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Monday, December 5, 2011

We Need a Forum Fact Checker


Our forum is taking on the look of a shoot from the hip, anything goes, forum bent on revenge. There are some that hate the  "delete" button the moderator uses to take control of the forum.They would love a free -for-all format.  They can't understand that our reporters have feelings, and they are now fighting back instead of being used as a pin cushion. As I said before, the Advocate can exclusively feature conservative journalists, and I wouldn't whine at all and because I have other sources. A good example of that was performed by a poster I don’t even like, rollingstone, when he pointed out line by line, section by section of the United States Constitution of how secession, slavery, and Nullification were all unconstitutional but Gafftop has yet to respond. Few posters ever own up to their mistakes.

Think about it,it's only the so-called conservatives complaining about the content of the newspaper but that's because they are used to filtered media. I don't think the Advocate has a left or right wing bias and I think they go the extra mile to stay that way. That's just my opinion. 

In a post to BigJ, I stated, “I don't think Gheni is being picked on, but her topics are... Gheni will be a good reporter one day, but the Victoria forum readers are generally in their fifties or older. It's that crowd that she is not appealing to and ones that don't like in -your- face controversial subjects. That might work in Houston, but it won't work with demographics of Victoria" but then I read GetSmart's opinion blog, and I can see where a lot of people need some lessons on race relations. They are seriously lacking basic understanding. You cannot gripe about perceived inequalities of today without knowing how we got there in the first place. You just can't put Bull Connor and his fire hoses and the discriminatory poll tax in a well-hidden corner and expect to gripe about affirmative action. If it wasn't for the groups made up of minorities, would we be talking about voter's rights or the voter ID card? I was in my late teens and we still had separate drinking fountains and segregated schools. Can you believe that we are in the 21st Century, and a church is voting on whether to accept interracial couples? The Elks Club et al, nepotism, and other means were accepted practices of advancement under the guise of networking. The ignorant call, some devoted months to honor the achievements of Hispanics and blacks racism saying if there was a dedicated month for Caucasians minorities would squawk. That's where the problem lies, in the first place and that just an opinion without basis and the minorities grew up without any knowledge of their ancestor's accomplishments because the emphasis wasn't there. I don’t think Hispanics or blacks called for the special months and I don’t think they would mind if they were eliminated.I believe  it was woofwoof  who posted complaining about the black month and wanting equal time for the white race. That would take a lot of months, since they are about 125 ethnicities in the white race. When I  posted an article featuring a Czech Month, he never responded. I believed if more people apologized when they were wrong or admitted their error, it would go a long way in self-policing. The United States inaugurated the first black president on January 20, 2009, and we don't have currently have a black senator. GetSmart and his small crowd would lose their “victim" case in front of an impartial jury who had access to the facts.

Right now, we are rehashing a war that was ended 146 years ago. I happen to think that in the talks between the southern states and their counterparts, the topic of slavery was very much at the forefront. Whether the majority of the southern soldiers owned any slaves or had an opinion on it doesn't matter to me. I am only interested in the written documents.

The confederate flag was not only used by the KKK because It's currently being used by other racist groups The racist groups are hijacking that flag, but they know they are inflaming their targets. I saw where David Duke was arrested and deported from Germany the other day, in the backdrop was a confederate flag. The same people who denounce American Muslims for not being more vocal about radical Islamic terrorist are not doing the same when it comes to American terrorist hijacking the confederate flag.It's all about perception.

In the six years, that I have been part of the online forum, I have stayed away from racial issues because the issue is too sensitive, and my words may be taking out a context. Like several posters, I have an extensive comment history report and that in that report; I would challenge any one to find anything that could be defined as being racist. I'm rethinking my former stance because I can't just sit idly by while ignorant people are trying to rewrite history to promote their agenda. There's not a lot I can do. I can only offer  my opinion but when combined with others; we can take the sting out of the self-serving hypotheticals that are substituting for fact.


Legion said...

