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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My First Ever Predictions


I will make my first ever predictions because I don't like to look back, so I don't like the year in review, and since I'm getting along in years, resolutions don't mean that much to me because I'm pretty much "what you see is what you get." I'll probably suck at this, being it's my first time but I remember a blogger at the VA posting about 14 predictions and 13 turned out to be wrong, so the bar is set pretty low...:-)

1. Our VA forum will have a large turnover of posters, and they will set a different agenda.
2. The health care "individual mandate" will stand by a 5-4 Supreme Court decision.
3. The Supreme Court will approve the San Antonio Federal court redistricting plan.
4. Several states will lose their immigration enforcement laws.
5. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin will get recalled.
6. Iran will be met with minimum force of the United States Navy and Air Force causing them to lose the game of chicken as they react to stronger sanctions because they are unwilling give up their desire to acquire a nuclear weapon.
7. Senator John Kerry will replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts will nominate himself as senator, fulfilling John Kerry's seat.
8. Elizabeth Warren will beat Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race and will become a powerful voice for the Democratic Party.
9...Mitt Romney will win the Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire primary and make a stronger showing than expected in South Carolina propelling him to the GOP nomination, and he will pick New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie to be his running mate.
10...Edith Ann will get her 100,000 hit, no later than early August of 2012...Outstanding!
11...A long-time blogger will get booted in late October.
12. Eagle Ford Shale will have to shut down due to EPA findings.
13. President Barack Obama will lose the popular vote but win the important electoral vote in becoming our nation's 45th president.
14. The GOP will retain the house by a thread and fall shy of taking the Senate by one.
15. The GOP establishment will regain control of its own party, but John Boehner will lose his speaker post to Eric Cantor. The Tea Party will gradually fade away.
16. Ron Paul will run as a third-party candidate and the GOP will blame him for their loss. Rand Paul's ambitions will be curtailed because of the actions of his father.
17. Our economy is already showing some signs of recovery and unemployment will drop to 7.5% by November of 2012.
18. Raising the debt ceiling will not be as difficult this time next year.
19. Both parties will accept most of the proposals of Bowels-Simpson and in turn Moody will restore our AAA credit rating.
20. The hostility will start to come down, consumer confidence will rise, and in late 2012, we will begin to see signs of progress.

Others: The Help will win best picture, Meryl Streep best actress for Iron Lady and Brad Pitt best actor, Money Ball…Dallas Cowboys will beat NY Giants for the East title win first playoff game but lose the second as Felix Jones goes out with injury…The Houston Texans will lose first playoff game if they stick with T.J. Yates.

This is just a list of my 20 predictions and is not by any means a prophecy, so feel free to disagree and add some of your own or ask how I came to my conclusion.


Edith Ann said...

Wow! This is pretty cool! Let’s see—

1. I think we are already seeing the different tone. Turnover of posters? Personally, I think that happened a couple of years ago. The good ones, mostly, are all gone.

2., 3., 4.—okay.

5. I have friends in Wisconsin who certainly hope so and who have been working very hard to see it happen.

6. Probably.

7. Hmmm.

8. Hopefully! Fingers crossed!

9. Ewww…

10. You are too funny! Thank you for including me in this bunch! I’m flattered! You will hit 50,000 in no time, too!

11. Hmmm…again.

12. That would be something!

13. Hmmm…

14. Okay.

15. Okay.

16. The GOP will blame anyone who stands still long enough…

17., 18., 19., 20. Hopefully so.

The others—agree on The Help and Meryl Streep. Don’t know about Brad Pitt. I heard the George Cloony movie is good and he was good in it. No opinion on pro football.

Mike said...

I know what you mean about the posters but I meant from the period  last month on...Even thou we didn't agree on anything political I always liked my discussions with waywardwind , arewill, and grandpa.

I don't  think it will be that political (national) anymore.

Yea,can't go wrong with Clooney but I saw Money Ball...:-)

I hope I'm right on at least half but if Obama is reelected,I'll take

Mike said...

Newt Gingrich is desperate. Today he said he could pick a Sarah Palin as VP or a cabinet secretary;he probably wouldn't and this is just a ploy to get those Christian Right voters but for now we have to take him at his word...That's going to be hard to walk back but I think he's a goner anyway.

Rick Perry is still proving he's no smarter than a fifth grader...Can someone tell him how his dumbness got past us for ten long years?

