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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just another Saturday rant


I usually adapt to change, unless it's my recliner, which, by the way sat in the same place for 25 years. Our new VA forum is pretty simple to navigate and easy on the eyes but I got accustomed to the blogs on my left side, recent comments on my right side, and a click at the bottom to get all the comments. It may be a fluke or a figment of my imagination, but I don't think we have that many people posting since the change.

I'd like to take this opportunity to get things off my mind because keeping it bottled up will not help my blood pressure. I have a different opinion than most folks have on the safety net, single payer Universal Health Care, race relations, student loans, green energy, the environment and the separation of church and state. I don't expect to ever engage in a worthwhile discussion because; both parties have to know how their opponents came to their conclusions. For example, I know why people don't like the government to provide Health Care for all, and it's not because they're not compassionate. We're taught all our lives to be self-sufficient and, that it's not fair to reward complacency. I agree wholeheartedly, but these are not normal times. The cost of health insurance has been going up for decades and there are many factors such as gouging by the insurance companies, expensive procedures, poor health choices, and fraud and abuse. We tend to find one scapegoat, and that's where the problem lies. My answer is "Medicare for all" but if the opposition has a better plan, then lay all the cards on the table for a thorough investigation. The opposition will tell me that it's socialism without hearing my side of the story. I think it would alleviate the burdens on our companies to provide health care, and it would be cheaper in the long run because of preventive care features.

I continue to see misconceptions about race. One poster simply stated that " we are not black and white; we are all Americans" well, That line always gets a standing ovation but the next day, we fall back into the same trap because, as Atty. General Holder said, " We are a nation of cowards" on matters of race, with most Americans avoiding candid discussions of racial issues." The continued uses of racial arguments are treated like they are in football; it's usually the last guy who throws a punch who gets penalized for using it. All we ever have is closed mind discussions. If we're going to talk about affirmative action, it's only proper to start with the reason we implemented it in the first place and work through it until we get where we are today. Sometimes you have to use trickery to get your point across. A poster (game05) cleverly used a sickle and hammer avatar to make his point the other day, proving that the confederate flag can be a divisive issue. It worked because a couple of posters called it ironic because they didn't know that they had been had. Finally is the Walter Williams (black conservative journalist) issue. A lot of social conservatives love Walter Williams because he tells them that it's OK to criticize a black man and not be racial, and that's true but Mr. Williams has made a lot of money by only criticizing minorities and not giving more context in his examples. He is a master in half-truths. In today's Advocate, Walter Williams must have used over a 1000 words to explain why it's not right to make people purchase insurance. I wonder if he thought the same thing when the conservative Heritage Foundation came up with the concept. It's always been a conservative view that everyone should pay something. I have many black friends, but I don't know any of them that like Walter Williams because they see him for what he is.

I've met many Christian fundamentalist like Gary White, who speaks the “holier than thou" not knowing that they are turning off the very people they are trying to reach. They take it to the political arena where they turn off even more people. Gary is saying that President Obama is trying to spread a homosexual agenda but all he's doing is sending out his surrogates to say that they will not tolerate genocide. Gary needs to read about the Ugandan mission to execute all homosexuals.

I am a proud environmentalist, but that doesn't mean I want to tie myself around the tree to prevent the building of a mall or reject every fossil-fuel project. I just want all environmental concerns to be listened to and environmental safeguards implemented. Conservatives are concerned about leaving our grandchildren all our debt, but they should be equally concerned about leaving them a clean planet to live on. At least, we can temporarily print money to lessen the effects, but we can't do that with greenhouse emissions. I have yet to hear and what exact regulations are holding up production. Demonizing the EPA without specific charges is unacceptable.

Well, I guess it's time to end my Saturday rant and go read a book or watch a little television and get ready for tonight's ABC GOP debate.


Edith Ann said...


It is those folks who can look through a keyhole with both eyes at the same time that ruin it for everyone else.

This is not an 'either-or' world, but many of of the conservatives, in order to use their scare and fear methods of spreading their messages try to make it one. I don't drive a Volt or a Prius because I don't want to. But, to feel like I am offsetting some of that, I take my reusable shopping bags to HEB. I use cloth instead of paper in my kitchen. You get my drift.

I'm personally tired of being labeled.

I am really thinking about asking the Advocate to invite Kenneth Schustereit back. Gary White needs someone to talk to.

Excellent blog, Mike!

Mike said...

Thanks EA,I thought that I may offend some but I'm not going to run away from what I am.
I'll accept the labels but can I get a discussion now?

