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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Final Debate

Tonight's final debate is supposed to be about foreign policy, but it wouldn't surprise me if Mitt Romney pivots to the economy as many times as he can. The incumbent always has the distinct advantage over his opponent when it comes to foreign policy. Mitt Romney is briefed on security matters, but he does not have privy to all the information a sitting president has.

I'm pretty sure the Benghazi incident will be revisited, but the New York Times story has brought Iran back into the spotlight. According to the story, it seems that Iran now wants to have a one- on- one discussion but the administration, and the Iranian representative denies the contents of that story. I believe the New York Times story because Iran has seen the value of its money drop 40% in the last two weeks, because of the economic sanctions. The Republicans are saying that the president should have done this long time ago when he had to be pushed by Congress before taking any action. That's certainly not true because it took a while to convince Europe and Russia to go along with the sanctions because it was against their economic interest. Dan Senor, a Romney foreign policy consultant, said the president should have backed the Green Revolution, and we would be in a stronger position than we are in today but that's coming from someone who advised President Bush to invade Iraq. Dan Senor insinuated that we should run any negotiations through Israel first, as if we are a subsidiary of Israel. I still think that we've been having back channel talks where both parties have walked away from the table but now the consequences of the tough sanctions have given us an upper hand in the negotiations.

Mitt Romney has criticized the president for not an arming the Syrian rebels, but if I were the moderator of tonight's debate, I would ask how far Romney would go. Would he establish a no-fly zone? Syria is located on the border of Iraq and Lebanon; could Romney ensure us that Islamic extremist would not get the arms intended for the Syrian rebels?

Mitt Romney said on day one, he would call out China for being a currency manipulator as all presidential candidates have in the past. China will have new government leaders pretty soon; and they will ask Romney if he's ready for a global trade war. As Jon Huntsman correctly pointed out; bellicose doesn't work with China.

Chris Wallace and Fox News must think that all intelligence reports go through them, before it goes to the president. I thought Chris Wallace, Britt Hume, and Senator Lindsey Graham's version of what happened in Benghazi is just pure partisan politics. They never mentioned, the Libyans, who helped us doing that tragedy nor the thousands who held signs condemning the actions of a few Islamic terrorists. They barely mentioned that the request for more security was for Tripoli not Benghazi. There're too many questions left unanswered, but they want their answers before the election.

It's funny how Mitt Romney and President Obama are right where this election started at 47% for each. The Democrats and Republicans are in their partisan corners waiting for the undecided to make up their minds. We now know that 2/3 of uncommitted are women. Mitt Romney has to win Ohio but if President Obama wins Ohio and Wisconsin and Nevada; he will be the 45th president of the United States.

I went down to cast my vote today, and the person next to me showed his driver's license but the poll worker informed him that it was not required. The man (a republican I presume) went on and on saying they should be required. I was going to refuse to show my driver's license if asked because I had my yellow voter-registration card. It didn't take me but a couple of minutes to vote straight party, verify, and push my selection with my stylus.

Go vote.


Mike said...

Mitt Romney agrees with all of the president's foreign policy positions....Guess that's why CBS rated the debate this way
Obama 53%
Romney 23%
Tie. 24%

born2Bme said...

As I was listening to Romney, I was thinking...didn't the President just say that? I think he was just trying to not make a mistake, so he just floated through the whole debate.
President Obama clearly won this one, but how much is it going to sway any voters? Foreign policy isn't important to a lot of people.

Mike said...

You're probably right born, foreign policy is not important to a lot of people.

I don't think the debate will sway any voters because as always, Republicans are going to vote for Mitt Romney and Democrats are going to vote for Barack Obama. The 4 to 5% of undecided voters in Ohio will decide this year's election.
I keep saying; republicans are great campaigners; they just can't govern....Mitt Romney ran as a base right wing candidate and beat the others in his party who were really more to the right than him but he outspent them.... It's my suspicion that Mitt Romney decided to move to the middle during the debates. Mitt would then deny all his previous positions leaving the Obama campaign to decide whether to attack Mitt Romney as a flip- flopper with no core values or try to win over the undecided with a plan for the future.

...Mitt Romney's insistence that he would not cut the military budget targets the Virginia votes which has a large military presence....When Mitt praised coal, it was to get the Southern Ohio votes and his new position of not letting GM fail, is for the voters of Toledo, Youngstown and northern Ohio... We saw him say that employers should not have a say whether a woman receives contraception in her healthcare benefits but earlier he said that he would've supported the failed Blunt amendment, which would have given employers permission to opt out for religious reasons.

I had to laugh this morning when one of Romney's surrogates was bitterly complaining about the Obama's foreign policy to NBC's Chuck Todd. Chuck told the surrogate that Mitt agreed with Obama's foreign policy; the Romney supported then said that Mitt only had 2 minutes to answer the questions.

Bottom line, if Mitt Romney gets elected, I don't have the foggiest idea of what he'll do.

