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Friday, August 12, 2011

My analysis of last night's GOP debate


After the Bachman-Pawlenty face off, I couldn't stand the Fox live presentation of the GOP presidential debate anymore, so I recorded the rest. I watched the rest of the debate this morning.

The presidential candidates were asked to show by raising their hands, to state that they wouldn't ever compromise, even if the ratio was $10.00 in spending cuts to $1.00 in revenues. I bet a smile came across Grover's face because all the candidates raised their hands, they all have been Grovernized. Grover Norquist has a lot of power.

"In 2004, Congress enacted the American Jobs Creation Act, which allowed overseas profits returned to the U.S. in 2005 to be taxed at a 5.25% effective tax rate. Will the U.S. government temporarily lower U.S. tax rates by 85% again, as it did in 2004, so those firms will bring roughly $565 billion of it home? No, at least not during the next two years, mainly because studies show the 2004 dividend repatriation didn't create many jobs here, and most of it went to buy back shares and to pay dividends. The Senate rejected it in early 2009. President Obama opposes it, and even if the Republicans take Congress, they won't have enough votes to overcome a Senate filibuster or a veto."

When ask about this, Herman Cain said" so what if it went back in dividends." That's the GOP mindset, corporations can do no wrong. Take that same scenario to the people on welfare and some would have those people limited to two children to stay eligible for public assistance. It doesn't matter to Herman Cain if we are cutting taxes to those corporations (redistributing the wealth) to line the pockets of the CEOs and shareholders. Mitt Romney said he would create bank accounts for the unemployed. I don't think the banks will set up free accounts, so what would be the advantage of those bank accounts. It's more money for the banks.

Many of the pundits thought that Michelle Bachmann did pretty well, but they were talking about style in appealing to the right wing evangelical tea party crowd. That's who she has to appeal to in order to win the Iowa straw poll. When the Fox commentator asked her about her position on not raising the debt ceiling, she stuck to her guns, not even addressing the fact that analyst have reported how devastating it would've been to workers 401K's. She obviously doesn't know the basic math of our economic problems. As Rick Santorum, (I can't believe I'm quoting Rick Santorum) accurately stated “Our debt is comprised of 40% discretionary spending and 60% of it is entitlements, defense spending, and interest on the debt. By not raising the debt ceiling, we would have taken the cash route and no longer been able to borrow 42 cents out of every dollar. We would eventually have to eliminate all the discretionary spending and about 2% of the entitlements, defense spending, and interest on the debt. Remember, tax increases are off the table and the top 2% are not asked to contribute as part of a shared sacrifice. You could mix it up, but it's still doesn't take away from the fact that Michelle Bachmann doesn't understand the basic principles. Her claim to fame is the" Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act" that was defeated. Michelle Bachmann might win Iowa, but she's not ready for prime time. I was not surprised that Michelle Bachmann did not know that one credit-rating agency downgraded us because of our inability to solve our problem politically. Never mind, the credibility of that agency. Michelle Bachmann said that she could have by economy on the road to recovery in just one quarter by lowering the corporate rate and more tax cuts. What's wrong with this picture? The Obama administration passed 16 tax cuts and ~40% of the stimulus was, tax cuts, but we still have a demand problem. The Bush administration passed two major tax cuts but only 1.1 million were created in that duration. The Clinton administration raised taxes and about 22, million jobs were created. That makes a case for demand and not necessarily a tax rate. It's important to remember the goal. Tax cuts mean the inability to fund the entitlements and eventually eliminate them.

The foreign policy (as little as it was) was pretty dull except for the exchange between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. I thought Ron Paul got the best of that because he correctly said the trouble with Iran started in 1953 with the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Mitt Romney likes to use the GOP line of listening to his generals, but he will quickly find out that some of those generals are willing to fight endless wars and rack up billions in costs. There some generals that believe in nation building, but we need to do a lot of that back here in the United States.

The social issues were as crazy as ever because Herman Cain still fears Sharia law being used in United States and Newt Gingrich  would make everyone sign a loyalty pledge. What is it with all these pledges? Does Newt really think that if a terrorist who wanted to work in his administration would be bound by that pledge? Rick Santorum thinks that if states are given as much right as Ron Paul wants them to have; they might choose to make polygamy legal.

It was just another early Republican debate where the emphasis was on corporate tax cuts, spending cuts and very little about jobs and growth; unless you think austerity only will promote growth.


Edith Ann said...

