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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Will It Ever End before 2016?

It must be the first of the month because Mr. Paul Drake of Victoria has written another letter- to -our editor complaining how President Obama is failing our country. Here is latest installment he titles “President Obama is not upholding his oath.”

It doesn’t surprise me that Mr. Drake doesn’t believe that President Obama has upheld his oath of office and he thinks that he has attempted to destroy or circumvent parts of the constitution. I don’t know where Mr. Drake was prior to January 20, 2009, but then again, he doesn’t really provide any proof of his accusations. He writes as though his theories are accepted facts, and they may be in his parallel universe.

The writer states that it’s quite obvious that President Obama does not like Israel as if that country doesn’t have varying opinions. The people of that country and its military leaders are not as anxious to go to war as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be. The prime minister’s skepticism is helpful in our dealings with Iran. Think about it; if Netanyahu backed the plan 100%, the Iranians would think they were giving up the store. Looking over their shoulder and worried about what Israel will do, will keep the Iranians in check during the negotiation period.

That part about the president’s Muslim heritage is nothing more than questioning the president’s Christianity.

President Obama has more understanding about Israel’s relationships with its enemies than Mr. Drake will ever know. The president’s advisers meet and discuss the situations from both sides and how it affects our country’s interest.

I don’t know what will happen if Iran decides to build a nuclear weapon but I don’t think we’ll ever contemplate nuking them or engage them in a land war. Israel might try some targeted air strikes which will definitely create more chaos in the Middle East. I don’t think giving peace a chance is a bad strategy.

It’s funny how a sound bite “liar” can be accepted as Obama being the most prolific prevaricator in presidential history. Oh how quickly we forget, Iran- Contra, Watergate, WMD, and the other lies that comes from occupying the oval office. That honor will be bestowed on many future presidents because things aren’t always as they seem to be.

Is it just me or is it this time during the year when Christians seem to act less Christian? I hear conservatives wanting to cut off unemployment compensation, cut food stamps, and balk at raising the minimum-wage and lord forbid poor people getting affordable health care. What’s hating Muslims got to do with being a good Christian? It seems like the letter writer, and some posters think that you can’t be a Muslim and an American patriot at the same time. the president of the United States should always denigrate Muslims or he will be put in the camp of  helping the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida.


Edith Ann said...

And I love how Sarah Palin commercializes Christmas and calls it a good thing. She thinks it raises awareness. I'd like to know where on the planet there may be folks who are not familiar with the notion of Christmas whether they celebrate it or not.

You forgot to mention Rev. John Fisher's letter about putting Christ back in Christmas.

Legion said...

The war on Christmas appears to be over, from the Hannity show...

HANNITY: Glenn Beck, sir, how are you?

BECK: Thank you very much. I am very good, Sean.

HANNITY: Well, Happy holidays to you.

BECK: Yeah.


It's officially over when two of the top "War on Christmas" proponents use Happy Holidays! lol

Mike said...

We'll Beck is a Morman ,so it's iffy...:-) but Hannity responce surprising.

Mike said...

So many of those posters wear their Christianity on their sleeve but You wouldn't know it by their comments.

Legion said...

Why would the birth of Jesus be any different for Mormons?

The ones that come to the door, and their literature claims that after the resurrection, Jesus appeared in the Americas and spread his gospel.

Mike said...

I got this from Wiki answers and it's what I have heard before.

"Mormons do not have a special service on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day. The ways that Mormons celebrate the holidays are varied. Because they are part of a worldwide church, there is a tendency to include long-standing family and cultural traditions in their celebrations.

Legion said...

Well, any religion that sprouts from a person plowing a field, finding a gold plate and a crystal, looking threw the crystal at the plate and proclaiming it is a message from God is highly suspect to me.

Edith Ann said...

Amen Legion!

Edith Ann said...

I think it is more a matter of them not being nearly as offended by the phrase "Happy Holidays" as they would like us to believe. They know most folks quit listening to them long ago.

Mormons are not Christians. They rewrote the Bible and call it the Book of Mormon.

The problem with a lot of the 'Christians' these days is not only that their talk does not match their walk, they have become adept at cherry-picking scripture and using it out of context.

BIGJ said...

Glenn beck and Sean Hannity are the two I wanted to see someone kicked their ass. That goes for Ted Nugent too.

Mike said...

I still we could separate religion from politics because they are not compatible. For example,I could be called a hypocrite because I have used the words of Pope Francis in a political argument.

I remember the old days of the religion quarrels between Baptists,Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Presbyterians and Mormons but now they been consolidated and the battle is between Christians and non-Christians.

BigJ, I believe they will lose popularity before they get any physical harm....:-)

Mike said...

I see where many on the right are upset because the president has ordered that all American flags be lowered to half mast in respect for the departed Nelson Mandela.

I think we've had this argument before and it seems people have strong opinions on when flags should be lowered to half mast.

Edith Ann said...

I think the current flag 'thinking' is that he lowers it when he shouldn't, and doesn't when he should. Who died doesn't even matter.

Mike said...

That's probably correct EA, but if you look at the flag code, it does list specific instances when the flag should be flown at half-mast but it also leaves it to the discretion of the head of state or federal government.

That being the case there will always be disagreement but I didn't think there would be any objection since Nelson Mandela was a world renowned figure.