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Monday, January 2, 2012

Off to a bad start


I know that the events of the first week of January do not necessarily indicate what type of year I will have. At least, I hope it doesn't. This is only day 2 but I'm not off to a good start mentally.

Last nights, Dallas Cowboys loss was upsetting because I really thought they would put in a better effort. The tackling was atrocious as was the blocking, even if they pulled out a victory after a 21-0 setback, it would have just delayed the inevitable because you don't have the fundamental down by week 16; don't expect them to come back in the first playoff game.

I bought my wife a computer tablet for Christmas and after setting it up for her, and I've told it was better for her to learn on her own. That's my way of instructing people; make your own mistakes and learn from them. Things were going pretty good until she told me that her tablet would not charge. I said," you're probably doing something wrong'" but he just left it there on the coffee table, and I took the hint. As I tried to trace the problems, I said to myself that it can only be three things:1. The outlet was bad 2. My wife didn't insert the cable into the tablet or outlet correctly 3. She was too impatient and didn't give the battery enough time to charge. I went with the latter but when I checked it 30 minutes later, the battery icon was a bright red. I connected the tablet to the USB Port of her laptop and the tablet started charging. That left me off the hook, for while so I got to watch the rest of the game but this morning problem 2 came up. I bought the tablet at our local Sam's Club. My wife had already typed in all the information and downloaded the apps she wanted, so all I was interested in was a replacement charger. I called the 800 number, and Rodney answered( with an Indian accent) telling me that Sam's had not reported our tablet as being sold, so I had to scan the receipt to him, he thanked me (I think) and said that a charger would be mailed to me, so I hung up. I got a little suspicious because I never gave him my mailing address, but I did have a case number. I immediately called back but this time Anita answered in an American voice telling me that Rodney should have told me that tablets or replacement parts wouldn't be  in until the end of January , but if I didn't want to wait, she would send me a $65.00 store credit. Huh? I decided to call the local Sam's Club to see if I could replace the tablet, but they informed me that they have completely sold out of that tablet and weren't sure if they were going to reorder. It's not an earth-shaking problem because she can still charge off her laptop but if another problem pops up, I know that it won't be until the end of the month before the problem is resolved. I have a sneaky suspicion that the “end of the month" is not a date certain but more of a stalling tactic.

I submitted my first blog of the New Year to the VA this is morning but as of late I haven't received any comments on any of my most recent blogs. I'm going to try like hell not to respond to the trash talkers and just state my opinion, link some sources and move on. Have you noticed that one trash talker will get the ball –a- rolling and then the rest of the parasites hop on for the ride? I really don't care if a person likes Obama or the Democrats, for that matter, because those are just personal opinions, and it may or may not have anything to do with the issues at hand. I genuinely like the idea of humanizing a poster. I think that's the idea of using real names because then you can take their objective views or rants and not be offended by them. That's just "X" being "X."….User names serve the same purpose as real names to me.

I hope the old timers at the VA  don’t leave in frustration because it will be a lonely year.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Sorry to hear of your computer woes, I think (hope) that it will all be straightened out in due time. Remember how quickly 2011 went by? The end of January will be here before you know it. And, if it is indeed a stalling tactic they are using, you will find out by then that info, and then you can deal with it as you see fit. I do hope you and your wife get resolution one way or the other.

I've pretty much said goodbye to the VicAd. I may post on there sporadically if I deem a topic of such great importance that I believe my input would really count; otherwise, I don't even intend to mosey over to the web site except on rare occasion. I've had it with that web site. Enough is enough.

It's only the second day of January, Mike, so take heart and keep your chin up, it WILL get better. You have a more appreciative audience here than over on the VicAd anyway, so don't be discouraged.

Mike said...


I sure do envy you, I've been trying to get out to Reliant Stadium since it was built. I'll put it on my bucket list for 2012. I'll do it as soon as Texan tickets become available.

I sure hope you and EA will reconsider because you two remind me of how it used to be but I understand. Every now and then is OK because I have feeling that is what I'm going to do.There are days that I don't even go to the VA and I don't feel like I'm missing something...I don't have those Monday mornings of catching up because no one wrote anything of any importance over the week end.That sounds mean doesn't it?
BTW I hate that error message.

