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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why I’m not a Republican

8/17/2012-Paul Ryan In Charge

I'm sure the title of this blog is not surprising or disappointing for someone reading this blog. The title is merely a metaphor of what I learned this week about the distinct differences between the parties. Whether they want to admit it or not, political parties will change over time. For example, I'm convinced that the party of Lincoln from 1860 to 1870 was the best political party of all time. Today’s tea party version of the GOP is 180°and from that party.

It has always been my suspicion that the current GOP favors business over the interest of the middle class ant it was reaffirmed when I learned that the speakers mentioned business 87 times, Afghanistan once and our troops were never mentioned. I guess the theme was the failed economy, but all the speakers told stories out of their rise from poverty to success. They emphasized owning a small business. That's all well and good but what's wrong with praising the teacher, the nurse, the mechanic, and a plant worker who will buy the goods so that companies can hire more people. They marvel at American exceptionalism as if it's always an obtainable goal without the help of government. In his speech, the other night Chris Christie said, “our American seniors are not selfish, and they're willing to make a sacrifice." I'm not disputing that but their plan doesn't ask them to sacrifice because that would be political suicide. Their Medicare plan starts 10 years from now.

Another example is not really caring about the rising cost of health care because the insurance companies will do what’s right. Thursday night, Mitt Romney rolled out a third version of repealing Obamacare. He will now repeal and replace but didn't give any details on the replacement. I know in my inner being ,that Paul Ryan has not changed his stance on Medicare from a year ago. He doesn't like it. He doesn't think government should provide social services and in his first budget, which the Republican majority reluctantly voted for,  he intended to replace Medicare with a voucher. He then saw  it as a political mistake(polls) and changed it to a choice voucher or status quo program; knowing full well that his voucher system would drain funds from the government Medicare. He's a disciple of Ayn Rand, but he knows that's not a popular political ideology.

I got the inspiration for this blog by watching Friday’s Bill Maher and some clips from the Jon Stewart show. Last night the Panel on Bill Maher, Soledad O'Brien, Jason Alexander and former adviser to Dick Cheney, Ron Christie discussed the lies of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. The discussion came to a stalemate because the one Republican Ron Christie, wouldn't admit that while the president was dancing at his inaugural ball, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and 13 others were plotting to vote against all his proposals in order for him not to become a second-term president. The Republican representatives will always allude to President Obama's promise to restore civility back to the White House, but they will ever admit that it never stood a chance. Jon showed a clip of Bill O'Reilly telling his guest that Obama's policies were failing. There was one catch; it was only 42 days after he signed the piece of legislation. Mitt Romney said he was rooting for Obama to succeed, but Jon showed another clip of Mitt of not completely disavowing the remarks of Rush Limbaugh when Rush said he wanted" Obama to fail" just eight days after he was in office. Mitt said it was appropriate for not wanting failed policies of Obama to succeed.

The Republican Party will never fully embrace the safety net because of the belief that everyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. There is now totally in lockstep by doubting the science of climate change. They think that taxing the well-off amounts to punishing success and is class warfare because they  all have aspirations of being wealthy. The party is not fully committed to diversity, and it shows. The party likes to paint the Democrats as being a party of ingrates, minorities, the poor and single women. They like to portray themselves as a party of successful people who pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, and you're only welcome if you're  not willing to do that. When will we see the Republican Party back a pro-choice president or vice president in the future? I think the chances of a pro life Democrat getting the nomination of their the party are a lot  better.

Mitt Romney tried to keep the GOP's reputation on national defense, but he was too vague and chose a country that we're not at war with (Russia) to act tough on. So, Mitt Romney became the first Republican since 1952 to accept his party’s nomination without mentioning war.

The Republicans are not my enemies per say; we probably share a lot of the same interests in sports teams, religion, movies, and in general beliefs but every four years  we will take that step to show that we're not totally compatible.


BIGJ said...

I'll take a bite. It is hard to type on a phone since the computer bit the dust, so bear with me. If the Democratic Party want to remain in power, then they should at least have a Presidential ticket where one of the runningmate be pro-life. Since this is Texas, the state Democratic must stop waiting for the future numbers to win. They must add some ideas from the Democratic Lifers, the Freedom Democrats, etc to win in 2014 or in 2016. The model works in Tennessee and in Montana.

BIGJ said...

