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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My liberal friends are freaking out

Romney Rebuts Himself

I expected my wife to start freaking out because this is her first rodeo, but some of my liberal friends are starting to get a little nervous as the race is tightening. They're not listening when I try to tell 'em that Romney can't win the election without winning Ohio and Obama still has a 4 point lead in that crucial state. I can't remember who said it but my friends remind me of what was said yesterday “when conservative Republicans hear bad news; they want to kill the pollsters but when liberals hear bad news; they want to kill themselves." It may not be quite that bad, but some people think that this election should be a blowout, one way or the other.

This is the fun part where I try to match wits with public perception. I was wrong last week when I thought the jobs numbers would outweigh Romney's good debate performance. Most of the polls are moving favorably toward Romney, but we still have 27 days to go.

I've heard so many strategies of what Obama and Biden has to do but very little of what Romney and Ryan's plans are. Yes, it's obvious that the Obama campaign will take an offensive approach, but I'm pretty sure the Romney camp is expecting that, and they will have an answer. It'll be whether that answer is enough.

Joe Biden won't have the same problem President Obama in his debate tomorrow night because it's easier to walk away from ideas like Romney did, than it is from current proposals. Joe Biden's opponent, Paul Ryan, has submitted two budgets with substantial numbers on them. Paul Ryan might say that he is now running on Romney's plan but what does that say to his colleagues who took a political risk voting for his controversial proposals? If Mitt Romney loses, Paul Ryan, will likely be the budget director again, but he might not get as much support if he waivers too much on his proposals tomorrow night. Paul Ryan will get his first challenge tomorrow night because, so far he's only been preaching to his choir. Paul Ryan is getting a little testy, as he showed yesterday in an interview with a local television host. Paul Ryan was asked about guns and their relation to crime, and his answer was a standard “we need to enforce what's on the books." He also disappointed those that think that the president is a threat to the Second Amendment ,when he said “even President Obama is not asking for new gun laws." Paul Ryan as he typically does, tried  turning the gun issue into an economic issue by saying that more financial opportunity will reduce crime. When the interviewer asked if “tax cuts" were the solution, the interview came to a sudden stop, and Paul Ryan told him not to put words in his mouth. He seemed to be visibly angered. This is the time in the campaign where one gaffe or misspoken word dominates a two or three days negative news cycle.

The next debate between the presidential candidates will be about foreign policy where the president will have a lot to work with. Mitt Romney just gave a foreign policy speech where he said he would ask for 15 ships to be built along with three submarines. He has already asked for 100,000 more troops, so the question that should be asked is pretty obvious. Why is Romney requesting more than the Navy current plan? "The current Navy plan is to build 34 ships over the next four years — 10 in 2013 — including seven submarines as part of its goal to reach at least 300 ships by 2019. " Mitt Romney claims the president is weak in his support for the rebels in Syria. Our intelligence sources tell as that al-Qaeda forces are helping the rebels, so I wonder if Romney has the system to make sure that the arms we're supplying aren't going to Al Qaeda. Many of the things that Mitt Romney said he would do in the Middle East are already being done through back channels under the Obama administration. The president will have to walk a fine line between revealing our current strategy and combating political rhetoric.

PBS had a pretty good Frontline special about President Obama and Governor Romney last night. I learned a few things. For example,I didn’t know Mitt was involved in a near fatal auto accident. The special showed a lot of the  president’s college friends  although the conspiracy theorist said none existed. I didn’t know that Obama’s maternal grandparents were alcoholics.

Dish Network is offering their long-time customers a free movie. I see Obama 2016 is an option. Since it's free, I'll probably see it this weekend and blog about all the discrepancies in it next week; or not.

It's always interesting to see another opinion on how the Biden v Ryan debate tomorrow night will turn out and their reasoning behind it; knowing that a gut feeling is acceptable. I've stated my opinion; tell me your opinion.


Mike said...

The Daily Caller (Tucker Carlson) is already tying to handicap tomorrow's debate by crying foul because Obama went the tomorrow's debate moderator,Martha Raddatz's wedding in The debate commission is laughing off the absurd charge.

Edith Ann said...

I agree with the President--Joe just needs to be Joe! I think it will be entertaining and it will interesting to see how long Ryan can go without actually answering the questions.

Mike said...

