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Friday, August 26, 2011

How do you handle trolls?


Clearing my spam filter is getting to be routine, now that the troll keeps trying to make his nest on my personal blog. You would think an 85-year-old would know when he's not wanted and just move along. The obnoxious troll tried to become a follower of my personal blog. He set up a Google Account Id just to get past the spam filter, but that doesn't hide his ip address. Why is this blog so important to him? Does he think he can intimidate or irritate me enough that I will quit posting? Or is he afraid that my message will influence others? His words never make it past the spam filter, unless I allow it to, I guess he gets his kicks in thinking he can slip by the spam filter.

I'm not describing a poster that occasionally disrupts a conversation to post something that might incite other posters and then move on. I'm describing Roy Mark, who has suffered with "trolliomyelitis" for several years. He has been banned from posting on the Victoria Advocate on line forum several times for being a troll. He is currently going by "texastwostep" at the VA. He doesn't mind the ban because the last time he hid behind his wife's skirt saying it was her account. He doesn't really care if he is banned because he's using three different IPs ( ,, and just to post as anonymous on this blog. He puts a lot of work in being a troll. He'll just get another ip address and anonymity, and he's good to go He’s been doing it for years, so he's immune to shame; humility is not in his vocabulary. He has a disease that man has not come up with a cure for. I ask, would a sane person post on a blog several times a day, knowing their words go to a spam filter and are deleted? Normally trolls like to see their words in print and get the recipient's response because it excites them. I don't know if he's doing me a favor or keeping me from having a civil discussion with the anonymous posters since comments not linked with an ID, go straight to the spam filter where I can approve or delete. Roy Mark claims he is responsible for all the anonymous posts but lying comes pretty easy to him.

Ignoring Roy (the troll) Mark doesn't work because he won't go away; he's like a stalker on a mission. I have to wash my hands every time I delete his comments. I get this image of an 85-year-old in his boxers, sporting a Rush Limbaugh tee shirt, wearing white socks and slippers, drinking out of his Bill O'Reilly coffee cup, with Fox News playing in the background, just sitting there typing his gibberish thinking it will actually make the comment section of my blog. Then he'll submit a post to the VA feeling all proud because he slipped by them once again. He admits that he is one of the same Roy Mark, but in the next anonymous post he claims I'm paranoid. I realize he's 85 years old, but I wish he would take his drool elsewhere.

I had run out of new material for a new blog but you would be amazed how easy it was to write this blog; the ideas from my head to my fingertips came naturally. I know this blog won't deter someone suffering from severe "trolliomyelitis," it might even excite him, but he can make it easy on himself by just going away. I guess he can take pride because I've never devoted a blog to anyone, but drastic times calls for drastic measures. I went about six months without having one comment in my spam filter, now it's up to about 25 a week. I have to empty it daily; true, it's not such a big chore, but I shouldn't have to do that.My comments on this blog should not be copied to a VA blog. I should at least get the promo for my web site and full credit for my words.


Kyle said...

Seriously he is 85? Wow!

He does seem to have some form of mental condition - definitely obsessive compulsives tendencies.

I'm happy to call him out on it over at the Vic Ad - up to them if they bother to believe me or not.

Legion said...

85 or not, he uses proxy servers, how did he learn that?

Edith Ann said...

He shows up over at my place, too. But on my tracker, the comes back to a variety of location, here in Texas and elsewhere. Is that what you mean Legion?

I wish I still had his email address. I would post it and suggest that everyone forward their junk email to him.

He's a moron.

Edith Ann said...

I just went and looked at my last 100 visits--25 are

Most are 'unknown', but Houston, Portland (Tx), Katy, Austin, Wingate (Tx) also appear.

The operating systems are different and the browsers are different.

So, for this non-computer person, Legion, Kyle, does this still indicate proxy servers?

Mike said...

Those IP addresses originated in Corpus Christi according to my iPad application for finding addresses but I'm not surprised to hear of different locations. I don't know how a proxy works ,but I've used the same avatar and screen name for about six years; I don't need to fly under the radar because I'm not trying to deceive or troll.


