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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let the 47% eat cake

This is the first of more to come

There has been a lot of “first time I've ever heard of that" in this presidential campaign, but I've never seen a campaign self- destruct in a period of two weeks. I can't imagine how Mitt Romney would have reacted to the 2008 financial crisis or a terrorist attack. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he implemented Romneycare but in the clip I posted, he seemed at ease telling the fat cats that he wasn't gonna worry about those people. He made similar remarks after the NAACP convention saying, “I’m not going to give them free stuff." Mitt Romney said those words were off the cuff but I'm not buying it. 

Mitt is hitting on a popular Republican theme for not raising taxes on the 1%. The Republican argument is that 47% of taxpayers don't pay income tax is running thin. Most people understand that because of unforeseen circumstances, many taxpayers were laid off, and they now fall into a bracket where their deductions, credits, and adjustments allow them to receive back more than they paid in. Older people living on their pension and Social Security checks are in that 47%. Students entering the job market for the first time might be in that 47% and so the point being; not everyone who ended up not paying income tax last year is a deadbeat Obama voter. Talk about class warfare.

Mitt Romney is not one to preach about government handouts because he only pays 13% to 17% income tax on his earnings while the rest of us pay more than that. We don't have tax shelters in the Cayman Islands. His tax plan calls for 20% cut across the board, but it still gives him a very healthy tax cut. The wealthy will get their tax cut by eliminating some middle class deductions and credits; however, it has not been announced.

I don't know why the conservative pundits are angry at Mitt Romney. It's the same message they've been preaching. I think that they want him to say the words that will win him the presidency and then enact the Ryan budget which will be devastating for those who are already struggling.

The Romney apologists will now reset their aim on the indigent, making them the scapegoats for all our ills. The same ol' made-up stories of poor people loading their grocery baskets with prime ribs and other expensive food, paying with the Lone Star card and driving off in a brand-new Lexus. These stories are as close as the storytellers will get to understanding economics'. If you ask them for the percentage of GDP, Welfare, the SNAP program and Medicaid represent; they will say it doesn't matter because they don't know. 

I still believe that Mitt Romney is an intelligent businessman, but now I think he's a con artist because he must know that Wal-Mart (one of his top donors) will not let him go after China for its currency manipulation. It's that currency manipulation that allows Wal-Mart to buy cheap Chinese products and sell them to us at a good profit.

Mitt Romney has been trying to please the base, but they can see right through him because, as they say, “a leopard doesn't change its stripes." Mitt Romney should have run as a moderate Republican because that's what he is. He's a Rockefeller, country club Republican, and it's easy to see that in his economic plan and tax policies


Mike said...

David Brooks,conservative columnist,for the New York Times wrote this masterful column this morning:

"Romney, who criticizes President Barack Obama for dividing the nation, divided the nation into two groups: the makers and the moochers. Forty-seven percent of the country, he said, are people "who are dependent upon government, who believe they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to take care of them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it."

This comment suggests a few things. First, it suggests that he really doesn't
know much about the country he inhabits. Who are these "freeloaders?" Is it the Iraq war veteran who goes to the VA? Is it the student getting a loan to go to college? Is it the retiree on Social Security or Medicare?

It suggests that Romney doesn't know much about the culture of the United States. Yes, the entitlement state has expanded, but the United States remains one of the hardest-working nations on earth.

Americans work longer hours than just about anyone else. Americans believe in work more than almost any other people. Ninety-two percent say that hard work is the key to success, according to a Pew Research Survey.

It reveals that Romney doesn't know much about the political culture. Americans have not become childlike worshippers of big government. On the contrary, trust in government has declined. The number of people who think government spending promotes social mobility has declined.

The people who receive the disproportionate share of government spending are not big-government lovers. They are Republicans. They are senior citizens. They are white men with high school degrees. Far from living in the thrall of liberalism, the people who receive these benefits are more hostile to government than the average American.

