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Friday, September 14, 2012

Romney is starting to scare me

A few months ago, I said I would not fear a Mitt Romney presidency because Congress would be somewhat of a deterrent for his most irrational policies. I've changed my mind because of his bellicose rhetoric as a potential Commander in Chief. I now see him as a person who would "shoot first and ask questions later."

About four months ago, Mitt criticized the Obama administration for endangering the family of the blind Chinese activist, Chen Guagcheng, seeking asylum in the United States. He did not know that Hillary Clinton was working behind the scenes with China to work out a successful deal from the Chinese government that they eventually received.

Recently, Mitt drew fire from some Republican leaders for interjecting his political criticism of the administration's handling of the recent death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American's deaths in Libya. Mitt Romney has been trying to paint President Obama as an appeaser and being weak on terrorism. Pundits thought that the cowboy rhetoric was coming from the neocons on his staff, but a reporter said that most of the hot air was coming from Mitt himself. Mitt Romney is used to being in charge, and he doesn't like being painted as being weak on foreign policy. Mitt says that he would have a strong military which would demand respect around the world. How naive, we can't bring in the Marines to start indiscriminately shooting protesters in a foreign country. We took the rational approach and sent in the FBI who quickly arrested four suspects. The suspects may not be the ones who attacked the U.S. Consulate, but they might lead us to the ones who did. It's in the hands of the FBI, where it should be. The president has dispatched two navy warships to the coast of Libya, as a show of force. The situation in the Middle East is very unstable right now, but it can only be handled by one Commander in Chief at a time.

I really don't mind Mitt questioning the latest actions of the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, who recently started a new round of bond-buying, known as quantitative easing or QE3. Mitt Romney and the Republicans think this move is a political one, even though the Federal Reserve is an independent entity. Ben Bernanke is a conservative Republican who thinks our economy is in dire need of more stimulus. He knows the risk of inflation, but these actions will keep the interest rates low enough to help the housing market and small businesses with hiring and training costs. The stock market immediately rose after the chairman's decision. We'll have to wait and see the aftermath, but it's a step in the right direction. Consumer confidence has started to pick up.

I know President Obama is up by six points nationally and is leading in all the critical swing states but the Republicans desire to remove Obama from office might outweigh any question they might have answered in a poll. The Democratic voters might just say that the presidents got it in the bag, so it's not imperative for them to vote. I even saw where Pennsylvania's voter ID law might be overturned or at least put on hold until after the election, but that state is too important for Democrats to start getting complacent. They need to keep registering voters as if the law will be upheld. I got a kick out of one of the Republican judges saying that his ID card could open any Federal courthouse, but it would not entitle him to vote because it does not have an expiration date on it. He also said something to the effect that steps should be taken to ensure elections are free of fraud but can a law that was enacted overnight really assure us of its true intent. For example, it took Georgia up to five years to work out all the kinks before presenting it for a successful vote.

I'll be watching because, as predicted this election will be one to behold. It might even surpass the 2002 Bush V Gore fiasco.

Meanwhile, I'm going to keep up with that 77-year-old Texas grandmother who was caught speeding and refused to show the police officer, her driver's license, so she got yanked from her car and thrown to the ground. Of course, all this was caught on the police video, and the broadcast went viral. I don't really know what the correct procedure should have been but in hindsight, I think the police officer should've called for backup, disabled her car because you don't want a speeder to take off again; putting herself in danger. It's a good thing that these confrontations with old people are rare. It was just a speeding ticket, and the police knew where she lived, so it's not like the police didn't have the ability to give her a summons at her home. Perhaps this is a lesson for old people...:-)


born2Bme said...

Mitt is just full of hot air and has to take every opportunity to "TRY" to get people to see him as a strong leader.
He scares me too. One might want to think about moving out of the US if he gets elected....not really, but a thougt. He just rubs people the wrong way and I don't want to see what kind of unrest he would create around the world.

Mike said...

That's true born, and Romney doesn't seem to realize that it doesn't take much to set off the militants... The attacks may have been coordinated before hand and the movie about Mohammed was just the catalyst they needed to create the riots.

For example when President Obama -through the press, said that he didn't know if Egypt was our ally; it was done with a purpose... We'd much rather have those countries protect our embassy, than to use a company of Marines. Egypt got the message and started containing the crowds around our embassy.

Mitt Romney is used to barking and people jumping but we've already found out that Bush's cowboy diplomacy doesn't work in the Middle East.

Mike said...