Mike said...

LOLGOP, keeps me in stitches while I'm watching the debates with his tweets.

I'll share a few:

The only likable thing about 'undecided' voters is that they're smart enough to not want to admit they're Republicans.

Hannity and Palin think the president is arrogant, which is like Ronald McDonald thinking you wear too much makeup.

SHOCKER: The guys who thought we'd "win" in Iraq thought Romney won tonight.

"Mitt Romney passed the Commander-in-Chief test." - People who know Romney lost the debate but still want him to win

REMINDER: When Republicans refer to "The Founders," they mean Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.

See that look in Mitt Romney's eyes. That's the feeling a guy with $300 million has when he's found something he can't buy.

If you think your job is hard, imagine being the Republicans who have to pretend Mitt Romney won this debate.

Damn, you know this whole thing would be way more fun with Rick Perry.

And then Bill Maher twitted this.

" Mitt's entire debate strategy: What he just said, but from a white guy."

born2Bme said...

All I can say that if Mitt wins, I'm locking down my savings and sitting on it. I have no faith in anything Republican, because I know they will overshoot again and we'll be going through the same thing in 4 years...only the other way....again.

Mike said...

The only economic system the GOP has known since Ronald Reagan is supply-side trickle down economics...

The Plutocrats have done quite well under President Obama but That's not enough for them, so they'll support Romney.

I was hoping that Obama would have corrected Romney, when he said he would save Medicaid by block granting it to the states. The president should have reminded Romney (not that it would matter) about Paul Ryan's plan to replace the Medicaid entitlement program with a system controlled by states would cut federal funding by $1.7 trillion and reduce enrollment by 50 percent, according to a new report released Tuesday.

For the third debate in a row ,Romney has reminded the president about the rising food stamps recipients under his administration. That's good red meat for his base but last night he said" of course we will retain food stamps" knowing full well that the Ryan budget cut them too.

Last night Romney tried to take credit for an education system in Massachusetts that took place 10 years before he took office.

born2Bme said...

President Obama was trying to tell that, but he wouldn't say it when he got the floor. I think he could have explained that a little better. Isn't it a shame that President Obama isn't a walking encyclopedia? There are so many details that he just doesn't have time to learn for one debate.
Mitt took weeks to practice for debates and he didn't have anything else to do.

Mike said...

That's so true; John Kerry called Mitt Romney a walking Wikipedia because he memorized all his lines... He didn't know anything about the country's he was talking about other than what he learned in debate prep and it showed... He's just about money and avoiding taxes.

You could tell President Obama was getting frustrated because Mitt Romney was just denying what he had said previously... You can't prepare for a liar or someone who will say anything just to get elected.

Mike said...

On a lighter note: Donald Trump told Fox & Friends (now there's a match)that he will reveal a big surprise tomorrow....:-)

I'm not going to lose any sleep over it and I still don't know why he gets media coverage..Oh,wait it's Fox &

born2Bme said...

Donald Trump is a has-been, or in my book, a never-was.
LOL Not trying to be vulgar here, but can't they ever get a picture of him that doesn't look like he has been....well, um, hot dog comes to mind?
More than likely his news is going to be BC related.

Mike said...

NEW ALBANY, Ind. -- Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said Tuesday when a woman is impregnated during a rape, "it's something God intended."

Mike said...

Is this all?
"Donald Trump has just issued a $5 million challenge to Barack Obama -- if POTUS releases his college records, Trump says he'll donate $5 mil to a charity of B.O.'s choice.

Read more:

Let's start a collection to see 10 years of Mitt's tax returns.

Mike said...

BTW Trump has all the trumps card (no pun intended):

1. He gets the publicity & attention he craves
2. He gets to donate and deduct a donation to a charity.
3. He was going to donate to a charity anyway or he knows the president is not going to pay attention to him...He is just throwing out some red meat for the gullible Fox News people.
How did that birth certificate fishing expedition in Hawaii turn out?

born2Bme said...

Not even sure which of your blogs I should put this on.
I think I'm still in shock at the stupidity of some people.
I was on FB tonight talking to one of my son's co-workers. I haven't really known him for very long, and tonight he was talking about how some parents can't help their kids in school past the fourth grade since the kids are moving so much faster than we did.
Algebra came up and the grade that we took it, and he thought I was bragging on myself and asked me what I did now...meaning what kind of job I had. I told him I was a domestic engineer and I had never worked outside the home.
His response to me wonder you want Obama to win, you are on the government teat and want all your free money to keep coming in. Then he asked me how much I was getting on my Lone Star Card. WTH!!
Then I thought about it. I support Obama, so I must be one of those 47% in his eyes.
I let him have it with both barrels.
You may be thinking that he was kidding me, but no, he really meant it.
LOL He didnt' even know that Colin Powell endorsed President Obama and told me that he didn't hear it, so it's not true. He listens to Fox News