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Thursday, December 12, 2013

It’s Been a Long Journey


I wonder what led me to that day that I started reading the comments at the Victoria Advocate on –line forum? Do any of us remember? I’ve always been an avid reader of the letters- to- the -editor, and the on line forum was an extension of that, but the posters used anonymous names which made it very interesting.

I believe it was in 2007 when I finally got the nerve to post a comment.  The post looked terrible because I didn’t know that you needed to format  your words in a text editor before posting.  The original posters were intimidating because it seemed like the posters  were all wordsmiths and very knowledgeable.  They didn't stick around for long so that opened the door for amateurs like me.

It wasn't long before I submitted my first blog, and it seems like as soon as I pressed <enter> I got my first rebuttal, and it took off from there.  It wasn't too long after that everyone was writing a blog. Your blog wouldn’t stay visible very long because sometime during the day another journal would replace yours.  Between the blogs and the threads, a person could lose track of time reading and postings.  There was just one big comment section and the postings appeared in real time.

In March of 2010, I wrote a couple of personal blogs, quit, and then restarted in November and December of that year,  I wrote 10 more blogs, and I set out to see if I could pick up an audience.  It took me another two years to get viewers. As we all know; the VA went to their Facebook format, and many of my on-line friends quit posting, so I started concentrating on my personal blog.  I'm back at the VA forum but not too many people are commenting.

This past week I’ve being fiddling with my Facebook settings, so I'm ready to accept friends on my Mike Mike Facebook page.  I think this old retiree can handle all three venues. ..Smile


Edith Ann said...

Like my boys tell me--Welcome to the 21st century!

It is all a time sucker, but you'll have fun!

Mike said...

FB was the last bridge to cross.....:-)
It took me 4 years to stick my toe in the water.

Edith Ann said...

Yeah. I understand. I got an iPhone in April. Of THIS year. Started texting and shocked all my friends!