Perhaps your dad feels like I do, I just want the days to slow down and not go by as fast as they seem to be going..:-)

Rebecca said...

Maybe we could create a blog circle where local bloggers could all join and we would be able to keep in touch more easily. Remember blog rings? Do they still exist?

Of course, I won't be as "chatty" if and when I get a job. I'm always on the edge of employment, but until then, my laptop is in the kitchen and I play as I "work."

Mike said...

I had to look up "blogging circle" because I've never heard of it but I was thinking along the same lines but I didn't know how to go about it. As usual, you're going to have to get me up speed.

I hope you’re not thinking of leaving....That will leave me with Gary and half of the time I don't have the foggiest idea of what he's talking about...:-0

Life goes on but if a lot of people are going to leave, I guess I'll just have to concentrate on this personal blog. I think I'm beginning to wear out my welcome at the VA any way.

See what you started EA..:-) Just kidding, I think we all had the idea at some time or another.

Edith Ann said...

Mike, It is the cycle of life! We see stuff die and we watch stuff being born. We get hacked off at the brain trust on both sides of the Advocate pages and we vow we're backing off. We make a lot of threats!

Now, I know you been reading all of us long enough to know that we're not going away permanently. Besides, we're females--we change our minds like we change our, well, um, shoes. Yes, shoes!

We won't abandon you to Gary. We like you! But, it will take a pretty good comment to make me comment right now.

I think we kind of have a blogger circle now, Rebecca, don't we? I need to plan the 2012 EA event. I think it will be in the Spring so we can be outside.

Edith Ann said...

Well! I guess itisi told you! You know, folks who cannot maintain a thought process should refrain from using computers. That goes for tafoer, too. What idiots!

Mike said...

You’re right I was just reacting to seeing those words in print.

lol... I've got this picture of itisi drinking coffee out of his Bill O'Reilly mug, stopping to type a few folksy words, all while listening to Rush Limbaugh ranting on his AM radio.
The days of a dialogue with intelligent conservatives like arlewill, maryann, and others are gone for now.

Edith Ann said...

And he still has one of those 'Bush-Cheney' stickers on his truck...

And he doesn't pay his NRA dues online because Al Gore invented the internet...

And he spends most of his computer time in his boxers and his FOX NEWS t-shirt he got for making a contribution to something...

And that's all I have...

Mike said...

Lol...But I've got to stop laughing or I'll spill my tea.

Jasonbourne would have made Bull Conner a good southern cop..Anything for the cause.

Mike said...

Michelle Bachmann might drop out according to MSNBC.
Santorum,Paul,Romney leading but very close.

Edith Ann said...

Michelle is not a quitter! She is the only true conservative running.

She was a loser long ago.

Mike said...

Define conservative....I've heard about 30 different definitions in my lifetime.
The GOP is looking for a Reagan clone.

41% votes in Santorum. 12417. Romney 12255. Paul 11238...It probably won't be decided anytime soon.


Mike said...

Oh no..Rick Perry told NYT he might come back to Texas if he comes in 5th or less and that's where he is. 

Mike said...

Ron Paul will come in 3rd
Santorum is only 45 votes over Romney

Edith Ann said...

Well, Michelle comes close--she was always, "taking a page from the Reagan playbook..." I got so sick of hearing that! (My earlier comment would have LOOKED better in that sarcasm font.)

Did you really think we were going to get rid of Icky Ricky that easily?

If Santorum wins the Iowa caucus, do you think Mittens will grow tired of always being a bridesmaid?

I think it is hilarious that Ron Paul is ahead of Nootie! Chris Matthews is cracking me up--he's saying that Noot lost his manhood in Iowa! The picture is yucky!

Yesterday, though, Ron Paul told the ABC dude that he does not envision himself in the White House. Seems like folks would be reluctant to vote for a candidate that doesn't seem to visualize winning!

Edith Ann said...

Does Calista ever speak?

Edith Ann said...

He's on his way baaaaack!

Edith Ann said...

Let's see--Michelle has a press conference at 11:00 this morning.

And Mittens is no longer just a bridesmaid!