You would think by the time you get to be 85 years old, maturity would take hold.


I assume IP addresses from proxy servers are easy to obtain,free, and are unlimited but I don't understand why anyone would need one for routine comments.

Edith Ann said...

I am so confused!!!

Ever since Ice Rocket went ditsy, nothing makes sense, so I don't trust it for locations like I used to. Then I had an issue with Suddenlink internet, and MY IP address changed. So, who knows? I've decided I can no longer be obsessed with it anymore!

My new IP address says Tyler, Texas. In fact every Suddenlink user must be coming back as Tyler, becasue there are a bunch of them.

Is Roy Mark really 85? My folks are in their 80's, my mother used a computer until she retired 8 years ago, and there is no way they could navigate forums and blogs? Think he just wants us to think he's an old goat?

Mike said...

I'm not at all surprised that Roy Mark tried to retaliate by sending out an e-mail of an incident that happened way back in April of 2007. His claim to fame was my apology to him for misreading a Pew poll of which I made a public apology for. That's his trophy and he has copies..:-) He will gladly e-mail it to you upon request, so check your email box because it may be headed your way. Since that mea culpa (lol) time, our country has gone through the 2008 financial crisis, we elected a new president, Japan suffered a huge tsunami and a nuclear meltdown, and we killed Bin Laden. I have also written over 300 blogs and made over 8,000 comments at the VA, so I'm obviously not showing any ill effects.

In comparison, I have never been banned for being a troll using seven identities at the same time. The comments' section went something like this, but he's had so many identities it's hard to keep up with; he's used at least five just this year. I will make up some.

Roy: “Exxon is not making excess profits, and their profit ratio is less than McDonalds"

Herman: "Thank you Roy for pointing that out"

Roy: “libs do not like profits"

Robert: I'm a liberal Democrat, Roy but I agree 100% with your statement.

And it went on and on that afternoon in different threads until mid afternoon when the board lit up informing us that Roy Mark was using seven different identities, so he was being banned.

Roy Mark was reinstated but he either had to use his real name or that was his decision, but it doesn't excuse his hypocrisy. This time his issue was anonymous posters. He kept bragging about using his real name and others didn’t. What’s excuse today? In fact, one-night way past midnight, he went into a continuous loop with another poster until that poster was banned. Roy Mark came back the next morning bragging about the event. You see, banning Roy Mark will not deter him as long as proxy servers exist. He remains active at the VA, but they don't tell me how to run my person a blog; I won't tell them how to run the Vic Ad.

He only left four comments in my spam filter last night, but he has visited twice this morning without leaving a comment. Oh, I'm sure he'll go get another IP address and try to infiltrate again, but that's life it could be a lot worse.

Mike said...

I have problems with Ice Rocket's update feature but the IP addresses and time and date visited coincide. I agree the information they give is very limited.

Way back when, Roy Mark stirred up one poster so much that he posted Mark's address and phone number online,along with his age that he obtained by using a credit check service like Intelius or he might have been an employee at the VA. That poster was way out a line and his comment was deleted but it was Roy that initiated the anger. Mark has told of his experiences in the oil field that coincides with someone being 85 years years old. I know he's way past the age of reasoning because of the stories he has told. He has talked of serving in the Navy in WWII. He is a longtime republican but he gets mighty upset because I once said that I vote straight- line and will never vote for a

Kyle said...

I sent an email to the Vic Ad- Roy has gone for now

Mike said...

Thanks Kyle,as usual you went the extra mile  and it's great posters like you that keep me coming back.

Mike said...

Readers and on line friends:

I've finally found a solution to my pesky troll problem,one that our former editor taught me when he emailed this message "don't feed the troll."..Another on line friend reminded me of that tactic via email.

Again,my sincere apology to those he bothered with his  incoherent emails.

This blog will not acknowledge (until further notice) any comment made by an anonymous poster....I will empty my spam filter every Sunday without reading the contents..I will just check ALL and presto,in a nano second the box will emptied without being read....I won't have anything to report and my ROY MARK problem will vanish into thin air like his comments. 

Edith Ann said...

Sounds like a weiner!