I did not watch. I have seen several bits about it. Ol' Loony Tune Michelle was taking on every one!

I'll be interested to see how this shakes out. Actually what I really can't wait for is the rest of America learning the truth about Perry.

Mike said...

You're absolutely right, and we're going to find out what Mr. Perry is all about. He's been governor of one of the largest states, yet he's flown under the radar. He's never made a national impact like the governor of New York, Illinois, California, or even Massachusetts.
Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News said Rick Perry's inner circle is terrified when Perry gives an unscripted speech. He's not that sharp. He said that Karl Rowe and the Bush family backed Kay Bailey Hutchinson and it made the feud escalate.

I see someone didn't like the facts, so they used the word " liberal" in the pejorative to take the sting off your message. When that didn't work,he replied with his Ron Paul pie-in-the-sky message of what might happen.

Edith Ann said...

This is going to get good. I'm excited about it all. I cannot wait to see which Texans do NOT support Perry as we head to the primary.

Yep. I just LOVE being labeled a liberal! Just shows you they are not keeping up, don't read the comment history and only know how to spew republican crap. Notice that tufoer or tofu or whatever the hell his name is did not debunk the items. Just attacked me. Yawn...

Mike said...

You will get used to that when they are attacking,they are looking for an exit

Isn't Toefer a Ron Paulite?..He likes to use one liners.

Edith Ann said...

I don't know what he is. But he doesn't really bother me. Depending upon my mood, sometimes I'll hang in for a few comments, and sometimes I just quit posting. That is what I am going to do this time. They do not want to answer the question.

Now rollingstone comes on with all the stuff about all the businesses relocating to Texas from California. Turns out Perry lied about that, too, claiming in a Fox News interview that it has been 153businesses relocating to Texas. Turns out it was about 60, and MOST were BRANCHES of businesses who kept their headquarters in California.

Perry, rollingstone, tofu and some of those others are not about to let a few facts get in the way of their fantasy. TOE-MAY-TOE. TOE-MOT-TOE.

This is going to be like the election 4 years ago. Southtexas will be back. I wish Suzy was still posting! We could have such fun!

Mike said...

That's rolling's MO he will exaggerate hoping no one will notice ...Fox News has taught him well.

You are right it's 2007 all over again....I don't think they care that much for Perry but thay hate Obama and they just want him out of office...That's how the tea party was born,so they don't  care who,.....Michelle Bachmann will do...I remember how quite they were after the election and not one of them claimed Bush saying they were conservatives not republicans or fans of Bush....Today they have reembraced the GOP & Bush because they thought every one forgot the  miserable 8 yrs. of the Bush Administration.

I remember BigJ's first day sporting his Obama/Hagel avatar joining in against Southtexas etc. alongside ragman.....Vietnam Vet and I were on the dayshift against Kenneth and sandwich,Mader, and others....Roy Mark just made a lot of noise trying to get

Edith Ann said...

The best show to watch this fall will be the Bachmann-Perry Stand-off. This is shaping up good. And Sarah Palin--instead of staying home and boning up on, well, everything--she quit her job and hit the road and was shameless in her self promotion and the exploitation of her family.

Actually, Mike, I think part of the birth of the Tea Party was because of Hillary Clinton's degree of success in '07. The WOMEN of the republican party--long relegated to a certain level of participation in the party--decided they wanted more power and more opportunity in their party. To make it palatable to the rich old white guys who run the party (Michael Steele was a failed attempt to lure Democrats over to the party), they made it about taxes.

When is the last time you heard any of them say "Taxed Enough Already"? Not since that first flurry of 'tea parties'. And certainly not since the New Apostolic Movement has taken charge. They were not just key in Perry's Prayer event, north of the Red River, they are a huge effort. We just aren't seeing it quite so much in Texas.

Check out the New Apostolic Movement, and you might be surprised at what you find. Locally, Brick and Leann Wall are the organizers for the movement in this area of Texas. You may recall that Wall was the pastor at the Victory Christian Life Fellowship and he left that to become an apostle. There was a story in the Advocate.

Anyway, I'm stocking up on popcorn and Coke, and I plan to take it all in!

Mike said...

Interesting stuff about Brick Wall.....My first contact with him was at Citizen's Hosp. where my step-father was on his death bed eight years ago...As I said before,my nephew is the only non-Catholic in our family...Anyway he brought his pastor with him to the ICU waiting room. As soon as they entered, pastor Wall asked everyone to stand and bow our heads in prayer...Well intentioned or not,we thought it was rather rude..What if we were all non-believers? He even asked a cousin if she had given herself to God...You can imagine what goes through the minds of people awaiting a loved one to take their last breath. I wanted to be left alone with my memories and thoughts with worry for my mom.

