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Monday, August 22, 2011

Telling it like it is


I was out of town Saturday, so Sunday morning I decided to see what I'd missed at the VA forum. I couldn't miss Alton Easton's blogs about the same subject with the same title. I had read this story in the Thursday's edition of the New York Times, but I didn't find anything to get excited about. Alton's blog served its intent on stirring up the emotions of the usual suspects. I couldn't find any mention of Homeland Security recent policy change in Sunday's edition of the Victoria Advocate or the Houston Chronicle. It wasn't even mentioned on any of the talk shows. That doesn't matter, title your blog " Pro -illegal immigration" type in some words using assumptions instead of facts, and you are guaranteed 100 plus hits of the same unsubstantiated comments.

It's fair to say that the recent policy change to suspend deportation proceedings against many illegal immigrants who pose no threat to national security or public safety might be a back door way of implementing parts of the Dream Act and a way to regain the Hispanic vote. It's important to realize that this policy only includes 300,000 people who were going through deportation proceedings. There are going to use “prosecutorial discretion" in weeding out the criminals and those who have flagrantly violated immigration laws. It did not say that the border patrol would stop enforcing immigration laws. The anger from the “no amnesty crowd" will be even greater when they find out that the administration includes gay and lesbians when they use the status “family" in their efforts to keep the family together. The president's approval in the Hispanic community has fallen from 84% to 49% because of his unwillingness to submit a comprehensive immigration reform package. They're not any different from any other special-interest groups that are waiting for President Obama to fulfill his election promises. That group doesn't understand that the GOP won't do a fraction of what they expect President Obama to do.

I wasn't surprised Alton used this topic to misrepresent the facts because he has done that so many times before. I remember a blog of his where he stated that Obama was coming after your guns with HR 45, which was sponsored by one legislator. It didn't have any support whatsoever, but that didn't matter to Mr. Easton. He also said the media was sexist toward conservative women because of the way that they treated Sarah Pain. It could never be because of her lack of intelligence. I was impressed with writein's answer on why liberals, Democrats, non-conservatives, Moderates, and/others do reply to his blogs. I wish that I could post Writein's answer but it's unavailable, so I'll take a stab at it. I can only speak for myself but who wants to get into a discussion with the likes of fatguy and jasonbourne types? One poster wanted to know with they could file a petition against a policy decision in enforcing immigration laws. A petition would do what? Then, there was the dictator, the Marxists, and the standard abuse of the freebies without a shred of proof. There are two statements that stand out. One poster said he would think about them serving in a military. There's no thinking about it, those people want others to die on the front line, so their friends and relatives don't have to. It's not unlike the American Revolution where the rich were able to buy themselves out of it. The second statement is a burr earn on my saddle. A poster said it was not racist to be against illegal immigration because Hispanics don't like illegal immigration either. That's a simplistic statement to give cover for blatant racism. I would say that Hispanic like all others do not like any of our laws being broken but there are able to spread equally the blame to our government's blind eye, employers, and ALL those entering this country illegally. Every Hispanic I now deplores the harsh rhetoric and inhumane treatment in dealing with our broken immigration policy. The “no amnesty" crowd would like for the immigrants to do the work for low wages and then go back home and come back in the morning and start all over. They don't have a plan on how to deport 11 million people because they want to do it all by attrition. They want to militarize the border, so they have a legal excuse to use strong-arm tactics and if enough immigrants die, it will send a message. Meanwhile, they insist we use the words “criminal" and” illegal alien," so we can continue to dehumanize this issue.

