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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I was just wondering

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I nodded my head in agreement this morning when I read the cartoon in the comment section. The caption read" I'll be glad when the election is over, and we can go back to being friends." I'll admit that politics is a contact sport sometimes, but it doesn't have to be.

As I was reading the article about the state of our economy in the business section of the Victoria Advocate, I was wondering what was going through the minds of those who are exclusively blaming President Obama for our financial mess.Do they even consider that the material that they have been reading might have a bias? I'm not saying that everything Obama touched turned to gold but the article substantiates everything I have been saying about what exploded the debt. I don't think our home town newspaper leans left or right.

The article listed the reasons in the following order:

1. The Bush era tax cuts
2. Interest on the debt
3. Afghan and Iraq wars
4. The stimulus
5. The Medicare drug plan

I would like to think that we can agree on the five reasons and then discuss methods of remedying the financial mess, knowing we won't agree on everything.

We should also agree that the sequester was a bipartisan proposal (170 GOP votes in the house, including Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor) to bring the parties together to hammer out a deal. As we know, votes are recorded, yet, Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, are now saying that they didn't vote for the sequester or the defense cuts that are embedded in them. How can you make a deal, when you can't even admit what you voted for?

I'll admit to enjoying the theatrics used on a campaign stump or in the political debates. I've heard of a good tactic that the president could use when confronting Mitt Romney tomorrow. I understand that it's the political season, so Mitt Romney wants to keep his cards close to his vest. It would be political suicide for him to say that he would eliminate Pell grants, the home mortgage or local sales tax deduction but not tax hedge fund managers" carried interest" as ordinary income tax rates. He and his surrogates have been saying that they don't have time to go into the details. President Obama could use that to his advantage by saying to the moderator, Jim Lehrer, “Jim. I'll relinquish the balance of my time, so that Governor Romney can have ample time to explain his $5 trillion tax cut, he says will be revenue neutral." I'm sure the Romney camp anticipates that maneuver, so it'll be interesting to see what their move will be.

It continues to amaze me how the viewers of Fox News will brag about outdoing their cable news competitors, but they don't consider themselves the mainstream media. If you're drawing two million viewers a night, even if it's just old conservatives, it's part of the mainstream. They keep using that victim card but isn't that the idea of Fox News is to present the conservative point of view;not the only view? The commentators of right-wing media and their followers are now doubting the polls, even the Fox and Rasmussen poll. Polling companies will not put their reputation on the line for one election. I do believe if Mitt Romney does pretty well in the debates; the polls will change and so will the commentary because the media has a vested interest in keeping this race alive.

We come together as a country after a weather disaster either here or abroad, wars, and even environmental mishaps, but we're miles apart on this fiscal cliff that we're approaching and it will have direct bearing on our lives.


Mike said...

I wonder if anyone thinks the Victoria Advocate has a bias when it comes to NATIONAL POLITICS because if they do,I've missed it.

born2Bme said...

I might be living in a bubble, so did I miss all of the signs and bumper stickers this time?
There doesn't seem to be the fanaticism that was in the past.

Mike said...

I haven't seen a lot of Romney signs(maybe 4) and bumper stickers and even fewer Obama signs but that's to be expected in Victoria.

You would think with all the anti-Obama rhetoric and anti-Obama letters,we would have seen a sea of Romney/Ryan signs...After all they are the alternative.

I do remember in 2008 some posters were trying to convince us how credible Sarah Palin was..:-)

Legion said...

The debate format should be interesting in itself.

Although the President wants the podium style, it is suppose to be like the Sunday morning shows. Both the incumbent and the challenger seated at the same table.

Mike said...

Yes the sit down style is supposed to be more civil..Remember the sit down debate between Joe Lieberman & Dick Cheney? I thought the moderator was going to serve them cookies and tea.

Both are tall,so the podium doesn't give one an advantage..For some reason, people do not like short

I remember when John McCain,Al Gore & George Bush used to walk all over the stage..In 2008,I thought John McCain was going to disappear from view at one time...:-)

Born2Bme said...

Wonder if Mitt is going to bet President Obama since he will be close enough to shake on it?
I think this might get interesting. Podiums are usually a good buffer and gives them something to do with their hands.