I'm glad Gray leaves me alone because there is not an antidote for stupid.
That's funny get Gary a playmate.

BIGJ said...


You said everything with "I have many black friends, but I don't know any of them that like Walter Williams because they see him for what he is"

Walter Williams is an Uncle Tom pure and simple, even his former childhood friend Bill Cosby can tell you that.

Speaking about racism, I am amazed that someone on here are not taking PILOT (AKA MIKE AUSTIN) of Katy Texas ( or Seadrift?) to task on his own sad lonely ass blog. Words like: Little blactivist kid and cotton field hick. I hope that prove that I was right along about that old hippie fart since 2008. ( It seems that the more he talks the more he is full of his BS.

I have to say God bless Game05 it is time for allies and people with common sense. He emailed me two or three nights say he understood why I have strong dislike for some posters.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Good blog, Mike. And the curmudgeon in me likes a great rant every now and then. Hope your blood pressure's down by now and you can enjoy your weekend!

You know I really don't get involved in political discussions, but of course I can't leave the health care thing alone. Everything that follows is not politicized, but just my own opinion and learned observation from decades in the health care trenches:

THE NUMBER ONE THING I'VE LEARNED OVER THE YEARS: and it may sound cliche, but it is so true - the scariest words in the world are as follows: "we are from the government, and we are here to help you." Believe me, EVERYTHING the government has touched in healthcare IS A DISASTER. We are ALL choking under governmental regulations, and Medicare and Medicaid are two of the biggest frauds perpetrated upon the American people ever. IF we leave healthcare coverage completely up to the government, we as a nation are screwed. This is not some conservative, shrill alarm meant to scare or intimidate. This is my truth that I live every day. Scientists are able to do research and find cures NOT because of government grants, but instead of IN SPITE of governmental interference, due to large private endowments. Methodist Hospital? M.D. Anderson - these are private institutions. Cleveland clinic, Kelsey Seybold? These are not government-funded, but PRIVATE endeavors. This is where the bulk of research and cures are found, not at the NIH or CDC. The NIH and CDC, of course, serve a purpose, but there is a reason research is limited at those facilities - they are government-owned and run, and any governmental entity quashes REAL research and creativitiy. This is the truth. IF we choose to let government take over health care, which will happen if they become the "payor" and controller of insurance, there will be a chilling effect on medical research and knowledge IMMEDIATELY. We did not make the great discoveries of the past couple of centuries in this nation and in others by government funding.

I have to break this into two parts because it is so long. Stay tuned:

Sugar Magnolia said...

I have to literally FIGHT at work every day, as do the doctors, against medicare/medicaid/government regulations, medical necessity, ICD-9 coding, DRGs, diagnoses, etc. Sometimes a patient CANNOT get a test because the government will deny payment. This happens very rarely for an insured patient, and will never happen for a self-pay patient. Governmental regulations tell us what we can and cannot do in our own facility, and the "cannot do" list gets longer every day. Want a copy of your lab tests? Sorry, no can do, at least from the LAB who would be glad to hand them to you and explain all those numbers on a personal one-on-one basis. BUT I can't do that. You must go to medical records, sign half a dozen forms, retrieve your records, and, if you're lucky, get hold of your physician for interpretation. Want me to add on a test to the blood we already have? Sorry, medicare says we can't with the diagnosis your doctor has given us. We have tried in vain to call your doc for a better diagnosis, but he can't come up with a legitimate one that satisfies the government, so he frustratedly tells us, nevermind, it's not really that important. Which of course it is, or he wouldn't have thought to want it in the first place. That might have been the one test to lead to a diagnosis. But, we'll never know.

This is just a brief snapshot of what goes on every day. It's not the evil insurance companies, it's not they physicians, IT'S THE GODDAMNED GOVERNMENT. I know costs are out of control, it's a pain in the tuchus to even try to go see a doctor these days, etc. I hate to gripe about something when I have no answers. But I really don't know how to make things better. I can, however, assure you that leaving the government in charge WILL BE WORSE. I guarantee it. Governmental control IS NOT THE ANSWER. You thing things are bad now? Wait till the government gets even more of a stranglehold on the medical industry. That will be the day that I, and so many other talented scientists and healthcare workers, will leave the field.

See, I told you I love a great rant! Thanx for letting me take up space on your blog Mike. I don't intend to sway you with my little blurb, but thought you might find it interesting to see what a destructive effect government has already had. It scares me that people want more of the same.

