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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don’t you just hate that?

I woke up in a great mood, but it didn't take that long for things to change. I was on my way to get a routine cholesterol blood test at Detar, when I encountered a little traffic jam just before you get to the HEB on Rio Grande. I was feeling pretty good, so I decided to hold up traffic and allow a lady from the area around FedEx to enter Rio Grande in front of me. I sat there for a couple of minutes with horns honking behind me. The lady finally acknowledged me, as she put down her cell phone for a minute but resumed talking while slowly entering Rio Grande. She couldn't hear me but I said"I really didn't need the smile and the wave lady; just get in the traffic lane and resume driving, so we can all get to our destination." Yes I know we all have been in that situation, in one way or the other, but are cell phone calls really that important?

I decided that I would just let out all my pet peeves, so I can enjoy the rest of the week.

The national media drives me up the wall; who is really surprised that Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair? That happened 10 years ago, but it will dominate the news. The media made Sarah Palin's tweets and Facebook entrees a CNN exclusive. It needs to be covered but only as an afterthought. I can't picture Walter Cronkite reporting this type of news to us.

I really hate superficial and selective outrage. I have to admit I had no idea who "Common" was, but I have since found out that he was a poet who won two Grammy awards. As some of you know, Fox News and Sarah Palin made a big issue because Common was invited to the White House to take part in a poetry event. The rapper Common supposedly made comments about killing cops in a poem. . Bill O’Reilly said" and he was invited on Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week." What a stretch, is the White House supposed to scrutinize their invitations to accommodate special days? Bill O'Reilly told Jon Stewart that president Obama was following a bad pattern. He said, first there was Bill Ayers, then it was Rev. Wright and now Common.... This is all trivia; why can't we acknowledge that?

Now, I’m feeling better..:-)………..You try it what are your pet peeves?
I will start the ball rolling.

1. BigJ hates Geanie Morrison
2. Legion357 hates golf balls in his yard
3. Edith Ann wants a clean sweep of city officials
4. Sugar Magnolia gets upset when our local paper blows it one way or the other
4. Rebecca hates the political bickering
5. Kyle gets upset with religious fundamentalist. but he does like to debate them.
6. VBB hates EIC fraud.

BTW Is it just me or do I awaken some posters?  I swear it sure seems that way...What is the status of MightyJo, his comments do not show up in comment section but he is able to submit a blog? Strange.


Edith Ann said...

A clean sweep of city, and county, officials would be too much to hope for. Besides, I do like a couple of them!

What I would really like to see on the local level is some honesty and integrity from our local bunch. That's all. Just quit lying. Let me see some transparancy. Quit pissing on my leg while trying to convince me it's raining.

That's it.

But I think you have us pegged pretty well! Thanks Mike!

Mike said...

Edith  Ann
We can still keep a couple;it won't change a want for a reset.
Just wondering,are you  saying channel 15 and minutes are not enough?
I don't like liars either....I used to tell my bosses "we can deal with the bs;we are well compensated but lies will cause us to lose trust in you."

Edith Ann said...

No, they are not enough! It's the "We're setting aside $100,000, but we can't tell you why." and the ZERO accounting from the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the attitude that the voters don't know squat and the emergency parking situation in Riverside...

We have four councilmen who vote as a bloc. The 4th one checks the other three before she raises her hand. This little voting bloc--the one who is either going to give it all away, or spend it all--needs to be broken up for the good of the city.

Mike said...

Ok,I get it but isn't giving and spending all the funds amount to the same thing?

I don't think we can come up with a way to control the voting pattern of our elected officials but if we all do our due diligence in our voting precinct,at least we will have an idea of how they will vote....Then again .when only 6% show up for a school board election and 18% for city/county officials;we reap what we sow. Look at the mayors race;the weakest in my lifetime....Am I wrong by saying that the voting patterns of our council are predicable?the people who voted for them knew that.

Just some thoughts, but again I defer to you because you know a lot more about the situation than I do.

Rebecca said...

It wasn't me on the phone, because I'm out of town. In fact, I'm going to be mayor of this hotel in a few days, according to Four Square.

Remember, I hate the TAKS test, too. =D

Mike said...

You must be responding on your new phone...So,you might be a yakking and driving?..:-)

I didn't know that you hated the TAKS test but after reading your last two blog ; I'm a believer ...:-)

You have some interesting concepts on teaching that make a lot more sense than teaching students to pass a standardized test. A one size fits all seldom works.

Edith Ann said...

We can attempt to control the voting patterns of the CC by un-electing those GOBs.

I believe we need to actively recruit viable, serious candidates who think like we do in regards to spending and government involvement. That is what I am doing. I realize many folks just don't care and that voter turnout is small. I wish everyone would vote, but on the upside--the way it is now, less folks I have to talk to about MY candidate, right?

