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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some Letters are Best Left Unanswered

I know that I probably should just ignore Allen Novosad’s latest letter but I can’t help wondering why he thinks he has stumbled onto something that one else has been able to
pick up on. Evidently his latest theory is not his own, it comes from a person named Wayne Allen Root.

President Obama is painted as this mystical figure who just appeared out of nowhere with an intent to ruin capitalism. It’s as if 535 members of Congress don’t matter.

Universal health care like tax cuts for the rich, identifies each party. Democrats have been running on health care for at least 50 years. Obama insisted on affordable healthcare for as many people as possible and rejected plans for the public option or a single-payer and opted for a free-market exchange.

Mr. Novosad made a classic class war comment by saying that the rich people, businesses, and the middle class were going to be paying a lot more taxes and higher premiums  and that Obamacare was redistributing the wealth. He left out the part about the use of emergency room added about $1000 annually to a person’s health care premiums before Obamacare.

The writer said that Obamacare would cause chaos in the economy thereby killing decent paying jobs for the middle class and making them dependent on the government. Did Novosad completely forget about the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis that led us down this road of economic disparity?

 The Internal Revenue Service only audits 1 to 2% of tax returns because they don’t have the manpower and he thinks they will now have the time to snoop into every aspect of your life. The administration was criticized for not being able to roll out their website but now they’re supposed to be sophisticated enough to use the darkest medical records to intimidate average workers and their political enemies.

No most of Mr. Root’s analysis is not happening. The economy is improving and the stock market is booming, so capitalism lives on.

And then the writer ends with a cold war quote from Nikita Khrushev that was made when President Obama was two years old. Mr. Novosad needs to move into the 21st-century.


born2Bme said...

They just remind me of old men/women that have nothing better to do with their time and want to feel important and smart, when their time has obviously come and gone.
How many of you remember your grandparent, especially your grandfather? :D
I can still picture mine letting everyone know that their way of thinking was the only truth.

Mike said...

I don't see where a letter like the one he wrote makes him look smart.

My grandparents and parents were not political..but they were very religious which I hope is not the same...:-)

I don't know how old Allen Novosad is.

born2Bme said...

I don't see it either, but apparently he does.

Don't think it's about religion or politics. It's a mindset and can apply to anything.

Mike said...

You don’t have to like President Obama or his policies but if you don’t know the difference between Marxism, communism and socialism you can’t make that case, especially if the rich are getting richer. The stock market is a private entity, if we lived in a socialist country we would get our equal share but we obviously don’t.

You can’t quote from a book if you haven’t read it or know the full context of what you’re quoting.

Conspiracy theorists thrive because people don’t do their homework.

If you’re in the middle class, you can’t equate yourself with the top 1 to 2%, so don’t think you’re supporting the 47%.

Mike said...

So Rand Paul thinks "extended unemployment benefits "do a disservice to workers, causing them to become part of this perpetually unemployed group...Huh? Even Joe Scarborough jumped on Paul for that remark and several pundits are hitting him hard and they should.

Mike said...

Get me a big by of popcorn
"Republican Rep. Steve Stockman has filed a primary challenge to Sen. John Cornyn, a spokesman for the Republican Party of Texas has confirmed. The move sets up what could be an explosive battle between Stockman, a tea party favorite, and Cornyn, who has the firm backing of the party establishment."....:-)

Edith Ann said...

For those who are sure about Steve Stockman, here is a pretty good article that sums him up.

Mike said...

I make light of Steve Stockman running because the TV stations will start new affiliates in Texas, just so they can be the first network to broadcast crazy things Stockman will say.

Stockman will get tea party money from the Koch brothers, so he’ll be well funded. His backers would never want Stockman at any of their family gatherings, but he will be a good soldier because all he has to do is gum up the works in Washington.

This is a good time to run a Democrat for senate.

Edith Ann said...

Maxey Scherr has her Cruz Control campaign n high gear!

What kind of asinine letter did Robert Jackson of Shiner write? If these fools spent as much time bitching to THEIR party for THEIR failure to win elections, they might not have much to complain about!

Word from Cousin in DC about Stockman--"1 tea partier down, 29 to go!"

Mike said...

OMG,President Obama shook hands with Raul Castro and the RW is goings nuts.

I think we should restore our trade relations with Cuba,it's stupid not to.

Mike said...

I forgot about Maxey even thou she's my choice for US senator.....She's got a great ad.

Edith Ann said...

And I loved reading this... "Update, 2:00 pm: "Ducky Pajamas" Farenthold is not going to go unopposed this year! Wesley Reed has filed for the Democratic nomination of congressional district 27. Mr. Reed is a pilot for Fed-Ex and is also a Lt. Col. with the Marine Corps reserve. He and his wife Lori live with their three kids in Corpus Christi. "

Edith Ann said...

I am extremely disappointed that Geannie Morrison is unopposed.

Mike said...

That's great news,Farenthold is actually on the the crazy representatives from Texas list.I hope Mr. Reed defines Farenthold early and often,

BIGJ said...


NO...those letters need to be challenged. I can only think of four people who had challenged the right wing on the Victoria Advocate. One was the former editor of the Victoria Advocate, who is longer with us, there was another older gentlemen who died back in 2007, and then there was someone who called out white conservative letters during the Treyvon Martin Trial.

Mike said...

I absolutely agree BigJ,I 'm sorry for my misleading headline. It was a tongue-in-cheek statement meaning the letter was so absurd,no one in their right mind would believe a word of it.....I believe in freedom of speech but I don't think the paper would allow a writer to submit baseless charges against our mayor,DA,or county judge.

Pat Bean was the former editor who would allow the letter but would print a disclaimer below it....Yes,I agree with you,we should have some standards or place those letters in the cartoon section.