We won't have an immigration policy anytime soon because the Republican Party won't allow it. Republicans say that the Democrats just want new voters and think these illegal immigrants actually vote. I'm going to start calling these republicans the “no math" crowd. Let's take Victoria, we have X amount or register voters. Anything above that would trigger an investigation. Voter fraud is not even an issue because it's not widespread, I believe one year we had a total of 50, all against democrats but that's to be expected when you have a republican state Atty. General. The national Republican Party will not allow amnesty (their interpretation of amnesty) under any circumstances, but they don't have a plan on how to deport 11 million people. The only thing that you will hear in the GOP presidential debates is, "let's secure our borders first." That's fine but immigrants are going home in great numbers, and this administration has deported a lot more than the previous administration, so illegal immigration is on a downward trend. The president was joking in El Paso, but his message had a lot of truth in it. He said" they wanted us to build a fence. We built it, now they want it higher.....The GOP wanted more troops; we sent them; they wanted more technology;.we supplied it... What's next a mote with alligators?" I'm paraphrasing, but the GOP is like dealing with a steel trap when it comes to an immigration policy or any other domestic problems. I guess the plan is to continue to gin up the hateful rhetoric hoping that scares the immigrants away and deters our legislators from coming up with a comprehensive immigration reform package.

I'm glad I have this blog to vet my frustration because a lot of people aren't making an effort to even learn the basics. I would never post a blog like this on our VA forum because it would have an opposite effect of my intentions. Instead of having a reasonable discussion, it would turn in personal stories, immigrant bashing, name calling, and everything under the sun except the subject at hand. I don't expect to have comments from people agreeing, even in this venue, but it gives me a chance to state my case.


Mike said...

Newcowboyintown, is a conservative republican who is trying bring reason to the forum.

He tried to correct rollinstone for using "Obuma" instead of Obama (he will never use president) but instead got a reply of " he called the tea party " tea baggers" and terrorist.

The president United States did no such thing but he knows most people won't look that up.

There are rumors that the vice president used " terrorist" in some context to describe the actions of the Tea Party during the debt ceiling negotiations, but there's no proof of that. Those who were actually in the room denied the allegation... Never less,the BO,Obuma,ObaMao, socialist ,Marxist started a long time ago.

Same tactic get called on it; lie because people will not look it up.

BTW I mostly talking about the 112 Congress when I'm talking about republicans per say.

Edith Ann said...

Mike--it's what republicans do best. Scare the ever-living snot out of those who will send them more money. The very threat of Hillary Clinton becoming president was a huge fund-raiser for the republicans for years. "Send money NOW! Only YOU can stop her with your big, fat check!" Their other favorite fundraiser is the $10,000 a plate rubber chicken dinner.

But, yes, let's not confuse the financial backers with real facts. They may not keep sending money...

And the Advocate. Just so hard to post over there. The trolls are just not worth it some days.

Anonymous said...

So you come over here where you all agree with each others. And miss and poan about trolls

Edith Ann said...


Folks read (and write) blogs, particularly political blogs for several reasons, with at least two reasons being (1) to have a forum that supports their views so they can exchange comments with like-minded folks, and (2) to troll for places to post skewed talking points to try to muddle the facts.

Which one are you?

[no one forces you to come here and read, do they?]

Mike said...

"no one forces you to come here and read, do they?"..... That's the part they don't get, I’ve stated that several times but they can hardly wait for my next post... I don't go into Alton's blog and say he's full of it; I just post a contradictory one, in my own little personal sanctuary.... It's greed, they not only want to post their garbage but they want everyone to believe it unless it's Governor Rick Perry.... Did you happen to see what his campaign is saying? ...In Rick Perry's book " Fed Up" he states that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional but now his campaign is saying that we should not be paying attention to what is in the book because it doesn't relate to what happening today... His book came out in November of 2010; is he trying to challenge Mitt Romney on flip flops?

I've been watching Michael Steele trying to do his magic of spinning on MSNBC, but after a while he gets so frustrated because people like Jon Huntsman agree that the current republican candidates are to the far right of mainstream American. All the republican candidates are anti- science and want to coddle the rich.

Edith Ann said...

I noticed this morning on Morning Joe that Willie (I think it is) introduced Michael Steele by saying he had been on TV for 24 hours straight.

I don't get it, either--if I can figure out how NOT to watch FOXNews, why can't these Einsteins figure out how to NOT read your blog?

Ah, the stuff on Perry's book! Articles are everywhere! It is incredible how folks who can sting words together, making sense or not, write a book. He will be back pedaling on that book way past the Noveber 12 elections!

Mike said...