I was thinking more about the the National Tea Party...I think Ross Perot had the first party within the GOP and then Ron Paul started the most recent one...Now there are several branches some financed by lobbyist for big oil,others are grass roots anti-government,anti-taxes (except don't touch my Medicare,Social Security) types...I didn't know that about the local branches...I caught a lot of heat a few years for saying "I keep my politics secular."........Brick Wall church comes mighty close to violating their tax-exempt status.

Edith Ann said...

Are you watching David Gregory interview Michelle Bachmann on Meet the Press?

Wow!!! When pressed on a statement from her past, particularly the gay issue, she turns into a bitch! And she doesn't answer the questions. Treating the interviewer like a child is really going to help her...right!

Mike said...

I usually record all of them for viewing after church and Sunday dinner...Michelle has mastered the art of breaking out the talking points, when she is asked a question she doesn't want to answer...She angered David Gregory the last time she did and it caused Chris Matthews to ask her if she was a robot....She can zone out and double down on her lies.....Kathleen Parker said Palin is on her last hurrah and her money will dry up when her supporters finally realize she is not running...She is after her share of the spotlight..Her negatives are at 51%

Edith Ann said...

Well, I don't want to spoil it for you, but David Gregory came prepared, IMO. A string of clips is a wonderful thing...

Mike said...

Meet the Press had the best Sunday talk show as they usually do and unlike Fox News David Gregory didn't apologize as Chris Wallace had to... It's beginning to be a habit for Chris,that's the 2nd time he has apologized to Michelle. After the debate Rush Limbaugh lit into the moderators of Fox for daring to embarrass the GOP candidates.

I have always like GOP political consultant Mike Murphy because he puts it out there. He still stands by his statement " I think Michelle's chances of landing on Jupiter are higher than her chances of being nominated" much to the chagrin of the GOP governor ,who was on the panel.

It looks like the media have named their top tier GOP candidates in Romney,Perry, and Bachmann. It's being said that Perry will set his sights on Bachmann.That makes sense,go after  the weaker of the two.

It's so strange how conservatives think they rule the earth...When Chris asked Michelle if she could get a bill through both house. She said she hoping for the senate to win 13 seats and keep all their members to get a filibuster proof bill through..She singles out a education in the STATE house where she worked with democrats but nothing on the federal level....The only difference between Michelle and Palin is the fact that Bachmann listens to her campaign manager Ed Rollins.

I checked the VA awhile ago and I can't believe Alton (I just read the title) wrote a blog about corporations being people. I 'll have to read it later;surly he's kidding...The middle class and poor people could be lined up in soup lines and conservatives would be worried about the

Mike said...

I noticed that observer and rollin have started using talk radio,right wing blog name calling terms like ObaMao and Obuma for Obama and BO as a substitute for his proper name....No respect for the man,office or a fellow human being.

I will continue to say Governor Perry or Perry and president Bush,Reagan or Bush and Reagan. I have never used good hair but I used to call BUSH II "W" or bubya.

I heard an interesting discussion where the political historian said " after president Reagan,conservatives thought that they were the heir apparent to the presidential office..They shunned Clinton and when a black man won it,they went ballistic...There was a story in today's Advocate that discussed this..Democrats don't have that feeling...Keep your eyes and ears open because you will see the evidence....The GOP candidates will use the "dog whistle" language in all their speeches.   

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of Corporation across the couintry that are 1 or 2 person corporations. Around here these "consultants" on the rigs are probably all incorporated. DuPont had old time eng chemist etc retire and come right back working at same job as consultants.Practically all the "Fishing tool operators" were idependant operators working thru some big company. The consultants were incorporated say as Joe Smith OIl Field whizz or what ever . Joe did not actually work work the Company he was "consuilting for" He was working for Joe Smith Inc. This is who DuPont Shell actually hired.And payed. Joe was employed by his company. The car Joe drove belonged to Joe Smith Inc. Joe's company was able to take depreciation on the car. The mileage and expenses were deductible expenses. As a seperate Corp Joe's personal worth was safe from being siezed in any kind of lawsuit only the wealth of the corp. Lots and lots of tax breaks involved in being incorporated. It is also much easier to keep personal and business expenses seperated. The mileage on jobs is deductible. They have to keep track and file how many personal miles they drive and then the miles are charged by the IRS at so much a mile taaxable income. On Comany cars assigned and driven by employees a log has to be kept and filed by the employee of all personal miles driven

