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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Really,it’s the bias liberal media?

I've been watching politics for longtime and I have yet to hear a campaign say that the  liberal bias is the number-one reason a campaign is seen as being behind.  Even the right leaning Rasmussen Poll and Fox News  Poll has Romney/Ryan behind. I saw  a Romney staffer tell a reporter yesterday, that their internal polls show them ahead in some swing states.  I imagine if he really had data, he would have and shown it to Fox News by now.

A lot of people are skeptical about polls, and that's understandable, but when you have 20 polls that all show Obama ahead in all of 'em, I believe there's at least a trend.  I also believe that Karl Rove is the person to watch because, when he starts using most of its cash for downhill candidates; it means he's given up on the presidential race.  Mitt Romney will spend three days in Ohio, but that's three days that's he's not in Florida, Virginia, Colorado and Iowa where the president is leading and gaining steam.  Mr. Romney cannot lose Ohio and Florida and win the election. No Republican has ever lost Ohio and won the presidency.

The Republicans say that they still have a lot of time, but 26 states have already started voting.  The Romney camp has put all their eggs on in one basket; the upcoming debates.  It is my opinion that Romney has to beat Obama to a pulp in the first debate, or he'll never be able to recover.

It's really too bad because Mitt Romney is not a bumbling nincompoop, he's a good businessman, intelligent, and yesterday at the Clinton Global Initiative, he looked very presidential in laying out a worldwide plan.  He even told a funny joke about how a few good words from President Clinton can do wonders for one's campaign.  He said that he was expecting a pretty good bump in a couple of days. Mitt Romney might have gone down as Jon Huntsman did, running as the moderate he is, but he's trailing the president by a good margin because he doesn't believe in the stuff he is saying.  For example, on Univision, he told a moderator that he was proud that the Obama campaign is calling him the grandfather of Obamacare.  The next day, his campaign said he was just being facetious.  A couple of years ago, he railed against those using the ER for their medical needs  he correct;y said it was driving up the cost of health care.  Two years ago Romney said that's why he believed in universal health care.  Sunday he told Scott Peavey of CBS 60 Minutes that the  uninsured wouldn't be without health care because they could use the emergency room.

I really expect the polls to tighten as the election nears because some Republicans, really hate President Obama.  Buzz Feed is reporting that over a million copies of the film claiming President Obama's true father is a Chicago Communist is now being shipped to Ohioans.  Republicans have always relied on the fear card when they are clearly behind.  They don't realize that the president has been in office for close to four years and people have already made up their mind about him. They dismissed the propaganda in 2008. A lot of voters who usually vote for the Democratic party may be disenfranchised with voter suppression laws, but  we will have to wait and see.

I really don't know why Texans are wasting their time trying to persuade voters not to vote for Obama by writing fact- challenged letters because the state will give all their 38 electoral votes to Mitt Romney.

I enjoy watching Joe Scarborough, host of "Morning Joe" hyperventilate and bang his head with the palm of his hand after hearing yet another gaffe from Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan.  This morning there were still talking about the story in the blog "Politico"about the Romney camp being furious at Paul Ryan for the AARP event and because he is using PowerPoint presentations as part of his stump speeches.  On the other hand, the two will be appearing together because Mitt Romney can't generate that much excitement from his stump speeches.  It didn't have to be this way, but the GOP decided to leave their best players on the bench for the 2012 presidential election.  That decision may have been disastrous because the Democrats had a uphill challenge in holding the Senate, but if it was held today; they would win the Senate and gain one senator.  The ineptness  of the Romney campaign is making a likable and pretty  good politician Republican senator, Scott Brown, to go  negative in trying to keep his seat in Massachusetts.

Tighten up your chin straps, buckle up your seats; we are in for nasty 40 days down the stretch.

It's funny how that goes because, if you're a Republican, you are taught at a very young age to hate unions.  That has its limitations because Governor Scott Walker and Paul Ryan are barking at the owners' to settle the strike and bring back the union refs.  The National Football League is a $9 billion industry, but it's allowing its main product to suffer just to show who's in command.  Severe Injuries are up because the replacement referees are not equipped nor do they know what to look for from these professional players. 


dale said...

What more do you expect from a R candidate who averaged 35% in the primaries. What goes around...

You would think the NFL owners would know a little better. Egos. "Yeh, I am in charge and I'd rather destroy the party than to give up one bit of control."

(Oops, I should have put that comment on the first statement. Well it can apply to both issues.)

Come arounds... HA!

Mike said...

lol...He might have averaged 35% in the primaries but the others did worse.It's gotten so bad that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is reconsidering supporting Tod Akin's campaign...I knew it.

I'll have to wait for the book that will tell us why Chris Christi,Gov. Daniels or Jeb Bush didn't run this time...I'm sure there is more than one reason but I'm thinking that they knew they couldn't appeal to the Tea Party base.

Once the GOP realizes that President Reagan is dead-- they just might find someone to run who can deal with 21st century problems..The 80s are gone and irrelevant.

Mike said...

The NFL owners mistreated the players before they unionized..I remember reading about Dallas Cowboy,Walt Garrison getting a horse trailer as a signing bonus and Bob Lilly found out in an all-star game that he was one of the lowest paid lineman in the game.