They're not playing with the same deck of cards.... Ron Paul is praised as a man of principle but as I always say" the only difference between man is opportunity."...:-0

Ron Paul has never been the head of an important committee,nor has he ever been in position to deal with both houses of Congress. It's easy not to be corrupt when no one is offering you anything.

I read an interesting article that said he was the safest republican to elect because his fruity ideas would never be passed by either house.

I remembered all the promises candidate Obama made but when he got sworn in, he found out it wasn't that easy. He may have the best ideas on the economy but if it can't get it through the house, it amounts to empty rhetoric. Ron Paul want's to pull all the troops out of every country, but he's going to get on the wrong foot of the military that will cause some embarrassing resignations ,not to mention our security . Congressman Paul would find out how strong the separations of powers are... He would find out that a lonely senator can keep a bill from coming to the floor........ Everyone thinks the second string quarterback should be the starter.

There is a reason since 1912 more than 30 presidential nominations have been entertained by sitting members of the U.S. House....NOT one came out with the nomination.

Mike said...

butweiser remark typifies the ignorance and unwillingness to try to understand.

He stated "Oh-well. My-point-has-been-missed. It all started as to why Obama was listed as a black man and all of the others as African-American. What makes German, Irish, English, Czech, Mexican, French, Italian, Canadian, and so-forth pure? These people come in all colors, but I don't see special descriptions. Heritage descriptions are different than nationality descriptions, but if you ask some what their nationality is, they will respond more than American. My reasons for feeling like I do are not to divide, but unite as a common people. Am I naïve - I still think people should "be seen for their character and not the color of their skin" to quote a great AMERICAN. Have a good day."

This poster's comment history reveals a lot of " to the water's edge" racial statements.

The author of the blog decided to list president Obama as being a black man and hyphenated the rest "and this is a big deal because?"... If he were to ever look up the reason for the hyphens; he would know that the people who use them are just using another word to describe who they are. It's like a Ford Mustang, it doesn't have to be the color of one's skin because we often call someone Muslim Americans, and American Catholics etc.... If he doesn't like to divide then he should be more careful because he's leaving a permanent record(comment history) that contradicts what he is posting.
Then again, he may just be one of those posters that just likes to argue about insignificant matters.

Mike said...

One last comment before I quit for the day. I can't believe that people think that president Obama was elected because of a slogan (change and hope), his race, or dumb voters.

I watched every 2008 presidential debate from both parties. The GOP debate was about being more conservative than their opponent. I saw a young senator Obama grow with each debate against veteran democrats. I saw him work on his foreign policy weakness by meeting with heads of state and making Afghanistan the right war to fight and using Hillary's vote for the Iraq war against her. He went up against a seasoned John McCain, stood toe to toe with him on domestic and foreign policy eventually winning all three debates. The unsureness of McCain in dealing with the September of 2008 (financial crises) and his choice for vice president, helped president Obama get elected......

As democratic strategist Bill Burton, told Karl Rove " "I appreciate that you have an opinion on this, Karl," Burton shot back.”But as someone who was a leader in the White House that turned a record surplus into a deficit, that got us involved in a war that we never should have been in, and turned the floor of the New York stock exchange into a casino, I don't think the American people are quite ready to hear a lecture from you on good governance."

How uninformed can people be?

Edith Ann said...

Apparently, very.

Anonymous said...

Umm, the record surplus Clinton left promptly burst. It was the .Com bubble.

President Clinton didn't have much to do with it, that is unless you believe that his VP Gore actually invented the internet.

Clinton had the .Com bubble, Bush had the housing bubble.

The money was flying way more freely during Clintons term.

How many of those .Coms that had zero assets, just a idea, failed within two years? Lot's of them that at one time were valued at a billion dollars or so.

Mike said...

Need to decide..The GOP brags about the surplus because they said they held Pres. Clinton in check.  We know that thetwo Bush tax cuts,two wars (off budget) and $7 trillion drug bill (not paid for) had nothing to do with because every knows how great the GOP

Mike said...

Funny how that works,Roy Mark's ip address shows up in my hit list and my comment about Ron Paul shows up @ VA. At the same time...I tell you,he is dumb as a sack of's just a matter of time,he just can't help himself.