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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tonight it’s Mitt’s Turn

Let me start by saying once again. Republicans are brilliant campaigners, but they can't govern. Representative Paul Ryan gave a brilliant “red meat" speech in a soft-spoken tone. Paul Ryan was speaking for the audience but also to the 6% who are undecided. The informed voters already know the facts, so Mr. Ryan knew he had ample opportunity to sway the unsure, who usually don't fact check. Paul Ryan put the Obama campaign on defense knowing that they now have paint Ryan as a pathological liar. Independents don't like dirty campaigns, and Ryan knows it. It's like that football player who retaliates with a punch of his own and then gets flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Democrats still think that having the facts on their side will matter, but they still haven't found an antidote for politicians who lie and when confronted will double down on that lie. For example, last night Ryan implied that Obama shut down a GM plant in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. He and the residents of Janesville know that the plant was closed down in December of 2008 before Obama took office. Oh he told a tearjerker that was based upon a campaign promise by Obama when he visited Janesville in 2008. The Bush administration closed down the working portion of the plant in December of 2008. President Obama inherited an economy that was losing 750,000 jobs a month; I guess Mr. Ryan could indict the president for several campaign promises. He placed the blame of our credit rating being downgraded without saying it was the house Republicans who refused to negotiate to pass the debt ceiling. The two biggest whoppers were facts of omission when he said the president walked away from Simpson -Bowles without saying that he did the identical thing. The other was implying once again that the president raided Medicare without mentioning his own budget where he takes the equivalent amount. All in all, Ryan did what he had to do, and he did a brilliant job by putting the Obama campaign on notice. He's the first-generation Xer in the Republican Party to run for the office of the vice president. He's the future leader of the Republican Party and last night, he proved it.

I have never forgiven Condoleezza Rice for the propaganda she put out in the lead-up to the Iraq war, but I have to admit she gave a great speech last night. She had the house eating out of her hands. I only wish she would have denounced voter suppression, but that may have put a damper on her speech that was tailored made for the crowd.

I saw an up-and-coming star in Republican Party in New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, who knows how to use the words to excite the crowd. Her biggest line, I thought was when she told the story of her working for her parent's security firm. She said at 18, she guarded the door of the local Catholic bingo night ,sporting a .357. Magnum; naturally, that brought the house down.

Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC summed it pretty good by saying that the GOP helped their cause last night. He said the crowd went home happy and excited, and they won't pay any attention this morning, to that fact check portion of their daily newspapers. The independents are being cornered at the water cooler this morning, by Democrats and Republicans with their version of Ryan's speech.

 I was waiting for Mike Huckabee to stand up for Todd Akin remarks and the GOP piling on but evidently he knows where his  bread is buttered.

I respect John McCain for his service and how he conducted his 2008 campaign but is there a war this man doesn't support? If left up to him we would have troops in 5 Arab nations and not in his words "leading from behind." He needs a warm glass of milk and some cookies and just chill.

Tonight ,Mitt Romney will have to make the speech of his life and like many; I can't imagine him surpassing the excitement the crowd showed for Condoleezza Rice and Paul Ryan last night. I guess the excitement will come as the Republicans accept him as their leader in their fight to supplant President Barack Obama.

Last night my wife had this to say when she heard the excitement of the convention crowd “OH MY GOSH." This is her first rodeo, I told her that we hadn't even come up to bat; a 3-0 lead in the first inning is nothing when you have the two best orators in Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, the world of politics has ever known and Joe Biden can hold his own.

 I've been critical of our newspaper's online forum lately but the recent blog by Pastor AT Coffee brought new life to the forum. Hopefully, this will be the trend for the future. The author refused to engage in the usual ad hominem attacks, so the opponents had to concentrate on the subject he wrote about.


Mike said...

I was a little premature in my praise for the VA forum because the uninformed are now chiming in..It never was about "free speech." That is supposed to be self evident.

It's amazing how some don't see the difference between a public forum a a giant sign for all to see from a off line Facebook page...

It's equally amazing that the right wingers squawking when Bush was criticized (no billboard was put up) are now complaining because they think only liberals know the full intention of the sign and thinks it is offensive.

As the owner of the sign is entitled to post his sign ;I'm equally entitled to criticize it and self impose a boycott. That too should be self evident.

Mike said...

WASHINGTON -- A federal court has ruled against a Texas law that would require voters to present photo IDs to election officials before being allowed to cast ballots in November.

Now GOP show some good faith and bring this law up away but give the voters ample time to comply...Don't do to influence this one election.

born2Bme said...