Edith Ann said...

I absolutely hear what you are saying, Sugar, but the issue is not unique to medicare and medicaid. Not at all.

Private insurance routinely dictates how long someone gets to stay in the hospital.

My sister needs a medication for her sleep disorder, but it is labeled for epilepsy. She doesn't have epilepsy, so, of course, her insurance will not pay for it, and a month's prescription is several hundred dollars. What does she do? She doesn't take it.

I know there are instances where folks' treatment for cancer has been delayed because of the insurance company.

There are many problems in the medical field regarding authorizations, payments and such, no doubt about it. But it's not just government creating and contributing to the problem.

It would make me crazy to work in that environment!

Mike said...

Part 1 of 2

I really enjoyed your response because it gives me greater insight on the subject. About five years ago we had a great thread where nurses, patients, and even one Canadian posted their opinion for about two weeks. I learned a lot from that discussion. I know you're not political and I envy you.

I agree that the Mayo and the Cleveland Clinic are outstanding examples of great Healthcare Systems and government grants are not necessary for research and development. I do not agree that Medicare and the VA are a disaster. I find Medicare very efficient because everything is spelled out and my friends that use the VA , swear by it. In fact, the VA has been singled out as one of the best Health Care systems. I agree there's a lot of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid but we keep defunding the overseers and we haven't adequately funded Medicare. For example, we had been at a 1.45% and payroll tax for years but we haven't raised that percentage because of political reasons. One heart attack, a couple of extended hospital visits will eat up our lifetime contributions.
Since it's my age group that is responsible for over half of our total healthcare cost, I don't think it's unreasonable and for me to start paying co- pays and a higher premium rate. My doctor would always raise hell with Aetna but he's quite content with Medicare (except for the payment portion) but I'm sure it's a vice versa in many cases. Last month, my doctor sent me to a specialist but when the specialist asked me about a test I had taken, I couldn't remember some details he wanted to know but since both doctors kept electronic records , he was able to access what he needed to know. They Health Care Act provided funding for doctors to start keeping their records electronically.

I won't go into the horror stories patients had told about their experiences with health insurance companies but I will tell you why I think health care should not be left to the private sector. Medicare's overhead is about 2 to 3% and the private insurance industry is ~15-20%. Since the government or private insurance companies are not doing anything about our lifestyles( we are the most obese country in the world) the cost of insurance will have to go up or they will have to take steps to eliminate the most costly patients or they will not remain profitable. That's the reason I say you CANNOT privatize Medicare. At age 55 we start to develop aches and pains that required medical attention, so it's only reasonable to think that their premiums will be unaffordable.The insurance companies will eventually drive themselves out of business or we will be left with two or three major companies.

Mike said...

Continued page 2

That's just it, I have seen what government will do when they have complete control of Health Care. I've enjoyed my experiences with Medicare and so have my friends that have VA.

I haven't gone through the frustration of government bureaucracy as you have, so I can't begin to imagine what it's like but I can understand your point of view. In your case, more the same is not the answer.

As to cost, VA keep their costs low by buying their prescription drugs in bulk but early in the negotiations the administration made a mistake by making a deal with BIG Pharma which kept us from having the same deal. I think we have to be like all other industrial nations who have learned that healthcare for profit will fail in the long run. Just think if we could compete with other countries and because our companies did not have to include the cost of health care in the proposals. That's the reason several GM and Ford plants moved to Canada. There will be pros and cons to anything and longer wait lines is a sacrifice I'm willing to put up with. I think dealing with the symptoms at stage one with preventative care will save a lot of money.

I think that Healthcare Insurance is a basic right not a privilege and the private insurance industry needs to reform itself as well Medicare ,Medicaid, and the VA. I don't think it's morally right to allow 48,000 people a year to die because of a lack of insurance. I think the burdens are on the working middle class who were paying more and getting less. We have great medical care but it's too expensive and were not getting the greatest bang for our buck.

Mike said...


The walter Williams issue'As you know it's much deeper than but as you say would they think the same if he was critical of them? 

 Kyle did the same thing the other day when he posted in "ALL CAPS' some misspelled RW talking points about President Obama...It went over the head of several posters...I bet some thought he was on their

You are the target of choice right now because you are out there and the rest of us are ignoring their babble...Even itisi admitted he was warned by VA to cool it down but then thought better of and deleted his post on your blog....Remember  the 2007-08 nonsense? This election season will be much worse since they have clowns for candidates ,so all they have left is poster character assign

Sugar Magnolia said...