Romney's comments also reveal that he has lost any sense of the social compact. In 1987, during Ronald Reagan's second term, 62 percent of Republicans believed that the government has a responsibility to help those who can't help themselves. Now, according to the Pew Research Center, only 40 percent of Republicans believe that.

Mike said...

Talk about panic.

"Conservative commentator Bill Kristol is floating a Paul Ryan-Marco Rubio ticket for 2012 to take on President Obama."

Bring on the

born2Bme said...

Add that to the fact that it is businessmen like himself that are responsible for shipping our jobs overseas.
People "should" have 2 choices.

#1. Get a job and support yourself and your family.

#2. Sit home and freeload.

Problem is that now there is a #3.

#3 Try to find a job, cannot find a job, so are forced to go on public aid to feed self and family.

The #2's and #3's are miles apart and nothing like each other and neither are they at fault. The Mitt Romney's of the business world are at fault.

Mitt is so far removed from the reality of the plight of Americans, that he is unfit to lead them.

Mike said...

You should have ever heard Romney's main spokesman, ex-New Hampshire Governor, John Sununu, trying to spin, deceive and change the subject as Andrea Mitchell was grilling him about the statement. He cited the Obama website for promoting class warfare, President Carter's grandson for filming the event, the liberal media for exploiting the statements and he showed the same discuss for the conservative media who criticized Romney..... He did what he was supposed to do but I bet they had to check his blood pressure afterwards.

born2Bme said...

I bet people are going to have to go through strip searches from now on at those "luncheons" LOL

It's good to know what he really thinks of the vets, seniors, and disabled Americans.

Can you imagine what kind of ads are going to come out of this one?

Mike said...

Things are looking up for Mitt Romney...Todd Akin came out in his defense today..:-)

dale said...

OK Mike. The bottom 47% pays no taxes. The top 1% pays no taxes or as Mitt says he paid in the 15% bracket. That leaves 52% of the population carrying the load?

Heck, the working poor pays 6% of SS at least. The thought he doesn't relate just keeps keeps getting closer and closer to true reality.

Saw my First Mitt sign on Mockingbird. It has very little eye appeal. A Ron Paul Presidential Nominee doesn't look quite so bad any more? Huh, oh fellow GOPers? At least he would have never embarrassed us like this one. You have reaped what you deserve.

Let us work to gain the house, senate and make headway in the local races. The Mitt Campaign will go the way of McCain, the trash heap of compassionate moderate Republicanism.

Mike said...

You forgot "I'm Dale Zuck and I approve this message."....:-)

Edith Ann said...

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have the same attitude about the 47%. They just used different words to marginalize and dismiss them.


Mike said...

Excellent point EA,how would the one (Ron Paul) who lost to Mitt Romney do any better?
Ron Paul is 0-3 in presidential runs.

Edith Ann said...

There are no safety nets with Ron Paul. If you didn't plan ahead to become disabled, or if you are a child with parents who stuggle to put food on the table and there's no money for insurance, well, that's just your tough luck!

Paul is a doctor. He took an oath that starts out, "First do no harm..." I'd be curious as to how he defines 'harm'.

I think Ron Paul is 0-3 because most folks have figured out what his plan really translates to for the average American. He's kind of far out there.

Mike said...

I received a call yesterday evening from a relative, whose wife is in the hospital. She's 51 years old and for the first time in her life she's been diagnosed as a type II diabetic. I know from experience that it's going to take a few years to make the life changes needed just to control this disease that leads to other diseases like hypertension. Preventative care will keep down the costs of treating this disease. First, you have to know for certain that you are a diabetic, and then you have to accept it, take medication, exercise and eat and drink accordingly. It's manageable but I feel sorry for the millions who will never know that the complications they have may be from diabetes.... That's why I'm adamantly opposed to anyone who says “Want health insurance? You're on your own."

I'll never forget the shouts from the Republican crowd "let him die" when Wolf Blizer was asking Ron Paul for his answer on what to do for man who hospitalized but didn't have health insurance.