I'll add this too. If the Texas Democrats want to gain influence then they should field a challenger to worthless Democrats like Shield Jackson Lee. Who by the way have a district with the most dropouts in Texas per capita in some reports.

Anonymous said...

Great point, BigJ. Much to the chagrin of some of my radical pro-life amigas in Lavaca County, the GOP convention did feature a few pro-abortion speakers. That means we actually have a number of leaders in the party that give in to various shades of being for abortion and these few were even allowed to speak.

You know I am against abortion, but as far as letting Condi Rice speak or hold office- it is what it is. I respect her experience and insight on foreign policy. I also pray for her conversion to protect all life.

I think the Dems could benefit from allowing pro-lifers in their camp in meaningful leadership postions.

Good to know about Democratic Lifers and Freedom Democrats, Big J. I'll have to explore further.

Mike, hope you're doing well. Glad to see you still have your blog. It's an oasis of sanity in blogdom and internet forums!

Have a great weekend,
Mary Ann

Mike said...

BigJ, thanks for commenting and you did just fine using your smart phone.

I get your drift but some would say that the Democratic party is too inclusive.

I wouldn't have a problem with a pro life candidate being at the top of the ticket somewhere but it would they would have to pass several other tests because the Democrats are not a single issue party. The democratic party is known as a pro choice party but they don't have a litmus test.

I can possibly imagine how Sheila Jackson lee has anything to do with the dropout rate in her district. She's a United States representative and not on the local school board. I believe constituents should vote for whoever they want and Washington, DC should not interfere. I don't think the administration should have interfered the New York mayor or senate races but they did. Either we want democracy or the the not. The DNC or administration doesn'r really care how I feel....:-)

Mike said...

Mary Ann
It's not as if the Democrats are actively rejecting pro-life candidates at the national level; the more conservative Republicans are challenging and beating the ones running as Democrats. People or what they are.

I don't know about local or state races but I would say that if you're a pro- life purist; 99.9% of time you are a diehard social conservative Republican. That won't change anytime soon.

The Democrats respect and will abide by the Hyde amendment (no Federal funding for abortions) but they will also abide by Roe V Wade, which is the law the land. They will fight feverishly against intrusive public policies against women.

U.S. Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) is pro- life Catholic who is able to recognize the good Planned Parenthood does with 97% of its programs for women.

The Democrats I've heard speak (and there are many) have the utmost respect for the pro life movement but they know they were elected to uphold the constitution and represent the wishes of their constituents.

Thank you reading and enjoy your Labor Day weekend

Edith Ann said...

Let's see Mary Ann. With as much dissent and discord that is present in the republican party today, do you really expect all of the representatives to hold the exact same views? The party is splintering and they are grabbing at whatever they think will take hold. If that is putting pro-choice folks out there to sway independent pro-choice voters, then they do it. The Dems will do this too, but we don't have to go all out on it; we can be small scale because we don't have the in-fighting that the republicans do! You guys eat your own! Brutal!

At this convention, we saw them throw bones to every possible segment you could imagine. We also saw them spend very little time talking about their candidate! Anne Romney scored ZERO with convincing me she's and Mitt are in touch with everyday people! And those poor Ron Paul folks sitting in the attic! They are mad, and they are not going to let y'all forget it!

Mike said...

Lol..." And those poor Ron Paul folks sitting in the attic!"

Sad but true ;their golden boy Ted Cruz's speech was not aired by the major networks.Ron Paul chose not to speak because he wanted the same privileges that was given to Clint Eastwood.

This year's GOP ticket features a luke warm pro life Mormon from Massachusetts and a pro life purist from Wisconsin who has only worked for the government. What a contrast from previous years where Texas and the south had a prominent role in the GOP.

Edith Ann said...

But I saw Perry interviewed at the convention and he's in for another term! We are going to have to work hard. That guy has to go. He's killing Texas and we are the laughing stock of the nation!

Yeah, can you believe they want to vet Paul's speech (that says a whole lot), but Eastwood was on his own! What where they thinking? Wouldn't you just love to be sitting in those next morning recap meetings? I know I would.

Mike said...

Here is an idea..We can hope a wing nut Tea party candidate like Debra Medina runs against Perry to split the votes and run someone like Bill White (again) but this time make DEBATES a must.I know Debra Media will be up for a debate. There's not a microphone she doesn't like even if it's Glenn Becks.

