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Monday, May 2, 2011

Let’s turn the page

After 911, I remembered this country being united and President Bush having a 95% approval rating. Those were my pre-VA blog days, so I can't really say what the action would've been back then on the left and the right... It did seem as though we were united.

Time has changed those on right blame President Clinton for not taking out Osama Bin Laden in 1995, and in those on the left blame President George W. Bush for not taking al Qaeda seriously in the first eight months of his presidency. There is enough blame to go around for both administrations, the Federal Aviation Administration, the FBI and the CIA. It doesn't stay at the government level because it trickles down to political parties, constituents and ideologies.

I wrote a blog this morning about the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, and I was very careful not to lay blame on anyone or go overboard with presidential praise. I thought it was important for some to know that although our Navy Seals were the ultimate heroes; they had a great supporting cast. It wasn't hard to see how some posters were trying to diminish the role of present Obama in the important mission. A blog was immediately posted to wrongly praise General Petraeus for the killing of Osama Bin Laden and endorse him for president. Along the way, Sandwichh, quoted the sign that called General Petraeus... General betray us.... It was very obvious that the first thing that crossed Sandwichh mind was “Obama doesn't deserve any credit, at all." No one responded to his blog but the local newspaper had several related stories that posters could make comments on. And comments they made; their hate has turned to Muslims now.

It didn't take long for redwhiteandblue to weigh in with his nonsense by saying"Let us hope he has truly met his demise, and this is not a fraud on a massive scale, perpetrated upon the American people by someone who is desperate to get re-elected. I'm sure they'll now put a whole new spin on why Obama kept Guantanamo open. Let us focus on this administration's pathetic performance, and not be blinded at the voting booth by this one real or perhaps contrived event. God bless and protect America and our military." He has opened the floodgates for more the same from our local right wing posters..... I'm as partisan as they come, but I would have never said anything close to this, if President George W. Bush would have given the order to kill Bin Laden. I would have to believe that the CIA, Navy Seals and others would take part in a conspiracy just so president Obama would get another term. The same people are cheering for a bad economy just so Barack Obama will be a one term president. That's pathetic because the republicans will get the opportunity to make their case to the American people. Why can't they remain quiet instead of letting everyone know how stupid they are?

I know those stupid people are not representative of Victoria, but I still think we have more than our fair share, commenting on our local blog.


Edith Ann said...

I find it amazing that folks are so distrustful of this event. Coming right on the heels of the birth certificate crap, this is also amusing. Now before everyone goes, "But EA--YOU are always accusing the locals of having an agenda..." Yes, I often do, but that is small peanuts compared to folks suggesting that this is a hoax.

What is the deal here? I have seen comments on Facebook that he was buried at sea so that we couldn't see if the body was actually bin Laden. I've seen comments that suggest that 'Muslim in charge' is giving preferential treatment to bin Laden's burial.

And what is with all the speculation on the burial at sea? They'd be bitching louder than anyone if he had been buried somewhere that allowed his faithful to gather and to make a martyr out of him.

I just don't understand folks sometimes. How quickly they forget that Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" eight years ago. Or that Bush had opportunity to hunt him down and take him out. What Bush couldn't acomplish in eight + years, Obama did in less than a year and a half.

Mike said...

Never mind after further review I can see where the local posters are getting their information from. I should've known they can come up with this all on their own. The right wing blogs are giving full credit to President George W. Bush for setting up the conditions..Huh? Laura Ingraham said" president Obama speech last night sounded like a campaign speech and he should cut it short and just gave all the credit to President Bush.

Mike said...

Edith Ann
This is off the main topic but I did want to forget(again) what I've been meaning to ask you for several days.

You stated that my friend Lou Svetlik was not a good candidate for District's 3 school board trustee, because his child was not enrolled in VISD.... It doesn't make any difference to me if you don't approve of him, and but is having a child in VISD a priority?.... I guess you think if he thought that the school district was not good enough for his child, then that should disqualify him..... I'm thinking that we could use his knowledge, sincerity, and experience because to me that this what is important. I think a candidate can be childless for that matter.... I can understand that we wouldn't want an outsider per say but I just wanted your thoughts on that..... I didn't want to be seen as argumentative in that thread but I thought I would wait for the opportunity to ask.

I'll check back tomorrow or another day.

Have a good one

Edith Ann said...

Good question, Mike, and I have no problem with you asking.

Lou Svetlik and all others who want to serve as VISD trustees do not have to have a kid in the public schools to be qualified as far as I am concerned.

BUT—I do have a problem with representation from someone who obviously does not think the district can educate their child. Like Svetlik, I also had a problem with Bernie Klimist. His daughter, finally this year, has entered public school.

However, as I said on the Advocate story, having done the out-of-county school thing with one of my kids, I know how much effort it takes. My son attended in Goliad (with one of the Svetlik kids) for 5 years because I had had it with VISD.