Both side of the civil war thread seem to get over passionate on their comments.
Vets last comment,and Vet is usually pretty grounded, calling the civil war a war fueled by hatred for example, that may be true of SOME of the leaders on each side but not the everyday people.
Rebbeca said it best on your last blog,"I imagine that the Civil War was like ... other wars. Those at the top are the ones who fund and have influence. The average person just tries to defend their home - hopes their children don't get killed."

My great great great Grandfather joined the Union Army, and his brother joined the Confederate Army. The brother was never heard from again, yet the other brother asked about him in his letters home that are on my blog. They didn't hate each other, it was just the way it was back then.
I guess the reason they went different ways was because their fathers farm was mostly in Iowa with a part of it in Missouri, but who knows for sure?

Mike said...

That's true Legion but there's no reason for that, if people would stick to the documented facts. I agree, Rebecca summed it up pretty good. I can imagine some didn't even know what was going on but when one of their relatives, friends, or neighbors were killed, it took hold of them. If you listened to the many stories of the returning Iraq war vets, the atrocities that were committed came from hate filled revenge. That may be what Vet was alluding to. It's hard to pin down a general feeling.

Like I said, my workmate would entertain us with this knowledge of the Civil War but he had to bite his lip and answer his test questions according to how he was taught or he would not have received his degree. He always said that slavery was not the main cause of the Civil War and he tried to show us documents to prove his point but it turned out to be a battle of semantics, even though he had the degree. He was at a different level because he would go to Tennessee and visit some grave sites and check out the libraries in various close by states. He was called in one day and told he could not wear his Confederate flag belt buckle because it might create a hostile environment. I never thought it would because we don't look at belt

Mike said...

George Purvis just upped the stakes by saying "Honestly the war had nothing to do with slavery. That fact can be provenand I have posted facts to backup what I am saying."

OK,and Gary White is the Pope.

Legion said...


Edith Ann said...

I'm not going to enter the Civil War fray at either location, but I will say this--I volunteered to help the last day of the Civil War Conference here last October.

The keynote speaker at the luncheon was fantastic. All kinds of aspects of the CW were discussed and it was all very interesting.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about the CW.

As to the forum--it's dull, non-productive and without most of the good posters. They have all lost interest, I'm afraid, and do fool with reading probably, much less posting.

I don;t really know why I keep posting the same whine over and over. Maybe one day I will get it...

Mike said...

I hope I'm not being understood....I love history ( I'm not a historian or history major)and the Civil War is no exception.I understand how people are proud of their family members who fought in that war.

I think the attackers outnumber those that just want to post their opinion.

This past week I've hear the words "ignorance ,racist, and liberal in the pejorative, used every day  as part of the normal discourse.

I keep hoping some smart new posters come in and elevate our discussions 

Edith Ann said...

Oh, and they cannot get a fact checker until they get a proofreader and a headline writer.

Sorry, but that is the way it is.

I don't think you are being misunderstood. They want to fight with you. Wouldn't matter the topic. itisi is over on the Advocate putting words in your mouth. So what else is new?

Mike said...

Ah,itisi he's not worth a response or the extra effort of the delete button...;-)
He reminds me of a Chihuahua always nipping at the heels . He doesn't know enough to do any harm.

Remember Joe Bean & Scott were the fact checkers.

Mike said...

Well I'm going to have to retract because I forgot there are others like itisi out there.

It gives me a chance to go into more detail.

What happened to the on- line reenactment of the Civil War?

Even old soldiers have to get their sleep,I guess.

Mike said...

*Snicker...snicker, Gheni if you can't beat them join them and "give them what they want."
Her blog counter might explode with the HEB stories etc. over a story that reasonable people will think it's an exception rather than the rule.

I have an iPad app counter, I bet at the end of the day it will be 99.9% in total agreement that the whole welfare system is a total waste and everyone should just get a job..Don't worry unemployment is now If they only knew.

I bet in the first five posts, at least one will be of the typical success story of how they worked 6 jobs at one time and put themselves through college without student

I even know who the first posters will be and what they will post...:-)

Isn’t life grand!

Edith Ann said...

I could use some extra Christmas money. Wanna bet?

The online Civil War--that's funny!

