true, several states are going to half days and larger class sizes rather than reprioritize or raise taxes....And I stated in an earlier blog, Wisconsin is on a mission to pave the way for future GOP victories....Wisconsin wants to weaken the unions/collective bargaining measures, and make it harder for first time students to vote.