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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Victoria’s own Cartoon Network

I look forward to my morning Victoria Advocate. I pour myself a cup of coffee, skip the front page and go straight for the comments section and latest anti- Obama letter- to- the editor. I need my morning chuckle and I'm hardly ever disappointed.

This morning, a letter writer compared diehard Obama supporters to a flock of sheep. He had the audacity to lecture us because I'm pretty sure he voted for a  ticket that had Sarah Palin on it. This type of Republican can never figure out why someone would vote or think differently from him. They're sheep; that's his answer.

I don't know who the "YOU" the letter writer was referring to but since I'm a proud diehard, Obama's supporter ,I'll take that title for the purpose of this blog.

Last night I was watching a show where I was reminded of the severity that the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis brought upon this nation. President Obama has yet to hear these words from his fed chairman," Mr. President, if we don't act by this weekend, we won't have an economy on Monday morning." Republicans act as if that chapter isn't in the book. The Republicans think the president should have brought this country back to where it was with the $867 billion stimulus bill in two years or so. They'll say that's a lot of money, and that's true but eight trillion dollars of capital was taken out of the system by Wall Street. The $867 billion stimulus was equivalent to hunting whales with a BB gun. The administration didn't complain. They went out and stopped the 750,000 per month job losses. There are several charts out there to look at the difference between the job losses between 2008 to 2012. This has been a jobless recovery but it would take another blog to explain the reasons why.

There's no question that Solyndra was a bad investment, that was started by the Bush administration but that was no reason to continue it. The administration learned its lesson from the fiasco; they will now give federal grants to research universities and allow them to pick the winners and losers. That idea is picking up because private companies are also funding those research laboratories. We're not going to give up on solar energy; we used to be the leaders of this wonderful technology at one time, but we sold it to Germany.

You have to ask the people of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa if keeping GM alive was a good idea. Never mind, the president is up by eight points in Ohio and leading in those other states. That's a good metric. The Chevy Volt has not taken off as expected because it's too expensive, bad marketing, and gasoline prices aren't that high. I remember when my Toyota Prius stuck out like a sore thumb, but now they are everywhere. If Israel strikes Iran, GM will have a back load of Volts to fill. Republicans like Mr. Bunch are rooting for America to fail so they can tie it around the president's neck. I remember when we bailed out Chrysler years and years ago, but I don't remember Democrats rooting for their products to fail.

President Ronald Reagan didn't take a sledgehammer and personally tear down the Berlin Wall with his own hands but Republicans give all the credit to him. I understand the reasoning because metaphorically we always give to credit to the president at the time. Not so, with the killing of Bin Laden. Anyone who has read about the attack knows that even though they had nine months of intelligence (not Bush's) they only had a 50-50 assurance that Bin Laden actually lived in that compound. The anti -Obama types would still be hammering the president if that mission had failed. That's OK because most Americans knows that with the support of the Commander in Chief, al-Qaeda have lost a lot of their leaders. The president doesn't have to worry about his foreign policy credentials.

I would like to know how Obamacare has sucked up Social Security money. Perhaps he meant Medicare, but I doubt that he would criticize Paul Ryan for using the same  $716 billion to balance his budget proposal. Obama took is from the providers but Ryan Paul took his from the seniors.

What can I say about another writer who probably gets all their news from Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity? I read this recent study, which is similar to the one Farleigh Dickinson University put out in 2011.

 “The largest effect is that of Fox News: all else being equal, someone who watched only Fox News would be expected to answer just 1.04 domestic questions correctly — a figure which is significantly worse than if they had reported watching no media at all. On the other hand, if they listened only to NPR, they would be expected to answer 1.51 questions correctly; viewers of Sunday morning talk shows fare similarly well. And people watching only The Daily Show with Jon Stewart could answer about 1.42 questions correctly.”

MSNBC viewers also did worse than those who watch no news at all but only in the international news section of the study.