Mike said...

That's a big risk,I'm gonna need some odds..:-)

I made that prediction @ 11:03 it's 12:00 now,she had 5 hits then now it's at 61..That's 56 hits per hour...It takes time to dream up all the HEB stories and self praise stories..:-)..Then again she might have pissed off the people who would have normally flocked to this story.

Are you betting people will not contribute or that it will be a fair assessment...What do you think?

Mike said...

You don't play fair. You threw me for a loop,I would have never guessed that you would be the first one out of the box...Remind me never to bet with you,you are one that places sure bets..:-)

Edith Ann said...

When I left here I went to check the story and found no one had posted. I guess GetSmart is taking a nap, itisi is being itisi and I don't know about the others.

It was a blank wall just begging to be written upon...what can I say?

Thought I give them some prompts and cues. Liars, cheaters and thiefs are found everywhere. Let's see them discuss this.

As for odds--the odds are by time I clcik to another site, I have forgotten what I was talking about! This could work to your advantage!

Mike said...

I don't see how you do it Facebook,blogs,VA,emails, and phone calls but as they say;if you stick to your principals and the truth;it's a lot easier to manage.

I think born2Bme would be on of the first but she's probably running errands.

I know you have noticed all the anti-Obama posters but I have yet to see supporters of Romney,Perry,Gingrich or any other republicans...I consider Ron Paul a Libertarian running as a Republican but he has the same old diehards..They kind of remind me of the fans still rooting on their team when they are behind 77-0 with 2 minutes to go in the 4th qtr. One even thinks Mr. Paul will get to debate the president. LOl

Mike said...

See I was wrong,born was posting on my VA blog....This is not a day I should be placing bets.

Mike said...

184 comments and no one wants to take you on....That's some serious game you have going. You put up quite a stumbling block like one I have not seen before..Impressive.

Edith Ann said...

I thought sure the usual list of suspects would show up! Did I shut them down before they got started? I doubt it--they're just waiting for me to go to bed!

Mike said...

Did Alton ever address anyone other than that apology to those who were offended?

BTW I thought you emailed all the usual suspects warning them not to post on that thread..:-)

Over 200 hits,one comment and no rebuttals..That's got to be a record.

Edith Ann said...

Alton took down the apology blog and we've not heard a word since.

I'm just scary, I guess!

BIGJ said...

Let me say this I want to meet these Son of B's in person. I have it up to here with GET SMART's BS and the Neo-confederates on there. This also goes to Gary, who I might add, recieved the biggest cussing out his "virgin" ears ever got Sunday Morning.

BIGJ said...

Just like a family member told me the other day. They rather hide behind and spews crap in a place where they are "protected" rather than going to a place or site where they are the minority.

BIGJ said...


I'll add this too. I hope you post this blog on the VICAD.

Mike said...


I thought about posting this blog at the VA but it wouldn't be the same without using poster's names;that would be against the rules.

Yes,they are real big using their keyboard  but they wouldn't take that position if they wanted our business or next to us at a public setting.

I know you won't agree but EA gave SmartOne a public ass whipping on our public forum.His response was that of an ignorant nobody that couldn't defend his position.
Come on ,pet rock and a headache is the best he could?There's two ways to treat trolls,the best way is not to feed them(ignore) the other way is to embarrass them with documented facts and supported with links if needed....Remember,others read the forum...I remember Kenneth's and Thor's last blogs,they got 17 hits tops.These posters only appeal to people like them....Nobody wins the gutter politics...IMO

Mike said...

I just don't have the energy or incentive to write another blog because reading all this nonsense at the VA makes me wonder why I started in the first place.

There is a unhealthy fascination with guns; it's as if it's part of their anatomy.

The was an article about the safety measures that were taken at the " Bike and Ride" trail and Jeff Williams complained about the RV ordnance and continued rambling about our liberties being taken away. What duh? As I was saying the other day, it was nice when Mr. Bean or Scott would tell the posters to stay on topic. Before you know it, the topic of the article is no longer mentioned. I used hate that, I understood that there was two different sides of the argument but like in the example about the only thing common with the RV ordinance and the improvements of the trail was our City Council had something to do with it.

