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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rabbit ear syndrome

When I read the daily inflammatory comments made about president Obama, I often sit back and wonder “was I that bad?" I guess it's normal to think that I wasn't, but I really don't have a clue. I remember stating that President Bush was incompetent and the worst president in my lifetime but that is my honest opinion. I never wished the man or his family harmed. I never thought it would be appropriate for them to be put in situations where they might be. I certainly didn't make stuff up, but I always agreed with the negative stuff that was said about him. Most of my contempt for President George W. Bush came from his ill- advised invasion of Iraq and the aftermath of that decision.

I'm doing a little better controlling my “rabbit ear syndrome" by constantly reminding myself that I have to consider the source. Perhaps others were using that same logic when they read my comments. I unwisely thought that I could write a blog to say to my fellow Victorians" save your ammo for another day because the speech president Obama gave in El Paso doesn't have any teeth, and it's not worth getting excited about." I received a pretty good response from Hictoria, but the rest of the comments were just schoolyard taunting- like responses. I should've expected the response I got because the emotional issue leaves no room for logic or discussion. People come to the forum with no expectation of debate; their minds are made up, so the rest is scoring cheap political points. I'm aware of that, so I should be contented to state my views and let it go at that. I just get so tired of hearing the democrats want 11 million new voters. Like their republican counterparts, democrats will pander to constituents but there is no documentation that shows the illegal immigrants vote; quite the contrary. I think that statement is code for" the democrats have to manufacture their votes because everyone wants to be a conservative." I never thought that President Ronald Reagan used amnesty to acquire new voters for the Republican Party. Those are myths that stand for a fact these days. The two parties have their platforms they stick to.

Come to think of it, why would I want carry on a conversation with some of these posters.  There are insensitive, uninformed, and that's their strong suits. One poster( worth keeping an eye on) MightyJo, is suggesting attacking the country Mexico and waywardwind wants to fill the Rio Grande with alligators and the desert with more rattlesnakes and land mines.  There are just some people you just can't have a reasonable conversation with.  They are doing what they do best with what their limited knowledge allows.

The rest of the week and will probably better because my desktop has been repaired. Best Buy diagnosed my problem for a nominal fee of $69.00. The technician said I had to replace my power supply. I must be getting old because in the old days; I would have installed it myself. I should've immediately recognized my problem because I've replaced a few power supplies in my lifetime. I didn't even think about it, I gave him the go ahead to charge the extra $49.99 installation fee. It took him about 7 minutes; it wasn't until I got back home when I started questioning that extra expenditure.


Mike said...

I may be getting paranoid it's worth noting that Roy Mark may have slipped past the moderators again. I've witnessed his reemergence several times... This poster just signed up a couple days ago, posted a negative comment on my blog as if he knew me( nothing odd so far) and today he is in a continuous loop mocking the comments of vet43..... If he goes back to his oil field days and start using words he used several years ago,it's him..... He can't help himself; he only has one personality trait; obnoxious....

If he puts up a blog in a day or two and calls out a poster; it's him.

Preliminary investigation begins..:-)

Mike said...

My blog had been down since yesterday afternoon, I lost one comment since it was restored...... What's going on at the Advocate? There are some crazy posters advocating war against Mexico and other nonsense I can't begin to comprehend.

Mike said...

It didn't take long for mightyjo to put up a cut and paste blog which is OK .... It's further proof that Roy Mark slipped right under the Advocates nose again. He's made a mockery of them for five years that I know of... They will delete him and five days later he's back and posting..... As long as security is that lax and stupid comments are not deleted ;I will stay away....I don't think for 1 minute that I will be missed.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Mike, I agree with you about MightyJo, aka Roy Mark. Here he is again, and denying it all the way.

I can't believe the string of comments that HAVE been removed on the UH-V threads; the editorial staff is getting downright totalitarian over there, but then they leave comments that taunt, threaten, insult, and attack. I don't for the life of me get that logic. As I've said before, the whole situation has become a mockery of the paper that once was; it is now but a mere shadow of its former self. Keep coming to Google blogs, as you have plenty of MATURE readership here. Besides, your blue background here, free of ads, is nicer to look at. :)

Mike said...

Sugar Magnolia

That's the point I was trying to make,Roy Mark is now using the VicAd policy as a way to keep Kyle from calling him out and the moderators can't see that....I'm on a self-imposed timeout..:-)