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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Retirement Ron Paul


Yesterday was full of surprises, Republican Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell threw in the flag of surrender and Congressman Ron Paul decided not to seek reelection. I'm still looking over the details of why Mitch McConnell wants to defer to the president on raising the debt limit.

After all these years, Ron Paul is telling his constituents that he just wants to concentrate on his presidential run. I guess the fact that he is being placed in a district that does not consider him the only honest congressman in Washington has nothing to do with it. A new district of voters would automatically look at Ron Paul's age and make it a factor. Ron Paul's political philosophy will only work in a district that is dominated by libertarians. Congressman Paul has a 7% national poll rating in his recent run for president. That 7% will drop when Governor Rick Perry enters the race. The GOP has too many presidential candidates to hold a constructive nationwide debate. In 2008, a candidate had to have at least 5% in the national polls to qualify. Ron Paul may be one of those candidates who will get left out of a national debate. Fox News does not want Ron Paul in the debates because he doesn't always toe the company line. They want robots that will evade the hard questions and stay on a message of attacking President Obama.

I always expected Ron Paul to win the 14th district year after year, and I really didn't mind it because I didn't expect anything from him. I've heard stories of him acquiring service medals for veterans and intervening in disputes with the Veterans Administration on health benefits. I even heard of him resolving social security and Medicare issues, even though he doesn't believe in those programs. I agreed with his stance on the Iraq war and the Patriot Act, but he loses me when he starts talking about reducing the size of government down to nothing by eliminating the IRS, CIA, EPA, FDA, and other vital programs. He does have a faithful following that believes that he’s the only honest congressman and has the single copy of the United States Constitution. Those faithful followers will miss him, but after he leaves they will get to see how the other half lives. Next year the voters will have to actually listen to the candidates, unless they just want to pull the lever for any republican or democrat.


Edith Ann said...

Looks like your BFF 'neighbor' is baaaaaaaack!


Anonymous said...

Dr. No is also well known to add "riders" on easily passed legislation, and then voting against the very bill upon which his finger prints have been placed thus preserving his "record".

We won't miss him.

Mike said...

Yes, EA, the man is a genius……. a genius I tell you. ..:-)

He capitalizes the "N" of the word neighbor to slip by the moderators; going straight to my website. I logged in after 6:30 and saw that he was back but evidently the VA moderators caught on, because I didn’t delete any of his comments.... The moderators at VA have improved on their detection methods.

Mike said...

I've said those same words but I have even added that Ron Paul would make sure his colleagues would cover him while he voted against FEMA aid for the people of Galveston. He kept this commitment to his blind constituents but he had his back covered at the same time.

Mike said...

They are starting to come out now,I suspected Dale Zuck was a Ron Paulite but now I know. Dale must be 29 years old or younger because unemployment rate was a 10.8 and at 10.2 in 1982 but he says it hasn't seen that high in his lifetime. He goes on to say that the dollar has been devalued but he doesn't know that a strong dollar in these hard economic times is not desired. A strong dollar places a higher value on our goods thereby if we're not consuming at the current prices, the value of the dollar is strong we would consume even less.

I liked the part about Ron Paul's predictions in the

If you preach gloom and doom 24/7, unless people follow a set of principles, it's not because of the preacher's predictions; sometimes it's circumstances beyond one's control.It usually takes more than talk because if you think everything's the government fault, no one will believe you.

If Ron Paul is polling below lightweight like Michelle Bachmann; how can he ever expect to beat an incumbent president?

Mike said...

Not lost was that Dale Zuck & BSspotter posted the same blog before Dale pulled his.... That's two members of the cabal that want and th to take over our city and county seats.IMO..Ron Paulites.

Anonymous said...

why not...

Mike said...

Anonymous said "why not?"
That's a vague question...Unanswerable.

BIGJ said...

Here is my prediction. Derba Medina (or even the much "hated" Matt Ocker) will carry the Ron Paul flag in 2012, 2014, or in 2016.