I do understand your point of view, too, Mike. And I have given a glowing endorsement of the VA before, as my cousin, grandfather, and other relatives have spent time in them, I have nothing but good things to say about the VA. But you are wrong when you say that private insurance does nothing about prevention. Most all insurers now provide discounts for "healthy living", taking smoking cessation classes, reducing weight, etc. Most of them offer online assistance with tracking your BP numbers, weight, etc. and reward those who care to take part in such programs. Saving money on insurance? Huge incentive to get healthier, if you ask me.

I have only one question left about medicare/medicaid and government-provided insurance, and never believe that THIS is not the crux of the dilemma: WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM?

I would also pose a question that I know others have wondered: do we make it mandatory for everyone to purchase said insurance? If a person refuses, then what? Are they responsible for footing their own medical bills or do we as a society help?

I know that Edith Ann also has a point that certain stipulations are given by private insurers as well, but the thing about that is WE HAVE A CHOICE. We can shop for another insurance company. If we have Medicare, we can get supplemental. What happens when that choice is taken away, and the healthcare industry is a single monopoly run by the government? There is no way this will be good for the American people.

Sugar Magnolia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike said...

I have heard about incentives and I have stated that in the past but I've had private insurance for 44 years without benefiting, except for a few instances where Aetna's wellness program worked with my wife before and after her breast cancer surgery. I can't really recall a bad experience with private insurance companies but this is a 50 state problem.

The taxpayer will always pay for the government provided insurance as is spelled out in the legislation. The taxpayer pays about $1000 a year in extra cost on their premiums because of the abuse of the emergency room by the uninsured. Private insurance companies have to make a profit or go bankrupt.

I just don't think health care insurance is a good free market idea because how can plan for cancer in a supply and demand strategy.

If you read the" individual mandate" portion of the Affordable Health Care Act, a fine was proposed for those that did not want to buy health insurance. The enforcement is pretty vague, it reads like a tax on your 1040. I think the question should be what happens if the " individual mandate" is deemed unconstitutional. If that happens, in order for the private insurance companies to afford bringing in 31 million new customers, they would have to rescind the " pre-existing conditions and ensuring the 26 year old." The government would then renegotiate a public option to take its place.

Nothing has changed we still have a choice but in the year 2014, the companies accused of unfair practices will not be allowed in the exchange programs where customers get to choose their insurance. Government will always be included because of Medicare and the VA, those costs affect the overall price of private insurance.... I have Medicare and Aetna as my supplement but one or two heart attacks will use up the Medicare portion and making Aetna use up their share, driving up the cost of private insurance. Take that example and include all 50 states.

Yes we can always have a choice but will we be able afford them? I always thought the democrats made a mistake by not proposing " Medicare for all" it's a simple concept that our parents and grandparents could explain to us. A simple up or down vote. As you can see Medicare is quite popular but it's on a road to destruction without serious reforms.

We won't agree on this issue but it was nice to have a civil discussion and I know where you're coming from. After all the hoopla, I think it will be productive to look at Vermont's single payer system and evaluate it. I'm not against private insurance but what I've seen so far, gives me the impression that they cannot sustain the cost of more expensive procedures, an older generation with their health problems, and healthcare cost inflation. I just want a plan B .

Sugar Magnolia said...

"We won't agree on this issue but it was nice to have a civil discussion and I know where you're coming from." Indeed, Mike!

What I hope for in the future is some sort of combination of the best of both worlds. I hope that for your children and grandchildren, and even their descendants. We are in unprecendented territory, with a record burgeoning population, and a never-before demographical makeup of 65+ year old individuals. This country is going to have to get a grip and come to terms with a "brave new world" in medicine and its patients. Like I said, I don't presume to know the answer, I just know SOMETHING is going to have to give and change. I hope you and I are both around to see that happen for the next generations, and that our insurance/medicare/etc. holds out so we can treat our aches/pains/failing eyesight and bodies, LOL!

Thanx for the discussion, and a good day to you, sir!

Mike said...


We get to the  same place but in separate cars..:-)  We both want something that works and we know what we have ,needs a lot of improvement.

After reading your posts ,I have a greater appreciation for those that process my claims.I think my doctor(s) have stayed ahead of the curve and learned the in and outs of Medicare...For example my doctor called me in when I was approaching 65 to discuss how we were going to proceed under Medicare. I have a Medicare manual 'so I know what I can and can't do.

