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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


A letter writer submitted a letter stating that our current president wants us to share in a Utopia, which is an imaginary place is considered to be perfect or ideal. The writer never referenced a link, so the readers have to take his word that it came from the teachings of Karl Marx or a French novelist I doubt anyone is familiar with. It fits the right-wing perception that President Obama is a Kenyan, Muslim, socialist dictator who's leading us off the cliff.

The writer submitted a cut and paste to describe a form of socialism, but I rather doubt that he understands the different forms of socialism that we're acquainted with today. Economic socialism is where goods and services are produced for their use-value rather than profit. It's the exact opposite of capitalism we enjoy in the United States of America.

A poster complimented the letter writer and blamed the 69 million people who voted for the inexperienced Barack Obama, as if the seasoned Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin would've had us on the road to recovery right now. He seemed to have forgotten that we had a experienced president and vice president who got us into this mess. An hour in civics’ class can do a lot to familiarize people on how our government works. Laws are made in Congress, not at the executive branch. Do these people really think that we are exchanging our free-market economic system for a socialist one? They can't be serious. I understand using a little hyperbole now and then, but it's time to deal with reality.

I really enjoy the HBO series "Newsroom" because it provides me a way of dealing with the fringe element. The show comes up with questions people should ask those who espouse the letter writer views. Last week’s episode had the network vying for a political debate with the Republican candidates. They invited the Republican representative to see a mock interview of the candidates. The main character asked one of the cast members playing a GOP candidate to name three freedoms that he had personally lost since President Obama was elected. The person playing the candidates immediately said"ObamaCare." The moderator then asked him if he was still seeing the same doctor, the candidate said yes and subsequently couldn't name three freedoms he had lost since President Obama was elected. The moderator was about to ask  the chacter playing Michelle Bachmann what God sounded like because she had stated many times that God spoke to her, but the Republican debate spokesman stormed off the set and refused to give the network the right to host the debate. The political candidates have to agree on the moderator, format, and network before they debate. The big losers are the American people because we allow the politicians to use the debates as a venue for their talking points. They don't even have to answer the question; remember Sarah Palin switched subjects in the 2008 debate.

If our media was more like the fictitious one, “Newsroom" we wouldn't be parroting the talking points of our favorite politician. The GOP chairman, Reince Priebus, was asked about Medicare the other day, and he immediately said that the Senate has not passed a budget for 1200 days. It was as if he had to blurt that out whether it had anything to do with the question he was being asked about. I wish a pundit would tell them that the GOP House of Representatives would automatically reject a senate budget, so it's a fruitless exercise of fruity, even though the senate is constitutionally bound to produce one.

A lot of people like to say that the fringe elements from both parties are taking over the discourse of our politics, but I will disagree until someone shows me the equal amount of Democrats saying stupid things. I agree that both sides use talking points and sometimes exaggerate the facts, but I still don't think it's equal for both sides. I'd be more than happy to see the evidence of such.


Legion said...

"so it's a fruitless exercise of fruity,"

What a great line, a perfect description.

born2Bme said...

People don't understand "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it".
There's a lot of uninformed people out there that are asking for things that would hurt them like they would never imagine.
They are basically asking to go back to before the great depression, not knowing the outcome will be the same and it will be them in the soup lines and living in cars and on the street.

Edith Ann said...

Here's another good line, as seen on Facebook:

"Do you know that if you remove all the vowels from Reince Priebus' name you get RNC PR BS?"

Think that's a coincidence? Maybe like Isaac welcoming the RNC to
Tampa is?

Mike said...

Legion as you know it's been a send me your bill and I'll vote it down  and vice versa.
They need to just do something already.


A  LTTE  in Sunday's NYT read "I'm afraid if I vote for Obama his agenda won't get
passed;and if I vote for Romney I 'm afraid his will pass."

We know the Ryan budget will get 62% of its cuts from Medicaid,food stamps and other benefits the poor,elderly,students and the disabled depend on.


Those FBers are creative...:-)

The GOP sure wants that Missouri senate seat!

Joe Scarbourough got pissed when a guest questioned the sincerity of the outrage by Karl Rowe...He said if Todd Akin was tied for the senate race late in October,Karl Rowe would get in his car and deliver the funds in



BIGJ said...


You said you disagree about Democrats saying stupid things. What about Sheila Jackson Lee, Jesse Jackson Jr, Maxine Waters, and Cindy McKinney? I am a Democrat, just barely, because I personally hate Hate talk Radio, local conservatives, and Neo Feualism. The moderates are chased out of the Democratic Party. When will the Democatic Party learn that they cant always lean towards liberalism. Mondale, Dukulis, Kerry, and now Obama should be a lesson taught.

