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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Big Pep Rally

Bruce Plante Editorial Cartoon

The political conventions of today are no longer exciting unless it's your party that's having the gala. All the speeches are now vetted by the presumptive nominee's people and fed into a teleprompter. There's not a chance that we will hear anything that will resemble Pat Buchanan's "1992 Culture War” speech but there are elements in the GOP who would still stand up and cheer that type of speech.

I don't know if last night's speeches were choreographed or negotiated because it seemed to me that the governors were touting their own success, bashing Obama, and barely mentioning Mitt Romney.
Ann Romney gave a good speech in support of her husband, although it's hard to imagine that as a young couple, they ate off an ironing board that was supported by two saw horses. It's well known that Mitt Romney sold some stock to get by, but it's their story and they're sticking to it. Ann Romney was there to humanize Mitt Romney, and she did as well as a wife could do. Ann gave a wink and a nod to women voters assuring them that Mitt Romney is on their side. She emphasized love for one another.

Chris Christie followed Ann Romney as the keynote speaker for the night. I thought that he contradicted Ann Romney emphasis on love by saying, "We need politicians to care more about doing something and less about being something." "Tonight, we choose respect over love." As usual, his words played to the base by blaming the unions and everything Democrat as the reason for our doldrums. Christie's speech didn't have the usual pizzazz because he was obviously using a teleprompter. He's a much better speaker when he's spontaneous. Rachel Maddow said he went into 1,800 words of his 2,600 word speech before he mentioned Mitt Romney. Fox New's Chris Wallacxe was not impressed saying " I have to say, personally, I thought it was one of the most off-key keynote speeches I ever heard." He noted that Christie said the word "I" 37 times, "Romney" seven times, and "jobs" one time.His speech sounded more like an audition for a 2016 presidential run. I was surprised that Christi and Ann Romney praised the most significant pieces of legislation ever produced by the federal government, the G.I. Bill because their dads made good use of it. Thank FDR for that.

I don't know why the so-called liberal media bothers to interview the politicians who are attending the convention. It'll be the same way when the Democrats have their convention next week. When the media asks a Republican about their platform or the views of Todd Akin, they all say," the platform is there just for show, and only the liberal media is worrying about Todd Akin." Even Todd Akin is convinced that the liberal media conspired to get him. It doesn't matter to him that every GOP leader and talk show host from conservative media wanted him to get out.

I was surprised that MSNBC, Fox, and CNN did not cover Ted Cruz's speech live. I saw the speech this morning and it convinced me that he's a legitimate Tea Party candidate. His speech was more about liberty than anything else.

I can remember the days when we found something else to do when political conventions were being televised on all three networks. A pundit said that he wouldn't be surprised if the televised portion will be reduced to the final day.

It’s interesting that Afghanistan was missing from the speeches. It was day one, perhaps they are leaving that for Mitt Romney.

Fact checkers sites are not needed anymore because campaigns no longer care if you call them out for lying. The campaigns are results oriented. We only have to look at our local letters and comments on our online forum to see that people are taking the campaign ads as fact and they repeat them verbatim.


dale said...

IS there an emoticon for a shaking head? For my GOP, not you.

Mike said...

Just for you dale

(>_<) and another one to boot when Romney speaks tomorrow...(>_<).

Edith Ann said...

LOL! You two!!!


Mike said...

There you have it..dale CHOICE.
You free market fundamentalist love fee market competition and consumer choice.

Choice of emoticons..;-) for free.

Mike said...

On Thursday night there is an empty seat marked "to be announced" at the GOP convention. Who will be the mystery guest?

1. Sarah Palin
2. George W. Bush
3. Dick Cheney
4. Clint Eastwood

I'm out of guesses...I doubt it will be Bush or Cheney because as of yet they have not been mentioned(and for good reason)..then again neither have the other two.

Radiobabe said...

I think Donald Trump might be the guy. But if I was a betting' gal I'd put my money on Joe Lieberman.

Mike said...

Oh yeah,I forgot the Donald said to look for something big.,,,I'm not sure Libermann is a Romney supporter.

God guesses.

Edith Ann said...

I thought Trump got cancelled.

Edith Ann said...

Or maybe he trumped someone else...

Mike said...

KAVU interviewed the person who put up the "Pray for Obama" sign ,Milton "Uncle Mutt's" Neitsch. ...He said he was angry because Obama said he didn't build
I can't believe people in Victoria are that naive....Anyway ,I've never boycotted anything in my life but  my first will be a lifetime ban of Uncle Mutts....It wasn't that good anyway...:-)

Mike said...

And so,,Professor Scott Hansen of "Know it all University" is now weighing in on a remarkable blog by Pastor Allen Coffee thinking he is educating people on how liberals think..What a vain person....He doesn't realize some of us can hear the dog whistle that sign represents...Some of know the context of "Pray for Obama" and we can see the intentional omission of the other verses....That sign has been on the Internet for a long time and has been cussed and discussed,so once again Hanson doesn't know what's he's talking about.d

Edith Ann said...

Scott is a freaking genius! We just don't recognize genius when we see it!

I get so tired of his drone. It is like a broken record. For someone who has spent a lot of years being supported by the government (first the Navy, then off and on homelessness living in shelters and such) he sure comes across as an ingrate!

Tune him out. He's not worth it.

Someone suggested to me that he and Kenneth Schustereit should hook up. Scott would have a place to live and they could have a contest for who can spew the most hate the longest. They are two peas in a pod!

Mike said...

Oh I don't let blowhards like Hanson get to me,it just seems that way because I refuse to get a FB account just answer the likes of him....I hate on line bullies who cannot back up their rhetoric with substantiated facts. Instead he just uses the word liberal in the prejorative as an answer. 

Lol...I'm watching Paul Ryan lecturing as if the GOP had nothing to do with our fiscal problems.

Mike said...

I was very disappointed with Paul Ryan's speech tonight because it nasty and full of lies.
For example,he blamed Obama for a plant closing in his home town under the Bush Administration....He blamed Obama for not supporting Simpson-Bowles when he walked out of the commission taking his fellow GOPers because it might the president get reelected...He kept saying President Obama raided Medicare when his budget took out the same amount...The people of his hometown knows the plant was closed under Bush.

Bottom line ,he excited the GOP crowd regardless of the lies and that was his intention...
I feel sorry for the fact checkers because the speech will keep themup.

Condi Rice gave a good speech.

BIGJ said...

Scott Hanson can go straight to hell!

Mike said...

No longer a big secret..It's Clint Eastwood.