Again thanks for the discussion.

BIGJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BIGJ said...


You can’t fix stupid especially Gary W. However, him calling me the Anti-Christ cross the line with me. As far as me being the target……I say bring it on. It is silly for a person to email anyone about family, education, grammar, job, etc, but yet when asked to meet me in person he refuse. The 2012 election will be 10 times worse than it was in 2008 on the VICAD. They rather hide behind their computers than being confronted and exposes as the dogs that they are. You will have people like Itisi, BOSTINKS, and Sandwich joining in just to “pillow bite” whenever Alton, Rollinstone, or GetSmart speaks

I was threaten that I “would be swallowing my own teeth in short order“ on another blog. WOW I am not that impressed. It seems that our old buddy Bighorn is here spying on you and your blog. LOL.

Edith Ann said...

BigJ--do you think it is going to be worse? I don't, and here's why--most all of the able-to-hold-a-decent-conversation posters are gone. I just don't see them coming back since they haven't done so yet.

We're stuck with the likes of itisi, rollinstone, GetSmart, and so on...

Edith Ann said...

Oh, the 'not worse' part is 'if you ignore them, they cannot bother you'. You know the ones who comment just to see their words in print. They aren't adding to the 'community conversation', so don't waste your time.

Anonymous said...


Just for the record, no spys are looking at your activities. Although you might think it's pretty cool if they were.

I've read your blogs, both here and at the VicAd on a regular basis, and truely fail to agree with most or any of your positions. But given our interactions have been poor, I have taken my medicine and respect your right to say whatever you like, make whatever claims you like, and respectfully no longer comment.

Mea Culpa!

Best to you and your family through this Christmas Season!


Mike said...


We're all different and I understand where you're coming from but it wouldn't bother me in the least, if Gary white called me Anti-Christ or a racist because I know I'm not. I'm comfortable in my own skin.

The Online machismo is pretty common because those people want others to think that they are 6 foot 3 inches and weigh 325 pounds but I'll take brains over brawn anytime. The online bullies will try to fascinate everyone with their knowledge of guns and their desire to shoot anyone that they think might threaten them. I remember one time where a couple of posters reminded their opponent that they had a concealed handgun permit. They were eventually banned.

I think the Lamppost solved his e-mail threats by posting them on the forum. Believe me; these trolls don't want others or the Vic AD to know what they're doing off-line. At the same time, you can't engage in the same practices.

I can't lecture anyone because I'm guilty of engaging in the politics of personal destruction, even though I felt at the time that it was in self- defense. We're all human beings that make human mistakes. I use this personal blog to vent my frustration. I haven't made a comment on the forum since last Thursday because the subjects didn't interest me. Look at the posters who commented on the Sheila Jackson Lee blog. Are those the people you want to have a daily dialogue with?

I have said that the next 11 months will be worse than the 2008 presidential campaign because the opposition can't root for their two front runners, so they will engage in character assassination. It's the same playbook, be afraid of the black man and homosexuals. It will start off small to gin up interest from the racists and other like minded individuals. It can only be worse if we let them get under our skin because then others will say there's no difference between the two.

Mike said...


I do think it's going to get worse, even though I agree that the current posters cannot defend their positions but like Alton, they're going to post something so outrageous, that it will cause some of us to retaliate.

You do remember the 2007-08 presidential election season where SouthTexas and Kenneth were getting their information from far right- wing extremist’s web sites and posting the nonsense. With the help of ragman, Vietnam Vet and a few others, we were able to post Snoops and other fact checking sites to disprove their claims. We would come back the next day and the blog was no longer there.

I do agree that most of the material that's being posted should be ignored because acknowledging it will give it some kind of legitimacy (in their small brain) and it gives them the spotlight they seek.

Mike said...


If I had a nickel for every time someone said they didn't agree with me, I would probably be vacationing in Europe....:-)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

Mike said...

It's hard to believe that the" War on Christmas" made it to Victoria. I heard about this war three or four years ago when Fox news and Bill O'Reilly manufactured it. I believe O'Reilly made some money selling books about the war.... I can understand that some people want things to remain like it was in their childhood when everyone used to say " Merry Christmas." Christians make up over 80% of the population; why should they play the victim? It just goes to show you that corporations are not like people, they're legal entities whose priority is their balance sheet. They will do anything and say anything to appease or keep from getting sued.

Edith Ann said...

Did you see Juanita Jean's blog about Perry's holiday card and holiday greeting? Christmas isn't mentioned anywhere...

