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Monday, July 25, 2011

I just couldn’t take it anymore



Have you ever had one of those e days where you had to vent or explode? I had mine today. Perhaps it's was a weekend of watching grown men acting like children or the 100+ heat. I just couldn't take it anymore. I don't assume to know all the answers, but I can't believe we still have people that think that all we have to do is throw up an arbitrary number, and the problem is fixed. Some still say all we have to do is have a flat tax where everyone pays the same. That would be great if we were on a level playing field, but we obviously are not. It's always been easy to go after the poor and label them lazy, unproductive, and say that they should be able to fend for themselves. It makes me so angry that I can't resist going after those that hold that mindset because I've been hearing that for most of my adult life. When I ask for the proof, all I get is personal stories of what their neighbor down the block does. We do need some serious reform but not right now, because it would be devastating. That's why it's easier having budget talks when the economy improves because then cooler heads will prevail.

The other thing that angers me is people who will put down Victoria and our newspaper every chance they get. Every Sunday morning I drive to the Speedy Stop at Crestwood and Navarro to buy a Houston Chronicle. I'm also a longtime subscriber to the Victoria Advocate. It is just my opinion, but I don't see that much difference in the content but the papers serve two different purposes for me. I get the local perspective from the Advocate of course but why do I need a local perspective from Houston? We should be proud and grateful that we have a daily newspaper, even though we don't always agree with the content. If we agreed with everything, it would be extremely boring. I wish those that continuously badmouth the City of Victoria would just leave because their sentiments are never constructive. I wonder how they would like it if Victorians badmouthed our surrounding cities all the time.

There's nothing that irritates me more than someone who posts something that they know will get deleted and then come back and blame the moderator because their childish post got deleted. There is a difference between being singled out, a questionable deletion, and intentionally posting something that is likely to be deleted. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what gets to stay and what gets deleted. Perhaps I missed some that should not have been deleted, but I agree with the ones that I have seen deleted. I'm not a moderator, so I leave that to the judgment of the proprietors of our online forum.

I don't blame people for getting tired of the same old political post we get on our forum. I bet if we were to pull up posts from five years ago; the same-old arguments would be found. People don't read enough to support their statements. Personal observations can enhance an argument but the situation can change from time to time; making that observation invalid and out-of-date.

When they bury or cremate me let it be said that I had a conscience and believed that a prosperous country should take care of its less fortunate. It's the moral thing to do, even though some might call it a welfare state. I also think that healthcare is a right and not a privilege. I don't think I'll live to see the day when we're on a path to alternative energy or taking steps to combat climate-change effects.


Mike said...

It's a good thing I don't involve myself in local or state politics...This old ticker couldn't take it..:-)

Tomorrow will be better than today.

Legion said...

Kind of like my response to B2, I hear ya.

If I may, since the VicAd site is plagued with server errors today, about the debt ceiling negotiations.

Since when does a bond rating agency carry more weight than a sovereign government?

Now I guess, during the Greek financial talks stock markets fell because of the threat of default until the EU propped the Greek government up.

The focus for the US has somehow changed from extending the debt ceiling into how to extend it and preserve the US s bond rating.

It seems to me that the major worldwide power brokers are the bond rating companies.

Who needs a military to bring a country to its knees, all that needs to be done is manage to get a countries bond rating lowered.

Of course the counties with zero bond creditability don't care at all,but the developed countries seem to be focused on nothing but their bond rating.

Easy fix, nationalize Moodys and Standard & Poors.

*The last sentence was a joke.*

BIGJ said...

15%-30% CUT ACROSS THE BOARD on every bugget item. The 2012 bugdet would have save 1.1 trillion dollars if you cut 15%.

Mr. Williams 2014.

Mike said...

Unlike my VA blog, posters can change a subject if they want because it's about a discussion not necessarily the topic I choose for the day.... At a more traveled arena like the VA, if I did that my subject would never be talked about because people would just piggyback off that instead of writing their own blog... Feel free to post what if you like and anytime.

We are in uncharted waters because we have never defaulted on our debt or not raised the debt limit. Everyone is speculating but I don't think the bond people are exaggerating besides who wants to test it? Who wants take credit for an economic downfall?

Greece it's not like America because we have a central government(Federal Reserve) that can print money(stimulus).