The fight is over retirement benefits,the owners want to freeze the refs pension but match their 401ks at a higher rate..The refs have second jobs,so its not like they are depending on their salary increase but they do want their share of the pie..Place in on the ticket holders because they never seem to mind..:-)

Edith Ann said...

You missed a fantastic talk last night from Gilberto Hinojosa!

I'm waiting for the debates!

Mike said...

The debate next Tuesday night will supersede

Mitt is a lot better with scripted answers that he can memorize..On the other hand,Obama comes off as being too professorial but who knows they just might let them take off the gloves and go at it...I hope so but because we know there is no love lost between the two.

Legion said...

The NFL players before the players union, you mentioned him Bob Lilly.

In 71 or 72 my dad was President of the Stroman Booster club, he managed to get Bob Lilly to come be the speaker at the banquet. I guess he needed the $$$.

I was 12 or so at the time and I got to shake Bob Lillys hand, I remember thinking he is a giant! The biggest person I had ever seen.

By todays NFL standard, he would be considered average size at best.

Mike said...

Yes,Bob Lilly (Mr.Lilly) would be too small and too slow today but during his hey day,he was a force to be reckoned with...He was worth the price of admission.

That's a memory you'll never forget.

Mike said...

Speaking of old-time football ,I remember when Larry Cole of the Cowboys went after Washington Redskin's quarterback Sonny Jurgensen and the sportscasters-said that sack took three minutes off the clock....:-)

dale said...

Mike, you really should consider regaining control of your blog. When EA started having this chatter, she put in the robo-controller.

Gotta be multi-personality disorder. Do they all talk to each other at the same time?

Mike said...

Thanks, dale,but I think I have full control of this blog.

I don't read it in the wee hours but now that I'm up.

Dear Readers:I decided not to go back to the VA because I didn't like the free- for- all content and the chillness attitudes of those who have no respect for others.

This is a bias political blog in which I make no bones about it; I welcome a factual rebuttal but I will not let this blog be a venue for chain-email material, or any I THINK inappropriate...Blogger Is free website and open to the general public to post your own personal blog about anything you want.

dale said...

Mike said: "Once the GOP realizes that President Reagan is dead-- they just might find someone to run who can deal with 21st century problems..The 80s are gone and irrelevant."

IMHO the mention of RR is not hero worship. I also think it has nothing to do with RR. The sole reason has to do with a battle within the GOP between conservative principles and moderate "let us all get along, and benefit financially from it too."

Ever since George Bush the Elder the moderates within the party have controlled in dialogue. They are probably only 15-20% of the party, but they do control the overwhelming wealth. The Conservatives (in my thought) range from the libertarian group to the tea party folks and total perhaps 55-60% of the Republican voters.

What is my proof? It is all in the state and national party platform. I have read each National Party Platform back to 1964. The issues have never changed. The wording has remained the same. What are these issues? Balanced budgets, minimal government, strong defense, peace through strength. Nothing in it talks about tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy. We do not talk about endless wars. Our platforms do not mention Health Care for All via the Massachusetts Plan.

So how did the moderates gain and hold the party for 20+ years when they comprise a minority position? Money. More importantly, allowing the conservatives to have their platform, telling them what they want to hear, playing on Fox,then blowing us off on the 7th of November. These strategies are what got Romney, McCain, Bush, Dole and Bush into the nomination.

Finally, I really think the tide is turning. The Libertarian Arm of the Party now has a solid 18% of the vote. The Tea Party Republicans are gaining strength. And after Romney is humiliated, the moderate RINO gig will be close to being up. (Hopefully, we can locate their money before they ship it to the Caymen Islands on November 10th. I just love those patriotic RINOs.) For RINOs it is all about principles: their money and their power to control the money.

And yes this message is approved by dale.

dale said...

And this article validates some of my last post. Who are the moderates and why? Rinos are not the grassroot Republicans.

Mike said...

I was referencing the last two GOP presidential debates where every single candidate spewed out the words “Ronald Reagan" every 15 minutes, just so they could stay ahead of their opponent....

Ronald Reagan raised taxes six times, grew government, and didn’t repeal Social Security, Medicare or the Department of Education as he promised.... He wouldn't be welcomed by today's hard right base....IMO.... Ronald Reagan won because he was an optimistic man, something that's not seen in the Republican Party today. Reagan was more pragmatic than he was ideological. Oh, he was a true conservative but he didn't always govern that way.

I hate to keep telling you this Dale but the demographics have changed and we no longer have a “Leave it to Beaver” country because we now have a multi- culture one and it shows up in the polls. The Republican label has been tarnished with hateful rhetoric and it can't continue with a base of only old white men and their spouses. Your party can't keep alienating women, minorities, and the 47%.

Platforms are just that, but it's still about getting 51% of the voters.

dale said...

You are correct about numbers. But with your 47%, that gives real Republicans a better shot by winning with 53%. It is all about the numbers.

Re old white men. Many of the 18% I believe we have now are young college students. Once your "old white men are history" we will then have the young college kids in control running with my and others like me montra of small government and liberty for all, to be what they can be. And the beat goes on.

Mike said...

The 47% is a metaphor about not caring about the average person and it's not a mathematical figure... It's making an impact because several GOP states are now in play because of that remark. Mitt Romney angered the white " lunch bucket" voter.

It's not my " old white man" it's a term the pundits are using.

Good luck with your theory.