Another nice little deal. I have a friend who own a small lease service, bull dozer etc. He also has an airplane. I asked him one time who owned the plane. He said a seperate INCORPORATED company owned by him owned the plane. If it was used for company business it was rented to the company that he owned and that if he used it for personal business he personally paid the rent Back to a company he owned of course. The building his shop was in was owned by yet another company that he owned and leased to the first company.His wife was VP and her car was a car owned by the company. Actually he told me that all they personally owned was their home.In his words he advised me that a small closly held corp was like a license to steal. Most Doctors,Lawyers, Independant accountants are actually corporations.

Edith Ann said...

You have to hand it to Michelle Bachmann--she is rather sly. If this were 4 years from now, and anyone else was running on the Democrat ticket, the GOP leaders (read old rich white guys) would never stand for her thinking she could be one of them.

It seems the VA's tolerance for some bloggers is waning--it's going to be hard to participate in the local newspaper debates I bet. But I also bet it won't slow down rollinstone and observer.

Mike said...

I 'm not understanding that she is one of them and GOP not  tolerating.

What's the VA doing about debates;I haven't been over there much today?
Do I have to be more careful?
I notice my comments are delayed but I thought it was because of their update.

Edith Ann said...

I think Michelle Bachmann saw an opportunity and capitalized on it. She has the advantage of the tea party, and the fact that 'the balck man' is up for reelection. If there were a new Democrat running, I am not so sure Bachmann would be enjoying quite so much admiration. In other words, I think the rich old white guys are willing to overlook the fact that she is a woman.

The debates over on the Advocate--YOU!, rollingstone, Writein, observer, etc. But with so many folks no longer interested in the rigid policing of the forum, I wonder if the debate on that forum will be as good as they could be. On the other hand, maybe the politics will being some back, and I'm sure there will be some new ones.

Rebecca said...

I hate politics. I liked the international cruise ship conversation of "where are you from?" "where have you traveled?" "how many languages do you speak?" "have you read this or that..." And of course, an Italian love song sung in Italian with 35 different accents.

Well, I can't say there was no political talk. A group of people saw my hubby's Texas shirt and said, "Oh, you are from Texas. Know any good Bush jokes?" I said, "No Bush jokes, sorry. I got a better joke though: Rick Perry."

Rebecca said...

I'm for polygamy being legal. If a man can hold together a marriage with several women and help to raise all of his children in a culture where many men are making babies and leaving... more power to polygamists. It should be a lesson to us all.

Now, of course, I am NOT for forced marriages or taking young "spiritual brides."

Mike said...

Welcome back, you were missed. I know you hate politics but from now until November 2012, I suspect the VA will be bombarded with political blogs, articles, and opinions.

I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation and I can relate to questions being asked of me because I was sporting a Texas shirt. It did help me one time in New York. We were headed to Yankee stadium via a subway where we we were fixing to get off at the wrong stop,when a passenger( noticing my paraphernalia) said we would have to get off that the next stop if we were headed to the ballgame.

I have never been asked political questions but I've been asked a lot of sports questions and where in the hell is Victoria in relation to Houston or Austin.

Legalize polygamy? I would vote no but I wouldn't lead a protest against it.

Rebecca said...

You are so conservative. ::rolls eyes::

Mike said...


Interesting theory but I don't think she can ever go back to the middle for the general election. In a general election, the tea party will be a drag on her because that's only about 20% of the electorate. You're right she took advantage, but I think her 15 minutes of fame won't last much longer now that Rick Perry is running. He has the tea party vote, but he has done something.

I think the political debates like the religion, local politics, and abortion debates will come and go as they always do...Whenever the local paper spotlights an issue or in answers to a controversial letter -to- the editor the comments will follow, but I'm not sure if we ever debate in a true sense.

Mike said...

Ouch," your'e so conservative."....:-)

Number one, one issue( a far fetch one at that) does not define me. And number two, it will never become law, so it's one of those " if I only had $10 million, I would feed,cloth, and pay healthcare for all the poor in Victoria."

Mike said...

It's so darn frustrating to edit a VA blog because of the delay.... I edit, pull up the edited version and it's if I have not edited. I guess I have to wait another 10 minutes or so.