You're right the third world countries have the IMF that they can depend on the bail them out. But if we did have those countries to buy our goods; who would?

It's a vicious circus.

That's for your intelligent input,as always.

Mike said...

Talk about an obsessive psycho;rolling stone tried to post  his usual "socialist post" but he is unaware I get an email alert when someone posts on my blog...He kept posting,I kept deleting for a total of 30 times in about 10 minutes ,before VA must of put a stop to's an easy process on my iPad,both are always on my coffee table as I watch TV.

Some people take this way too serious...I never posted on Alton's or rollinstone's blog because I think they have a right to their say;I'm glad,so the other side can be seen.I'm certainly not in competition with them.

How do I attract the Roy Mark types?

Mike said...

I wonder who is posting several profanity laced comments that never get past the spam filter?...I never knew I was hated that much or is that common?

I suspect they are intended for me but my name is never mentioned.

Edith Ann said...

I get a lot of spam, but seriously, it is in Greek or Russian! Haven't had any profanity, yet!

You attract the kooks because you are the only one writing what they want to attack. They have quit responding to BigJ, so you're it. Congratualtions!

Now, as to the folks who are critical of the local news paper--
I am one of those folks, and I truly believe that I have had good reason to question why they take a certain stance on any item. For the longest, they bragged that they held no bias, endorsed no candidates, etc., when we clearly can see that is no where near the truth!

It matters not how anyone feels about a certain candidate, but it should matter when the newspaper is aiding and abetting a negative campaign while denying it all the while. The players are not the important part--the integrity of the paper is.

We depend on a newspaper to deliver the news of the community, locally, statewise and then globally. We all hold a certain expectation that the information conveyed is accurate and factual. When the only print media that covers our area fails to meet that minimum standard, what is there that would allow us to put our trust in that media?

The same goes for the City and County governments. They are reliant upon the citizens to have short memories as to the questionable stuff that is dangled out there.

Ever notice how quickly the Mayor will drop one project for another? And every new thought he has in his head is the best one yet! But just let his plan get slightly off track, or more, and he's on to the next potential legacy! That has to stop. Transparency is sorely lacking in the local arena. I plan to continue to remind folks of this between now and the next City Council election next May.

As to the folks who post and then complain when the comment is removed--I have just pretty much quit posting. It is not hard to resist at all. Folks are going to get cranked up this weekend over a the gay pride event that is scheduled for Colet Park!

That will be a real winner...until the Advocate has to shut down the thread.

BIGJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BIGJ said...

Edith Ann.

I hate to be a big headed and boastful here, but the reason why they don't harped on me because THEY CAN NOT HANDLE ME. I am young, angry, and intelligent.

Mike said...

I have a lot of advertisers'that are flagged by the spam protector. I don't know the flagging criteria that is used, so I was surprised that cuss words would be flagged. I do remember a long post from you that was flagged and two others from anonymous posters.

I think you're right but the two I mentioned crossed the line . I don't think the same posters attack BIgJ in a similar manner.

If the Victoria Advocate were to go out of business it would be sorely missed by a lot of people who are not interested in the local politics. I include myself in that category. I don't depend on the Advocate for my state and national news. I'm not that interested in what the editorial board has to say because it's just their opinion. It's true that their opinion goes a long way in influencing decisions of the locals, so it should be fair and impartial. The minimum standard is subjective. I know that our local news newscasters are not big-city celebrities, so I overlook a few mistakes they make nightly. I respect the reporting of three or four reporters, but we do have some young reporters who are trying to get their sea legs under them. I go back to my first sentence about missing our local paper, if it became a weekly paper or went entirely out of business. As for the criticism, I was writing about the unsubstantiated accusations continuously made by the same posters. I don't even like it when they make political statements that are just wrong, but I don't think they should be deleted.

I never mentioned the local politicians because I don't know anything about them.

As for the deletions, I was talking about the posters who make racial comments, try to mask their profanity with well placed characters($#!) or hurl unsubstantiated charges of wrongdoing or criminal acts.

I agree. The GLBT thread will probably shut down because it's an emotional topic and some can't control their emotions.

BTW I purposely did not answer your "It matters not how anyone feels about a certain candidate," because I'm not sure what you're implying.... If it's what I think it is, then I've already written a blog about that.