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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What’s a Conservative?


It's fairly easy to go to Wikipedia or read a definition from any number of dictionaries, to properly define the word conservative but I want a little more than that. I'm constantly hearing that someone is not conservative enough or that a local politician is not acting like a conservative. It seems to be a personal observation from the accuser. I'm not alone because this morning, I heard Joe Scarborough send a Republican representative through his paces. Joe went onto say that he's a small government fiscal conservative, so he didn't know why we added $1 trillion to the debt since the House of Representatives controls the purse strings. The representative replied" we would have to shut down the government. That's why the name of the game is a compromise, not liberal or conservative.

I don't know what the obsession is with Ronald Reagan; it's as if Republicans haven't found a leader since he left office. I hear the national candidates say, “I’m a Ronald Reagan conservative" that's just another definition of a conservative. They still talk about the 1980 Reagan Democrats; those people are long gone and had babies who are now voting. The example from above has a clear definition, but then I hear people saying, “well they're not conservative enough." I think it all boils down to a how right of center a person is. The more moderate the person is; the less they care about distinctions. I think people on the extremes sides have controlling issues but I don't have a degree in psychiatry.

A lot of conservatives will take the most positive traits of a human being and apply to conservatism and say the rest of the traits are liberal. Some people think that clean water and air is a liberal viewpoint, but it's not, it's an American or better yet, a human being viewpoint. Others will say that smaller government, fiscal economic policies, and a strong defense is what conservatism is all about. I want smaller government but I want a government that is efficient, so what I call small maybe too large for those that dislike government.

I see where we're going back to having free- for- all forums, where people post without vetting. That may have been the case all along, but I believe we had a long spell of opinionated blogs, but they didn't get their basis from conspiracy web sites. I will never understand how some people could write a letter- to -the- editor or post a blog in a public form without vetting. I have made all sorts of mistakes and have been properly corrected, but I would never think of posting something without doing the proper vetting. It may be old fashioned pride, but it would be embarrassing if someone found my blog to be a complete lie. I'm not going out a limb by saying that it's fairly obvious that those posters hate the president and everything he stands for. That in itself is perfectly OK but purposely trying to deceive posters to get others to share their hatred is what I call a “low life." The problem won't go away without the Advocate Staff commenting about the inaccuracy of a blog. It doesn't have to be mean, just a statement making other posters aware of their findings. I don't know, perhaps the posters on the VA  forum like their freedom to post without interference, thinking that the posters will always police themselves. There's something to the free flow of information based on personal opinions.

I've always admired the free spirit posters ,who will not be tied down by labels because their thoughts are not from web sites or filtered media; it comes from their heart and brain. Sometimes it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that but mostly they are 100% conservative on some things and 100% liberal on others because they refuse to be tied down to a label.It’s too bad and too bad for this liberal from Victoria.


Mike said...

You've got love our posters 10 days ago it was Merry Christmas and today "you are full of it."

Edith Ann said...

1. The Advocate is not going to enforce the 'no posting of unsubstantiated information' right now because it would tie them up, and they like the controversy.

2. Conservative is in the eye of the beholder. I consider myself a 'conservative Dem', but I think that is only because I am not so comfortable with the label 'liberal'. But I know I am not a republican!

3. What I think is very amusing is there is tons of crap surfacing on the current crop of republican candidates--Santorum's wife had an abortion, Paul's newsletters contain questionable content, etc., and where does the local republican brain trust focus? On a four year old video of Michelle Obama (GetSmart), and jabs at President Obama (itisi, tafoer, Observer). There are your true conservatives.

Conservative with their I.Q.s. Conservative with their thinking. Conservative with their abilty to discern fact from fiction. Conservative with the frequency of posting intelligent dialogue.

Mike said...

#2 is interesting...Why is one label more comfortable?

We seen this picture before where a person wii post a viedo or blog and then try to claim innocence...I understood what Michelle meant but we have these yellow ribbon patriots trying to make an issue over an innocent comment,to incite hatred....Ask yourself,why does her response matter after all these years?...Kyle answered it best. .They don't know the issues but they can parrot Rush Limbaugh.

Mike said...

You do know that a conservative Democrat is a Republican...Senators Ben Nelson,Joe Lieberman, and the blue dog Democrats are just Republicans running as conservative Democrats.

Edith Ann said...

I don't know. I think it has just become habit. Maybe I have listened to too many folks talking bad about liberals...8^).

You sound like my son! He tells me I am a closet republican!

GetSmart is in his element onver on the VA. He is just vomiting crap everywhere. Must be in his manic phase.

Mike said...

What's worse a liberal Republican or a conservative Democrat?..:-)

It's funny how the topics itisi and Getsmart blog about, end up on

I want to ease back on posting over there but some are falling for their lies.

Edith Ann said...

I'm sure it's a draw!

Mike said...

I hope BigJ doesn't fall for Getsmart's bait of trying to get us going after each other...He acts like a 4th grader.

Mike said...

It's funny how Smartone thinks everyone is as dumb as he is...A few months ago,his vivid imagination centered on Welfare based on his HEB experience.Now he said Phoenix is a war zone based on a trip 6 months ago...If anyone has ever been in that area,they know how huge that area is,so there is no way one person can possibly know...Newspaper and TV would report a war zone...Then again Gov. Brewer saw decapitated bodies in the desert before she acknowledged she lied....You just can't hide racism.

Edith Ann said...

I am listening to Noot talk on GMA about how 'they' know how to create jobs. 'They' can create jobs. So, why haven't 'they'?

And (using the local brain trust's logic and reasoning...), it is going to be 72 degrees again today, January 6. How come every time it is a bit unseasonably cold these buffoons are questioning global warming, but let it be unseasonably warm and they are silent? Why is this Mike?

Mike said...

Hey,we are on the same page..That's the subject of my blog this morning.

The word global warming gave the deniers a chance to deny its existence by linking it to a local weather report..We changed it to "climate change" to make it easier for them to understand but unless we can get Fox News to tell them it's real,they will go to their graves thinking we can pollute the air all we want and that 72 degrees proves all those scientists wrong.

Remember Kenny boy using the local weather report of an early snow or unusual sub zero as his proof to deny climate change...They can't grasp unusual weather patterns.

Mike said...

Something is weird about the VA blog editing feature..I make a correction and sometimes they take and other times they don't...Sometimes the sentence will revert back to what i originally wrote...That's OK for people who have great eyesight but things slip by this 66 year old that wears trifocals.