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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We are just one cog in the wheel


It was very self satisfying to see an original poster (Pilot) spank a new poster named jasonbourne (with an "e") down to size. The poster, jasonbourne, did not like the idea of a Tejano Monument being erected at the statehouse to honor their descendants. He (jasonbourne) is entitled to his own opinion, but he let it be known that he had an agenda when he posted "They don't need a monument. They have an entire STATE!!!." People like to call Victorians" country hicks" but that does not keep us from reading between the lines. Pilot quickly picked up on this and dressed down the poster with some well chosen words .I've always said " you better have your ducks in a row, if you're going to do battle with a wordsmith."

I know I don't get out much but when I do I don't see all this political bickering that we do in our forum. I bet that I can still walk downtown nod, smile, and say hello to 20 people and 19 will respond accordingly. That other person was too busy texting. I know some individuals develop new personalities when they get behind a keyboard, but it doesn't have to be that way. I'm obviously opinionated or I wouldn't be writing a couple of blogs, but I'm the same person away from my keyboard. My religion has this ritual of shaking hands with people around you and saying the words" may peace be with you" but I've always suspected the sincerity of that message. I've always wondered if we would express the same feelings if I encountered the person who shook my hand at a different time and place. Would they shake my hand if they knew I was pro-choice and thought Governor Rick Perry's "Day of Prayer" coincided with his run for the presidency? If ideology can divide us, do we really mean" may peace be with you" or is it just, for the moment, and the remainder of the mass? It sounds cynical but I'm a person that hates superficial. Oops. That's an opening for Kyle..:-)

I think John Kennedy inspired Democrats and Republicans alike, but I didn't really get interested in politics until I heard a young Bill Clinton in Houston. We didn't intend to go to his political rally, but we were in downtown Houston, saw the crowd and decided to check it out. That silver tongue devil immediately got my wife's vote, but I really liked what he said about the economy and his plans to revive it. It was that Monday when I got to work and shared my experience with my coworkers that I found out how divided we were. I wasn't interested in politics until the 1992 election year and probably voted for George H.W. Bush over Michael Dukakis. I was already in my mid forties, but I was more interested in sports, music and other types of entertainment. If my coworkers hadn't been so adamant about their dislike for Bill Clinton,liberals and democrats, I probably would have never become a political junkie. I thank them for that and after my wife saw Obama getting kicked around by the right, she became more political astute. She now sits down and watches a few political shows but she still would rather watch “One Life to Live" and “Dancing with the Stars.

It's funny because it shows just how much the media plays in our lives. I was surprised at a poll that showed only 18% thought we should raise the debt limit. After two weeks of “debt ceiling" bombardment, the general public became educated, and now it's up to 38% that think we should raise the debt limit and 55% think we will suffer a serious economic impact if we don't. It's the media's job to educate, and it's ours to absorb that education because we're only one cog in the wheel.


Edith Ann said...

According to Ray Wiley Hubbard, "Some get spiritual cause they see the light and some cause they feel the heat."

Rick Perry got spiritual when he decided he wanted to follow in Dubya's footsteps, and when he clued into the supporters being very religious. The republicans are now using religion (Apostolic) to instill fear in the flocks so they'll vote their candidate.

The whole thought of Rick Perry getting elected President is insane! The sooner the rest of the nation sees what he is about...
Did you see where he has the Perry 2012 buttons out. And then lies about not making a decision. Jesus don't like liars Rick!!!

Some folks are indicating jasonbourne might be very closely related to Speakup1968...

Your thought about media educating us is valid, but with so many media outlets that are extensions of one political party or another, should we rely on them? I don't know. Right now I'm in love the Texas Tribune--they are heavy on the 'teuth about Perry' stuff.

Mike said...

I hear the Bush family hate the ground Rick Perry walks on but that doesn't mean that he's not trying to follow in "W" footsteps. Some politicians will sell their firstborn for a chance at the presidency. Yesterday, Governor Perry discounted a vice president's slot, and he's meeting with people in the first two primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. A lot of people don't know who Rick Perry is, even thou he was a longtime governor of one of the largest states. Yesterday, I heard he was getting Douglas Fieth, a neo conservative from the Bush administration, to help him with foreign policy. Mr. Fieth was called the dumbest man alive by General Franks because he tried to tie al Qaida to Saddam Hussein. Rick Perry will make his announcement in the next two or three weeks.

Governor Perry will do great raking in money, preaching to the choir, and getting support from established republicans but president Obama will slam dunk in the debates on his way to a second term.

I believe people can rely on the USATODAY, New York Times, and blogs like Politico and National Journal on line. The Texas Tribune has a lot of good stuff in it, like charts, graphs, and the latest tidbits....But after while; even a novice can tell fact from fiction.

Edith Ann said...

I was just watching Perry on KENS and he was talking about healthcare. The 'expert' from UT said it will serve Perry well to talk about healthcare. It's what congeals the republicans!

No shortage of news outlets for sure. 8^).

Mike said...


I haven't seen the details of the $457 million savings the health care bill Perry signed yesterday. All I know,is that we joined Oklahoma, Missouri and Georgia into some kind of compact movement that is different from the federal one.

Republicans don't like lawyers but they spend a lot of money on lawyers to fight the Federal government by imposing laws that are unconstitutional.

Mike said...

You need to be more supportive of the Palin's....:-)
Sarah's documentary has only grossed $78,000 and only 14 people showed up for it in Dallas.

Bristol has only 58 copies of her new book.

Edith Ann said...

I know! She needs some fans!

I understand no one but a reporter showed up at a screening in California, and when Bristol was at a Walmart somewhere in the Texas Hill Country, she stayed 15 minutes and left.

I'm sorry, but there is just something fitting about Bristol pushing her book at Walmart.

I swear that last week when I was at Costco I lloked for Bristol's book. I was really going to buy it. But, alas, they didn't have any...

Edith Ann said...

Thanks for posting one of the more intelligent posts over on the VA for Gary White. He's ignoring me on the Perry questions.

But Gary is Pentecostal, i.e., Apostolic, so, if given a choice, he will opt for a theocracy (as long as it's Pentecostal) every time!

These folks slay me. The tea party bears watching...

Mike said...

Thank you very much.
You pegged Gary White...He's a right wing Christian fundamentalist...He likes to fight on his ground and he doesn't let the facts get in his way.

Legion said...

Psst. yeah I was joking about the outsourcing comment on the "other" site.

B2, is so vehemently pro union and, if I say so, isolationist, "Double or triple tax on company s that outsource jobs and impose duties on foreign imports.", that I just couldn't help myself.


Mike said...

You are correct,born is an isolationist and our constitution will not allow us to single out people or corps for taxation but we could repeal their tax incentives .,,,,but imposing higher duties will come back on us at the cash already knew that.

I know exactly how you feel.