I think some of these people come in drunk and just post what ever props in their head. For instance, I don't have the slightest idea what Johnny Lara is talking about. He just making his stuff up about Santa Ana and the Civil War.

Mike said...

Before I rap it up for the day I have some solutions.

1.Elect a City Council that has no authority.
2. Elect County Commissioners and Judge but give them no authority.
3. Let everyone do what the want,that way the ones with the most guns wins.
4. Use the tax money to pay the utilities, limited payroll, and for the infrastructure that has just collapsed. Return the rest of the money. Don't even try to think about the future; not with my tax money you don't
5. Take us back to the 20th Century because we aren't doing too well in the 21st Century.

I'll get a good night's sleep perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

Edith Ann said...

Jeff Williams did make a good point about the Christmas tree guy at Sears. It allowed me to inquire about the RVs that camp on the Community Center grounds (carnies) during the Stock Show.

And I do think this is a bit of an overreaction to ONE person's refusal to abide by the law. But, that's just my opinion.


Mike said...

I had no idea you had made a comment and I don't have any idea about what the carnies do or the Christmas tree guy but I was making a broader point...As always,Jeff went into la la land about liberties etc....I use the Bike trail and I was interested in the improvements not Williams's latest gripe...It was just one of a three examples.

Yeah,I think all involved parties will work things out...I think game05 is making some good points,we need to elevate our understanding instead of acting like a bunch of 5th graders.

Perhaps,I 'm just getting older and grouchy.

Edith Ann said...

No, I understood your point. I don't necessarily agree (in a global manner) that we are losing all these liberties, but I have had a problem with the RV thing since day one. I don't even own an RV!

I do, however, look at the RV-City Council thing as more weird crap from the CC. One asshole violator, and we have to go to all this trouble! I mentioned the carnies because they are here for more than 7 days--what is the city going to do then? See, I think no one bothered to think ahead on this deal. The carnies are going to stay where their equipment is and the Community Center is not an RV park. So--now what?

In the words of the infamous Rick Perry---OOPS!

I think the CC needs to be pulled back a bit, but I have thought that for a long, long time.

Mike said...

Well,to be truthful I've been a little depressed lately because I lost another good friend that I  worked with for over 28 years,he was 6 yrs. younger than me. I went to his viewing Monday and his funeral Tuesday....That's 2 close friends and a nephew in a month and all I'm doing is wasting my time.

Yes,the CC gets into these things all the time.remember Holly and his ditch that needed mowing.....I had a different view on the RV situation...I read where other cities do the same thing.Due to hard times they  did not want to encourage large RV's congestion but I don't know the details of our situation....I think as long as the carnies stay at the Community Center it's a different's like parking @ Walmart...I saw it as a future zoning issue if allowed to get out of hand...Look at our streets here in the neighborhood an RV or two here and 18 wheeler cab and we have even a greater traffic problem...Look at all those cars at that nursing home before you get to Airline,visibility is challenging,especially if you are riding a bike.

Edith Ann said...

This is a tough time of the year for a lot of reasons, and then to have these losses is just sometimes way too much. So sorry that you are having to experience all of that. May you have brighter days ahead.

I can't disagree that it could be a problem--the RVs--but by their own admission, it is one person. One person! The way the ordinance is written, it does not make any special exceptions. It will end up like everything else in Victoria--they will have to be reactive, if anything, and unless someone complains (as they did in this case) everything will continue as it always had. No one will report the carnies. No one will bother the guy at Sears.

But---but, but, but---is it too much to expect that instead of a kneejerk reaction to a slight problem, the city council could for once, just once, stop and think about a solution and all the possible consequences to follow BEFORE they pull the trigger?

That's all I ask. You have a good evening. Go read the last three installments of Snarky in the Suburbs. You will laugh til you pee your pants. She giving her recap of Black Friday, store by store.

Edith Ann said...

No wonder we make the Advocate crazy! We can't stay on topic to save our souls!

Edith Ann said...
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Edith Ann said...
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