You see, my relative works for an industrial plant as a contract laborer but he can't afford his company's lousy health insurance and he makes too much money for Medicaid. I'm not making excuses and I don't know their priorities but now I know their dilemma.

Mike said...

Dale said "OK Mike. The bottom 47% pays no taxes. The top 1% pays no taxes or as Mitt says he paid in the 15% bracket. That leaves 52% of the population carrying the load?

I don't agree with your assessment because we're all in this together and no one is carrying the load by themselves. Some are down but they're not out and are waiting for us to get our act together, so they can be a larger part of our recovery and future success.

I'll go to my grave believing that the unemployed would gladly trade places with the employed because that's how the majority were brought up. I also believe everyone admires success but in these perilous times, I think the wealthy should pay a little bit more in a shared sacrifice sort of way. The wealthy will always make money because money makes money, so a 3% or 4% increase in their taxes will not send them into financial ruins.

I've talked to conservative buddy of mine and we agreed that this country is not broke, there's plenty of money inside our country; it's just not circulating. Like it are not, we are a credit based economy and if money is not circulating, the housing and jobs market will remain stagnant and they are engines that drive our economy since will no longer have a viable manufacturing base.

dale said...

Yes Mike, I make no qualms with my thoughts. I do not hide behind a first name (which may or may not be your real identity.)

Circulating or not, debt is debt. Who you owe it to is still a debt. Someday, yours, Obama's and the Establishment Republican choice to spend money which does not belong to you must still be paid off.

EA you say RP is 0-3. You are correct and you must take credit for having authorized an additional 3 Trillion debt upon the grandchild you dearly love. So when your grandson must start paying off the $100k you and yours "gave" him he will eventually learn that there were those of us who wanted to gain control of the evil gift you authorized.

EA and Mike, spending other people’s money is so easy. Giving it to someone else is even more fun. Devaluating the currency seems harmless.

I saw a Life photo of America's Billionaires. There are 425 of them in the US, according to Forbes. They control $1.5 Trillion. OK you two smart ones with your math skills calculate for me how long their total assets would last when you authorize another round of deficit spending? Hint: the US Gov’t 2012 budget deficit is $1.1 trillion.

Tax them 100% of everything they own. How long will their assets stay in the Federal treasury.
Gee. You and EA didn’t use up all their money. Why not pay off the 2011 deficit? The 2011 US deficit was $1.5 Trillion.

Well you two compassionate folks cleaned out the Billionaires. The next rich ones are the Millionaires. Mike said “it was just that money was not circulating”. So let us circulate the millionaires cash.
There are 8.4 millionaires in America.

They control about $30.3 Trillion. Lucky for them , we only need to steal all of the assets of 30,607 of them to take care of Obama’s 2011 deficit.

Now that you have those numbers, tell me what the price of milk and bread will increase to as we wipe out wealth producers, distribute to others and then devaluate the currency because there are fewer folks left to pay for 2013 deficit? Now, let us assume the minimum wage doesn't go up, how much less bread can the working poor purchase?

I am Dale Zuck. I am a true Conservative Republican and I do not believe in spending another's hard earned money and destroying their children's chances of a better life here in America. Contrary to Mike and EA thoughts, sometimes in life we are called to account for the Legacy we have left for our children. Between the Democrats and the Moderate Republicans your two thoughts are the same peas in a pod. Romney/Obama…same thing.

dale said...

For college students there may be college courses available which teach the economic theory of Moderate Republicans and Liberal Democrats.

Moderate Republican Economic Theory 211

Liberal/Socialist Democratic Reallocation Economic Theory 213

FYI. The courses are interchangeable and they qualify for your science fiction economic literature course requirements.

Thanks Mike for the wonderful openning you offered me to analyze the differences between Moderate Republicans and Democrats. See, there is just not that much difference between the two theories. Each have a "mine, mine" basis. The contrast is which 47% seems so dedicated to their "nominee/president". In the end, it is all of us and the children who suffer.

Mike said...