Edith Ann said...

I don't see how Perry can refuse a debate next time without looking more the fool than he does after his last debate experiences. But he could.

Mike said...

That's my point,if two candidates vying for governor agree to debate and one opts out it will go negatively against Perry. He already has a reputation as being a bad debater...Even the die-hard favors a fighter over a wimp.

Legion said...

Off topic, but interesting.

I just watched about the last 25 minutes or so of a re broadcast on cspan book review featuring newly elected US Senator Barrack Obama from 11-23-04.

Mr. Obama was kind of naive back then. Some of his answers to questions did and did not predict his future.

Asked if he would run for President someday, he replied, paraphrased, "First, I'm 99th in seniority in the senate, all I care about is serving my constituents in Illinois."

In answering two other questions, both times he mentioned making health care affordable and available to the uninsured.

On terrorism, he answered that Al Quada gained a foothold in Indonesia only after the Asian financial crisis. He also said that terrorism is only a tactic, that we are not at war with terrorist but a ideal. Also he suggested that our foreign policy should follow a pacification program, to give the children of Pakistan hope that their lives would improve so they wouldn't be drawn into terrorism groups.

It was interesting to watch, and he sure looked a lot younger 8 years ago.

Mike said...

I didn't see the program but I'm not so sure he was naive because he might have been referring to a Tom Friedman idea. Tom said back in the days before 9/11 we were using the Middle East (Not Pakistan) as a filling station and ignored the Madrassa schools which were very prevalent in Saudi Arabia at the time. Our foreign aid to Pakistan was intended to feed and educate the children but it quickly became military aid....It is well know that unemployment is very high in the Middle East so luring the poor into a doctrine of terrorism is relatively easy.

I know al Qaeda got its start in Indonesia but I don't know why.

BIGJ said...


You asked what does shiela Jackson Lee has to do with local affairs? Well my answer is this, what does a college drop out, and housewife, state rep. Geanie Morrison have to do with local education? Jackson Lee is nothing more than liberal black version of Michelle Bachmann.

I am a person who wants results and solutions. Too many of these problems been around long before I was born. I am 30 years of age. These problems need to solved now and not to be kicked further down the road. Shiela Jackson Lee is suppose to solve problems and all she is doing is playing politics, racial or otherwise. Now she should use her office to sent staffers and herself to school boards offering solutions or at least bring awareness to the issue.

BIGJ said...

Last week or so, former senatorial candidate Sean Hubbard and I was discussing the election of 2014, after I pleaded to him to win against The dewyperry machine. The democratic party of Texas better be mighty careful in picking a candidate against Perry and Dewhurst. Bill White is an awful candidate in 2010.

The next candidate for Governor and Lt. Governor must and should take the fight to the very people who hold Perry on high. People like clear channel who is by the way owned by Bain Capital.

Mike said...


I just threw Bill White out there because it doesn't matter who the democrats put up unless there's a third party candidate to split the votes. Texas is a red state, so despite all his faults Rick Perry still has 40% of the republican vote and a boat load of money. A Tea Party candidate can pick up the disgruntled republican vote and some money from tea party Super PACS,like they did in knocking off Dewhurst with Ted Cruz.

Right now the DNC or Dem Super PACS are not going to waste any money on Texas races because their money is tied up on the presidential campaign.

Dewhurst can self finance, so if you are going to beat him bring your checkbook... It's all about the money.

Mike said...

Obviously Sheila Jackson lee and Geanie Morrison are your personal pet peeves.

Michelle Bachmann is not a serious politician but more of a media hound. She is not a deterrent for good legislation.

I don't know of any problems that Sheila Jackson lee is currently stirring up that will prevent us from solving problems. Many people think that education should be solved at the local level without federal intervention of any kind.

Believe it are not, there were problems that we went through that was started 15 years before I was born such as the Great Depression and my parents went through the same cycle and on and on.

I'm confident that we will solve a lot of our problems but it will be a 11th hour decision because we're not going to be left with another choice.

BIGJ said...

Let me to be harsh here. Media Hound? Maybe we should drop 'und' from the word. Social Media will be a tool to defeat Dewhurst, if the state party stop playing around.The party must also have attack dogs on ceertain supporters of the DewPerry Rein.

Mike said...

You might be right BigJ but that takes tons of money which the GOP has.