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Friday, May 20, 2011

We don’t have to agree


My last blog was not intended to be a controversial but several seemed offended. I was even called a sycophant on Edith Ann's blog... It was just a segment from 60 Minutes. The half- banned poster put up a blog to question the validity of 60 Minutes. CBS chose the “sovereign citizens" as the sect they wanted to report on. The segment got my attention, so I decided to share, but I was never going to mention all the domestic terrorism in the United States. I don't know if the posters that objected were sympathizers, members of a fringe group or close to it, or just want to be argumentative. That's why it takes an extra couple hours to submit a blog to the Advocate. I have to constantly question myself, making sure I am not unknowing offending anyone and questioning whether I need to write a couple extra lines to make sure I don't. I thought everyone would be against these people but evidently not. It's a different process for political blogs because opposing views come with the territory. There are a lot easier because everyone should know where my views come from; that doesn't mean that I'm right....Kind of ridiculous; writing a blog about a blog...:-)

It seems that you have to take a side if you're going to discuss matters concerning the City of Victoria. The battle lines are drawn, and amateurs are advised to keep their comments to themselves because there's not a third way. A poster either has to play defense or offense when discussing social issues such as abortion, religion, or gay marriage. It's always been that politics has to be about the left and right, liberal, conservative; democrat or republican, and the mushy middle need not apply. I know that I would like to discuss the fallacy of tax abatements vs. of when it's feasible, austerity vs. Keynesian economics' without all the name- calling but after about six years, I'm giving up hope.

So far my experiment is working because I've kept a good temperament with other posters. I've deleted several of rollingstone's comments, but he is relentless; last night he posted at 11:30 while I was asleep.... Tonight is Friday night; my Blackberry is fully charged and ready to alarm me when someone makes a comment on my VA blog. He can now post his comments on mightyjo’s blog; everything works out in a “birds of a feather “way.

Have a good weekend.


Edith Ann said...

I remember several years back, my kids were acquainted with a couple of brothers whose father was a member of the Republic of Texas group. The stuff they used to tell me was sort of scary at times. We weren't so far removed from the Branch Davidian and Ruby Ridge events at the time, and there was a certain amount of relief when the kids told me the friends' father and his bunch bought a spot in Utah and were moving there.

They are walking among us...

Mike said...

Edith Ann

I remember seeing the" blogger extraordinaire" thank the John Birch Society for their help in bringing the campaign of Debra Medina to Victoria....I wonder how much she knows about the John Birch Society?

Don't you just hate it when an unidentified (by any means) leaves a cheap shot on your blog?...Your answers were great but who were they?...Then again,who really cares;it's just their opinion....You have a great record 1 out of every 10,000 will be a negative one...Enjoy your Sunday.

Edith Ann said...

Apparently not a whole lot. She just knew they supported her candidate.

Most of the time the anonymous posters don't bother me and I always appreciate it when they sign their name like Bighorn does. That information helps with the context of the commment sometimes.

But the person with the CAT comment had to know I'd gig him. My profile says I'll own my behavior, and I will. I guess he thought I was lying and it's clear he is not familiar enough with EA, which further proves he just passing through.

Actually, I took some hits from the family of a murder victim, two or three comments and they still stand. I think my detractors think I will remove the comment, but I only do that in real extreme cases. I think I am up to maybe 6 comments removed out of 3400 +/-. Anything anyone posts has an excellent chance of remaining!