First things first, Dale, this blog is a hobby and I'm under no obligation to reveal my full name and anyone wanting to reveal their first and last name, does so voluntarily. It does not make them a better person, more transparent, or truthful. It doesn't help me to know someone's full name because all I'm asking for... is their opinion. I don't think they are hiding anything by not reveling their identity.... If you put up a blog of your own, you can establish your own rules and you'll never get criticism from me on how you run it.

That's quite an angry response but the fact remains that government is WE the people, not other people's money.

I'll take credit for the $3 trillion dollar debt, if you'll take credit for burning up the planet and denying poor children healthcare in order to give the wealthy their tax cut.... What good will it do to leave your grandchildren millions if their water is polluted, their food supplies are running short because of the heat and future generations are dying because of no health care?

If you would pick up a civics book and read a couple of chapters, you would find out that the president can't spend anything that the Republican controlled Congress doesn't authorize.

After you get through with that you can dust off an economics' book which will tell you that you can't work on getting more people back to work and bring down the deficit at the same time... Spending cuts tax capital out of the system and creates job losses. You gotta find a happy medium.

You offered a lot of irrelevant numbers but I'm still not shedding any tears for the rich; you're perfectly free to carry the water for them but supply side trickle down economics' has never worked.

I don't get myself bogged down worried about the deficit and the debt but because I know there's a lot more to worry about such as the environment, foreign policy, future investments, infrastructure, education, and civility toward each other.... I don't get into the talking points such as making a big deal about people's grandchildren because it is just a boiler plate scare tactic, Republicans like the use... I'll take care of my family and you take care of yours and it's got nothing to do with the government.

Mike said...


What took you so long because you brought out the righwing talking point "Liberal/Socialist Democratic Reallocation Economic Theory 213... It's just sour grapes because Ron Paulites cannot get anyone to agree with their Laissez-faire 17th century economic philosophy.. It's a Ayn Rand " I've got mine" justified selfishness... To be more precise, it's anti-government,anti-taxes," may only the strong survive" philosophy...No thanks.

Just remember that it's just your analysis. Nothing more nothing less.

BTW I'm not suffering, neither are my children, and I have no fear that they will.

It's not always about money.

dale said...

OK Mike,

Which Party have I blamed for the mess we are in?

Reminder, My Republican Party. I expect it from Democrats. :)

Angry response. Come now, you do not know angry. In Romney's defense, is not Mr Obama trying to pander to the 47% which did not vote for him? He is looking for the 6%. And it is the Democrats who constantly says the "wealthy" do not pay. Talking point? You should know. Let us take it all the way back to McGovern.

You like the term "we". Funny, it is "we the people" when you think you can get an advantage from it and from other peoples stuff. You and me are refering to "we" because you noted the 47%. You sure grabbed onto that. (Romney), would only be for his voters and no one else. Surely you jest. That would be saying that Mr Obama is only concerned with "his" 47%.

Now, I agree I may be one of the few conservatives who comments on your blog. But surely, it is a hard stretch of the imagination to connect me with the environmental destroying, greedy self-gratifying ...

So you say: "I don't get myself bogged down worried about the deficit and the debt...there's a lot more to worry about such as the environment, foreign policy, future investments, infrastructure, education, and civility toward each other.... I don't get into the talking points". You are right your "talking points" are much more standardized than any the right side could come up.

And did you like the refer
ences? All name brand sources. And taking from the "wealthy" is like harvesting all the whales in the world. First there just aren't enough to go around. And after they are harvested... there is just no more of them.

Oh, "taxing the wealthy/wealthy pay their fair share" talking point.

If you will re-read my earlier post... your sides economic theory is the exact one as the moderate Republicans. Actually, y'all are identical twins, that is why your classes are interchangible. The only difference is who your two parties are trying to "stick it to". My Dad used to say... "Don't tax me, don't tax thee, tax the one behind the tree." Probably even born of the same father.. FDR.

Mike said...

You should look up the stats,8 of the 10 states that do not pay income are red conservative states like Alabama,Mississippi,Arkansas,Georgia,South Carolina etc...Romney voters.