Among those who did the best in the study are people who only listened to NPR or watched Sunday morning talk shows or “The Daily Show

I don't need a study; all I need is my morning Victoria Advocate comment section;that’s proof enough.


Mike said...

In reading Dale's response and the letter from Mr. Bunch leads me to believe that there's not really a plan with specifics.

Mr. Bunch was concerned about the bankruptcy of some private companies we funded but like several Republicans that I know; they have no concern for the ordinary Americans who went through bankruptcy because of high medical bills.

If the goal is to repeal the Affordable Care Act and not replace it with something else then I think GOP should be upfront with the voters and say that.

Mr. Bunch was concerned because taxpayers funded the GM bailout but it's a known fact that the private industry did not step up; leaving government as the only option an it worked.

"Balanced budgets, minimal government, strong defense, peace through strength" are just words strung together without any specifics..For instance,who wants a weak defense,who doesn't want an efficient government and who wants war?

Mike said...

Mitt Romney & the GOP need to come up with specifics..For instance under Obama our progressive tax system will stay the same for those netting less than $250,000..Mitt Romney needs to say if his plan includes eliminating the home mortgage deduction, child tax credit or others where economists say he will have to in-order for the numbers to come out...Under Obama's plan every dollar above the $250,000 rate will be taxed at the same rate as they were under Clinton.

A generic answer of 20% across the board is not going to cut it as he will find out in the debates.

born2Bme said...

The only reason the GOP didn't want to help the auto industry was because they knew if the companies folded, the Unions would go away, then they could restructure it, sans the unions.

Mike said...

You are absolutely right born and here are some little know facts about the that deal.

"On December 19, 2008, a week after Republicans in the Senate had killed a bailout bill proposed by Democrats, saying it didn’t impose big enough wage cuts on the U.A.W., Bush unilaterally agreed to lend $17.4 billion of taxpayers’ money to General Motors and Chrysler, of which $13.4 billion was to be extended immediately. He had to twist the law to get the money. Deprived of congressional funding, he diverted cash from the loathed TARP program, which Congress had already passed, but which was supposed to be restricted to rescuing the banks. “I didn’t want there to twenty-one-per-cent unemployment,” he said to a meeting of the National Automobile Dealers Association in Las Vegas last month, explaining why he acted as he did. “I didn’t want history to look back and say, ‘Bush could have done something but chose not to do it.’ ”

Read more

dale said...

Mike, no plan with specifics? Duh. There is a plan and it has to be "drain as much wealth out of this country and indebt it to bankruptcy before the rest of the Republican Party figures us out."

I spoke with another Republican. He asked me where he could get a Romney sign. He was watching Fox. I really had to regain composure after my first 90 second explanation of what was going on. The fellow kinda gave me the deer in the headlights and I told him we had someone at the GOP Headquarters in the late morning until early afternoon.

So much more work to do.

You copied me: " Balanced budgets, minimal government, strong defense, peace through strength" are just words strung together without any specifics."

These are the understood specifics of the Republican grassroots:
a) Balanced budget: prioritize your spending. Identify needs and wants. Do not waste a nickle. Take in as much as you spend. NO DEFICIT SPENDING!. (I have heard your talk about spending, I will believe you when I look at your families assets to liability and find you operate in the bankrupcy column. Then I will know you are a typical democrat who wants everyone else to spend their money, but not you). No response is needed. We will never agree here.

b) Minimal government: Education is left to the states. Border Patrol to the fed. Welfare to the states. Interstate Commerce to the Fed. Do not grow your departments faster than the population growth or revenue enhancement.

c) Peace through strength. You attack us, kiss your arse good bye. But this also means don't build weapon systems you do not need. Got a hundred nukes, why do you need a million?

Grassroot Republicans (do or should) know what we tell our politicians. The Politicians do not listen, or they are taking pay-offs and do not want to listen.

I know what we (do/should)stand for, unfortunately, I also know how the Democrats want to pay for all the handouts y'all want to give.