Personally, I believe there is more voter/community awareness now than there has been in some time. You know, when the mayor keeps apologizing for the critics, we must be making our point somewhere.

I'm 'all in' on this one.

Edith Ann said...

Hey! Forgot to mention: 11,020 page views! Impressive!

Mike said...

Edith Ann

Thanks and now you're onto something.... Actively recruit candidates of choice.
We probably wouldn't agree on the candidates but we agree with the principle.

I ran across another pet peeve today; motorist that race down the Tanglewood area going about 35 miles per hour. Summertime is approaching and I hope some kid doesn't get hit by these fast cars.... I'm not suggesting we put in speed bumps, but I hardly ever see a police car cruising the area... Maybe we're not a high crime area and that may be a good thing..:-)

Edith Ann said...

You never know about those candidates...
But I do know I can no longer complain, guilt free, unless I become more pro-active. I am working on a couple of folks as I write!

Now as to the speeders in Tanglewood--I'm going to have to call your hand on that. It is not possible to drive over 20 MPH! The streets are horrible!!!

Seriously, they come flying in off 59 and the house in the cul de sac on Teakwood has been hit at least once already. The cops are sitting behind "Cowgirls'.

So, what color was the car? I'll slow down.

Mike said...

Edith Ann

Perception is everything in politics; I will bet my bottom dollar that the two candidates you have in mind are regular posters on " Edith Ann... And that's the truth.".. That would be hard to disprove because you have such a large viewership..;-)... You have several that go by the same name of " anonymous' .... I'm just jealous, although I'm satisfied with the hits, I really envy the meaningful comments you get on a regular basis...Kudos

True, the streets are narrow, but we have long runways on Rosewood, Maplewood, and Sherwood and others,where the stop signs are the last lines of defense.

Legion said...

I don't hate the golf balls...I hate the way they were being delivered! As a update, not one new ball has showed up since the police came by.

Tanglewood speeders? The Linwood race track is still in operation. You have to have your head on a swivel backing out of the driveway.
I have seen two vehicle pulled over at the intersection of Tanglewood and Linwood this past week so that's good.

Mike said...

Bad wording on my part.

Glad to see some action being taken...Bike riding in the neighborhood is getting to be a challenge;glad my hearing is up to par.

Edith Ann said...

Okay, I'll fess up! Until about a year ago, there was no stop sign at the intersection where Rosewood T's into Sherwood. I still don't stop if there are no cars. I slow and look, but I don't stop. If there is another car, I stop.

I also drive a very low car, so I will not zip through the streets because I like to keep the underside of my car is decent shape!

Legion--Where Westwood T's into Linwood scares the snot out of me! Folks never stop!

Politics, Mike--One person may be a reader, the other, I have no idea. Haven't asked!

Legion said...

Linwood is not as bad as it was when Memorial HS was still open. A lot of the students used it to head to areas south and East to avoid Sam Houston.

Yeah EA, that's a bad intersection.

Oh! Another gripe, people that have little cars that think they are driving 18 wheelers. The part of Linwood between the Texan Nursing home and the Linwood Apartments come to mind.

Although I really can't blame people, one unexpected opening door from a parked car is always a possibility.

Edith Ann said...

On-going Pet Peeve--The delete Nazi at the Advocate! Apparently C J was not the naziest of the nazis!

Tonight, on the story about NAMI

the president of the local NAMI Chapter posted some corrections to the story, to which the anonymous VASTAFF posted: "Thank you for posting. We will review these facts and publish a correction as needed."

Talk about condescending!

All I posted was, "You are getting the corrections from the President of the local NAMI chapter. Who are you going to check with?" They removed it.

So I posted "I respectfully post again--the President of the local chapter of NAMI is giving you corrected information. I think you are coming across a bit disbelieving of her information. She should know, shouldn't she?"


What asses.

Of course I hope you didn't miss the Gary T. Municipal Pool story. Can't even get a headline right!

Professional journalism.


BIGJ said...


I guess I have been on your mind about my dislike of Geanie Morrison. LOL. You should look into the redistricting of State House District 30 ( Gee I wonder why the Northern counties are leaving? My biggest and greatest dislike is Joe Pags, 1200 AM WOAI and their butt kissing of Governor Rick Perry. As for Common visiting the White House. Conservatives and Hate talk radio “forgot” about Ted Nudget wanting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to suck on his shot gun. What is the difference? At least Roland S. Martin is calling out and demand a debate with punk @$$ Sean Hannity.

Mike said...

BigJ,oh yes you have been quite evident but I didn't have time to list them all..:-)