I've being saying "we the people" every since I can remember,that's Republicans,Democrats,liberals,conservatives,Christian,non-Christian,gay or straight..My blogs are there..look it up.

We are in a slow economy and when we are in this situation and the free market is not spending, and the consumer is not spending then the only option is the government ...Keynesian and you are right both parties have used because it works...Your austerity methods will not work.

I may have paid more taxes than you ever will pay but I did it willing because I'm part of "we the people."..I even served for 3 years @ $45 a month ,so I don't have a guilty conscience of doing my part but I despise bragging about it.

Edith Ann said...

Okay. I'm confused.

I was supposed to 'plan' for my rainy day according to some. These same folks are also concerned about what my children and grandchildren might be facing in the future.

Why don't we just tell them now to plan for their rainy day and go on abut our business?

Yeah, the financial issues will pale compared to a planet that is not sustainable! That concerns me a great deal. Sitting on a big fat wad of cash isn't going to clean our water or clean our air.

born2Bme said...


You won't have to worry about mine, or thine, if republicans get their way.
Demand will drop to zero and then everyone, from top to bottom, suffer, and the deficit continues to spiral out of control.
You can't get sap from a tree that has already been cut off at the ground. You cannot get something from someone that already has nothing to give.
Go ahead and preach what you are preaching if it makes you feel better, but it's unworkable.
The "only" way to get things under control is to put people back to work so demand increases and if it takes the government to get it going again, then that is what it's going to take.
Big business will never do what is right for the Country and it's people, so who does that leave?
All of the public assistance is what's keeping this sick economy afloat.

Mike said...

How patriotic,GOP senators block a billion bill jobs bill for Vets because it might Obama with his reelection.

dale said...


I can't defend what you want me to defend. The one's who are in power, by and large do not share the Republican Grassroot values. If you took the time to read the Texas and Nat'k GOP platform, you would see many of "Our values" are preached. When you compare the legislation "carried by and passed by the GOP elected ones, the actions do not compare to our Platform. And that what I "Preach" day in and day out.

Republicans who we elect, do not vote how we ask them to vote. After Nov 4th, they belong to someone else. They vote someone elses agenda. Show me where I am wrong.

"You won't have to worry about mine, or thine, if republicans get their way. Demand will drop to zero and then everyone, from top to bottom, suffer, and the deficit continues to spiral out of control." Do you really believe that? What do the Republicans grassroots really want?

"You can't get sap from a tree that has already been cut off at the ground. You cannot get something from someone that already has nothing to give." ---- I can agree with that. But who do you want to get it from. And how much? If we have a $1.1 Trillion deficit, and you took every nickle from the "billionaires" this year, who do you satisfy your needs with from the following year?

"Go ahead and preach what you are preaching if it makes you feel better, but it's unworkable." ----I agree it is unworkable.

"The "only" way to get things under control is to put people back to work so demand increases and if it takes the government to get it going again, then that is what it's going to take." --- Who do you expect to "hire" these folks? Someone has to have savings from where to start a business. Someone has to purchase the goods they are selling. Who and how do expect people to be put back to work. If I said... "open your own business, sell what you are best at. Take advantage of what you do best." What would you say. (You'd say I am heartless, and not understanding.)

Big business will never do what is right for the Country and it's people, so who does that leave? ---It leaves each individual to do what he is able to do for him/herself. If you can shine the best shoes. Shine shoes and then hire more shoe shiners. If you can sell insurance. Sell insurance and save money and open your own agency.

All of the public assistance is what's keeping this sick economy afloat. --- Yep, eat today and let our grandkids pay for it later. That is the way it has been done by Moiderate Republicans and Democrats for 40 years. And that is why we are the deep trouble we are in.

At least we (Conservative Republicans and B2, EA) are starting to understand that.

Have a great evening. And thank you Mike for allowing us to have a great forum. (And for not kicking me off because I have supposedly such different views.) But then again, maybe we are getting closer than we will admit it. ;)

born2Bme said...