Short answer—the walk doesn’t match the talk in my opinion. A lack of trust in your product, perhaps? The Chevy dealer who drives a Ford. David Brown seeking medical treatment at De Tar. One VISD trustee sending a child to private school and another sending kids to another district.

I’m sure I am looking at this wrong. I do know, though, we’re out of school and I don’t miss most of those days a bit.

You are welcomed, though, to show me differently.

Mike said...

Thor, continues to prove what I knew all along; he is a conspiracy buff... He listens to people like Alex Jones and others who's views have been debunked for several years. He also fits the profile of an anti-social, who is quite content reading theories from his fellow conspirators because he can get spoon fed material that fit his beliefs....Finally, a bona fide replacement for the banned Kenneth Schustereit.

Mike said...

Edith Ann
Two different answers, both credible, in evaluating the worthiness of a candidate; that's why I love politics. We just want the opportunity to prove our theory.

I agree with your example in theory but not literally because I would've bought my Toyota irregardless.... I wouldn't care if the salesman had owned a Humvee, I did the research, my mind was made up expect for the part about availability and price.

BTW if I were an opponent of Lou, I would use the fact that he sent his children to another school district but as I stated in the first sentence; I want the opportunity to promote my ideas,so I might use a small lie to achieve that... It's the same way with campaign contributions... I would rather accept them and have an answer for doing so,than for those funds to be used against me.... The burden is on Lou to explain his reasoning, if it becomes a campaign issue.... Not having children in the school district can also mean that you don't have a bias when it comes to the East or West or he could have a very personal reason he doesn't want to share, even if it costs him an election...I get it, it's an legitimate question, no one is forcing him to run, but I'm pretty sure he's aware of that.

Thank you very much for answering my question.

Edith Ann said...

I was sort of with you until I got to the part about East/West biases. Svetlik was a trustee when we just had Memorial.

I figure I am the only person making an issue of it. I figure the rest don't really care or are just uninformed. And this is really the only big issue I have with the man. I do think, though, that the education of our children is of the highest priority, and I do believe that VISD is top heavy in administration. Our Super is of poor quality as are many of the folks he brought from Oklahoma. Remember Mike Maples? Enough said. I'm just looking for the day that ANY of the trustees speak up and say, "Enough!".


Thor--Thor weighs about 98# dripping wet. He has never moved out of his mother's home. He subscribes to all sorts of online news sources for the updates just so he can receive emails. He has no friends, was ignored at the last class reunion he bothered to attend, and belives that Jesse Venture AND wrestling are real. He sits around in his underwear all day at the computer and never goes out, except to pick up a copy of Soldier of Furtune once a month. He has a very thin comb-over. As a result, he is still a virgin at 52.

Mike said...

EA ,funny stuff,I'm laughing as I type.

I remember arguing this issue every single day at work; the whole thing, the drawing of the lines,Victoridores, two schools one school etc..... I can't remember what side Lou sided with.....Yea, who can forget the Maples thing; utter incompetence?

Mike said...

I lost my cool with waywardwind today but I had enough. He just reads right wing material and posts the results... He adds that 50¢ bullet for emphasis.

First, toparge used a tactic that I always use. He rounded up all my quotes on torture and tried to use them against me. He was trying to prove that torture works and I was wrong for believing it didn't. I already knew what Diane Feinstein had said and had read the quote from Rumsfeld but I didn't want to use that site... I went to Newsmax and used their interview with Rumsfeld as my source that said that the Guantanamo evidence that led to finding Osama's couriers was not obtained through torture.....Oh, he won't come back and apologize.

Is it just me or do you think that everyone should know about the subject they want to post about or they should ask in a questioning manner? I know a lot of subjects on the threads are about personal opinions but foreign and domestic policy goes a little further than that.
It would be like me try to question the moves of our City Council when I don't keep up with it.

Mike said...

I guess I'm wrong in not caring whether our newspaper publishes a photo of Osama Bin Laden.... I guess I'm just getting old because I don't have any kids around the house to see the photo. I think the newspaper is just another place I get my information; I have never placed a " respectable or family paper" tag to it. I can probably see them not wanting to put it on the front page because it would put our newspaper on the same level as a grocery store tabloid. Afraid your child might see it or not something you don't want to look at while you are drinking your coffee! Are we that squeamish or just becoming more superficial?

Edith Ann said...

I know the idiot posters are a nuisance, but they really provide a useful service to the rest of us. They are the ones who validate for the rest of us that WE are not the stupid ones. I don't really want them to go away!

As to the photo of bin Laden--kind of a moot point it you ask me. As long as Thor's picture of him stands on the Advocate, what's one more? Besides, it will everywhere else and on the national news in a few minutes before the Advocate can make up their mind.

I wonder if they had this same philosophical debate over decency when Aprill Brandon wrote the Vagina Monologues 'humor' column and used the word poontang? I doubt it.