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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Rule


I stumbled onto a unique position of not allowing anonymous posters to make a comment on my blog. At first, I thought I was making a very bad decision and not in line with my position to allow free flowing viewpoints.After sleeping on it,I realized that I'm not asking for names or even emails as one popular blogger demands; just, a Google ID. will satisfy. That way, everyone will know (more or less) who's making the comment. I know my new position will drive away those wishing to make an anonymous contradictory comment, but I honestly feel that it's not that hard to comply. I also know that very few people comment as it is, but it is my hope that will change in the years to come. After all, I've only had this personal blog up since November of last year. Am I being a hypocrite because I don't use my full name? I can understand how a reasonable person can come to that conclusion, but I'm willing to accept that. As of August, 28, 2012 anonymous postings will be purged weekly without being read. I hope you get a Google ID, so we can discuss the issues as civilized human beings.

I would guess that about 99% of the anonymous postings I have received are not fit to be reprinted. They are mostly about President Obama (no matter what the topic) some are about my inability to write a good blog, but most are incoherent ramblings. There have been those rare occasions where an anonymous poster or two have made some excellent points. In my “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good" world, that's something I will be deprived of. I made a conscious decision to delete comments at the VA from rude and obnoxious posters whose only goal is to engage in daily ad hominem attacks. That decision has worked out to my benefit because there were only two posters who were put on my permanent delete list. I still get an occasional rude comment, but ignoring their comment usually works.

I usually write about politics and yes, it's from my left-of-center perspective, so it's not surprising that many people don't agree, but I admire those who will read my blog anyway. I know the demographics of Victoria County and its conservative /libertarian roots, but I'm just as proud of my ideology and beliefs as they are of theirs. I'm not married to all my beliefs and over time I have evolved, but I realize some will think that not being resolute is compromising your principles....I.E. I may change my mind about allowing anonymous comments, sometime in the future, but I will try it for a year or so. I don't tell other people how to police, their blogs, and I expect the same courtesy. That does not mean you can’t tell me why I’m wrong in taking this approach. I hope a Google ID. will not deter a person from posting a contradictory comment because, if you’re like me; it's all about the civil exchange of ideas. I know all the large blogs sites allow anonymous comments, but as you can see, I'm not a large blog site. I'm still fairly new to this personal blog etiquette, so I will be making changes as I go along to see what works and what needs improving. I'm assuming that readers do not want to see the constant attacks from anonymous posters, but would rather have an identifiable poster agreeing or disagreeing. To most it won’t matter one way or the other because they will read and go on. As you probably have noticed the rude posters will try to dominate the blog and their opinion is the only one that matters. My new rule will encourage others to post as often as they like, and change the topic anytime they wish because you will  not be a anonymous poster...Please sign in and comment.


Mike said...

A fed. Judge has struck down key provisions of the Texas sonogram law.

Edith Ann said...

I heard he had granted an injunction. Either way--someone is going to look at this. Good!

Good luck with the new rule. I think your readers can live with it.

I post on a blog where the author moderates his comments. I don't know why except he's an attorney, and I think some attorneys have control issues...but I still comment, and wait sometimes all day for my comment to show up.

We do what we have to do when we want to participate.

Mike said...

A well deserved congratulations on the 60,000 viewers.

I like the way you think, but it all depends on the opponent before I think about whole scale changes at the city or county.... I don't want anyone who is inflexible that's going to take a hatchet to the budget.

National politics are more contentious for the reasons you said.... People believe in tax fairness at the local level but think it's wealth distribution, class warfare,or taxing the job creators at the national level.....The locals never figured that out when gansoblanco called them on it. It went straight over their head....I still say it's about trust.

My new rule will work for me because of the subject I write about. When and if I start appealing to a large number of commentators; the posters will police themselves..IMO

Mike said...

I got one email thinking that a Google ID was the only acceptable choice...My fault,you can use an open ID,or your name/URL.