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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hit dog hollers


I'm saying this prematurely, but I'm glad that the debt ceiling issue is over for now, because it was taking up too much of my time. I know that I have control over that, but I became addicted waiting around for the latest little tidbit. An old nemesis dropped by my blog to post a couple of denigrating comments. The president and yours truly were his targets as always. As usual, he never contributes anything worthwhile.

I was going to take my usual weekend break from the VA forum, but around noon I received the usual alarm that someone had commented on my blog. It was from observer, so I just erased the message from my Blackberry and continued my chores. Later, I went into the house to read the post and said to myself" Oh my, I can't let this garbage stand for a fact on my blog" so I quickly responded. I then examined the rest of my blog and found some comments had slipped in while the Blackberry was charging last night.

The comments on the other threads were unbelievable. I would bet my last dollar that two or three posters have never been to Coleto or had no intentions of going this weekend, but they felt the need to take a stand against the Gay pride event. I was wrong thinking that the thread would be shut down because of too many vile comments.To my surprise the thread still has a little life. I did notice where a poster pulled up the “birth announcements" and predicted doom for the babies because the announcements didn't list a father. Another poster said that 90% of those babies were on the public dole. The 90% was not backed up with a reference, but it doesn't matter because neither was the accusation of food stamps, Medicaid, child nourishment programs. That behavior defies explanation...Mr. Tasin showed up today to post his latest gibberish, and the insanity continues.

Today, a poster that goes by the name of "siub" accused me of posting a “cut and paste" blog in an attempt to marginalize me. I remember another poster that tried to use the same words, so I did a little comment history research, and it's amazing how his words match up with another longtime poster who despises the left-right arguments and some other little tidbits. This character that goes by the name of “siub” and his deletion ratio is pretty high. He writes something that should be deleted and then he throws a hissy fit when it's deleted. What has he got to lose since he has two identities? He accuses me of plagiarizing, yet he thinks nothing of it when he uses two identities. Oh I know this character and once my little investigation is complete; you will too. I need to dot all my “I" and crossed my "T" before I place it a blog. That's one of the side benefits of a personal blog but it's one that I will not abuse. I've used the same avatar and name for six years without having to resort to a second identity to gain an advantage or to post something I wouldn't ordinarily post under my chosen screen name. I'm not worried because "siub" is not that intelligent, and he will post something that ties it all together. We can change our screen name, but we probably post our true feelings, about a subject or we don't post at all. We used to have some trolls that would stir the pot and leave, but I don't see that now. The trap is set and "if you throw a rock over the fence, it’s the hit dog that hollers."

Sunday's Victoria Advocate had some good articles about the boom in our city, and I do see some business renovations expecting the spillover from the Cuero windfall and Caterpillar. I've always been told that the real estate firms have all the insight, and the city's permit office is another good source. The article alone might boost consumer confidence in our area, but I hope it leads to more jobs. The posters haven't responded much to this information. What do you think? Do you think it's premature hype or is it a sign of what's happening?


Mike said...

Is anyone experiencing the same problems I am?

When I log in to the VA forum using Firefox, I get the annoying hurricane page but if I use Explorer I get the usual blog page and comments section.

My Blogspot has become hard to edit, now that it's all jumbled together. I've tried posting a blog yesterday using my iPad but it became too difficult..... I guess I will integrate my blog with IceRocket again.

Legion said...

It's not just you Mike. I commented to the VicAd Staff about the hurricane central page... they said it was removed the day before and I had to clear my catch. I did that, THEN I got some goofy looking listing of the news stories. So I bookmarked latest comments and go straight to that page now.

Oh yeah, Friday I think, the VicAd really messed up, I didn't do anything but I thought about it.

For some reason when I went to latest comments, ALL the comments had the remove option, not just mine! lol

A mass removal crossed my mind, but I was nice. lol

Mike said...

Thanks,legion357 my cache is probably clutterd anyway.

Yes,those red "remove" buttons were up briefly today and I was wondering the same thing.

I now have a couple of projects for tomorrow.

Mike said...

I just tried to publish a blog at VA but it didn't post. It just vanished into cyberspace....I'll try to post agian tomorrow.

BIGJ said...

Snib or whatever his name is can go to hall. IJOE can go the hell too. There I said it.

Sugar Magnolia said...

OK, I thought I was the only one having technical issues with the VicAd. I haven't been able to post a comment at all (did y'all miss me? :)

Anyhoo, I can log in and I can form a comment. When I hit post, the screen to preview or to post comes up. All well and good. When I hit the final post, thought, it goes to a screen that tells me this page cannot be found. It happens every time, doesn't matter if it's a blog or an article. I have been trouble shooting with Jennifer Puente, and really, she has helped alot but still no resolution. She says my account hasn't changed and neither has anything on their end, but apparently from what y'all say, SOMETHING has changed on the VicAd site. I can post from work, though, so I came to the conclusion it must be something in my computer. So, I cleaned up a few things, changed some settings, even upgraded to IE9 (good move, it does seem faster), etc. Rebooted a few times, yada, yada, and......

No dice. Still doing the same thing. Prior to me not being able to post, I hadn't done anything differently, certainly didn't change anything, so what is the problem? I don't have a clue. Still working on it.

I can post a blog on the Vicad, I tried with a dummy one, and it posted just like always. What gives? Has anybody else had trouble posting comments? It's funny that your blog disappeared, Mike. I do think some setting has changed, purposefully or inadvertently, on the VicAd that is affecting some things.

Keep us posted as to whether you are experiencing any further problems, Mike.

I now return your blog to you. Sorry to be so piggish!

Mike said...

Thanks for your input because I'm still having problems with FireFox (my default browser) but my comment just went through. I think I will post a dummy blog( some say,that's what I always post) and see what happens.

Thanks for the info.

Mike said...

I think iJoe is using multiple identities also.....Siub thinks that throwing out the word " paranoid" will stop the accusations but we have seen a lot of this throughout the years. I'm surprised that people take the forum that seriously. Posters represent a lot less than 1/2 of 1%of Victoria but some people will go to all links to stop a message from appearing anywhere

Mike said...

You might try and download the latest flash player because FireFox supports a 64 bit Flash Player but I'm not sure Explorer 8 does but Explorer 9 does...I know I'm scratching my head too....Hey,it's a win for my detractors...No blogs for me.