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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I’m all for the future but I like a little nostalgia now and then


I don't know what I was watching back in the 90s, but I know I wasn’t watching Seined. It's not that I didn't watch a couple of episodes but I wasn't hooked on it. I remember my children going to see his act in San Antonio, and I wondered why. Recently, I've started recording some episodes, so I can watch when there's nothing else on television; like this past weekend. I now love Seined, even though the theme is “about nothing" because it reminds me of things we don't do any more, like rewinding VCR tapes to avoid an extra dollar or two rewind fee. That was a rip off. I laugh every time I see  Jerry talking on his over sized cordless phone with the raised antenna. My mother never wanted a cell phone or a cordless but she did like that 30 ft. extension cord we bought for her old phone. I can see where video stores will be a thing of the past because it's so easy to rent from Amazon or Netflix online, rather than having to drive the Hastings to rent and return. Are we really getting that lazy or are we just taking advantage of today's conveniences?"

I'm sort of in-between because I love new technology, but I'm equally impressed with the person that can make a fire by rubbing two sticks together. I'm fascinated of how the Amish cling to their old ways but still compete in our technology crazed country. I have just about all the latest gadgets and a Twitter account (I only use it as a new blog alert) but I probably will never be a member of Facebook. My children tell me of all the advantages it has, but I don't want to spend a major part of my life on the computer updating trivia matter. My two blogs take up too much time of my time as it is.

I got acquainted with computers a long time ago and for while I was the go-to person in my family for technical advice. I no longer have that title because that knowledge is equally distributed among several family members. I liked the idea that I can carry around helpful applications, a utility knife, tape recorder, smart phone, and a small writing pad and pen in my iPad carrying case. My wife jokingly calls it my purse. Remember several years ago when the European shoulder bag for men came out? I wanted one to carry around all my gadgets, but I would've been the laughingstock of Victoria. That's the same reason; I won't use a Bluetooth headset. I might rethink that when they make them smaller and barely visible. I may be opinionated in my blogs, but in real life, I'm a shy person, so I don't do or say things that bring me any unwanted attention.

I thought our forum got a kick start over the weekend, but it's currently in a 1½ hour lull. I thought when the posters got to the part where “my god is better than your god" the religion thread would burn itself out.It's hard for me to believe the audacity of some low intellect posters trying to take on an intelligent poster like Kyle.  He's had to dial back his IQ quite a bit ,just to try and have a conversation with them.  One poster thinks God is a conservative. I bet that's the way people looked at me, when I was constantly trying to politicize everything as democrats and republicans. I think that I'll take a lesson from that thread; I will continue to post political blogs, but I'll try to keep myself in check. After all, that's all I have control of.

Well the forum just got the Casey Anthony verdict and they are responding; perhaps this will pick up the slack.  My wife got into this trial but she thought Anthony should be convicted for attitude alone...:-) I watched a little bit of it but it didn't draw my interest because the lawyers  weren't very good and it was more about tabloid than actual evidence presentation...IMO


Edith Ann said...

Well, I think Casey Anthony had an excellent lawyer--he basically got her off, didn't he? Muddied the waters enough from the get go to cause the reasonable doubt. From murder 1 with the death penalty to 3 counts of lying to the cops and the possiblity of going home Thursday--pretty sweet deal, I'd say.

I didn't watch a lot of it, and I'll admit I do believe she is responsible for her daughter's Amazingly, I have no theories!death. But that's all I've got.

I don't think I could do the Bluetooth thing, but I do have hands free phone and voice activated commands for radio, climate, etc., and I like it! I have a USB port for my iPod and I never have to charge it!

But I have an old-fahioned cell, no iPad, and I don't twitter, tweet or whatever you call it!

You are a gadget guy. Enjoy your stuff!

Rebecca said...

Edith, you can set it up to where everything you post on facebook automatically goes out as a tweet or vise versa. You could broaden your fan base. ;)

Edith Ann said...

**I don't think I could do the Bluetooth thing, but I do have hands free phone and voice activated commands for radio, climate, etc., and I like it! I have a USB port for my iPod and I never have to charge it!** IN MY CAR! Geeze, EA! READ, EDIT!!!

Rebecca, I wouldn't have a clue howto do that. Message me on FB and tell me how...

Mike said...

I didn't watch a lot of the Casey Anthony trial either but I agree the defense lawyer pulled a rabbit out of the hat but I think it's mostly due to the inability of the prosecution to make a case out of the circumstantial evidence. It would've been nice if the prosecution could have obtained a confession but the defense lawyer stood his ground and did not allow a deal to be made.He did not allow her to get on the witness stand and plead the fifth amendment. The fifth amendment is supposed to keep a defendant from incriminating themselves but it plants a seed of guilt in the jurors mind. On one of the four juries I've been on, one defendant pleaded the fifth and that's all the rest of the jurors wanted to talk about. I do agree that she was responsible for daughter's death and so does 95% of America but not according to the 12 jurors.

As Rebecca said Twitter could increase your large group of followers. I suspect you e-mail a lot, so I bet there are times when you would save a lot of time by tweeting. One message that's less than 140 characters, goes out to the masses. When I complete my personal blog, a tweet is automatically created with a link to my blog..... The Advocate has a similar option.

BTW you're very much into computers because you host a widely read blog using all the tools like hyperlinks, embedded enhancements, and Facebook to make your blog enjoyable to read.

Mike said...

That's odd, I'm getting twice the amount of traffic on my personal blog than I do at the VA and it's got me wondering:

1. Is it really nothing because the forum is going through a phase?
2. Have I worn out my welcome?
3. Is my blog contend no longer appealing?
4. Are the readers of our forum at an all time low?
5. Is it a combination of all of the above and something else?

I'm not really worried about it because I'm retired and have the time for the traffic to pick up at VA. I'm just questioning whether I should devote more time to my personal blog or continue to write a blog at the VA that won't get much notice....It's just a hobby but I do have time invested.

Edith Ann said...

I think:

1. the Advocate forum is dead, topic-wise.

2. Folks are coming here (and the rest of the Blogspot blogs) looking for intelligent discussion.

3. There are only 6 people reading the Advocate forum.

Mike said...

I don't disagree with what you wrote to but it's getting to be a one track mind type of forum.

I thought I would find some good comments In the Casey Anthony thread but Beakus thought it was about 30,000 abortions.

Rebecca said...

I think we have a duty to protect the virtue of our city by saying smart things on the advocate forum. You know, so that decent folks will feel like this is a decent place and will want to stay instead of running off to Austin to live.

Mike said...


I agree completely..... In the short 6 years I've been on a forum, I've seen it take some sharp swings. When I joined there were a lot of well informed posters, so that in itself , became a deterrent for the off- the -wall comments. For some reason they left and it became a free- for -all session; I'm not quite sure how you would label our forum of today. We also had several threads going at one time which kept the trolls on the controversial ones, leaving room for a good debate on the other threads. That's my take.

Edith Ann said...

Can't disagree with a thing you've said.

I used to find it hard to resist posting.

Now I find it hard to post.

Mike said...

I know EA,a couple of times or so,someone on VA left you some low hanging fruit but you didn't take the bait...:-)

Kyle said...

Ha ha Rebecca! Someone would have to demolish Victoria and start again from scratch in order for me to return! Oh and disperse 90% of the population elsewhere

Rebecca said...