You can tell when a presidential campaign is behind and desperate..Paul Ryan told the social conservative "Values Voter Summit" that President Obama has chosen to pander to the most extreme elements of his party,” Ryan said. “In the Clinton years, the stated goal was to make abortion ‘safe, legal and rare.’ But that was a different time, and a different president. Now, apparently, the Obama-Biden ticket stands for an absolute, unqualified right to abortion — at any time, under any circumstances, and even at taxpayer expense.”

How pathetic.

born2Bme said...

I truely think that President Obama is handling things correctly. He knows he cannot be boastful or arrogant. He understands what is at stake and he knows that America cannot take on the world and come out unscathed. He's choosing to work behind the scenes, not letting others know what's coming, and it's highly effective. On this one, you have to work with your mind, and not your strength.
LOL He's using the same tactics they have been using for years.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Now another Victoria business owner wants their 15 minutes of fame by putting up a sign that reads “Pray for our president 1 Timothy 2:1-4."... It's supposed to be less controversial and but it's still a sign pleading for attention. Milton Neitsch got his attention and now he's in negotiations with Rev. Amy Danchik to remove the sign but time is running out because that message has a statue of limitations... It was meant for President Barack Obama........ Now, with the encouragement of Rev Carl Westbrook, the owner of Warrior Supply, Stephen Argubright, cashed in on some free publicity and who knows perhaps we can rename the Houston Highway to Navarro," Scripture Alley."

I was amused by Stephen Argubright when he said “I don't agree with Obama, but God allowed him to be in leadership." ...Really?

Mike said...

When people get a chance to look under the hood;they usually make a good decision.

"In the Times/CBS poll, more than three-quarters of voters favored keeping Medicare the way it is rather than switching to a system like the one backed by Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan. From the White House on down, Democrats are calling the Republican approach a “voucher” plan, suggesting that it borders on privatizing the system; Republicans prefer the term “premium support.”

Legion said...

I have heard the proposed vouchers are not enough to cover Medicare parts A&B, so it will cost people more for those. Also, what about supplemental policies?

Will it mean people have to purchase a A&B policy, partially reimbursed and pay even more than they are now for a supplemental policy to cover the 20% not covered by the higher priced A&B vouchered policy? Or will they even be allowed to buy a supplemental policy?

Yeah I agree with the 3/4 of voters.

If it wouldn't have been Medicare and a supplemental policy paying my moms bills, her entire estate plus some would have went to the hospitals and doctors.

born2Bme said...

They wouldn't want to change it unless it was going to save some serious bucks. The only way to do that is the shift more of the cost to the seniors. If seniors have to pay more for their healthcare, they won't go to the doctor as often...part 2 of saving money.

It really bugs me when all of the moms keep saying that their sons will not mess with their Medicare. Well DUH!!. All of those moms are way past the age where it will effect them anyway. Do they think that people don't realize that?

Edith Ann said...

I want to weigh in on the sign business.

I applaud Steve Argubright for saying that even though he disagrees with the current choice of a president, he is acknowledging that God is in control. THIS is what has been missing in all of the right wing chatter on the topic! It apparently is God's will that Obama is president, or he wouldn't be. This has long been my gripe with the Self-Righteous Right--it is only God's will when 'it' agrees with their thinking! Baloney!

Bravo Steve Argubright!

Mike said...

So true,the thing I was scared about when I went to the meeting the other day was the cost of being insured. My wife was really scared because she didn't know what they would charge for a insulin dependent type II diabetic with hypertension. Luckily my pre-existing conditions didn't matter in the cost.... That something else a 55 year has to consider.

Mike said...

I'm not sure if I agree or disagree EA.

I understand about the self righteous right but did Argubright put up a sign durning the Bush administration?

I guess there's a couple of ways of looking at it because if Obama get reelected and it's God will then those who disagree are disagreeing with God...I don't think God cares one way or the other....

Mike said...

"Neitsch also said two agents from the U.S. Secret Service in Houston visited his home in recent weeks to investigate whether they believed him to be a threat to the president.

"They said you're perfectly right to put up the sign," he said.

Calls to the Secret Service Houston office were not immediately returned.

Victoria Sheriff T. Michael O'Connor and Police Chief J.J. Craig said they had not been contacted by the Secret Service about an investigation in Victoria, which is normally the procedure."

I'm glad Jennifer and the VA checked out the story and provided more info instead of taking Neitsch's word for his account.

Mike said...


Thanks for the info, which puts a different light on the subject .
I agree he makes Neitsch use of Christianity look like a cheap political stunt.

I would prefer both of them put up a political sign saying President Obama is a
lousy president blah blah blah and then just say "I approve this message," but without scripture,who would care?"Neitsch also said two agents from the U.S. Secret Service in Houston visited his home in recent weeks to investigate whether they believed him to be a threat to the president.