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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I’m still standing

I may still be standing but I have changed my approach because I don't want to host a WWF like blog. I'm not trying to change opinions anymore because it's useless, but it took me a few years to realize that. I will continue giving my opinion on the issues based on what I have read, heard, or viewed. I started going down this path after the 2008 elections knowing full well that my opponents would always try to lure me back to the “politics of personal destruction." For example,I was so relieved to hear the answer from our county democrat chair, Kelly Gill, on its role in a dispute over the UHV fiasco saying “We have no official position on the bill. Education should not be a partisan issue." There are a lot of issues that should not be partisan. I have not changed my opinion on social issues, political parties, and ideologies but it's not that difficult to know where I stand.

The VA blogs have changed from its initial format of only having a few bloggers state their views. It is my understanding that the original bloggers had to submit their initial writings before they were accepted as full time bloggers. The initial bloggers were exceptional and their blogs were a joy to read, but, unless you were interested in the topics they chose to write about; it was a quick read and back to the comment section. That’s where most of the viewers were. I would've never submitted a sample of my writing because I knew that I would be rejected. I was happy when VicAd started offering blogging privileges to everyone with an account with the ViCad on- line forum. It offered a lowly poster like me a chance to write about my passion," national politics."

Yesterday, I received a couple of emails from some old friends,  telling me what I already knew. They told me that Roy Mark (mightyjo) was picking apart my last blog...  I know a lot of you probably think that I could change all that by confronting him on my VA blog or his.  I know better, I've tried but he just wants to start his silliness of exaggerating the context of  my sentences.  If you don't believe me ask born2Bme or pay closer attention to his tactics.  Pretty soon, you've wasted about 3 hours and your blog will have about 30 incoherent responses from Roy Mark.  In the old days I might have retaliated but that is what he wants. Roy Mark needs two things to keep him satisfied. It’s same for all trolls. He needs constant attention, so my reaction would supply him with that. He also needs to marginalize "Mike and his message" but since I'm still standing, his job is not done. He will use the comments of someone like rollingstone as proof that I don't know what I'm talking about. The troll will throw out the bait every day, hoping to lure someone new. He's trying to get me to say something where I will get deleted; he doesn't worry about his admonishment or banishment because he knows the Advocate will reinstate him. He might even argue about his first amendment rights or a member of his family rights to own an account. He uses a questioning like approach that is never-ending; to irritate a poster. In my last blog, he is questioning my reasoning for questioning. I still don't know why other posters are not reinstated since the most notorious troll is constantly being reinstated..... I will reiterate, I will continue to delete the comments of Roy Mark and his associate because their comments are intended to marginalize me, distort the message by using unsubstantiated references, and to start a fight in order to divert attention away from the subject......I don't need that... I'm fully aware that I could get a lot more hits by allowing them to comment, but before I know it, my blog about "gasoline prices" turns into anything but. I'm too old to be engaging in childish behavior....I might change my mind(for 1 day) if Roy Mark would dare face me over here where I don't have to fear deletion...I wouldn't mind if someone were to put a bug in his ear because I'm not going to email him,write on his blog,or acknowledge his comments but it would give me closure..We have a 6 year history...It's personal.

Now, I would welcome a credible poster submit a blog that is contradictory to my views. I would look forward to posting on that blog and perhaps having a civil debate such as the ones between Kyle and maryann.

I guess I'm lucky because I only have to contend with two local right wingers; I would come unglued if I heard a comment like the one Laura Ingraham made. She criticized President Obama for drinking beer in Ireland while a tornado was destroying Joplin, Missouri....  Do these people stay up that night waiting for a disaster, so they can think of something stupid to say about the president?


Edith Ann said...

Short answer to your last query--

No, they stay up all night watching FOXNews, jotting down the usually deceptive and incorrect talking points so they can regurgitate them at the opportune moments, like on your blog, in line at the HEB, and in the waiting room at the doctor.

At least you can delete their comments. Hard to get out of line or leave a waiting room...

Mike said...

If I had any doubts, Roy Mark erased them...I wrote what I thought was a human interest story about my misadventures in a cotton field...Not in the least bit political!..Roy Mark wrote a blog about the cartoon I used to make a "not a government project" message..What tha?..Some people are completely brainwashed...It's 24/7 of anti-government rants.

Mike said...

Edith Ann
I know what you mean because I was the victim of an elderly gentleman a couple of months ago, who insisted on giving me his anti-Obama view points....I was at Firestone to get my oil changed, and I brought along my iPad to get me through the wait time....It's amazing how these people think 90% of the country thinks exactly like they do.

BTW I had issues with your first comment on Jared's blog this morning, but I'm with you 100% with your 2nd post...I thought you did a great job of clarifying your viewpoint...Bad negotiating may have been in play.

I agree volunteerism and leadership are two different things.

Edith Ann said...

When was the last time you were in a business that had a TV in the waiting area that was NOT tuned to FOXNews??? Banks, doctor's office? Getting the oil changed at Killebrew? They think we all watch FOX!

I give up on Jared. Tell me your issues. Maybe you and I can discuss this since I'm not making any headway with Jared! We can all go volunteer at the agencies he mentioned, but how far do you think any of us would get telling the CConE that we want to be a member? I'm sure it would take less than 30 seconds for one of them to say, "Thanks, but we're full!" It is THOSE groups that are closed. that is the only way those who think they have the power can preserve what power they do actually have.

It all gives me a headache!

Mike said...

Edith Ann

I disagreed with your previous position on abatements for the following reasons.

1. CAT is not an ordinary company. It's a Fortune 500 company and a world leader in construction and farming equipment.
2. CAT had obvious location options, and we had facilities and natural resources they wanted. A perfect match.
3. I hope we had representatives who knew the amount of what 500 employees paying sales tax would generate. I imagine their company could be compared with the industrial plants to calculate future sales tax revenues from local purchases and hotel/motel stays of their executives...Banks,hospital,private schools, and close the stores would see immediate benefits.
4. It's not uncommon for supporting companies to build next to a large plant. How much unanticipated sales tax revenue will they generate?
5. I don't really mind using the phrase from "Wimpy of the Popeye cartoon"....." I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today", in reference to the 500 employees being a long way off. Interest rates are low right now.

I don't really understand the meaning behind Jared's blog because he goes the extra mile not to alienate anyone or any group..... That's why I didn't comment.

BIGJ said...


I strongly disagree with you about the Victoria Democrats and its chair. Chairlady Gill should raise her voice about every eduation mess made by Geanie Morrison.

BIGJ said...

Edith Ann.

Jared is a fool and a HUGE ONE at that. Matt Ocker , love him or hate him, warned him. BS Spotter, I believe, warned him. I hate to be harsh but damn.

BIGJ said...

Let me say this as well since we are on Jared's blog. John Lara for Mayor. Enough said.

Mike said...


To each its own but Jared is not a fool; quite the contrary. He is a very intelligent family man ,who will not waver when it comes to his religion or the rights of the unborn.....He is a blogger who likes to start a discussion but chooses not to dominate it. I admit he loses me a lot of times, but I suspect it's more my fault than his writings. ... When it comes to economics and politics I'm used to people who favor one side of the other, but he seems to go out of the way not to alienate or take a definite stand.... That's smart and it may serve him if he chooses to run for elective office in the future.

If you go back and read what I wrote; I agreed with the chairwoman words"“We have no official position on the bill. Education should not be a partisan issue." ... I've said over and over that education is just one of many issues that should not be partisan..... I don't know the chairwoman or the members of the democratic party in Victoria, so my opinion of them doesn't amount to much.

Thanks for commenting