The way I see it, we were doing pretty well under Clinton...when those in power while he was in office, made those with more, pay more. Everyone did better and the Country dug itself out of the hole it was in from the Reagan and Bush years.
The economy didn't come to a screeching halt like it did while Baby Bush was in office.
But, on the other hand, I didn't like it when Clinton signed NAFTA, even though the idea was born with Reagan, and the first Bush had already signed the documents before he left office. All it needed was Clinton's signature. Clinton could have stopped it.

Of course, all the billionaires could not pay down the debt by themselves, but asking them to pay a little more would start chipping away at the deficit and the interest saved would be cumulitive. It has to start somewhere and it can't start at the bottom because that would lessen demand even more.

"Who do you expect to hire these folks?"

Well when all the tax breaks are taken away from companies that send their jobs oversees...even 1 job, maybe it would be more profitable for them to spend their money here in America and hire Americans. Give them a tax break ONLY if they build here and hire Americans. Slap them with some kind import tax to be paid into unemployment if they decide to keep thier plants overseas. If they cannot do for America what needs to be done, then they don't deserve to be able to peddle their products over here either.

Individuals, and major companies, cannot make money if no one else has money to buy their products. A poor person will not hire someone to shine their shoes. They will do it themselves. There is only so much money to go around when there are no jobs and that money goes to basic needs...period. Get all the people off of public aid and see what happens to the local economies. Unemployment goes through the roof, local businesses close, people living on the street, crime exploding because people are not going to just sit around and starve to death. They will be angry and take it out on innocent people, most likely those who still have jobs.

We are in the deep trouble that we are in because all the jobs went oversees, so why are those companies allowed to bring the cheaply-made products back over here and charge the same price they would be charging if they made the products here?
Right now, you have a government that cares nothing about America, or the ones that do, do not have enough power to change anything.

I don't know how you feel about this, but the economy is built from the ground up, while most Republicans think it is built from the top down. They are so wrong. The customers are at the bottom. It takes workers to earn money, to increase demand, to buy the products that the top tier is selling. Without those buyers, the top tier comes crashing down. Without buyers, those who have money, just sit on it.
Somehow, there needs to be balance again. Nothing short of government intervention is going to help get that balance back.

I guess I'm rambling, but you get the idea.

dale said...


Absolutely B2, We were much better off under Mr. Clinton. After Reagan, Clinton has moved into my #2 favorite president of my lifetime.

Reagan blew it by allowing the merging of super corporations. He and Bush the Elder allowed 20 airlines to shrink to 5. They blew it by allowing Carbide to be bought by Dow. They blew it by allowing the gas companies to merge thus eliminating competition.

Yes B2, we all must pitch in regarding the national debt. I heard the tax code is 600 pages (?) with loop holes for everyone. Both the R and D buit that. And we allowed it because you and I wanted our little loop hole. The tax code should be one page and 9 words long... "EVERYONE/EVERYTHING in America pays x% of their earnings.

Not only must we pay more to get us out of this mess B2, but we should expect less. Perhaps "We the People" should be given a year to create a national priorities document. We rank what is important from top to bottom. To cover things we forgot, we can give the politicians a free 10% to fight over.

Letting corporations take things overseas did get us in deep doo. You are correct B2. I think your suggestion of stripping take breaks to those taking stuff overseas should b edone immediately. When corporate America plays nice with America's workers, we can play nice with them. Perhaps a 75% tax on executive bonuses for everyone who has "outsourced" America's jobs... and yet whose executive choose to reside in the USA.

Yes B2, I too agree that America was built from Main Street to Penns Ave. WE have allowed corp to become people and allowed them to buy politicians. But, "We the People" allowed that to happen.

On your points, it seems that we totally agree. Wow, what a revelation. Perhaps you are now ready to join the Neo-Libertarian, Conservative Republican Party. Right now we have a membership of two or three. But we are growing. It seems the Grassroot Democrats and Republican have more in common than that which separates us.