I "was" reading the comments at VA about that sign, but think all has been said that can be said. It's a moot point for anyone to try to influence the other side. Not gonna happen!!

I'm elated about the Federal Court's decision, not that it's going to matter in Texas anyway, it being a red state. I have no problem with a voter ID law, but not this fast. Too many people would not have the time to get the documents they need in time for the election.
I'm so tired of people saying dumb things like, "everyone needs ID to open bank accounts, cash checks", etc. Little do they realize that not eveyone uses those things.

dale said...

From the last blog, I will take EAs

So for this evenings address I will provide a premeditated


Thank you Mr Romney. Now you may sit down.

And all I want for Christmas:
GOP Senate
GOP House
Anything but GOP POTUS.

And I invite any of my fellow GOPers to give me one good reason why Romney should be voted for. (Because of Obama is not a half reason to vote for the guy. The GOP House eliminates that reason.) He is a Mass liberal. He is out of touch with the common American. He couldn't even support his wife's horse at the Olympics for goodness sakes.

And back to my favorite Liberal who is at least not ashamed of being one. Thanks Mike.

Mike said...

I agree completely and about the comments at VA because AT Coffey laid out a good case in his blog and his opponents can only say " liberal this and liberal that" but the fact remains the owner of the sign knew what he was doing. He intentionally bought that big sign to show Victoria he was angry. It wasn't a coincidence that he picked that controversial verse because it's been on the Internet forever and he now approves the message. How many times have we heard people say “I didn’t mean it that way" when we know that’s exactly what they meant but they didn't want the repercussions.

You’re correct about the presidential race but it might have some influence in SOME congressional races. I'm not opposed to a driver's license requirement because I have one; I'm opposed to making voting harder especially since voter fraud is not prevalent.

I also agree that voter ID is a lot different from ID requirements required by businesses because voting is a right not a privilege.

Mike said...

Lol... Some conservatives seem to think liberals are ashamed of that label because it's not for part of of our first or last name. There's certainly not anything to be ashamed of I'm proud of Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, a woman's right to vote and to choose, civil rights and the G.I. Bill to name a few. I go to sleep with a conscience every night because I would not like to take away from hungry children, the elderly, students,the poor and the disable just to give tax cuts to the rich and support the military industrial complex.

I don't see your logic Dale, because as Grover Norquist said all you need in a president is a person with enough working digits to sign Republican legislation.
You need more than control of the house and senate because you be a super majority in the senate with enough votes to override a presidential veto. When was the last time we a veto proof legislators?

dale said...

It is all about gridlock Mike. I am having a hard time giving the GOP 100% of anything. I have an even harder time giving the Dem 50% of something. But with gridlock the best of the best legislation stands a chance of passing.

Maybe, just maybe, after the election of an "Anything but GOP Pres" and a GOP House/Senate we could have some decent legislation. I fondly recall my now second favorite Pres of All-time, William Jefferson Clinton. He found religion in his second term with a GOP Congress. Too bad King George the Younger didn't have a similiar experience. So there is hope for your Dem Prez. ;) It seems all of these modern Prez start worrying about their "legacy" in the second term. It is time for me to find my gas mask and ear plugs. The address is soon to begin. Is it true Romney is going to present why he is an "adequate" alternative to Mr Obama? This kinda relates to a corn cob being an adequate alternative to economy one-ply toilet paper. Both are just as tough on the tush.

born2Bme said...

If we have a GOP House and Senate and a GOP President that will sign anything to help big business and those at the top (you know, trickle down BS), you are going to see pain like you have never seen before.
None of them understand what we go through, nor do they care. They cannot see past their own standards of living.
I'll be 55 in February, so I'm one that will not see Medicare, as I expected all my life. I didn't plan for it any other way. What am I supposed to do at this late date?

Mike said...

Gridlock Dale? How can we not have gridlock if your party won't take $1 in taxes for $10 in spending cuts....The GOP took over the house and made gains in the senate and now Congress has a 12% approval...Then the countless filibusters and you think the answer is more Republicans....Amazing ...What in the Todd Akin...:-)

born2Bme said...

Oops, I went back and read what dale said. He said "anything but GOP president" Sorry, I misread that the first time.
I'm hoping that if President Obama gets back in, and since that would be his last time, maybe, just maybe, the GOP will not be doing their damnest to make him a one-term President, and they might, just might, put the Country before their misguided politics, and do what is best for America.
LOL Does that make any sense?