I agree completely but who thinks that Joe will be anything other than Joe Biden?...:-) It's been successful for 40 years.

Yesterday, Paul Ryan jokingly got after some reporters for asking him softball questions and they were quick to respond. A reporter asked if Mitt Romney shared his views on abortion; you could see the veins in Paul Ryan's neck popping out as he assured them that Mitt shared his views...You see, yesterday Mitt Romney told the editorial board of the Des Moines Register that he doesn't intend to pursue anti-abortion legislation if elected, in fact he doesn't know of any abortion legislation that will come before him. Uh-oh, Paul Ryan and Todd Akin sponsored a person-hood bill that would effectively criminalize abortion and that would include rape victims.... Look it up; I’m sure Joe Biden has.

Mike said...

I still think that Tucker Carlson put out that tidbit about Obama attending the wedding of tonight’s debate moderator, Martha Raddatz, just to stir up the troops and bring attention to himself and his website. Nevertheless, the panel on" Morning Joe" made a point for transparency. ABC should have put that out because now that President Obama went on to become president, his attendance means a lot more now, than it did then. It's superficial but put it out there.

I've seen Martha Raddatz as a guest on the Bill Maher show a couple times; it's safe to say that she's no right wing conservative and certainly was not a fan of Bush/Cheney and the Iraq war.... I guess if Tucker Carlson wanted to do his homework, he could have shared a clip of her laughing at one of Bill Maher' jokes about President Bush but then again I’ve seen right wing conservatives laugh at those jokes.

Martha Raddatz is a foreign correspondent; it's not hard to imagine her having a friendly conversation with Joe Biden in Iraq or Afghanistan. How much transparency do we need?

Professionalism is a point I always make..Martha Raddatz is a professional journalist who does not want to be seen as a partisan hack after this debate. As a professional, she wants to be seen as being fair and impartial because I'm pretty sure she wants to be the first woman to moderate a presidential debate.

Mike said...

I finished watching the 2 hour PBS Frontline special and came away in disbelief of how conservatives could be so angry with President Obama for his healthcare plan although it's the exact duplicate of Mitt Romneys. The special showed where both Romney and Obama were reluctant to use the individual mandate but were quickly convinced that was it was the only way you could insure more people and bring the cost of health insurance down. Without the urging of anyone in his party, Mitt Romney enlisted the help of Ted Kennedy to get federal funding for the Massachusetts health plan... The Bush administration ended up supporting them with $400 million.

Mitt Romney said he worked in a bipartisan manner with the Massachusetts legislation but the fact is- he vetoed 800 bills but he was overruled most of the time. He needed a legacy of which he could use to run for president and he knew he could convince Democrats to vote for his healthcare plan and he could use it as a steppingstone to the presidency.... Of course it didn't work out that way but as the election goes on, and he's becoming warmer and warmer to retaining a lot of Obamacare. Some conservatives are dismissing his words because their main goal is to vote out President Obama.

born2Bme said...

Their main goal? It's their only goal.

Mike said...

Lol..Ain't that the truth.

1. Have you seen many (any) pro-Romney lTE?
2. Have you seen the core principle Romney stands for another, than I'm not Obama? Or I would have and will do it better..Trust me!
3. We'll see tonight because Paul Ryan is supposed to be the real deal;you know the numbers guy.

Edith Ann said...

Here is fun YouTube video to prep for tonight:

Mike said...

Thanks,there has been so many whoopers,I had completely forgotten the plant closing Paul Ryan blamed Obama for...I knew I should have bought the jumbo size Costco popcorn just for occasions like tonight's debate.

The new Romney tactic to let Mitt be Mitt works this way:

1. Mitt goes out and says what he thinks a moderate crowd wants to hear.
2. An hour or two later his campaign will clean up his statements for the GOP base supporters.

Anonymous said...

If you would like to see a great movie Mike, albeit with an open mind. Watch Dreams of my real father. Obama's not sueing the director for slander nor libel.

Wonder Why?

Mike said...

And to Anonymous I say this...Why not sign with an identifying name like the one you may have used at the VA or Edith Ann's blog where I can at least have some idea where you are coming from?

Great movie & open mind are in the mind of the beholder...subjective.

President Obama is not suing Fox News for slander nor the gobs and gobs of negative reporting by the right wing websites... Is that the new standard of guilt or innocence?

