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Friday, October 5, 2012

You can’t stop to gloat

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This morning's job numbers ruined the celebration party for the GOP. It's as it's as someone turned off the juke box as they were still celebrating Romney's debate victory. Romney surrogate, former governor of New Hampshire, John Sunnu, told Andrea Mitchell,"What people saw last night, I think, was a president that revealed his incompetence, how lazy and detached he is, and how he has absolutely no idea how serious the economic problems of the country are, and how he has failed to even begin to address them,” Sununu — a top Romney surrogate — said on MSNBC Thursday. Those views are shared by people who think that this president is a product of affirmative action. They themselves could never make the grades to get into Harvard, or have what it takes to win the presidency, so they can't see how President Obama could accomplish all this.

This morning's job numbers show that we created when 114,000 jobs last month but most importantly it dropped the unemployment rate from an 8.1% to 7.8%. The 7.8% is what will be the headlines in tomorrow's newspapers because that's what it is on today's online versions. The conservatives have already cracked up their spin machine to create another government and liberal media conspiracy theory. We can argue the accuracy of those numbers, but we can't deny it's the same metric that has been used since we've been using the data. The numbers are good, but we would need another 10,000 jobs, in order to keep up with a population growth. We also have to remember that 7,600 people turn age 60 everyday and just give up being part of the workforce. It's a known fact that those with a college degree have an unemployment rate of around 4%. We also know that the most important statistic is how the voter feels on November 6th. As I've said all along, we have a consumer-driven economy, so when consumers start spending, inventories will drop and no matter what party of affiliation a business owner subscribes to, they will have to hire to keep up. The June and July job numbers have been revised upward. The housing market is starting to pick up; manufacturing is up slightly and so is consumer confidence.

We Democrats can't gloat because there will be one more job's numbers before the election but it is my opinion that the undecided will have made up  their mind by then. Recent voter suppression may have been overturned by federal judges but some voters may not be aware of that. It’s no time to get complacent or take time out to “smell the roses.”

I'm just saying that if we sit back and try to imagine lady justice balancing that scale. On one hand, we have a debate victory and on the other, we have an optimistic job number. It's my opinion that the job numbers will weigh so heavily in the president's favor that it will throw the debate victor off the scale. The Romney camp will have to go back revise their stump speeches where they say that unemployment has never been below 8%. They will make it the point that it's not good enough and the administration will admit that but touting Romney 12,000,000 jobs without specifics is not a good counter argument. I don't think the job numbers will get below 6% for another two or three years, no matter whom the president is.

Mitt Romney is dismissing the recent job numbers, but he threw those ardent supporters who agreed with his 47% comment under the bus, by admitting that those comments were wrong. That's what he would've said if Obama would have pressed him on it the other night. I think the reason for Mitt Romney's new found confidence is that he finally got out of that shell the hard-right conservatives put him in. He will now be the moderate Republican he's always been; he'll agree with the group he's talking to at the moment. The conservatives have no choice, but to sit back and hope that Paul Ryan will influence him. If you're a Romney supporter, you best not plant your feet in cement on what he says because there's video evidence to show that's not a good idea.


Edith Ann said...

As I was falling asleep last night, I was listening to oneof the MSNBC shows. They were playing the montage of allthe republicans repeating 'the 8% promise' quote.

And isn't Jack Welch a piece of work??? I gues because they have been to cheat to win, they think everyone does?

Mike said...

The democrats just let that 8% figure that's attributed to Barack Obama go, as just politics. Most of us know that a member of the administration, Christina Romer, made the quote that said the jobs number would never go but below 8% if the stimulus was passed. That was before they went and looked that the data that showed that we had a NEGATIVE 8.9% of growth when Obama took over.

After extensive grilling by Chris Matthews, Jack Welch, would not back off his statement that the Chicago boys cooked the books; even after he said he had no evidence whatsoever. I did see later that it would be nearly impossible for the bureaucrats at the Department of Labor and Statistics to bypass the protocols and firewalls to give a favorable number to the president. Even though I don't agree with the politics of Jack Welch and Steve Forbes, they are known as credible financial experts for the conservative point of view. The editor of the ultra conservative Washington Examiner said that the numbers are probably right but they were based on democrats lying about having a job... Yeah, I can see where the unemployed would lie for this

Bypassing the b/s is the reason I like to watch Bill Maher every Friday night... Last night Bill got Frank Luntz to admit that he makes his money by feeding the GOP talking points that will keep their low information voters happy... Frank Lutz also said he thought that President Obama would win the election.... Last night the disgraced former congressman Mark Foley questioned global warming because it was 83°in Florida and 113° in Chicago.. The environmentalist look at him and said" discussing a local weather report is not a credible start to this conversation." Conversation over.

Rachel Maddox said that today's GOP reminds her of the ruling party of Iran... The rulers are working on an intranet type of system for their people, where Google will be forbidden because it's poisoning the minds of their people.... I won't go quite that far because I can understand why they like to watch Fox or get their news from favorable journalists. It's when they start to deny the science, biology and accepted practices that I start to dismiss them. I don't know if they'll ever accept climate change, even if Iowa becomes a snowbird haven to get away from the cold winters.