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Friday, July 15, 2011

When did the word “compromise” become a dirty word?


I admit that I spend way too much time trying to catch every little tidbit that comes over the political airways. It’s time consuming but Congress reminds me of my child rearing years. Remember when the kids always brought us their side of the story? Fortunately, we remembered when we used to do that, so we asked them go call their brother, so we could hear the other side. That's what happening in Washington, they have meetings and then immediately after the meetings, they all rush to the microphones to tell us their version of the facts.

I'm at a point where I can give you the talking points of both sides, verbatim. That only makes me more frustrated than the average person. I understand the fiscal conservatives think the problem we have is spending and collecting more revenues is like giving an alcoholic more booze. I do not argue that we spend more than we collect, so spending should be a priority, but a household budget is not equivalent to a national budget. I separate from the fiscal conservative when they want to privatize what should be public and when they don’t want to share the sacrifice.

Even though I'm a dye in the wool liberal democrat, I know that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have to be reformed or it will be impossible to fund them without jeopardizing, the full faith and credit of the United States government. Those entitlements do not come up for a vote every year because, as a name implies "they are entitlements." That's not to say that we should let the republicans cut benefits without taxing the top 2% or coming up with some sort of means testing or tax increases. I don't believe a 1% hike equally distributed between Social Security and Medical payroll taxes would be too big of a burden, after the economy recovers. The president has now said that he open to "means testing" on Medicare. I don't see why it can't be used for Social Security?

Present Obama's bipartisan commission on reducing the debt would phase out the Earned Income Credit but the commission did not garner enough votes to ever be enacted. That's a safety net program that should be gradually reduced and eventually eliminated. It's not so much a monetary burden but it infuriates a lot of middle class conservatives who see it as a handout. This program was meant to ease the burden on low income taxpayers while they were trying to move up to a bracket where they could no longer have to receive EITC. I think that I would hate to see it eliminated it from the single moms having to pay child care, housing, utilities, and other bills while working at entry level wages. I think if we were to amend it like we did welfare; we wouldn't have to repeal it all together. We could give the EITC a three year shelf life for any recipient. It's amazing what people can do in that 11th hour.

I'm rather happy submitting my blogs to the VA, now that a couple posters have decided to go out on their own, thereby leaving me alone. I don't want to discuss fantasy or revisionist history because it's never ending and unproductive. I'm glad they have a couple people who willing to engage with them. Maybe now they will continue to stay away. A few conservatives have shown me the error of my ways and I look forward to the days when we can have a civil debate to just put out our thoughts out on the table, not expecting people to eat the whole meal, just sample it; eat your peas...:-)


Legion said...

Like I said on your other blog Mike, it's all about political posturing.

Every politician whether right wing, left wing or no wing, immediately after being elected to office, starts raising funds and posturing themselves in a favorable light for the next election.

IMO, that is the major flaw in our election process. Thus "the next election" syndrome is the cause of compromise become a dirty word.

How to fix it? Who knows.

Legion said...

Your idea of campaign finance reform would be a start, eliminating some of the perks members of congress receive would be another.

But I don't think those would fix anything really.

The power/influence that they gain is what any politician craves, be it a Mayor of a small town, a county Judge,a state representative or Senator, a US Senator or Rep. and on up to the President.

Heck, even a local dog catcher enjoys the power their position gives them.

Mike said...

You are right on both counts but only congress can fix congress because voters don't care about the sausage making just the results.

I saw 5 political shows today and every democrat and republican said "we will not default"but neither would give an inch.

Today,compromise is another word for defeat.

Edith Ann said...

I watched Liz Cheney on whatever show she was on, and she just annoys the ever living snot out of me!

She didn't want to talk about the Bush tax cuts unless they would also discuss Obamacare.

She's smoking crack!

I love how she is associated with Keep America Safe. I hope they have a division tht keeps folks safe from her father and his shotgun!

I like what Legion says. I understand Geanie Morrison is haveing some kind of event Monday evening, perhaps a fund raiser. What for? She runs unopposed!!!

Mike said...

I like to spread the displeasure round because I don't want to be perceived as being sexist.....:-) Liz Cheney a right wing ideologue who can't wait for the next war to start. She belongs to the neoconservative wing of the Republican Party.

I disagree a little bit with Legion because I separate local from state and national politics. I don't know the players at the local level but I believe it's about opportunity with an eye on the next level or status quo. At the state and Federal level it's all about the future whether that be higher office or a lucrative lobbyist contract.

At the local level I imagine lawyers, doctors,CPAs, and business people talk local politics at their Lions club meeting, on the golf course, or at the country club business meeting always seeking to pat their resume. It's not hard for them to meet the "movers and shakers" and the hardest part about it, is to get the greatest percentage of the 16 to 18% that vote. So they throw their successful hat in ring.

I heard a rumor that Geanie Morrison might get a republican opponent. I use the term republican loosely, because it's more of a tea party opponent. That's what separates the Republican Party, on one side there's the libertarian (Ron Paul types) and then they are the established republicans. At the end of the day their constituents will pull the lever for the (R). Tea Party folks are grassroots at the local level ,but there under this assumption that a majority of people agree with their philosophy. They couldn't be further from the truth.

Legion said...

Off topic,the Koch Bro. have influence for sure but good grief the Rupert Murdoch empire really HAD some influence.

Paul Stephenson – head of the Metropolitan Police since 2009 – resigns over his ties to Neil Wallis

John Yates – assistant commissioner at London’s Metropolitan Police Authority, and Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism chief – resigns amid the phone hacking scandal.

Those are some big time law enforcement resignations in the UK.

Mike said...

You got that right.....if the 9/11 victims were hacked;that empire goes down.
CNN's Piers Morgan may be sweating bullets.

Mike said...

Good spot;there is only one poster that can go all gaga because people are expressing their displeasure over some police mistakes......I bet he's got a police uniform,so he can play dress up and pretend.

Edith Ann said...

Geanie Morrison may have an opponent?

Do not dangle that in front of me and NOT follow through!!!


Mike said...

Hey,I saw that somewhere...I think BigJ floated that one time ,in one of our discussions...Won't make a difference to me because I ignore that slot...No vote.

Edith Ann said...

I thiught you had some legit intel! BigJ was always claiming to run against her. No new news there!

Mike said...

I could't find a direct quote but I think BigJ was hinting that he knew a candidate would run against Morrison but I don't think the Dems wouldn't waste their money because she has a huge war chest and the choice of the local GOP....I would have to be a Ind. but Victoria is not known to support Third parties....They would have to self fund.

But I remember hearing that or was I dreaming?..:-)

Cograts on 55,000 +

Edith Ann said...

They showed her event on TV tonight. Yes, she has a huge war chest for someone who, well, whatever!

The only contender I ever remember BigJ yakking about was himself!

Yeah, 55,000! I'm astonished! And you with your 16,000+ in relatively short time. It's fun, isn't it?