As I've stated several times, President Obama is not operating in a vacuum, he is limited on what he can do domestically because of Congress; people can have a legitimate difference of opinion on his foreign policy of which he is in control of because he's the Commander in Chief.

I not into conspiracy theories and neither is President Obama;that's for low information people.

Let me type it for the umpteenth time; people had a chance to go over the nonsense in 2008 and 69,000,000 dismissed it. Let’s move on.

Thank you for commenting but next time please use a screen name.. The readers and I would appreciate it....My comment filter slipped up this time but once I deem a comment to be spam; it won’t get pass the filter the second time...If that doesn’t work there’s always the robot v person identifier or the required email sign in. All of that is unnecessary with compliance to a simple request..Thanks.

Mike said...

Congressman Paul Ryan wants the moderator to call him Mr.Ryan instead of Congressman Ryan....Huh? The budget director of the 112th Congress doesn't want to take credit for their 10% approval....Joe,call him Tea Party Republican Congressman Ryan....:-)

Ovomit said...

Your deep grasp of miniscule matters is overidden by your ability to not see the beauty in cinematography. Joel Gilbert's movie is very compelling and Frank Marshall Davis, Ovomit's mentor, who shaped Ovomit's ethics and horrendous socialist beliefs is something to behold. It's outrageous.

That is, unless you're a communist.

Jack Boots and red flags for all.


Mike said...

Lol...I don't think you can find 4 communists in Russia...Red baiting and Mccarthyism  has never impressed me.....Can't debate issues ...invent one...:-)..The cold war is over.

Now excuse me while I enjoy the pre debate sows..

Mike said...

@TheOnion: Ryan Handed Romney's Latest Political Positions Before Walking On Stage

Rebecca said...

If I were to read this comment thread having not already decided who I would vote for, "Ovomit" would make me want to vote Democrat.

Thanks for keeping it classy, "Ovomit."

Mike said...

If you have to ask,you didn't watch the same debate I did...Not even close..Biden won and Ryan looked like a child get schooled by Biden.

Sugar Magnolia said...

In the words of the late, great Rodney King: "Can't we all get along"?

Yeah, sorry, Ryan's not the one that got schooled. Must have been looking through that foreskin to see otherwise.

Mike, I think you need to tighten that tie a bit....


Yeah, if one is that easily swayed by one small post by Ovimit on a blog, then perhaps one shouldn't show up at the voting booth come November.

By the way, "Dreams From My Real Father" rocks. "Big Daddy and I screened it privately", she screamed, "and we both approve of this message".

That is all.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Yep that coffee and syrup need fetching again.

Seriously, I didn't realize Frank Marshall Davis was such a hard-core communist being pursued by the FBI. What an enlightening film, as was the debate. I don't see how anyone could take Biden seriously with that ever-present smirk on his face. He was apparently amused by the whole thing. Too bad, as it's the only chance he'll get to debate a worthy opponent.

OK, I think I'll change that order for coffee and syrup to Duck Chow now. Don't ask. It is what it is...

Mike said...

More tomorrow on tonight's debate....hint the highlight will be on how weak Paul Ryan is on Afghanistan and Iran and Biden killed him on the fact that Ryan asked for the stimulus he rails against...but IMO,I think I heard Ryan position on abortion and a govern't role to abolish Roe V Wade....

Mike said...

CBS early poll on debate
Biden 50%
Ryan 39%
Tied 19%

Mike said...

CNN poll
Ryan 48%
Biden 44%

born2Bme said...

Biden was smirking/laughing because of how utterly ridiculous some of Ryan's answers were. Things that have been debunked over and over and over again, he just kept repeating as if people heard them often enough, it would somehow magically become true.
I guess Ryan held his own if you go for that kind of bunk, but Biden clearly knew a little more about things.

Edith Ann said...

Jack Boots? Ovomit? Mercy! Looks like Todd Jett is in the house tonight!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Yeah, we're both in the house, Edith Ann. And life is good for us.

With all honesty, the only thing I have to say is that the blatant disrespect and contempt Biden showed not only his opponent but the audience and voters surprised even me. Apparently the man was never taught manners, and the true nature of the Hussein Osama administration is really showing.

How disgraceful for a Vice President to act in such an uncivilized way.