I think the only ones left with Michelle Bachmann are husband Marcus and her 28 foster children. Her state campaign chair and his assistant left her for Ron Paul...That's tacky,you're supposed to be with a campaign because you believe and not leave just because the ship is sinking...But I wasn't there and she is hard to get along with.

Pilot said...

Otay.....I am going to take a stab at a few of these........
1. - The Victoria Advocate will likely fold, leaving the already fallen from Poynter grace editor, falling even farther into the social networking abyss.
2.Obammycare will be repealed. Period.
3. pass
4. The military (U.S.) will make our southern border impervious.
5 - pass
6. If Iran so much as boards a freighter, or is caught planting mines in the Straights of Hormuz, the knee jerk reaction by the clowns in charge, will be unprecedented in it's force by modern standards - re-defining for the short term, WTF the world might expect from the self appointed "Global gestapo".
7, 8, 9, - whatever
10.- cool - maybe a conservative guess........
11. - No way, he'll not self destruct by Feb. Hah!
12. Duh.......
13.- When Hell freezes over......
14-19 Does not apply.
20. Does apply - shit will hit the fan if B.O. is re-elected. If not, the "conservative" who un-seats him, will be on a short leash with the general public. We are closer to having to deal with a workingman's revolution than anytime since this country was born.

Mike said...

OK,I have a challenger,thanks Pilot.

We agree that Edith Ann will surpass 100,000  but that's about it.

No winners or losers yet but some of the results will be in before this time next year.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Mike said...

We're going to bring in a quiet New Years, if we're still awake...:-) ... We will have dinner tonight at some restaurants and a Margarita afterwards. We picked out a couple movies for tonight. We're past the stage of having small grandchildren to baby sit but that was always nice. Tomorrow, I'm giving my wife a break and I will attempt to bake a ham. Any pointers?

I want to thank all of those who took the trouble to log-in and especially to those who left a comment. I started this experiment in mid November of 2010, thinking I would use this blog and as a journal of sorts because I didn't think anyone would be interested in what I wrote. I didn't stay under the radar too long before Rebecca found me, informed others and Edith Ann gave me a plug. I wish I knew if other former VA posters had their own personal blogs that I could join and participate in. If you know of any, let me know by e-mail or a comment. As of late, I have not found much on the VA to discuss; perhaps that will change after the holidays.

I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

Pilot said...

The girl & I and my son and a friend, will be with the most quality bunch of friends one could ask for, at a birthday party/New Years dinner. We'll imbibe a bit, have a fine dinner, then imbibe a bit more while the host and birthday guy smokes his cigars, out on the lawn, and as is usually the case and as the old writer says..."cuss the gummint, and maybe solve a couple of the world's more pressing problems".
It just don't get no better'n that,,,,,
Happy New Year Mike, to you and yours and all of your readers.....

Edith Ann said...

Well, I'm on-call until 8:00 a.m., Sunday, which means every drunk wanting to confess his sins will find our hotline number and call it! Being on call also means no booze to celebrate. But I still wish all of you and your readers a very Happy New Year, one that is safe and finds everyone well.

Pilot--have a wonderful evening with the Birthday Boy! I sent him a tango for his birthday on FB. Travel safe to and from.

Is anyone going to remember the EA prediction come August? I hope it's sooner, but we'll see. And you--over 28K in just a year! Not shabby at all! You'll be very near 100K by this time next year.

The ham--cover it liberally with coarse black pepper and bake, covered. Have some black eyed peas with it!

Mike said...

Yes,it was a conservative estimate on the 100,000 but EA,is known to drop everything and go to Austin to be with the grand babies..:-)

As I recall,on-call is worse than being there but I guess it depends on the situation.

I have fond memories of sitting on the porch watching the kids shoot off their fireworks (before ban) but a couple of years ago we went to a dance and I was sore for three days.....Thanks for the baking info...I'll do that.
Happy New Year EA to you and yours.

A  birthday party to boot;you're right Pilot,it doesn't get better than that..Best wishes  to the birthday guy.

Pilot said...

Fireworks crossed my mind as I left the nursing home where mom is - Trinity Shores in Port L.......and after a glance at the horizon and the fog rolling back in, I realized that by midnight one probably won't even be able to see a sparkler at arm's length down here on the bay. That's my prediction.......