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Friday, August 3, 2012

Will Texas move to the extreme right?

I'll Believe Corporations Are People When Texas Executes One

It's time for a “not interested in Texas politics" person like me, to sit up and take notice because it's possible that Texas can get more ultra conservative than it already is. It could take the word "ultra" to another level.

The victory by Ted Cruz Tuesday night set up a political shakeup where a whack job like Debbie Medina could be a legitimate candidate for governor. The Texas house has 40 members who are not coming back, and it is expected they will be replaced with more conservative Republicans if you can imagine that scenario. Rick Perry will not be a favorite because of his flubs in the presidential debates, and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst is coming off an upset loss. The far right feels emboldened because the establishment has been defeated. I can see where Atty. General Greg Abbott, the main power behind the voter ID law, will have the heads up in the governor's race.

We keep talking about being broke, but Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst spent and raised $19 million and Cruz raised and spent about $8 million. Outside groups spend another five million against the two candidates, but they supported Cruz with $2.8 million compared to $684,871 for Dewhurst according to CRP data.

I have to give the forces behind Ted Cruz, their political props because this time, they picked a Harvard graduate who can go on the talk shows with less bellicose in his rhetoric. I started laughing when I saw one of Ted Cruz campaign ads that shunned David Dewhurst for being a moderate and a compromiser. Really! Is at all you have? It's been said that the only difference between Cruz and Dewhurst are that the former had a longer list of federal agencies to abolish.


Don't be fooled by this sheep in wolf's clothing because senator to be, Ted Cruz, is 100% tea party. The pundits are already trying to tout his appeal to the Hispanic community. Not so fast, as Gail Collins of the New York Times put it in describing the rise of Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio and his twin brother Joaquin, who is a state legislator and is running for a safe democratic seat in Congress. She jokingly said," we will see your one Cuban -American Harvard law graduate who memorized the constitution when he was in high school (Cruz) and raise you, Mexican American twins who went to Harvard's law and got elected mayor and state representative." She left out the part of Mayor Julian Castro being the keynote speaker at the democratic convention. Wasn't Barack Obama the 2004 keynote speaker? We know how well it went for him. The pundits are wrong thinking that Ted Cruz will bring more Mexican- Americans to the Republican Party. Mexican Americans are not swayed by surnames, but they are by the harsh rhetoric.

I've eaten two Chic-fil-A, sandwiches in my entire life, and I didn't think they were that great, but the recent controversy will not influence me either way. It's much ado about nothing, but I see it's continuing anyway. I do wish people would understand that free speech only applies if the government tries to suppress it. The private sector cans infringe on your supposed free speech rights and there is not a lot you can do about it. Oh well, Mike Hucklebee and Ted Cruz benefited and so did a couple of mayors, so to each, their own.


dale said...

Your words make a true conservative Republican's heart burst with pride. Couple this with the county hospital's possible sale to the private sector. Texas is a great place to live.

Edith Ann said...

Over on my FB, the Chick-Fil-A thing shakes out like this:

From the republicans posting and lining up to buy a sandwich: "The liberals are attacking his religious beliefs!" "Mr. Cathy has the right to say anything he pleases!" and such.

From the Democrats posting and vowing to never eat there again: "This is not a freedom of speech issue--it is a discrimination issue!" "We protests his huge donations to hate groups." and such.

I truly believe the republicans would like to claim first amendment privlege on this, but that is predictable--they claim second amendment rights to own bazookas!

I have spoken with several gays friends about this, and the rub for them was the donating to anti-gay hate groups. But, of course, until he opened his mouth, no one was paying attention.

And you already know my position--I don't spend money with folks I don't agree with. For the record--I didn't eat at Chick-Fil-A because I have always thought they were over priced! Not impressed with them at all. Now, finding out that the owner of the Promised Land Dairy is a HUGE Perry supporter and a financial support of both Perry and the groups of religious rightwing extremists that convinced him to run was a HUGE disappointment!

Mike said...

Texas is and always will be a great place to live regardless the politics because in a "you didn't build that" sort of way because of what the people before us did a collective body.

I don't know the significance of a business transaction such as the sale of the county hospital to the private sector,

Mike said...

I received a tweet yesterday quoting another tweet, saying that the line at Chic-fil-A were mostly
old white men trying to send a message that they were not gay.:-)

Jon Stewart said Mike Huckabee led the charge in support of traditional marriage and the start of Type II diabetes..:-)