On the same hand, I also know who Mitt Romney is. Maybe he would be better off in your VP position slot.

Mike said...

I will try to work with what you gave me.

" understood specifics of the Republican grassroots" is not an answer; at best it's a goal and just your opinion of what a Republican grassroots are.

My family's assets and liabilities nor yours for that matter doesn't have a thing to do with our government.

You start off by using the conservative talking point" Then I will know you are a typical democrat who wants everyone else to spend their money, but not you." Like I always say "my income tax goes into the general fund like everyone else's"..It's all part of "we the people."

Amending the constitution will take a 2/3 vote in the legislation and 3/4 of every state's legislators to pass if you want to start dismantling the Federal government and it's authority... What you have is a wish list.

Empty rhetoric like " . You attack us, kiss your arse good bye" is not a foreign policy. There are times we can do more with diplomatic diplomacy. All you need is one nuke because no one's ever going to use one.

That "handout line" is getting a little old and unnecessary, if you want denigrate those less fortunate than you, you go ahead but don't make it political.I can look back at the history of politics where Democrats and Republicans have voted in and retained social programs for as far as I can remember. Remember what I wrote the other day, I'm not going to have these right wing/left wing; "I'm better than you are arguments." I've had my fill of them. That's the part you left out in cleaning up my blog... I'm not going to apologize for the safety net and I will feel good going to my grave supporting it.

A couple of things: When I was in the workforce, I had a standing rule: keep my family out of the argument. Number two, don't hand us your castoffs, Democrats are satisfied with Joe Biden and they seem to be winning.

Mike said...

You know I like to toss around facts and figures and sometimes I'm proven wrong but what irks me is that some believe they are right because they are not challenged. There are a lot of times I shrug it off but as Bill Clinton proved at the Democratic Convention the other night,sometimes it's time to lay out the facts...I can't recall all the numbers but he said more jobs are created under Democratic presidents and I came across an old stat I had saved in a Word.

"1913 through 2007 Average Deficit Spending with a...
Democratic President in Office: 75.7 billion dollars average per year
Republican President in Office: 158.5 billion dollars average per year
1977 though 2007 Average Deficit Spending with a...
Democratic President in Office: 44.4 billion dollars average per year
Republican President in Office: 310.6 billion dollars average per yea
Democratic Controlled House/Senate: 167.6 billion dollars per year
Republican Controlled House/Senate: 297.3 billion dollars per year
Neutral* Controlled House/Senate: 203.7 billion dollars per year
* One branch controlled by Democrats, the Other by Republicans
The Criteria Used
The CPI (Consumer Price Index) was used

Facts are facts.

born2Bme said...


Many, if not most, of those handouts wouldn't be necesasary if corporations put America first instead of their bottom lines.

Do you really think that the majority of those unfortunate Americans "want" to be unemployed, homeless, and/or starving?

You get the jobs to come back to America and most of the rest will take care of itself.

Mike said...

It's typical Libertarian bs " I 've got mine" attitude which is the reason they have to piggyback off the GOP;they can't get elected if they run as a Libertarian.

Mike said...

KAVU reported a fight between Edna & Yoakum football players last week  but left out the details...Anyone know the story ? 

born2Bme said...

It's in the Edna paper but I can't get to it right now.. The husband is reading paper right now. I'll let you know when I get it.

Mike said...

Thanks ,I tried to read the Jackson County News but you have to be a subscriber....Say it ain't so ,Bobby Bell switched to the Republican Party?

born2Bme said...

Just said that it may have involved students and football players from both schools and Edna High School admin. staff.
"It was trash talk, is all that was said," said Edna Athletic Director Mike Pierce.
Seems this happened after the game.
The investigation is continuing and nothing has been decided yet.

Mike said...


Mike said...

Not saying things are going bad for Mitt Romney but his camp now realizes he so far behind that they have given him permission to tout Romneycare and the GOP is seriously thinking of taking back their resentment of Todd Akin..There's a senate seat to win for Pete's