Unfortunatly, until more of us can band together, I must continue to work within the framework of the GOP. Perhaps you and Mike will work within the Dem Party, that is until "We the People" are finally able to merge our thoughts together and force our elected officials to work for us... and not the special interest.

Thank you B2 for answering my questions. And Back to Mike, who works to bring us all closer together.

Mike said...


Unfortunately my DSL will be out until Monday, on my blog writing desktop until Monday,so I will attempt to answer some of your questions using my Pad on a 4G network...This blog will have to do for now until Monday.

I don't need to change parties because my ideas are the same as, they have always been.

I am totally against a FLAT TAX  because it benefits the rich and hurts the poor.
The problem we have is income inequality so until we fix that problem the progressive tax system with the adjustments,credits, and deductions (you call them loop holes) is best.
Outscourceing started 30 years ago surtax on a CEO is  unconstitutional and besides, we like the cheap products from Walmart...We can't compete in those  manufacturing jobs anymore besides the  jobs came with good-paying UNION jobs which your party has effectively destroyed.
Jobs are the priority not the debt....A $2.2 trillion infrastructure bank (private/public) is what's needed while the interest rates are  and still available. 

Mike said...


I want to explain the idea of raising taxes on those making more than $250,000.
Everyone knows it won't solve our budget problems but that 3 or 4% increase will
allow other worthy programs from being cut by that amount...The wealthy will pay
what they did during the Clinton years where they made off like a bandit and then your
GOP gave them two tax cuts on top of that....That's redistribution of the wealth from the
middle class to the rich.

Sorry about the multiple posts but I not used to typing that much on my Pad,so I do it in
small chunks.

born2Bme said...


We need to address fraud in all government programs. That alone would make a huge difference. Unfortunatly, many of the jobs associated with sniffing out fraud were eleminated in the name of smaller government.
So, we don't necessarily need smaller government, we need a more efficient government. We do not need to be cutting government jobs that are there for the very important reason of saving taxpayers money.

Mike said...

Overr $400 billion of waste,fraud,and abuse every year and about that much in uncollected taxes...Have no fear,the IRS has purchased and put in service a lot of brand-new computers...All those 1099s that were not reported will get an automatic form letter complete with penalties, and tax...Tax will have until Dec., 31,2013 to take and pass a test in order to prepare taxes for other people...After passing the required test ,they will have to attain 30 CPE credits in order to remain a registered tax preparer....

Mike said...

It's one of those days where my DSL Internet connection was out and I was not satisfied with it being that way until Monday morning between the hours of 8AM and 12:00.. I was told this at 11:30 this morning and I've been fiddling with it since.... I'm on a network, so I just got the message that said that my laptop was connected to desktop in my Wireless Network... For some reason, and I don't know what I did, I'm back on the Internet... Shhh, don’t tell AT&T but I’m not going to call them back because something made it to go out.

Mike said...

Smarty Pants,AT&T..They just called and said they saw my internet connection was working..Of course they said they did something on their end but they gave me a couple of options..1. Say Yes,and cancel the work order 2..Say no and stay on the line for a technician...Darn,I had to say yes and in a micro second,the computer generated voice said,"thank you and good bye."

Mike said...

Dale said "And thank you Mike for allowing us to have a great forum. (And for not kicking me off because I have supposedly such different views.)"

Quite the contrary, I should be thanking you for contributing to the discussion.

I can't imagine a scenario where I would consider to kicking you off because you have a different point of view, that's what makes us unique...:-) Mutt & Jeff,Bevis & Butt head or Amos & Andy.

dale said...


"We need to address fraud in all government programs. That alone would make a huge difference."

Wow, I could not say it better. I guess I will have to make a concession to the new Party Name. I will have to drop the "Republican" and add Commonsense Party to make it the Neo-Libertarian Conservative Commonsense Party. Well B2, I better get to work filing papers. For some reason I am sure we will get a huge following of disenchanted D and R in our new "Party of Commonsense".