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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do we have to settle for ambiguity?


Is there really a double standard or is that an excuse for an unfavorable ruling? I hear people crying foul because it's a double standard a lot these days, it's right up there with hypocrite and half- truths. In some cases they are right because of the time span between the two incidents; other times some people will use a ruling from 20 years ago to try and prove a double standard. It's the same way with the word hypocrite and half-truths or lies of omission.

Several years ago, our boss decided he was going crack down on sleeping in the workplace but he didn't want to be accused of favoritism by looking the other way when key employees violated what he was now going to enforce. He knew he would be called a hypocrite because he used to sleep on the job, it may have been an infrequent 15 minute cat nap but he knew he would be called a hypocrite. He called a few of us old timers in to get our input but he knew we would tell the others and if he could convince us he was doing the right thing; it would soften the blow when he presented it to the rest the group. We suggested that he should insert the words “from this day forward" to mean that we have all been guilty in the past but it will no longer be tolerated. He answered the 'hypocrite" label by saying he was now in a position of authority and in charge of everyone's safety. He ended by saying that violations would be treated on a case -by- case basis but they would be all treated as “sleeping on the job." All we ever wanted was “fairness"- for example would you punish a brand new father the same way you would a frequent violator?

I'm sure we've all seen posters get a post deleted and then immediately cry “double standard" but it may have been a different moderator, double standard, or that some people are on the short lease. A lot of us have been called a hypocrite from time to time because we're not allowed to evolve in their black and white world. I admit, I've changed my mind on several issues. I've been accused of writing half truths because I don't always include the views of the opposition but am I really required to do that, if I think they are irrelevant? They're more than welcome to include their view in a rebuttal. I don't think I can ever be accused of “lies of omission" because I assume my detractors know that I'm not trying to deceive.

One of my pet peeves is when a person tells a commentator an obvious lie or exaggeration and then calmly admits the lie (only after being called on it) and continues spouting more lies and exaggerations. We are no longer held accountable for not telling the truth; it's becoming an accepted practice. The media will use half-truths and lies of omission to keep from calling a person a liar. Where are the Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkites and Tim Russerts?

I don't know why I'm such a stickler for the truth; it might be because my stepfather would punish me  more for the lie than for what I actually did. That's the way I raised my children; I always told them that if I'm going to be in your corner, I need to know that you're telling the truth. They remember me saying" do you really think I'm that stupid." I won't be satisfied until O.J. Simpson admits he killed Nicole and Ron Goldman. I know he killed them but he never admitted it and he was acquitted. I would like to know if we needed a tax abatement to land the Caterpillar contract. I would like to know the actual reasons we invaded Iraq. I would like to know if there really was a crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell, NM. I know I will be stuck with ambiguity because that's just the way it is.


Edith Ann said...

There are two kinds of serious posters on the Victoria Advocate.

One kind is interested in the back and forth debate and sharing of ideas. Facts are welcomed and there are shifts in thinking. The truth is usually out there, and all learn something for the better.

The other kind is the kind that is right no matter what, just because they said so. They are not interested in factual information and never supply anything but their narrow minded opinion. They never learn a thing.

Mike said...

You are absolutely  correct...The little troll itisi just proved that by calling me a liar because he didn't like the content of my latest blog...Now he is baiting BigJ and hiding behind a Getsmart's blog which he cannot authenticate because he's not smart enough to know fact from fiction....That's the worse kind,dumb trolls.

Mike said...

One more thing before I retire for the night,we have the new blogger that submits videos for fact but doesn't have the foggiest idea of its historical context...They just find something  that was in line with their thinking and just hit [post]..Then the sheep will come in to verify it as if they just found a historic to love it.

BIGJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BIGJ said...

Itisi should take a look at what happened to Pilot and Alton Easton before trying to start anything. I don't fool around.

Edith Ann said...

Was Alton banned, or did he voluntarily go away?

Mike said...

Alton still has an active account and there's no reason he should be banned...He usually takes a little time away and then will come back and become a regular contributor for a little while.

A difference of opinion should not be reason for a person to be banned but that is left to the good judgement of the VA....We have a poster who dedicated a personal blog to ridicule our editor,was banned for submitting lies,came back by deceiving the VA,begged forgiveness and was reinstated....That proves there are no hard fast rules.

I can easily ignore posters but if they call me liar;they will get my attention.

Mike said...


Your post sounds threatening as if those posters have to agree with you or they are banned. I don't think you have any authority at all and in this case you're just blowing smoke.... I believe the content of Alton's blog might have been questioned by the VA after several posters submitted contradictory comments on his blog.... He offered an apology and it is now a dead issue but I now know he will go the extra mile to deceive.

You and I are very much into politics, so only a naive person would think that we would not get push back. We disagree about 50% of the time but we don't resort to name calling, so that leaves the door open to another discussion.

You have a standing feud with itisi and I haven't been keeping score ,but I imagine it is pretty much even on the name calling and antagonisation..... And for us, we have to live by the " if we live in glass houses, we shouldn't be throwing stones." If itisi is banned it should be because the VA thought it was necessary not because he responded to something I wrote or believed.

Mike said...

This day may be one of the happiest days of your life. No more Geanie Morrison...:-)

Edith Ann said...

I sent him an email asking who we were going to complain about now!

Will and Roberttx made EXCELLENT comments ont he story of the Advocate!

She should have started packing her bags when they moved her to a basement office...

Mike said...

She might as well save her time and money now ;her demise was inevitable.
I just read an article in the NYT that the SCOTUS will look at the Texas redistricting.

BigJ,don't fall for a backhanded compliment.

BIGJ said...

I must apolopize for my outbrust and my boosting. I do not want to see Alton ban but he should be honest.

Mike said...


We agree that everyone should be honest, we all make mistakes but we should own up to them so we don't repeat the same ol' mistakes. You certainly do, and that's commendable
You are taking a lot a heat because your message is not in line with your opponents. I understand what you are saying; itisi called me a liar but has yet to show proof. I issued a warning to you about backhanded compliments. Saying that you are dyslexic is not a sound medical opinion; Smartone is trying to give you a plausible excuse while maintaining his perception of superiority. DDherring is doing the same thing by trying to turn your anger at another poster because he agrees with your opinion on Walter Williams. I too, think that Walter Williams found a niche with a group of people that like to have their ears tickled. If that same person agreed with Obama on anything, they would turn on him.

Later this afternoon, I’m going to write a blog that I hope explains this in more detail.

Remember, be careful, some will try to take you to the water's edge of being banned because they know they can be reinstated. You are a threat to them but remember it’s personal with them. I was offered $100 by Smartone to leave the Advocate (proof is in my blogs) and I don't post as much you do.