Mike said...


Must've been poor wording on my part because I never intended to imply that the Democratic Party never had members of their party say or do stupid things. There was the shenanigans of Anthony Wiener and his stupid excuses; then there was Alan Grayson who said ". If you get sick America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly" and then Hank Johnson topped it off by saying " on Guam: "My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize," I was talking about proportionately since the 2010 elections.. I have never implied that the Democratic Party is the best and never makes mistakes. BTW Cynthia McKinney is a member of the Green Party.

The moderates have left both parties but the Democratic party still has a few like Senators, Mark Udall, Tom Carper (DE), Michael Bennet (CO), Kay Hagan (NC), Tim Johnson (SD), Mark Begich (AK), Jon Tester (MT), Mark Warner (VA), Ben Nelson (NE), Kent Conrad (ND), Amy Klobuchar (MN), Mary Landrieu (LA), Claire McCaskill (MO), Bob Casey (PA), and Chris Coons (DE).

I don't think liberalism or conservatism is the downfall for any election. The candidates go through a primary process where the voters choose who they want to represent them. President Reagan beat Mondale by 49 states to one. The Democrats could have chosen Mother Teresa and still would've lost by 48 states. It was Reagan's year and he ran a terrific campaign. Michael Dukakis had an 18 point lead over Bush until he had that photo OP of him in a tank, and then there was the Willie Horton ad, and finally, his awkward response when Bernie Shaw of CNN asked him ""Governor, if Kitty Dukakis [his wife] were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer?" Dukakis replied, "No... That all added up but I think if another liberal Gary Hart, would not have been caught womanizing, he would have easily beat President George H.W. Bush... John Kerry was picked because of the Howard Dean famous scream, but it still came down to Ohio where he barely lost. John Kerry did not immediately answer the Swift Boaters.

Moderates like Dole and President George H.W. Bush have lost elections and liberals like Lyndon Johnson and FDR have won.

I can't honest say what Obama's ideology is. He's somewhere near left of center but he's not an ideologue.

People aren't that much into ideology as we might think. For instance, the Democrats and Republicans are aligned with 47% apiece and will try to get the final 2% of independents. This presidential race will be decided by 12 counties. ..Right now, 4% of the 6% independents are in Obama’s corner.

The voters from the west and east coast, Midwest and states like Illinois and Michigan make up the base of the Democratic Party. That's where a majority of them are elected to Congress. If you want to change the face of the Democratic Party, you have to start there.

Mike said...


Allow me to fully explain what I meant when I was trying to explain the political discourse of today. On any given day would you say that the most vicious comments coming from the VA forum are from people identifying themselves as being local conservatives? Do you think the vitriol is equally divided between liberals and conservatives on the VA forum? I'm fully aware that it's a small sample but those people really represent themselves and not the local GOP. My conservative friends would not claim the local wing nuts. They are outliers and we need to distinguish between the two.

Mike said...

Victoria's own version of the know-it all Cliff Clavin,Scott Hansen,and his fellow troll  David Strickland are using the VA forum for their personal litter box....They can have it.

Legion said...

Yeah SpeakOut68 is thrilled to be posting on the VA again, DS, I don't know but the guy talks some vulgar crap now and then.

Congratulations on improving the community discussion VA!

Mike said...

Don't you know people using  real names restored civility at the on-line forum?
Under the old format the VA would have had to hire 5 more moderators just to delete the comments of the daily FB posters.

Now it's "if you ain't cussing ain't posting."

Dang,the one time my comment was deleted was because I asked the poster if he was drunk....The good ol days..:-)

Ditto on the congratulations...That reminds me,I have to get more

born2Bme said...

Don't know if any of you noticed this the other day, but there were no posts for 7 hours.
I also see a trend. If it isn't about illegal immigration, or politics, well lets just say, it's not drawing much attention.
Chris is doing his dangdest to keep those issues in the spotlight.
He must be so proud. *rolleyes*

Mike said...

I see the same thing born.

Mike said...

There is a reason politicians will continue to run a 30 second ad which fact checkers have deemed a lie. It even trickles down to our neck of the woods. A lady in the SPEAK OUT SECTION asks how taking $716 out of Medicare to support ObamaCare is helping anything. She does not have a clue.

I saw a clip of Paul Ryan telling a crowd "One thing for sure; we will repeal Medicare" one cue, the audience roared approval....He didn't say what he would replace it with nor did he tell them how their plan would bring down the costs and the partisan constituents didn't hold him to it...They don't care; just repeal ObamaCare!

BIGJ said...


The right wing nut jobs speaks more vile and their lips have more vemon than liberals or anti-conservatives.