And I am sure you are right about the slings and barbs getting worse. How many more months?

Mike said...

The other night Jon Stewart took on Fox News,saying  "you take for granted the ubiquity of Christmas, but if there has been a war, Christmas is the aggressor nation,” Stewart said later in the show. “Right now, every public space in the country looks like it got hit with a 500 pound tinsel bomb. The White House looks like a yuletide episode of 'Hoarders.' Many of these displays are subsidized by, uh, what's that thing you don't want to spend on anything? Taxpayer money!"

I did see Juanita 's blog about Perry's card and I saw the him on Fox news Sunday try to explain Obama 's role in the war on Christmas but he sounded like a desperate man.

Pilot said...

Mike, I like your approach to the environmental issue. I call my stance, a liberal, "dad of teens" conservative. I apologize for allowing my emotions over the soiling by a select few, of the Advocate, to get me canned again. I only want to see a fraction of what that once formidable little paper once was, to shine through and show me there is some hope for it.
EA - brilliant - matching up Gary and Kenneth. I'd actually pay to see that interaction in print.
BigJ - It is actually both Katy and Seadrift. I'll be in Seadrift on Sat, Sun, if you'd like a mess of catfish or shrimp and the world's best Mexican omelet at el Mexicano at first light with my bayrat buds on Sunday.......
Please believe me, it isn't a race issue I have with you, it is your anger issues tou need to address. I just hit where it does the most good. Call it literary rope-a-dope. I'd much rather lose a game of pool to you(fat chance), than win an argument in an online forum with you. Show your face, and be a real person. I have a feeling that once that ever happened, we'd be seeing the real Justin, and not "the man behind the cyrtain".

Mike said...

I had to do double take but I'm glad you found me and that you'll come back. I'm looking forward to the day you'll be reinstated because we're about the same age, so I understand where you're coming .Back in the day, we didn't have to be so political correct because you were in for rude awakening if you wore your feelings on your sleeve. We don't have to agree on every subject but knowing the other side always helps. I hope you and BigJ find a way to stop the Hatfield and McCoy because the feud has been going on for almost as long as the Iraq war...IMO....The olive branch branch has been extended.

Mike said...

Patrick Barnes has posted an intriguing blog about the lack of interest in our online forum. I'm going to read the interesting comments because they are no wrong or right answers (so far) because it's a poster's opinion.

Jessica Puente stats show a slight drop in comments but are they broken down by the number of posters or comments? Do the numbers show the time lapse between comments? Pat may have been talking about recent activity, but I'm comparing it to calendar years past.

Like I stated, I'm looking forward to the interesting responses, but I'm afraid if I comment one of my detractors will attack me and ruin it for everyone. You know," everyone's out of step but Willie" meaning that it's the other guy's fault.

BTW I think one perpetuates the other.... The lack of posters makes one lose interest and I think we've recycled the same stories until there's nothing left to say.

Edith Ann said...

Right now the Advocate forum is the dregs. There is not much to comment on. And Rebecca is right--the pro/con articles are just an invitation to fight. Do I think they need to quit the pro/con stuff--no. But it is just a damn shame that folks cannot simple engage in decent conversation about a topic!

Mike said...

I liked Rebecca's and Kyle's comments because it gave us some points on how we can improve..For example, Rebecca pointed out something very important about labeling. We don't normally know much about the person making a random statement but a label is quickly attached to the poster for their comment. A lot of those Pros and Cons are set up for an obvious controversy. The welfare one for instance, we've gone over them several times this year, and we usually know in advance the name of the posters who will comment and what they will post.

Kyle justifiably wants a discussion based on substantial facts; not random theories.

A blog's interest will vary with the posters we have at the time. A political blog will appeal to those interested in politics and and they will continue to come back. I remember several blog's about local politics that drew a lot of attention. I also remember the blog's about Ground Zero and the mosque drew lot of attention. The Jaynes incident created quite a stir on your blog and the VA.... I stumbled into a topic that people wanted to discuss when I got over a 1000 hits for my blog about President Obama firing General Stanley McCrystal. We never know.

Mike said...

When I copied from Word I left out this important detail.

PatB picked an excellent topic which obviously was on the mind of a lot of posters.

BIGJ said...


The only thing I believe is my word. You need to have a clue or two. The only thing that angers me is you and your crappy stalking.

You already cross the line. If you have some sense you would let it go. If you want to be left alone, then you leave me alone.